President Obama Just Signed The DARK Act Into Law

dark act gmo 3By Heather Callaghan

We regret to inform you that President Barack Obama signed into law, S. 764, which was the newest manifestation of the DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know).

The DARK Acts were a way to establish federal labeling – i.e. the lack of GM labeling – and would banish all state labeling initiatives under a federal standard. A brief press release by the White House simply mentioned a list of bills and S. 764, “which directs the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a national mandatory bioengineered food disclosure standard,” was listed at the end. The “disclosure standard” must be an inside joke, because the disclosure involves the consumer having to scan a QR code on a food product to find out about genetically modified ingredients, or call a 1-800 number. These measures might not even happen for another five years.

The federal measure authored by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and fast-tracked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (no committee, no debate) has now quelled all state efforts for clear text labeling of genetically modified organisms in food. This writer wonders whether the state labeling initiatives purposely held off their labeling efforts until 2018 – 2016 at the earliest – in anticipation of this federal measure. After all, the Senators received millions from Big Agri. Read about the tricky business involved in ramming this measure through.

Center for Food Safety reports:

Consumer, food safety, farm, environmental, and religious groups along with several food corporations representing hundreds of thousands of Americans condemned the bill when it was before Congress. The FDA said the bill’s narrow and ambiguous definition of “bioengineering,” would “likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill” and that it “may be difficult” for any GMO food to qualify for labeling under the bill.

The Consumerist notes of the bill:

It also directs the Secretary of Agriculture to eventually — at some point in two to three years — come up with a national labeling standard.

However, that standard could be incredibly weak and provide virtually no information to consumers, argue opponents of the law.

. . . .

[A loophole]… says food products receiving these labels must contain “genetic material.” By the FDA’s reckoning, that would seem to exempt products like oils, starches, and purified proteins even if they were sourced from GE crops.

The law also says that an item is only to be labeled as genetically modified if the modification could not have occurred through “conventional breeding.” The FDA raised concerns that the lack of specificity in the language could open this term up to an overly generous reading.

Just Label It claims that the law allows the USDA to determine what GMO information is provided through the voluntary labeling system and will make it harder for companies like Campbell’s Soup to voluntarily disclose the presence of GMOs. They also claimed that the law would deny local governments from being able to protect farmers and rural residents from the environmental impacts of GMO crops.

Andy Kimbell, executive director at the Center for Food Safety said:

I don’t know what kind of legacy the president hopes to leave, but denying one-third of Americans the right to know what is in the food they feed their families isn’t one to be proud of. This law is a sham and a shame, a rushed backroom deal that discriminates against low-income, rural, minority and elderly populations. The law also represents a major assault on the democratic decision making of several states and erases their laws with a vague multi-year bureaucratic process specifically designed to provide less transparency to consumers.

Indeed, deliberately hiding crucial food information from low-income people – or any American citizen is an act of discrimination in the highest. One that our government has pulled off many times before, standing by as people are unwittingly exposed to some type of toxin.

In the face of so much opposition when it comes to labeling, it’s easy to think, what now, it’s time to give up – If we demand GM labeling, then the companies will refer us to a number or code.

Keep demanding for clear labels! And remind them that the average could not possibly scan each code or call each number of every label. We are talking about an important ingredient – the very make-up of the engineered plant itself, and Americans deserve to know. If labels are this convoluted and shrouded then the consumer can refuse to buy – which is the best food choice they can make anyway.

Remember how Big Food and the Grocers Manufacturer Association claimed that a label would be too confusing, too costly and too scary for consumers – oh, the irony!


This article (President Obama Just Signed the DARK Act Into Law) can be republished with attribution to Heather Callaghan and Natural, keeping all links and bio intact.

Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at Like at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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130 Comments on "President Obama Just Signed The DARK Act Into Law"

  1. Whatever
    If its not not labeled Non GMO or Organic I aint buying it

    • Nicole Peterson | July 30, 2016 at 11:37 am | Reply

      I always buy organic too. Mostly rice/potatoes which are very cheap (keep for long periods of time and its very easy to grow your own potatoes in a large food grade drum) fruits and veggies. Vegan diet for me. But I’m still concerned with the non gmo label, i’ve looked at many food-like products with that label but still include carcinogenic chemicals/preservatives/food colorings and even sometimes msg. Just make sure to look at the ingredient label.

      • Yes
        I always look at the label and will not buy from multi conglomerate companies. I stick to smaller family owned no name brands and local as much as possible

      • Rudy Campilii | July 30, 2016 at 8:39 pm | Reply

        When you see the words ‘natural flavors’ on a label it really means msg!

      • organic is no good when the chemtrail metals fall on them!!!

        • Anyone in dc or close to those corrupt politicians or Monsanto executives? Time to spray some ‘safe’ roundup from the upwind of their homes!

          • YOU BETCHA!!! Also, lets spray DC with tons of mosquito poison to help get rid of the fake Zika virus — we don’t want our politicians getting sick, do we?!!!

      • That plus not everyone can afford organic or always feasible to get organic. Also it comes down to our fundamental rights to know what’s in our food regardless one wants to buy organic or not.

    • Good idea. I think that’s going to be the remedy for a lot of people. If it doesn’t say “non-GMO” or “organic” people won’t buy it and then the phony discriminatory QR code labels will become irrelevant. That’s the only solution to this DARK nonsense.

  2. obama loves america… cant you tell…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark.c

  3. Obama and everyone else in Washington is showing how they are simply putrid human filth with no concept of humanity.

    • Sooner we finish them the better. Scum!

      • Hi Brett, I hope it’s still true that only GM cotton and canola are routinely grown in AU. I read there have been close to 900 open air GM crop trials in AU and animal feed is GM (85% in Europe). Gosh, I hope the great folks ‘down under’ can keep GM at bay. Regards, blue.

        • I did send reply to you? They dont like relationship building on this site…

          • I didn’t see it, Brett, thanks for the heads up. Sometimes there is a delay, but you’re right there’s still some targeted censorship. Well, the good thing is I already you are a good hearted soul, a kindred spirit for sure, mate. 😉

          • I wish I knew more about some people on here. If you’re like me, Blue you understand that life can be a bit isolating for people like us? I have lost a number of friends since being a truther and it was not because of preaching to them either. And then, there is the back-stabbing which is not nice. However, there are those who love what I stand for but I would really like to hang out with like minded people. I have to find out who they are in my area…Peace friend, and thank you for your kind words.

          • Yes, it is isolating and the more well informed and awake one is, the more isolating it becomes, always reminds me of the movie The Matrix. I also don’t preach, I politely probe when I can but it’s tough to crack through the cognitive dissonance and the groupthink. I’m personally noticing it’s getting harder to have an authentic exchange with people now that so many people are addicted to smart phones. They are being increasingly conditioned to the sound bite (e.g. text message), thus, no in-depth exchanges and that’s clear on these forums and AP’s FB page (which I’ve only glanced at a couple of times to observe how the stories are more tailored to a neoliberal spin directed at millenials such as an article promoting Bernie for POTUS). Thank goodness I read Zen Gardner, he often lifts my spirits and holds fast to the view we are making headway waking up souls even though it often doesn’t seem that way. Did you ever get around to checking out the Full Circle Project? Hang in there, Brett, you are not alone and are in the best of company among the bright spots of this Twilight Zone experience. Cheers, mate!

          • P.S. I see you are picking up on the heavy divide and conquer program in the alternative community that began a few years ago. One challenge is there is a mountain of disinfo, limited hangouts, and spin being thrown at us couched as criticism of the ruling elite. It puts those “in the know” in a double bind when we try to correct this to nudge the awakening into a holistic, proactive, positive direction using wide angle perspectives. The major sites are all deeply infected, only some individuals proprietors have not been co-opted. Once we learn their tricks, though, there’s no going back, that’s when the open internet is in the greatest danger and hopefully that will be our line in the sand. Time for steep learning curves!

