China To Begin Aid And “Assistance,” Cooperation With Syrian Government

china syriaBy Brandon Turbeville

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese military will soon begin providing assistance and aid to the Syrian government, an agreement which was made on August 14.

The decision was made after a rare visit by special envoy Xie Xiaoyan, the former Chinese Ambassador to Iran, in March. In addition, the Chinese military delegation to Syria, which was headed by Chinese rear admiral Guan Youfei, the Director of International Cooperation at the Central Military Commission, met with the Syrian Vice Prime Minister, Fahd Jassem al-Freij, and the Syrian Minister of Defense.

“They reached consensus on enhancing personnel training, and Chinese military offering humanitarian aid to Syria,” said a report by Xinhua news agency.

Al-Freij thanked the Chinese government as well as the Chinese military which stated, via Guan, that the Chinese PLA is willing to continue cooperation with the Syrian military.

According to the South China Post, “Guan also met Lieutenant General Sergei Chvarkov, chief of the Russian centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria on Monday.”

China sets to benefit by an end to the Syrian crisis or at least the ability of the Syrian government to continue to attrite terrorists fighting on its territory due to its concerns over the Uighur element fighting not only in Syria but also in Chinese territory.

Uighur separatists have long been fighting for “independence” from the oppressive Chinese government. However, the Uighurs are themselves fanatical in nature and maintain ties to Turkey’s Grey Wolves terrorist organization as well as NATO’s Operation Gladio.

Regardless, Chinese cooperation with Syria is no doubt welcomed by the Syrian government that is currently mopping up terrorists all across the country but can still use all the help it can get.

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16 Comments on "China To Begin Aid And “Assistance,” Cooperation With Syrian Government"

  1. China should give Syria arms, drones, and planes, and talk to Turkey to seal off the borders. In 1 month, the so called rebellion by so called moderate rebels (led by the West) will end.

    • Love to see that; and prepare for impact!

      • I’m with ya, if only it were that simple. Way too much suffering in the order out of chaos playbook.

        • Something is looming, Blue. Can you feel it?

          • Absolutely, Brett, strongly. It’s aggressive, on a level we haven’t seen yet in the west…hitting some parts of the world now as an iron fist of control…not being reported in the alt media. Eerie. I hope somehow the audacity of it wakes up many, brings on the consciousness shift.

          • Yes, I totally agree with you. And yeah, it is certainly eerie. Best way to describe it? ‘the calm before the storm’.

          • If you closely watch and analyze what’s going on in the wealthy Gulf states, which is the rise of the NWO techno police state, it’s a radical change on warp speed yet not the kind of chaos and upheaval many have been imagining. How do TPTB accomplish that same end game in the freer societies? That’s the big question. I have a good inkling.

          • Share your inkling, Blue. I guess we could ask ourselves – what would ‘we’ do if we were the elite? And, do we need to think like them to overcome them?

          • I’ve found be able to think like an evil genius is exactly what a person has to do to anticipate their fast moves. They throw sufficient layers of chaos and nonlinear propaganda at us that even most very awake people can’t see through the deceptions well enough to anticipate the major curve balls (e.g. anticipating ISIS at the very beginning of the dust up in Syria – which freaked me out big time but alt writers didn’t catch it). A lot of deliberate blind spots have been created in the geopolitical arena. One thing I’ve been anticipating since I fully awoke almost right after 9/11 is an inflationary depression in the US and possibly in many other nations and now I’m seeing the scaffolding being completed. This will drive a dependency on govt and then a complete surrender to tracking and biometrics.

          • Gee Blue, you and I are thinking alike! You are spot on with my own thoughts. The gov here is just selling totally everything we have. Our power grids are up for grabs now. The farmers are being forced off the land to sell land to china. Many farmers are now commiting suicide. Greece was a ‘test mule’ in some respects. But even then we are not getting real news on whats happening there. The elite buying the islands; perfect! Yes, as I keep telling people, the gov wants all of us dependent on them. Well, over my dead body, friend!

          • Same here, the rate of “privatization” is dizzying. Major infrastructure such as highways being placed under the control and profit of international corporations, falling fast like dominoes. Real estate being snapped by elites and foreign investors at astronomical prices. I’m constantly coming across major policy directives for global resets at the 2018, 2020, and 2030 goal posts, it’s everywhere. Keep planting those big picture consciousness seeds, mate, and I’ll do the same.

          • Will do, Blue. Keep up the good fight, friend…

          • Common Sense | August 19, 2016 at 8:04 am |

            The good fight?
            Is that what you guys think you re doing? So commenting to each other in a completely disconnected fashion as if watching a tv show is the good fight.
            You haven’t begun to see fighting, and when it breaks, all of America will be wishing desperately they had actually DONE something about it when they could have. Look what Soltzineskin, (spelling is incorrect) wrote about… later in the camps we burned,…

            This is the whole problem with the American people. They have become so dysfunctional they have reduced themselves to nothing more than an audience.
            Before you respond in the typical programmed fashion of, well what are you doing bout it. Even if I magically could fix these problems, all by myself for you, you would be just trading one master for another.
            You looking for someone else to fix things for you is exactly why we are here to begin with.
            The problem we face right no re like test to see if we will ACT on our own, and in our own defense. If we lack the courage and will to do things ourself it only shows how cowardly and dependent we have become.

          • We are all doing our thing mate. However, its certainly not easy. Even harder here in Australia with the convict mentality rules supreme. Your preaching to the wrong person, friend. I have pretty much isolated myself from pretty much everyone I know; they think im nuts. Trying to protect my children from forced vaccinations, asking people to look at the sky while they are spraying us with poison. Not many would realise whats happening here in Australia because they are told daily how blessed and lucky they are. However, we are a fascist nation, 100%. People have no understanding of what that really is. I can tell you are frustrated, well, so am I. Im wondering now how long it will be before they come knocking because now there is a big push to dob on people who dont seem ‘right’. I have caught a lady in my street looking in my bins on bin night now! They are promoting these activities with tv commercials. If im not at breaking point now, it wont be long. God Speed, friend…

    • China is a NWO entity, created and puppeteered by the global elite. Exactly like the Saudis who have given Syria $700 Million in aid (a top global donor) and took in 2.5 million Syrian refugees. The Saudis have also called on the UN to protect the citizens of Aleppo. The major global players understand and are participating in the smokescreen to pump up the “global war on terror” and setting up a large role for the UN and global military response as the “solution” to terrorism.

    • In some ways, this is part of the problem when the rest of the world views that sentiment. I’ll explain.
      We keep hoping and wishing someone else will take care of our rogue governments meddling in other lands when we do absolutely nothing about their criminality right in our face.
      I would imagine they see us as huge cowards or hypocrites.

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