There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt

A SWAT robot

By John Whitehead

“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.”—James Madison

America is a ticking time bomb.

All that remains to be seen is who—or what—will set fire to the fuse.

We are poised at what seems to be the pinnacle of a manufactured breakdown, with police shooting unarmed citizens, snipers shooting police, global and domestic violence rising, and a political showdown between two presidential candidates equally matched in unpopularity.

The preparations for the Republican and Democratic national conventions taking place in Cleveland and Philadelphia—augmented by a $50 million federal security grant for each city—provide a foretaste of how the government plans to deal with any individual or group that steps out of line: they will be censored, silenced, spied on, caged, intimidated, interrogated, investigated, recorded, tracked, labeled, held at gunpoint, detained, restrained, arrested, tried and found guilty.

For instance, anticipating civil unrest and mass demonstrations in connection with the Republican Party convention, Cleveland officials set up makeshift prisons, extra courtrooms to handle protesters, and shut down a local university in order to house 1,700 riot police and their weapons. The city’s courts are preparing to process up to 1,000 people a day. Additionally, the FBI has also been conducting “interviews” with activists in advance of the conventions to discourage them from engaging in protests.

Make no mistake, the government is ready for a civil uprising.

Indeed, the government has been preparing for this moment for years.

A 2008 Army War College report revealed that “widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.” The 44-page report goes on to warn that potential causes for such civil unrest could include another terrorist attack, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters.”

Subsequent reports by the Department of Homeland Security to identify, monitor and label right-wing and left-wing activists and military veterans as extremists (a.k.a. terrorists) have manifested into full-fledged pre-crime surveillance programs. Almost a decade later, after locking down the nation and spending billions to fight terrorism, the DHS has concluded that the greater threat is not ISIS but domestic right-wing extremism.

Meanwhile, the government has been amassing an arsenal of military weapons for use domestically and equipping and training their “troops” for war. Even government agencies with largely administrative functions such as the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Smithsonian have been acquiring body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition. In fact, there are now at least 120,000 armed federal agents carrying such weapons who possess the power to arrest.

Rounding out this profit-driven campaign to turn American citizens into enemy combatants (and America into a battlefield) is a technology sector that is colluding with the government to create a Big Brother that is all-knowing, all-seeing and inescapable. It’s not just the drones, fusion centers, license plate readers, stingray devices and the NSA that you have to worry about. You’re also being tracked by the black boxes in your cars, your cell phone, smart devices in your home, grocery loyalty cards, social media accounts, credit cards, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and e-book reader accounts.

All of this has taken place right under our noses, funded with our taxpayer dollars and carried out in broad daylight without so much as a general outcry from the citizenry.

It’s astounding how convenient we’ve made it for the government to lock down the nation.

We’ve even allowed ourselves to be acclimated to the occasional lockdown of government buildings, Jade Helm military drills in small towns so that special operations forces can get “realistic military training” in “hostile” territory, and  Live Active Shooter Drill training exercises, carried out at schools, in shopping malls, and on public transit, which can and do fool law enforcement officials, students, teachers and bystanders into thinking it’s a real crisis.

The events of recent years—the invasive surveillance, the extremism reports, the civil unrest, the protests, the shootings, the bombings, the military exercises and active shooter drills, the color-coded alerts and threat assessments, the fusion centers, the transformation of local police into extensions of the military, the distribution of military equipment and weapons to local police forces, the government databases containing the names of dissidents and potential troublemakers—have all conjoined to create an environment in which “we the people” are more distrustful and fearful of each other and more reliant on the government to keep us safe.

Of course, that’s the point.

The powers-that-be want us to feel vulnerable.

They want us to fear each other and trust the government’s hired gunmen to keep us safe from terrorists, extremists, jihadists, psychopaths, etc.

Most of all, the powers-that-be want us to feel powerless to protect ourselves and reliant on and grateful for the dubious protection provided by the American police state.

Their strategy is working.

The tree of liberty is dying.

There will be no second American Revolution.

There is no place in our nation for the kind of armed revolution our forefathers mounted against a tyrannical Great Britain. Such an act would be futile and tragic. We are no longer dealing with a distant, imperial king but with a tyrant of our own making: a militarized, technologized, heavily-financed bureaucratic machine that operates beyond the reach of the law.

The message being sent to the citizenry is clear: there will be no revolution, armed or otherwise.

Anyone who believes that they can wage—and win—an armed revolt against the American police state has not been paying attention. Those who wage violence against the government and their fellow citizens are playing right into the government’s hands. Violence cannot and will not be the answer to what ails America.

Whether instigated by the government or the citizenry, violence will only lead to more violence. It does not matter how much firepower you have. The government has more firepower.

It does not matter how long you think you can hold out by relying on survivalist skills, guerilla tactics and sheer grit. The government has the resources to outwait, out-starve, outman, outgun and generally overpower you.

This government of wolves will not be overtaken by force.

Unfortunately, we waited too long to wake up to the government’s schemes.

We did not anticipate that “we the people” would become the enemy. For years, the government has been warning against the dangers of domestic terrorism, erecting surveillance systems to monitor its own citizens, creatingclassification systems to label any viewpoints that challenge the status quo as extremist, and training law enforcement agencies to equate anyone possessing anti-government views as a domestic terrorist.

What the government failed to explain was that the domestic terrorists would be of the government’s own making, whether intentional or not.

