Illinois Institutes Chilling New Mandate for Schools to Teach Children How to Submit to Police

teen-traffic-stopBy Matt Agorist

The police state apparatus will now condition children to prostrate themselves before their masters as they are extorted during traffic stops. Illinois drivers education now includes instructions on how to properly allow police to generate revenue.

The bill signed into law on Friday by Governor Bruce Rauner authorizes a new curriculum for driver’s education classes which includes interacting with police. It will be instituted for the 2017-18 school year and become mandatory training at both private and public schools.

The guidelines, created by the secretary of state’s office, will instruct pupils on how to respond if they are pulled over by the police. It will condition them to not be afraid of being robbed on the roadside.

“I think it’s really timely, so that teenagers and young drivers don’t look at a police officer as a threat or a problem,” State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield), who sponsored the legislation, told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s just a part of driving, and if they respond in a responsible, correct way, it should never escalate.”

However, as anyone who’s ever seen those blue and red flashing lights in their rearview mirror knows, the last thing going through your head at that moment is “safety.” The officer pulling you over is most assuredly a “threat” and a “problem” as their job is to look for or otherwise create a crime so that you can be kidnapped or caged in order to generate revenue to pay their rising salaries.

In the latest figures from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), police made more than two-million traffic stops in 2014. The rate of traffic stops for minorities is far higher than their white counterpart. Will that be taught in the class?

Will the fact that police officers are allowed to legally lie to you to trick you into confessing to a crime be taught? Will the fact that cops can steal your property and never charge you with a crime through the process known as civil asset forfeiture be taught? Will students be taught that they are criminals for forgetting to put on their seatbelt or having window tint that is ‘too dark’?

A study in 2013 released by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois found that Chicago police were far more likely to stop African Americans during traffic stops than white residents, as reported by RT. They also found that African-American and Latino motorists were far more likely than whites to be searched during traffic stops, yet white motorists were far more likely to be caught with contraband. The study used data from the IDOT.

In 2013, the Chicago Police Department conducted a total of 100,676 traffic stops. Of those, 46 percent were of African-American drivers. Since they comprise only 32 percent of the city’s population, the data revealed that blacks were stopped at a rate 42 percent more often than indicated by their population. In comparison, 32 percent of the Chicago population is white, but the traffic stop rate for whites was 27 percent, according to the report.

The very idea of teaching children how to properly submit to revenue collection and privacy invasion is chilling. We can rest assured that the individual’s rights will take a back seat to what these students are taught.

It seems the state has finally figured out how to combat future resistance to their tyranny — teach the children that it is the norm. You must be robbed at gunpoint to protect your freedom. 

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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17 Comments on "Illinois Institutes Chilling New Mandate for Schools to Teach Children How to Submit to Police"

  1. So long as any American fails to address the incidences taking place in the black community, all Americans will suffer. After all our current criminal justice system was largely built around the “crimes” of the black community.

    Who would have ever thought that ignoring the complaints of one portion of the country would amount to the same woes being exacerbated throughout the entire country?..

    • Our leaders behind the ‘curtain’ want us to be against each other. They are the ones forcing us to be so focused on each other we are unable to see the real enemy. This black skin, white with purple splotches, yellow, different eyes, different clothes, different views…ARE NOT ENEMIES. If you think so, you’ve been bought or brainwashed. Dog gone, people.

      • I’ve only seen people acting. Usually, No one is there with a megaphone or anything…

        Anyways, many of the usurpations of Americans civil liberties have been brought about through the continued willful ignorance of the black communities plight. Shouldn’t be to hard to figure out why this law is being introduced into this particular state. In turn, blacks have no choice to vote for politicians promising relief out of duress. Same with any other community, and it is certainly not bound by just racial prejudices.

        When people are continually treating one another as less than human, wether passively or actively, they are lowering themselves to the same level of conduct. While of course some complaints are less valid than others, it should never conclude with person against person. If it does the people lose.

        Not really sure of what point you were trying to convey, but hopefully this answers your question.

  2. Its probably more about the cops not feeling threatened than people I think- because when the cops feel threatened they kill people– taking the guns away from the people would help to sort it all out-. but the Americans majority wise- just cant see it- and the cops are so superior acting– no wonder theirs so much hate and disrespect for them- its how they treat people- just look at bad boy- bad boy- its insane the way they treat people- have a look at Aussie cops- shows- in comparison- their nothing like that. They try to placate abusive drunks- American cops auto taser them.

    • I just have to shake my head with this kind of logic. Taking guns away from the good guys will not mean any less access to guns for the bad guys. This escalating US VERSUS THEM attitude is exactly
      what the Elite want us to be doing. Taking guns from people is the top of the recipe used by those who want to have complete power…a recipe that our country is using right now! Thanks to Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini all these dictators used this recipe. 9/11 was part of this recipe. So very easy to control a population of religious and very comfortable people. Blacks, women, dwarfs…good grief. The best way to do our part of being a minority WITH the laws already in place is to ACT like we deserve those laws. Quit whining, highlighting that one is part of some minority! Again this is part of the recipe to get us idiot peon people fighting among ourselves…so we aren’t seeing the TRUE ENEMY AND PROBLEMS.

