Graham Hancock On Alternative History and Elitist Academia


By Going Underground

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on an attempted academic coup in Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe. International bestseller & Author of Magicians of the Gods, Graham Hancock, discusses a catastrophic event that wiped out our ancient ancestors & the institutions trying to keep this civilisation a secret.

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5 Comments on "Graham Hancock On Alternative History and Elitist Academia"

  1. War’s in a lot of places, but it’s always seemed strange that certain wars in areas with ancient architectures aren’t adequately dealt with. I wonder if there’s a fear about the world discovering something so particular that it might change the status quo of the contemporary narrative.

  2. I enjoyed watching that interview with Graham Hancock. While I do not agree with about 90% of his work and his findings, I admire his spirit and zeal to pursue a matter. He’s got heart, that is to say.

  3. Look up Tom Horn and/or Steve Quayle + ancient civilization on youtube.

  4. I pray the Titans will never get out of their deep underground sealed tomb.

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