By waging endless wars abroad, by bringing the instruments of war home, by transforming police into extensions of the military, by turning a free society into a suspect society, by treating American citizens like enemy combatants, by discouraging and criminalizing a free exchange of ideas, by making violence its calling card through SWAT team raids and militarized police, by fomenting division and strife among the citizenry, by acclimating the citizenry to the sights and sounds of war, and by generally making peaceful revolution all but impossible, the government has engineered an environment in which domestic violence has become inevitable.

What we are now experiencing is a civil war, devised and instigated in part by the U.S. government.

The outcome for this particular conflict is already foregone: the police state wins.

The objective: compliance and control.

The strategy: destabilize the economy through endless wars, escalate racial tensions, polarize the populace, heighten tensions through a show of force, intensify the use of violence, and then, when all hell breaks loose, clamp down on the nation for the good of the people and the security of the nation.

So where does that leave us?

Despite the fact that communities across the country are, for all intents and purposes, being held hostage by a government that is armed to the teeth and more than willing to use force in order to “maintain order,” most Americans seem relatively unconcerned. Worse, we have become so fragmented as a nation, so hostile to those with whom we might disagree, so distrustful of those who are different from us, that we are easily divided and conquered.

We have been desensitized to violence, acclimated to a military presence in our communities and persuaded that there is nothing we can do to alter the seemingly hopeless trajectory of the nation. In this way, the floundering economy, the blowback arising from military occupations abroad, police shootings, the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure and all of the other mounting concerns have become non-issues to a populace that is easily entertained, distracted, manipulated and controlled.

The sight of police clad in body armor and gas masks, wielding semiautomatic rifles and escorting an armored vehicle through a crowded street, a scene likened to “a military patrol through a hostile city,” no longer causes alarm among the general populace.

We are fast becoming an anemic, weak, pathetically diluted offspring of our revolutionary forebears incapable of mounting a national uprising against a tyrannical regime.

If there is to be any hope of reclaiming our government and restoring our freedoms, it will require a different kind of coup: nonviolent, strategic and grassroots, starting locally and trickling upwards. Such revolutions are slow and painstaking. They are political, in part, but not through any established parties or politicians.

Most of all, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, for any chance of success, such a revolution will require more than a change of politics: it will require a change of heart among the American people, a reawakening of the American spirit, and a citizenry that cares more about their freedoms than their fantasy games.

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is the founder and president of The Rutherford Institute, where this article first appeared. He is also the author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

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65 Comments on "There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt"

  1. There is a mass awakening happening and nothing can stop it. An idea can’t be unlearned.

    • Exactly. We do not need to consent with “playing their game”. People can learn bartering, trading goods and services quickly enough to eliminate use of “their money”. The Internet and Web have made it possible to go to any search engine and type roughly “How to [Insert what you want to do]?” You’ll get back some decent results from most engines which can guide to instruction filled videos, articles.

      So, if I wanted grow beans using hydroponics, I can go look up how to do that and learn it in a manner of minutes to hours. I don’t need any fancy college degree to put food on my table. I could even email a fisherman in China to ask what the best bait for snapper fish seems to be. In return I could offer him knowledge about how to supplement his soil for growing squash.

      I too fear the author of the article is wrong. The revolution began quite a while. They opened the flood gates for information to be exchanged freely. Now, the U.S. has given up control of it for the the world at large to use. You cannot kill, try, convict, demean, harass, destroy ideas. Nor, can you stop information from being as it chooses. If it chooses being free, it will be.

      The U.S. has already lost the revolution if you think about it. They will never disarm Americans, of that I’m sure. Firearms provide other uses besides killing cops, soldiers. They can be used to hunt deer, bear, boar which will feed families, be bartered or given freely.

      No, the U.S. will not have a bloody civil war. It’ll be a war between the puppet government who will try to start it, and the people who love true freedom, not liberty for liberty implies you need permission. Freedom requires no permission from any authority but whatever you believe as sacred, divine, even if that is none.

      The revolution will be the people no longer consenting and going on living in harmony, exchanging ideas, growing, living, loving. And in such case, the people have won without a fight.

      • They dug their own grave when they created the internet. The author of this article is a great patriot who has done a lot of awesome work. He’s just a little misguided with this article.

        • False. They created the Internet to side track you, to info-bomb you to hide the truth in plain sight, and to gather intelligence on YOU as you go about posting on social media, buying junk off the intertoobz, and every piece of info and website you go to, they know of it. So they sort of know what you think you know. And that could be disastrous for all while they sneak in COINTELPRO to deceive with B.S.

          • That’s all true but it is a vain attempt to stop people from waking up. They devote unlimited resources to deceive and dumb down people and it’s ultimately futile because ideas can’t be unlearned. The reasons you state why they created the internet are true but it doesn’t matter because there are two sides to the internet coin. In my opinion the internet is ultimately backfiring on them and is quickly becoming their in undoing . The fact that we’re even having this discussion is proof of the NWO’s impending demise. I choose to remain optimistic because I feel it’s more productive than pessimism.

          • I agree with you, Gazoo. Plus the fact the entire world of business runs on it, they cannot shut it down without shooting themselves in the head. I don’t give into all the hype that they watch every word we write, follow all our links, keep track of our thoughts. They want us to think they are all-powerful so we self-monitor. Piss on them.

          • I think they do track everything but don’t look at it unless you come up on their radar. No doubt they have followed me over the years. I say great I want them to hear what I have to say.