      • yeh but your logic is like saying they’ll use rocks-oh no lets watch out for rocks- its ridiculous- they might use salt and pepper shakers too- but they wont kill you from behind a bush- or from a 100 metres away– their is no argument except by people- who are prepared to kill- but call it protection- your never going to stop all bad people who are prepared to kill- rob- torture- but if you stop the milk bar selling them guns- its going to help- and if you make a law- the guns- being everywhere- like they are- will eventually die off- not entirely- but its making a start towards a gun free society that counts- will matter. Doesn’t matter what country you use to make a case- because whatever country has banned them- the murder rate has at least halved- The U.S. has 22 times higher murder rate by guns than Australia and 45 times higher rate than England and Wales, -its a no brainer. This isn’t about an argument- its about getting rid of what’s responsible for 60% plus of murdered people in America- so all the people can be safer- less worried about being shot every-time or any-time they get into an argument with a lunatic.

        • You do understand that you only believe numbers that fit within your paradigm, yes? There are so MANY other numbers and facts out here that will support my views as well. Try to find numbers that you don’t like so very much…they are out there. Think about history, guns, dictators and power over others. What is the first thing they do? Take guns away from the sheep. I just can not imagine not having guns…not for stupid ‘terrorists’ outside of this country but the ones inside our country…like our LEO’s, FEDS…sorry, but those in uniforms in this country are the ones I fear. Not those scapegoat terrorists OUR country made! Financed, equipped with all kinds of guns, weapons, ammunition and MONEY. And you probably still believe that Muslim Terrorists did 9/11, huh! You’ve got a ways to go bucko…sorry.

          • Our government has armed every agency in the US to the teeth with enough ammo to put 5 rounds in each US citizen. They have armed ISIS, Mexican Drug cartel, FDA, IRS, FFA, etc. – but WE THE PEOPLE – no way.

            There is something VERY telling in that fact.

        • Just thought of a question for you…what do you see in this oh so safe Utopia the LEO’s, marshalls, FBI agents, high security for huge problems to be using, to carry for protection/defense? What would then be deterrent to stop bad guys even thinking about invading someone’s big corporation, jewelry store, family home? Nothing. And I am more interested in protection for LEO’s, swat team, mercenary wannabes…not redneck retards. Seriously.

          • no the services still have to be there to protect the people– regardless of what everyone else is doing– but like you say im not where you are, and it is different- different loonies- anyway mate im not going to convince you- and your not going to convince
            me- I respect your opinion and appreciate it, from a being there
            perspective- and the sense of it- on the level it is- the for level-
            :-)–but all good stormy- ive had a go – you’ve had a go- we’ve done well- I wish it could be a gun free society- it is a fairytale- your right about that too I think.

          • I appreciate a rationale, intelligent, humble human to be able to toss ideas back and forth. So RARE on these sites. I have found some incredible humans, they are few but they (you ) are actually thinking of the larger picture. And did I say that most of them are very young adults, older teens, home schooled? One question, Johnny, have you ever had an experience with cops, judges, lawyers…where they were clearly BAD with their own agendas and there was absolutely nothing one could do to change anything? I always honored the cops. There are great cops out there but I have found a few very retarded, perverted and dangerous cops. I’ve been so wigged out with these few experiences I won’t even drive a car, truck…haven’t for a couple of years. Property stolen, lies that got me thrown out of Horse Search and Rescue! So sad, so sobering. Do you remember the Oregon Occupation of the Federal Building near Burns, Oregon? Peaceful ranchers trying to find a way to deal with the BLM working at getting these ranchers to sell or give up their property as well as the BLM managed property they paid big bucks to use. There were a handful on their way to a meeting to explain the constitution and how the BLM and Federal government was overstepping their boundaries. The Feds blocked them on a lonely highway. There were snipers in the trees, at least 100+ LEO officers, BLM and FBI and the one guy they wanted because he was so charismatic, right, soft spoken…got out of his truck and was shot 3 times in the back and killed. The rest of the ‘occupiers’ are in prison. A few of these ranchers had already been in prison for ‘back burning’ to stop fires ON BLM managed land for a year. Released and then a judge decided to REDO their sentences. Most people were on the side of the FEDS. Incredible. This scared me an awful lot. This was right next door to our county. If you came across a pack of bullies hurting one little guy what would your first reaction be? This is off subject sorta but I fear LEO’s and Feds and any one dressed in fatigues, weighted down with weapons galore and ammunition, infrared goggles, ear protection, tasers, spray and body cams. Truly an amazing eye opener…and NOT ONE person WAS black. This came on the heels of 2014 Bundy Ranch in Nevada where the ranchers actually won…temporarily. The guy that was killed, Lavoy Finicum was such a great man and I did lots of research. He was ‘assassinated’…part of this story is that the Governor of Oregon, Hillary and Obama are in the business of selling property in the U.S. to China, for wind farms, to Russia for the Uranium under the ranch here in Oregon…and now the whole thing has been forgotten.

