Wheels Magically Come Off Seattle “Smart” Meter Rollout; City Utility Exposed as Corrupt

smart-meterBy Rebecca Em Campbell

Below is the official video of the Seattle City Council’s Select Committee on Seattle City Light’s Strategic Plan 2017-2022 held on July 14, 2016 chaired by Seattle’s Celebrity Socialist, Kshama Sawant. This meeting very fortunately featured the new council woman’s majority minus one member. To save time for all, three especially significant segments are concisely listed with descriptions and specific timepoints for your viewing pleasure. What you are about to see is Seattle City Council members and a CEO of Seattle City Light (SCL) – for the first time in memory – actually beginning to behave as statespersons, rather than as tools of the corporate state, and some Seattle “smart” meter truth activists and their unseen associates modeling for others how to use the new peaceful but powerful multifaceted, collaborative paradigm with which they also can pursue their causes successfully. Enjoy!

Four “smart” meter truth activists speak, as per usual in Seattle, in the four two-minute sound bytes allotted them before the council meeting begins. The rest of the two-hour meeting, as per usual, is reserved for the council members and various corporate representatives to hold forth. Note how the rudely computer-preoccupied council is sitting above and walled off from the public; note also how the corporate representatives have, literally, a place at the table on the dais near the council in fully attentive dialogue with them, in contrast to members of the public who sit silently beneath them at a distance – except for those, of course, so graciously being permitted by the rudely computer-preoccupied council members to speak before them in two-minute sound bytes. These four brief but telling activist speeches give clues as to the diverse but effective tactics being used for the past three years on this issue with a smugly self-described liberal, but actually patriarchal, authoritarian corporate city government. Timepoints 2:17-10:52

Two male council members – both of whom have previously disregarded/dismissed “smart” meter truth — publicly ask the Seattle City Light CEO and his staff for the first time about even further delaying the Seattle “smart” meter rollout, which was supposedly to have started in April 2015. The SCL CEO/staff admit the general ineffectiveness of greenwashed “smart” meters. They also admit that $18 million has already been spent on this so-far unproductive project during this time of an officially declared homeless/affordable housing emergency in Seattle, with at least another estimated $124 million needed to implement this already admittedly outdated technology. Timepoints 12:45-28:00

The entire select council committee then together proceeds to expose the city utility’s cronyism and corruption by pointedly questioning SCL/city staff about SCL promoting exorbitant electricity rate hikes on the already much impoverished public allegedly to fund their virtually all-white, all-male apprenticeship program that trains for jobs in a centralized, fossil fuel-based energy system soon to be superseded by previously suppressed decentralized renewable energy technologies now coming online. Timepoints 1:11:35-1:32:50 2:03:45-2:05:45

A good time was had by all – except those seeking to prolong obfuscatory, obsolescent paradigms – governmental, energy and otherwise – all of which are soon to come to their much-deserved ends!


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13 Comments on "Wheels Magically Come Off Seattle “Smart” Meter Rollout; City Utility Exposed as Corrupt"

  1. I could only stick in til 45:55 before my eyes started to cross, but the big woman with the big white hat (ala John Wayne) outlining the administrative procedure twenty or so of the objectors had implemented at 6:20 was the best part for me.

    Lien em up cowboys. Hope they’re successful. I’ve no faith in these star chambers or the courts.

  2. It’s all part of Agenda 21 / 2030 and NWO, total (realtime) control, based of cource on the climate change lie.

  3. Greed, guns, god and government the four signs of a failed system.

  4. and these ppl got into their positions HOW? and if appointed, by WHO

  5. I can tell you emphatically that the Smartmeter put on my house made me severely ill and caused restless leg syndrome in my wife. All that cleared up after analog electric and gas meters were reinstalled.

    • Yes but did the utility try to squeeze extortion payments from you to reinstall the analog meter ? That is almost as bad as having the ‘smart’ meter

      • Of course they did. I have refused to pay them. They have threatened me multiple times with Past Due bills and the possibility of disconnect. Each time I get a PD bill I don’t avoid it. I call them on it. I have also sent them several letters and emails stating my position. That started in 2015. It took me a year to get my first PD bill and I’ve had another three since then. I pay 100% due less fees related to the meter change out.
        That is my situation, and I don’t know how your utility will react.
        I’ve told them if they press, we will go to court. My plan would be to get them into small claims to get a judgment for the balance of all the fees owed. It would likely cost them more to contest it than they will recover.
        I don’t know what state you’re in, but in my state, you have to go through all the regulatory claims process with the utility commission before filing a suit.

        • Not to discourage you on the small claims possibility, it;s just that that will entail fees, to me personally, this is all a big bluff on the part of the utilities……….I live in Canada and have to deal with a monopoly utility. Companies like this routinely rip off customers with overcharges and even if some bureaucrats support their crooked policies, most customers do not. Companies like this always are scared of a backlash…….they don’t want some errant customer squealing to a local paper or even holding a demonstration outside their offices……they are terrified of bad publicity. Otherwise, all their dirty linen gets aired. As long as you pay the rest of the bill ( minus the meter refusal charges and interest on them) the utility has to play it safe. Six years ago, when my utility overcharged by hundreds of dollars, I only payed the regular monthly bill and refused payment on the contested amount plus it’s interest. They sent PD and disconnection threats in the mail for 3 years, and eventually relented by cancelling most of the contested amount as a ‘credit’ . THIS, I believe, is what would be the likely outcome with the smart meter fee refusal…….without admitting ‘defeat’, the utility eventually cancels the punitive fees. They prefer not to deal with customers taking a stand, preferring to concentrate on the ‘sheep’ who cooperate. They want me to contact them by phone but I’ll maybe keep it all ‘written’, possibly with a registered letter outlining the refusal.

          • RealityCheckk | February 12, 2017 at 8:59 pm |

            I’m only going to small claims if they indeed shut me off. I have requested in writing and verbally several times that they remove these fees without success. My utility is governed by a commission and the commission ruled it’s OK for them to charge the fees. They feel empowered to do so. I don’t see them ever rescinding the charges short of court action.

          • The commission supposedly regulating the utility is in cahoots with it, It’s like the Police Brotherhood vs the police officers, or medical college vs the doctors……..a rigged system. Even if they don’t rescind the charges it could be dicey for them to enforce them ( from disconnection). The people who oppose these meters are growing in numbers and will eventually win, or should I say their health will win over. When I was contesting the utility’s overcharges from years ago I mentioned that I was paralyzed and using a chair to move around and for them to lay off. Dishonest ? Maybe, but these are dishonest people we are dealing with. Kind of get to know your foe, as the saying goes. Good luck, try to find some dirt on them if you can, like class action lawsuits over billing or safety, other neighbors who have had trouble with them, etc. That will get their attention ,too. I find that the people who answer the phones rarely will rescind anything, indeed, they are likely not in a position to do so.

  6. Would love to get ahold of that white paper he says the utilities recieved in 2014 outlining the health ramifications so i ,after 6+ yrs of the most heinous torture i have ever endured,can use it to get PGE’s corrupt arses to take this insidious device off of my bedroom wall so i can move my bed back out of the living room and finally get a decent nights sleep

    • deannaM,
      Check out my response to MinkStole on this page.
      Our meter was replaced in 2010. I didn’t immediately notice the effects.
      When I did, my first thought was a brain tumor. So, I typed in my symptoms into a web search and the first hits returned were Smartmeter symptoms. Reading the list of maladies I had about half of them. I then had the meter changed and could tell the difference the very first day. Although my acute symptoms have disappeared for the most part, my concern now is permanent damage.

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