          • Hahaha… good point. I still don’t believe they track everything because we learned this from Mr. Snowed-In, the CIA potted plant.

          • Yet, like a library, a well read person is able to sift through the crap and actually get bits of truth from the internet.

          • Average Joe American | July 29, 2016 at 11:57 am |

            Bits? With a halfway decently developed mental BS meter you can get TONS of useful data from the Internet which, cumulatively can evolve into knowledge (and ultimately, with any intelligence and luck, wisdom). And it works in two ways:

            1) As the Net has grown richer in data (often fertilized by the very bullshit you have to wade through in order to get to the truth and arrive at intelligent conclusions), it becomes ever more useful as an immediate comprehensive information source, and

            2) As we sift assorted ideas and data over time, we as individuals become very hard to fool. One of the most aggravating things about discussion databases (such as this one) are participants who’ve managed to research only enough data to remain selectively ignorant, yet firmly opinionated. Having a more well-rounded internal knowledge-base makes it very difficult for others to bulldoze one with supposed “facts,” and that internal store of knowledge comes automatically with time invested.

          • Thank you AJA!! I am tired of walking on eggshells. You are so correct, we are so able to see BS yet we look around for someone to acknowledge our insight…or say things as carefully as possible. I do believe the individuals you are talking about are few and not the norm. My favorite human who is a lawyer and a congressman is Trey Gowdy. Only I just found he is quitting like any intelligent human would!!

    • And ideas are indeed, ‘bullet proof’

  2. It would of course all depend on the persons opposing the revolt–they might desert. Consider Ireland and its revolt against the most powerful nation on earth–The British Empire. Remember Michael Collins. What you have written sounds convincing but until or if something like a revolt occurs we will not know. Consider Afghanistan. Iraq. The so called Establishment can not win a revolt. It can only kill and destroy. Once started such a revolt would never end until the Establishment gave up. I think you get my point. Again the troops fighting the rebels would themselves be involved in an immoral effort which would slowly sap them of morale and resolve. All this preparation and human ingenuity and creativity can defeat each with time. No, if such were to occur it would be the most amazing effort ever. You might want to read about the great German colonel in East Africa during the first WWI whose men could not be defeated–Von Lettow-Vorbeck. What odds would have given this man and his troops? So all it takes is a great leader or two. And resolve. The psychology is more important than the machinery. You should know this. A good article nonetheless but don’t give the enemy too much credit. Modern man has become drunk on technology and science and in the end it will destroy him. Fukushima.

    • arielmonserrat | July 19, 2016 at 1:29 pm | Reply

      You make some good points; sadlly, however, I don’t see many sensible, strong leaders among us any more. Where will they come from? And we all know that the PTB would “neutralize” them if they did emerge.

      • Strong leaders are made by the crucible of adversity. There will arise leaders as they are needed. The problem is not finding good leaders, but people needing to understand that sometimes what is needed is being a proactive follower. Not mindless following.

      • Average Joe American | July 29, 2016 at 9:29 pm | Reply

        True, you don’t see many…probably for the same reason we don’t get many sensible candidates for president. No one in their right mind would imagine they’d be allowed to make a real difference. You don’t see Judge Andrew Napolitano sticking his head up to get the Kennedy, Perot, or Ron Paul treatment. But as for the PTB neutralizing dangerous leaders, they’ve no certain idea who those leaders might be until true push comes to shove. Like if they do something truly brilliant, like shred the last bit of the Constitution they’ve been unable to completely crap all over.

        I imagine we’ll see a leader or two, should need arise.

    • Macssurvivalkits | July 20, 2016 at 11:50 am | Reply

      I would like to agree with you but when the “troops” are told enough lies, they are not going to recognize they have been duped into an immoral act. They will believe they are doing right, “protecting” citizens and taking out the trash.

      • Juanito Ibañez | July 22, 2016 at 1:15 am | Reply

        Murphy’s Laws of Combat

        “Professional soldiers are predictable; the world is full of dangerous amateurs.”

  3. There will definitely be violence at the convention. Watch for planted trouble makers just giving them an excuse to start firing. With the buildup of events over the past couple of weeks & the history & tone of Trump’s followers it could end up a bloodbath. The police chief has already asked the governor to suspend the open carry law because he “didn’t care about the legality of it”. Fortunately Governor Kaisick refused.
    The establishment wins not only because we are outgunned, but because this will be yet another excuse to try to take away our 2nd amendment rights. Hillary has vowed to take the guns out of the hands of civilians. Look at history to see how that has played out in other countries.
    I told a joke about Trump in the grocery checkout line today [the walking eagle one] and was verbally attacked by one of his followers. Guess they never heard of the first amendment. Bag boy & cashier thought it was funny. I tell the same joke about Hillary. They both are despicable & will lead us to further destruction.

  4. Little To No Hope | July 19, 2016 at 11:45 am | Reply

    I have little faith in the American dolts , put on Dancing with the Stars and a football game simultaneously and you can over throw America with an army of retarded clams while the zombies are in there mind controlled state of brain dead.

  5. TheCogitator | July 19, 2016 at 12:09 pm | Reply

    I fear John Whitehead is wrong. People have been buying guns at record rates all during Obama’s presidency. They’re not spending hundreds of dollars for each firearm to turn them over to the government without even being paid. If they come for the guns, I fear there will be a fight. There are definitely more gun owners than armed agents of the state, although the soldiers and police generally have superior weapons. But how many police and military will refuse to follow unconstitutional orders? And should a fight begin, remember when the people kill a soldier or cop coming for their weapons, they will then have those weapons. It’s hard to predict who would win, but it would be a bloody mess. If the American people are disarmed, the light of liberty will go out on planet earth.