          • Thanks Stormy- nah im an old codger trying to be a little bit more kinder- if i can to people- plus i dont want to kark it not having reached a kinder place- i think i get caught up in the whole cross fire language thing- that goes on in the internet– and when i see it happening in me– i try to change my language to a decent compromising language just out of respect for two human beings one myself – the other the person who im adressing- sometimes we get so caught up about being right- we foget theres another passionate person speaking their truth -whether we agree or not- and i think if people come from their heart and their truth they at least deserve to be listend to and respected- however its easy to ge caught up in me and what matters to me- weve all got a bit of that hey- and yeh i have had a half life of cops judges lawyers and incarceration- and like you i do have a lot of time and respect for the majority– but i also realise that bullies attract to poisitions of power over others- just the way its always been- so we have to watch out for those- be good if the system just had bully finder experts and made their turn key authority services safer- and that story about those ranchers just wanting to protect their properties- wow — that blows me out- im in Australia- weve had this gun law for a while now-and weve still got crooks out there- but guns are so hard to get these days — i say like im a baker or something- :-)–their there- just not so many- but yeh- never like they were- and where we are -theres no one around us or close by- i hope at least- meaning us harm- fingers crossed-so im coming from a totally different situation- almost planet-lol- I know what you mean when the people don’t act humane when people have been so badly treated by law and government- and the people just support them and their filth- weve got them here too- even look at what weve done to the refugees- i play snooker on line- and some people when i say im from Australia-leave the table- that never happened ever before this refugee thing — im almost too scared to say- im even avoiding saying where im from- a place i used too be so proud of i couldnt wait to say or brag about-:-)- coming from-living at-but the way we treat youth in detention- refugees- and the mentally ill is nothing short of disgusting- it’s embarrasing and shameful- its hard to feel and see people like that- who say nothing- do nothing- about the pain and terror inflicted on these vulnerable people- as your fellow countrymen and women- i guess all we can do is point it out and hope some people get to see and sympathise- reflect maybe- even begin to voice back to the rest not seeing or speaking up about bully people in power. Anyway i better get out of here- thanks again Stormy- kind of you to say what you did to me- and unlike your name i hope life isnt too Stormy for ya – and i wish you a nice cool breeeze on those hot muggy days for the rest of your journey.:-)

          • Johnny! I wish I could HEAR you talk and say all you’ve said. Your accent is to die for. Us Americans are so dull. I got a little lump in my throat reading this cause you do think an awful lot like me seriously. The fact you are in Aussie land with your gun laws makes a world of difference with what you are talking about. Nope, we won’t be able to change each other’s minds but dog gone it I am so glad to have sorta kinda made a new friend. Coupla words I didn’t understand; Baker…’like a baker or something’ (a real baker of muffins)?; what is snookers? (used to know a horse named snookers).

            Now on this refugee thing, I realize your (gorgeous) country is smaller that this one but I’ve not seen a single refugee or really even seen these hoards of refugees on the internet. Have you seen refugees or only have heard about them? I would think we’d all be having some personal experience with masses of foreigners but not a thing. Just worried that TPTB are pulling another lie over our heads. Our leaders produced 9/11, killed our own people to be able to go to war to make money…that is a false flag, yes? I’ve encountered blatant lies many times from our media. Even this gay club shooting in Orlando…watched actors carrying people for videos carrying supposed victims towards! the club, when they thought they were off video, they would drop the ‘victim’, grab a smoke and walk away, even the victim. Rumors of no blood, no bodies, another supposed killer in California working together, working with the CIA or FBI…etc. How can they fake these mass murders so well? How can a person believe anything, trust anything that they don’t see with their own eyes while they are in the same space?

            I love talking with people on the other side of the planet. I learn so very much…my nickname was from people who know me and it was because anything wrong that could happen, happened to me. Makes quite a CHARACTER!!! Grins…you take care as well, bucko!!

  3. Look at the percentage of those that commit crime, violence or murder. Majority of them are black on black crimes. This is why more blacks get pulled over, more blacks get arrested and more blacks end up in jail. If blacks don’t want to be targeted, they need to change their behavior and quite blaming everyone else. Many say it is because they are not given the same opportunities, but poor black kids are given way more opportunities for college education than the poor white kids. Businesses in the black neighborhoods are run out of business by black gangs, so you don’t just loose places to shop but jobs are lost as well. Classic examples of this can be seen from malls that have completely shut down in in Milwaukee due to black gangs running them out of business and scaring shoppers away. Black Lives Matter is a racist terrorist group that thinks everyone owes them. Irish slaves were treated much worse than black slaves, but I don’t see Irish people out there saying the world owes them. If they are not getting anywhere in life, then they are not using their time and energy in ways to become productive.

    • My goodness, I am just amazed at how chained we all are to ridiculous fantasies. Our true Enemy must be proud of themselves. We are OVER minority status crap. Blacks, women…different religions. The rich, the elite the powerful are thrilled you bought their crap so you won’t be thinking about them and the true problems we all face.

  4. There is a reason that LEO has a new meaning:
    Legally Entitled to Oppress.
    Thanks to Bob Livingston for this one.

  5. This is good news for cops expecting sexual payments, on the spot.

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