What I Saw at the Alex Jones Fight With Communist Protester at #RNCinCLE


By Derrick Broze

On Tuesday July 19, I attended the protests outside of the Republican National Convention in the Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio. The Square was filled with a large presence of protesters, police, and supporters of radio show host Alex Jones.

I began to make my way through the crowd in an attempt to question Jones on his support for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. As Jones bullhorned his way through the mass of people Anti-Jones protesters could be heard screaming “Nazi Scum!”.


From my perspective (shown in the video) Jones went directly to the counter-protesters as he attempted to make an exit from the growing audience. The video clearly shows the protester with the red flag bump Jones with his forearm. The protester did not throw a punch or shove Jones, but gave him a slight bump. Alex Jones responded by diving at the protester causing a melee of cops, protesters, and Jones supporters.

Immediately after this happened the police rolled in with their bikes and began smashing against anyone standing in their way, violently shoving me back.

Alex Jones was escorted to his car by the police, captured by the excellent Press For Truth video by Dan Dicks below.

After the fight, the authorities erected a mini-police state around the Public Square that continued for the rest of the day and night.

See the video below for an interview with the communist protester to hear his side.

I leave it to the viewer to decide what they see in the video and make their own judgements about Alex Jones and the protester.

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Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of two books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion. Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact Derrick@activistpost.com

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8 Comments on "What I Saw at the Alex Jones Fight With Communist Protester at #RNCinCLE"

  1. I can’t be bothered to care about the rantings of a self-confessed Communist or the well-established man-of-fact Alex Jones is COINTELPRO agent of CIA and pro-Zionist backers and NOT a “truther” or “patriot” in any sense of the words.

  2. Cant tell who did what.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole interaction was contrived and the lone “communist” [think about it] was a Prison Planet employee.
    Just another attempt by Jones to remain a relevant shill.

  4. Alex Jones is doing his best to get the word of truth out as to the plans of the hidden Globalists (ruling elite) who need to instill chaos of the worst kind to where we demand their “New World Order” … we will demand it to bring peace … but as it promises that peace it will completely enslave us, that being their intent, a plan in the making by those secretive organizations that we people are not supposed to think about. Their is massive money behind the movement to inflame us into divisions of competing ideologies, all to better conquer us one and all ! IMnsHO and E.

  5. strawberrytart | July 21, 2016 at 1:46 pm | Reply

    He says the right things to keep you hanging on to his……………….BS dual personality.

  6. Get on with it already, USSA. The rest of humanity is waiting for the slaughter to begin. You deserve a real mega civil war; even better than the last bout. All the evil that Pentacon Kill Industries has spread around the planet in a couple of centuries is coming home to roost. Don’t disappoint all your victims and all those who have been stomped on by the anglozionazi jackboot and the poison pumped out of this USSAN sewer.

  7. So we have time to waste on this? Yes, AJ is a bull in a china shop. What else is new? Move on to the next subject.

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