    • I also believe the vast majority of our military (not the fatigue-wearing police who know nothing about actual combat) will stand by The People. (Though I would also venture to guess that this is why so many are kept deployed – then quickly prescribed anti-psychotic meds for the PTSD when they return.) They took an oath to uphold the Constitution – the police take an oath to uphold the ‘laws’. I believe there is an underground of people who will all too willing unite to take a stand against the ‘police state’. The fight for Freedom has also been a driving force throughout history that ultimately always overcomes a tyrannical ruling class / government.

      It’s also important to make a determined effort to educate our youth about self-sufficiency, living off the land, basic survival skills, etc.

      • TheCogitator | July 20, 2016 at 1:55 pm | Reply

        I hope you’re right, but I worry that so many people are feeding off the system and who would rather be kept on the government dole than have freedom. But I’m encouraged because I know there are some of us, like you and I, who will fight to the last dying breath for liberty.

        • L. A. McDonough | July 20, 2016 at 2:12 pm | Reply

          Yes, but they are fewer day by day who will fight, as Viet Nam and Korean vets are dropping off and we have no real patriot leaders today to lead the battle. It will be slim to none if anyone can resist with modern weapon type technology.

          • TheCogitator | July 20, 2016 at 3:48 pm |

            I can’t argue that the nation has become pussified. I admit that the people the government will use to attack the citizens will be better armed, but when they are killed, the people will then have their arms. The biggest advantage the citizens have is their numbers, but if there is not the will to fight, that will make no difference.

          • Oh I disagree, brains over weaponry anytime! There are leaders out here, most of them should come from our veterans who have been systematically sent into homelessness and wimpy medical programs. Why doesn’t anyone THINK about that? Our trained warriors are getting screwed after risking their lives and yet to come back alive with knowledge of the war field…is way too scary for those ELITE, those NEVER having to be in a crucible of pain and change and who think they are better than the rest of the 99.99 percent of us. There are still ‘leaders’ to be had. Leaders are born, not made. There are leaders and there are followers and both are critical. Just like there are HUNTERS and FARMERS…brain and wiring within our genome (add)?

      • Being kept deployed…now that is not something I’ve thought about. Makes complete sense! HUH?!!

      • Right on the head of the nail, Tamajam!! Growing one’s own garden, knowing botany (primarily that plants are not at all like animals), how to be aware of one’s environment and changes, understanding human thinking that has been cultivated for hundreds of years. We here in Oregon watched a rancher attacked and killed…all the others who weren’t as threatening as this guy was for educating others and making people believe him and his words…are in prison. The charges are a laugh…this is what happens when good Americans ‘stand up’ for our constitution. These ranchers were harassed, property ruined, water sources poisoned and fenced off after generations of these families got along just fine with the BLM. All of a sudden the BLM turned on these ranchers, ruining these families, killing this one amazing guy (Lavoy Finicum)…people watched via drone as they were stopped on a lonely highway on their way to John Day to talk with a crowd of over 400 people waiting to learn the constitution and why these guys were holding a federal building (shut down for the winter, a part time secretary to keep up with the bills and a janitor), they HAD arms but not once threatened anyone. A few hundred FBI, LEO’s swarmed these people, ambushed them and forced Mr. Finicum to get out to protect the wannabee patriots and shot him 3X. Hands up in the air…waddling in 2 feet of snow. I am amazed this didn’t get more coverage but what did happen was the media truly were used as a tool against these people. And so many viewers thought that the FEDS were in the right? Wow. Guess someone needs to write a manual on how to stand up for our rights as demanded by our constitution. Learning to live with a tiny footprint, no sewer, little electricity via solar, no running water except from the well, no showers, no flush toilets, growing all one’s food, canning, dehydrating! Making different plans for different situations. Preparing, prepping, saving, learning the mistakes so as not to die, what one can and should not eat in the wilderness, tracking, trapping, hunting (as quietly as possible with air rifles and crossbows), making fire without matches, how not to get lost in the wilderness (basic blazing), how to get along just fine without baths/showers for weeks, months. How to dress, what is necessary and what is not necessary. First aid in the wilderness, medical prowess? How to deal with and recognize other predators, how to deter them not get into a confrontation! How to NEVER ever drink any water without treatment! Takes just one day, no, just a few hours without water, to start going nuts when thirsty. I’d rather be hungry than thirsty. How to make shelter in the wilderness and that means not ones fancy schmancy tent, but debris, tree wells, root wells, snow caves…how not to eat snow for water! On and on and on. What would it take to get kids off those damn cell phones and computers to be able to think on their own to survive?

    • Taking guns away from the populace is a big part of the recipe leaders use to become a dictator…there is no way I am ever going to give up my fire arms and I am amazed that very intelligent people to include my family and friends will go along to get along.

      • L. A. McDonough | July 21, 2016 at 3:43 pm | Reply

        And critical thinking ability (using logic) has nothing to do with intelligence and higher education, etc. Ditch these losers incl relatives who aren’t on same page. I have no time for ignorant people lacking common sense. Just don’t return calls, and prune off folks by avoiding them because they will someday become the enemy. I even changed my email address several times after “fine tuning” people I knew and have a phone blocker. This country will soon be run by tyrannical control freaks seeking info. on patriots.

        • Thanks for the advice L.A…but differences in politics (ugh), religion, and other lame human creations it is rather easy to be objective and still love, hug, and adore friends and family for who they are. Not focusing on differences. What I’ve found is that once they know you are a ‘looney’ they reduce contact anyway. I used to see the world just like my family and friends do now. I told them I’d be the sentry and when I let them know it is time to wake up and run…they’d better mind me! Grins. I haven’t been very good about invisibility, sigh.

          • tamajam10 | July 22, 2016 at 5:48 pm |

            Likewise, I say to my family ‘I’m only crazy if I’m wrong, and I’d rather be crazy than wrong’. I think being called crazy in an insane world is a bit uplifting. 🙂

          • I agree, crazy in an insane world far better than brain dead in fantasy land. I’ve been chewing on your statement; if I’m wrong, no harm done, yes? Someone has to be vigilant and thinking at higher levels than most. If I’m right, then (neeenerneeerneener) grins, I’ll let my friends and family know that I am not crazy anymore and listen to me or regret…I hope I am wrong but just can’t see that happening. Far too much evidence, HISTORY to support the craziness of us humans happening right now.

        • Remember McCarthyism? When the government begins to convince people to turn on each other in the name of ‘patriotism’ or fear of ‘the enemy’, it is proof we are being used as tools. I never understood how blatant propaganda can work so well on so many people.

          • I am sure you’ve heard that kids in school are being bribed to squeal on their parents, friends and parents of friends. $200 bucks a squeal. Also within girl scouts, boy scouts, brownies…sick, sick and sicker.

          • tamajam10 | July 25, 2016 at 5:53 pm |

            Yet another branch of Big Brother is complicit in taking control of families: DCF / DSS .An appellate case just came down in MA. DCF can now swoop in and take a child from his/her mother if she is a deplorable house keeper. Of course, the facts were particular to the case (i.e. she was filthy), but a bright line rule was created whether it was intentional or not: A messy housekeeper may render a parent unfit to care for his/her/their child(ren). The basis was it created a “near certain risk of future harm” for “endangerment”. I don’t know about anyone else, but that sent chills down my spine.

            As it is, nearly every ‘government agency’ (police, teachers, doctors, etc.) are mandated reporters. That is to say that if the police, for example, are called to the scene of a domestic dispute, DCF is automatically notified and an investigation ensues. DCF will often use that as an opportunity to create a ‘service plan’ for the parent(s) that they must strictly adhere to – otherwise, they are deemed ‘uncooperative’ and risk losing their child(ren) permanently. That is to say their parental rights are terminated, and their children are either adopted out or end up in foster care. Adoption through DCF is big business. Seriously. There’s a great site that provides so much more Truth than I could ever post here. (massoutrage…dot….com).

            I also recall a story of a women in CA who refused to give her child ‘legal’ ADHD drugs (Adderall perhaps….which is just one molecule away from crack!). The result? The child’s teachers ‘reported’ her to DSS. Her child was ‘legally’ kidnapped and held in a state group home (that, of course, is government funded). The mother ‘illegally’ kidnapped her child to protect him when he begged her to make them stop giving him the ‘legal’ drug and fled to Canada. Sadly, they were eventually apprehended. The mother was jailed, and the innocent child was returned to ‘the state’. That was many years ago, but the story still haunts me….and so many others like it.

            The point is, there are so many layers in all of this that most people cannot (or will not) peel away the layers to see the Truth. We are in perilous times to be sure.

          • There are still horror stories very recent about teachers, ADHD, ADD kids, parents and ignorance.. I know what I am talking about since I am major ADD and quite proud of it. But growing up as a kid ADD is tough. Trying to get by as an adult with ADD is tougher. ADD is NOT A DEFICIT. Some of us are wired to be stay at home farmers, ADD people are wired for hunting. Wired to hunt in environments completely new, unknown looking for track, scat, broken grass, etc. Hunters have to be able to deal with high stimulus of novel environments, unknown paths, unknown whatever and be able to focus on the little details to hunt. A farmer would freak out with that much stimulus. When they do find their prey ADD people or hunters can HYPERFOCUS and perform incredible feats in the midst of chaos. When the hunters get home where the environment offers no surprises, stimulus hunters go to sleep.

            Our schools, our businesses, our libraries…are designed for farmers, not hunters. Sitting in a classroom with a very uninspired, uninspiring teacher is the kiss of death. No way can a hunter NOT go to sleep. ADD kids learn coping skills to deal with having to live in a boring classroom, study without music and activity. One is HYPERACTIVITY.

            The best thing for hunters, kids or adults is full range motion physical exercise. Hunter kids (all kids) should be sent out to MOVE at least 3 or 4 times a day to walk, run, play on monkey bars, whatever. When they get back to class, they can focus very well for hours. This is fact. Otherwise, since our schools have been phasing out physical education, physical activity, the farmer kids are being promoted and the hunter kids need to cause commotion, bounce around, wiggle, tap their feet…just to stay awake and compete with the farmer kids. That is the H factor which is nothing more than a coping method of hunter kids trying to stay awake, trying to focus.

            Instead, we still have teachers duct taping kids to chairs, to mattresses in a closet, putting heavy lead vests on them…how wonderful is that for a kid’s self-esteem and education?

            Hunters have been found to have the highest IQ’s. Anyone that is a ‘mover and shaker’ or has made history is more than likely ADD. Scientists, leaders…and we are actually ruining a source of brilliance for our world by treating kids that are intelligent and special like idiots, like thugs, like bad non-conformists, like bad people who can’t follow RULES.

            Medication is helpful if parents are informed and knowledgeable about the body, the human brain, the differences in people, ADD (check out Dr. Amen). Otherwise, physical movement and exercise is the best way to help these kids as well as adults FOCUS and be able to operate in a very boring farmer’s world.

            Amphetamines add the stimulus that our brains need is we are unable to do physical exercise…(3 or 4 times per day). They say it calms us but it is really just adding the ingredient our brains need to have to not fall asleep. To be able to focus on what we say, do, listening, what we want to learn that takes more than 15 minutes! Coffee works well. But meanwhile doctors advise amphetamines, which are handy for parents and teachers. They don’t have to worry about supervision on the playground. Bosses don’t have to worry that their hunter employees are wasting time taking a walk, exercising on their dime. When hunters can out perform any farmer any day and still get their work done, done very well and take breaks to be able to focus and perform and create!

            Ritalin, methamphetamine, adderall are not at all close to CRACK. Good heavens! Street drugs are vastly different than regulated pharmaceuticals. In fact if our society knew a bit more, ADD people would be getting pharmaceuticals instead of home made crap by uneducated idiots off the streets. ADD people are self medicating, coffee crazies are self medicating, bungellas and bungellos eat to fulfill unmet needs of love and whatever, that is self medicating. If we made ALL drugs legal, do you understand it would STOP RIGHT NOW any street drug, the cartels would stop because there would be no money to be made? All the billions spent on the ‘war against drugs’ could then be put into education, building self esteem and getting people off drugs they are addicted to?? I could go on and on about the positives but the government would never go for this because our government and leaders make so much money off illegal drugs…don’t believe it but it is true.

            Humans think they are so smart. So smart we do stupid and stupider things because we think we are so smart. We know all the answers…the Bible tells us so.

          • Average Joe American | July 26, 2016 at 8:15 pm |

            Hello, ADD. I’m ODD. I used to be ADD (before they started giving all the kids drugs to “fix” them) but I grew out of it before they could get to me. Now I’m just ODD. It’s still been a decades-long tap dance.

          • Hi Joe, what do you mean by ODD? btw, drugs don’t ‘fix’ ADD people they just help them to ‘fit in’ with the farmers and all the organisations that are designed for farmers. My ADD son went from D’s and F’s to straight A’s with a little help from ritalin. His school and teachers did not allow for physical exercise. My son was this incredible kid on skateboards, bikes, boogie boards, surf boards and major pole vaulting through college.

          • ‘Minority Report’…

      • History reveals you speak the Truth. In 1942, at the height of the Second World War and German advances, Hitler said:

        “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.”

        He was not the only tyrant in history who disarmed the people.

        • No kidding…Pol Pot, Saddam, Mao…of course Hitler…and everything that history has been able to report sad to say our country is doing the same thing. No wonder they have screwed up the history books, CORE crap for thinking like a robot. ALL tyrants wanting to be dictator use the same dang recipe and most of us don’t know this stuff or just refuse to see it (subconsciously) as it would threaten their fantasy world of comfort.

  6. People in general are willfully ignorant. They are EASY to manipulate. There is no nation on Earth resisting the coming global tyranny. The elites are promoting and welcoming the Satanic control grid and their brainwashed people are happily cooperating. Your family will suffer soon. Exactly how much is directly proportional to how much you trust and obey governments. They are the armed extension of your rulers: the Bankers.

    Anything the governments of the world say is designed to bolster THEIR power and weaken yours as an individual. They strongly desire a population reduced by 95% and totally controlled via scientific dictatorship. Will you allow your family to be wiped out by them?

    I don’t care what you do but DO SOMETHING to fight the growing tyranny. Race is NOT the issue. Banker control is.

  7. Macssurvivalkits | July 20, 2016 at 11:47 am | Reply

    I think what he is saying is that a thousand, or million, little “uprisings” such as “I am not giving you my guns” will be immediately squashed and put down. The one thing that could help America is unity and that, unfortunately, is probably never going to happen again. If it does, it will take a significant amount of time, and the awakening that others have spoken about. Sadly we are short of leaders, spines, and the will to undo what has slowly been piled on us. What bothers me the most is the American masses will just smile and swallow whatever tripe the government, police and main stream media shove down their throats. Sad and frustrating.

  8. Chimera Gothic | July 20, 2016 at 12:47 pm | Reply

    Folks…..The United States is just a corporation. Now they have taken “War Powers” power unto themselves and made the American People “enemies of the state” under The Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, revised 1934. This is why there is always a “War on Terror”, “War on Poverty”, “War on Drugs”, etc.

    However, The Supreme Court ruled in 1942 That the Government is JUST ANOTHER CORPORATION and has no more power than a private citizen.

    Clearfield Doctrine

    “Governments descend to the Level of a mere private corporation,
    and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen…where
    private corporate commercial paper [Federal Reserve Notes] and
    securities [checks] is concerned. … For purposes of suit,
    such corporations and individuals are regarded as entities
    entirely separate from government.” –

    Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States 318 U.S. 363-371 (1942)
    What the Clearfield Doctrine is saying is that when private
    commercial paper is used by corporate government, then
    Government loses its sovereignty status and becomes no
    different than a mere private corporation.

    As such, government then becomes bound by the rules and
    laws that govern private corporations which means that if they
    intend to compel an individual to some specific performance
    based upon its corporate statutes or corporation rules, then
    the government, like any private corporation, must be the holder-
    in-due-course of a contract or other commercial agreement
    between it and the one upon whom demands for specific
    performance are made.

    And further, the government must be willing to enter the contract
    or commercial agreement into evidence before trying to get to
    the court to enforce its demands, called statutes.

    This case is very important because it is a 1942 case after the
    Erie RR v. Tomkins 304 U.S. 64, (1938) case in which the
    Legislatures and Judiciary changed from legislating under
    “Public Law”, which was in consonance with the CONstitution,
    to legislating under “Public Policy” according to the wishes
    of the “Creditors of the US Corporation”.

    • Common Sense | July 21, 2016 at 8:21 am | Reply

      There’s just one huge problem with your analogy.
      Basic human nature, that we will all revert to says…

      When my life is threatened I care not what the law is or who makes them.

  9. You said,,,What we are now experiencing is a civil war, devised and instigated in part by the U.S. government.

    What will most likely cause a civil war is the inability of the Gov. to maintain the welfare state. That’s when our civil war will make the civil war seem like a Sunday school picnic. Losing our grid will not help matters either. And the cops need to stop stealing billions from it’s citizens.

  10. I respefully disagree with John Whitehead. I have been a military and police adviser in 21 countries since 1984 and a peaceful revolution can only take place when the government is forced to abide by its laws. Ghandi was able to do it because India was India and the British Empire at that time was still abiding by its laws. Had Ghandi tried his style of revolution in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China he would have quickly been charged with some made up crime and executed. The U.S. Gov is much closer to Stalin’s Russia than the British Empire during Ghandi’s time. John is also basing his analysis on simple brute force and intelligence abilities. We won the American Revolution because we did not do this. We changed the rules of the conflict. We fought in a manner the British were not expecting and could not modify thier forces to confront. The whole idea of breaking their forces down into small initiative based guerrilla fighters taking action based on intelligence the received directly was in direct contrast to ther stand in a line and follow orders fighting. We must be cunning, rutheless, resourceful, and not fear death or imprisonment. Above all we must join the other side in mass THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. I am talking infiltrate the other side. If enough patriots join the other side we can infiltrate and sabotage their oppression machine. I cannot I have become to vocal among my peers and had to leave the country.

  11. L. A. McDonough | July 20, 2016 at 2:09 pm | Reply

    Good article, yet in 2016, most the real alpha patriot types are in cemeteries. The country has sold out lock stock and barrel to globalism. Voting won’t change a thing as the politicians are only puppets of the globalists. America is without hope and yes, the military weaponry high tech style will wipe out resistors.

  12. EgbertThrockmorton1 | July 20, 2016 at 2:31 pm | Reply

    Most of the “statistics” used in this article are not correct at all. They are more of “assumptions” based on projected numbers the Feds and other state agencies “feel” they can mobilize.
    “Feeling” you can mobilize, equip, TRANSPORT, and logistically supply, that many bodies and ALL of their attendant support personnel(mandatory) take a great deal of time.
    Time is always OUR friend, and no, resistance is NOT futile, even in the minds of those who produce such misinformation as is in this article.

  13. Just a thought on all the advanced weapons like robot bombers. If it can be created it can be hacked…

  14. Ben said,,,Exactly. We do not need to consent with “playing their game”. People can learn bartering, trading goods and services quickly enough to eliminate use of “their money”. The Internet and Web have made it possible to go to any search engine and type roughly “How to [Insert what you want to do.

    There isen’t going to be any Internet, The grid is just to big an unprotected target. When it goes we are back to 1875, we will not be happy campers.

  15. Taking care of business! | July 21, 2016 at 1:17 am | Reply

    And that’s why these are called “opinion pieces.” By the way, the “Second American Revolution” was the so-called Civil War. (I suggest you read “The Right of Succession” by Gene Kizer Jr.) What you damning would, in fact, be a true civil war. civ·il war noun a war between citizens of the same country. (Google search)

  16. Common Sense | July 21, 2016 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Whitehead has been compromised.
    These do not sound like his words. There are so many holes in this analogy it is hard to list them.
    When the system falls apart, and if the government and their minions turn against the people it will fall apart monetarily, where’s the money going to come from?
    These people will only fight for money, and when that disappears so do they.
    All of those expected to do the actual fighting live here. It’s not like they re on foreign soil.
    They have families that will be seriously compromised by this.
    When people lose everything they also lose their fears. These mercenaries will be fired upon from every blade of grass.
    This article sounds more like propaganda to me. Psyops.
    It may be my synicism, but these articles could be feelers to see how and what people think as to take the temperature of our attitude.

    • Average Joe American | July 29, 2016 at 4:59 pm | Reply

      Yup, on all counts. We’ve been led to believe the government (Pentagon, NSA, CIA, State Department, military-industrial-chemical complex, FBI, Homeland Security, TSA, BATF, BLM, IRS, FDA, USDA, et al) are all-powerful. The corporations, including the MSM, Big Pharma and Big Farma, the energy monsters, the fascist political machines…it’s all just overwhelming, right? I mean, they can even call in the dread Blackwater (or Xi, or whomever).

      And maybe it’s true, the individual can’t possibly hope to win against these odds. They can surround your house, see through walls, cars and clothes, watch you from space, zap you with invisible rays, drone bomb your fallout shelter, chip you when you’re not looking, track you by land, sea, and air. Plenty of examples of rebels who’ve been made examples of. Just look what happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge! Look what happened to the Bundys!

      Yeah. Look at the enormous power brought to bear on tiny groups of civilians who stood up and said: “No.” Helicopters and tanks, SWAT teams flown halfway across the country…you want to go up against THAT?

      Well, who would? Except that’s the PR, the sizzle they’re incessantly selling us. Not the steak. The steak is what they’ve been employing in Afghanistan against a disparate bunch of tribal warlords armed with second hand second rate weapons and IEDs, with no infrastructure, no organized communications or transport, no factories, no air force…in the longest running un-won war in US history. Against some disorganized bands of guerillas in the hill country of a nation smaller than Texas.

      It’s worthy of note that the same far-seeing planners who’ve been unsuccessfully terrorizing Afghanistan (pop. 30M total) for 15 years, employing the most heavily funded military force in the modern world and LOSING, would be the very same geniuses launching an attack on some 100-150 millions of voluntarily armed American adults (many of whom would willingly arm their friends and neighbors from their surplus collections of firearms and ammo–I know I would). Imagine if only one in ten gun owners stood up and just said “No.” Because, believe me, this is the sort of question uppermost in the minds of anyone considering disarming the United States citizenry, and this is why so many politicos are demonizing gun ownership. They want us defenseless with zero risk.

      Oh, one might argue, but they could always bring in UN troops. Right. Imagine a corrupt army of Third World soldiers, jabbering in assorted foreign languages, camouflaged in baby blue helmets, slinking through Appalachia or marching through South Central Los Angeles. They conquered Haiti, why not Albuquerque or northern Michigan or the Dakotas? (Because the Haitians were, and remain, unarmed, half-starved, with nowhere to run, for starters.)

  17. L. A. McDonough | July 21, 2016 at 12:47 pm | Reply

    We shall see if these displaced top brass will lead, and if so, when? What I meant was V. nam and Korean vets are well over 70 for the most part. In case you didn’t know we haven’t won any wars in 71 years!! You do not understand this tech they have today. Husband retired NCO in ’81. Read article just posted this week by John Whitehead go to Rutherford Institute then you will see the light. I agree with him, Only if their are military patriots that will get control of the things needed to take the country back..It is a long shot for sure. Not defeatist but realist. Few America males today (civilians) are alpha males compared to older ones I grew up with. Only suckers go to the voting booth. I haven’t voted in over 30 years in any election. Lying scum polticians are bought and owned by globalists since W. Wilson admin.!

  18. Then there’s this “standing army” we’re supposed to be up against. The vast majority of them, and those who used to be in uniform, are on the side of the people. The only way the NWO is going to be able to try anything is to either use foreign militaries (who again will be outnumbered) or go nuclear, biological and/or chemical.

    They will lose in the end. They just don’t realize it.

  19. The Gate Keepers will heed the call. Not on our watch. Join a chapter near you.

  20. ODD, I love it, I get it and I am definitely ODD. Much to my family’s chagrin. Whoa. Such happiness to read comments from humans that GET what is happening, who have the balls and the education to TRY to educate the rest of us!! Yes, yes, yes!! A big hugg for you…seriously.

  21. Don't care about you | August 16, 2016 at 11:53 pm | Reply

    The only ones who know how to fight and deal with aggressive individuals even those in their own family live in the ghettos of America. When anyone even a person of authority disrespects them they react because its mandatory were they live to do so or they will be chewed up by those around them even their own family will turn on them if they look / act weak. They deal with combat everyday. The stories that exist.

    • I grew up on Air force bases…not exactly ghetto. To think we humans have the resources to give every child a college education, eyeglasses, superior medical, decent housing and yet the absolutely rich who NEVER earned all their money insist on holding onto their money for the grand kids they’ll never know, just proves our species has a good chance for extinction. Over population is what is causing all this fighting, aggression, homosexuality…so sad. So unnecessary. We can fly to the moon yet we are unable to get together for the sake of everyone and every animal and every plant…money makes us such idiots!

  22. “Armed Revolt is only possible when the anger of oppression out weighs the fear of death… Then and only then will the people stand and take the fire and continue to push back.. Then and only then will the government fear that the evil they inflict may be empowering the revolt..”

    Jimmy Greywolf
    American Indian Activist
    AWRM Militia 2006

  23. I think you’re wrong. An armed and very bloody revolution could very easily happen. Federal agents live next door to potential revolutionaries who could easily take them out and, horrifyingly, even their families. An insurgency that is constantly killing anyone loyal to the federal government will eventually break their will to fight. People want to be on the side of winners. Although an armed revolution would have great difficulty getting started, once it makes some headway it will continue to grow and gain more support like an unstoppable avalanche.

  24. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes….

    Last summer, shortly after (another) murder by cops of an unarmed Black youth in Milwaukee, my neighborhood responded in strong numbers with largely peaceful protests. Within 2 weeks of the ongoing protests a very busy and surely lucrative Walmart 2 blocks from my house closed. It was quickly and without warning emptied. The lot was immediately “virtually barricaded” as they installed four video cameras facing each direction on every lamp post in the lot, the windows have been blacked out and several heavily armoured military-like vehicles sat in the lot. A private security vehicle followed me from the moment I stepped onto the Walmart lot until I circled around and left. What would you think?

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