          • Good post, Blue! Thanks friend.

          • mo up in the northeast | August 2, 2016 at 8:33 am |

            I met the phony embalmer for Sandy Hook. Hoax of our lifetimes. Have others studied the matter?

          • I have Mo. Have you joined in on any of the discussions at the memory hole blog? That is one of the best sites I find for current discussion on the topic.

          • Sounds like something I need to have a look at?

          • its a site started by Professor James Tracy who began investigating the event and eventually got fired from his tenured faculty position because of it. It’s a really good site – he posts a lot of articles, guest articles as well. right now at the top he has an article pinned that is titled, “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax.” It’s probably the best article or anything I have seen on the issue. I just tried to post with a link and it got flagged for needing approval. Just google memory holeblog and james tracy, you will see it.

          • Thanks, Al. Doing it now!

          • Tell me more!

          • totally butting in here, but this is how i feel too! its so isolating but coming on these pages really does help me. I am a suburban mom of young children, I feel like I am the ONLY person I know who even feels remotely this way.

          • You’re not butting in, friend! We are all in this together. And I totally agree with you. Im a divorced dad and still single so I know what being lonely is lol!

          • btw, I find there is more censorship when posting on the website compared to going through Disqus – at least there’s often a fleeting notification before the message goes down the “memory hole”. If it helps or for backup here’s my email: cpedersen13 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

          • Thanks Blue. Well, I think you are right! Hmmm. Why would a site like AP want to censor us? I send messages all the time and most of the time people never respond to me at all. I was wondering why…

          • Robert Barnes | August 12, 2016 at 6:24 am |

            This true see WND

    • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 10:01 pm | Reply

      barry hussein & hitlery rotten are beyond evil.. they do not see their reflection in a mirror….

    • S. 764 is not the Dark Act. S. 764 is a bill to reauthorize and amend the National Sea Grant College Program Act. The Dark Act is H.R.1599, which was passed in the House of Representatives in July 2105. It has not yet passed in the Senate. It has not even been voted on in the Senate yet. It will not reach the President’s desk until it has been passed in the Senate.

      If you don’t want H.R. 1599 to be passed, you should be contacting your Senators. It passed in the House along partisan lines. Republicans voted for; Democrats voted against.

    • Ah, Come on. Do you feel that way JUST because they are trying to kill us and our families? No ones perfect ya know….

    • I must disagree, I believe there are few in DC who are conservative and are doing what they can to save America, but they are a minority. Trey Gowdy is always ready to stand against the evil going on there.

  4. I’m mad at myself that I ever believed in this man. I sure fell for it!! here is another example that they all think we are stupid cattle who will settle for their pr spin in place of genuine measures to empower and protect the American people. Notice to the powers that be: WE ARENT FALLING FOR IT ANYMORE. Pretending this act is good for us isn’t going to cut it.

    • Rudy Campilii | July 30, 2016 at 8:38 pm | Reply

      Psssstttt…..they don’t think your stupid, they know your stupid. Here’s another shocker…..they (the government) HATE you and could care less about you and yours. All they care about is themselves and theirs. WTFU!

      • They don’t care per se but it’s much easier for them to fool the masses through media and psy ops then enforce all of their laws through force. They need us to buy what their selling to keep the status quo. I am interested in the American people seeing through the BS as a first step in unifying us to make positive change. i guess your point that they “know” I’m stupid or that they hate me isnt something I feel I need a wakeup call about.

        • Rudy Campilii | July 31, 2016 at 8:39 am | Reply

          Sorry Al, I didn’t mean you were stupid per se. I mean the American people or at least the majority are really gullible, not stupid. The majority of American people are gullible because they have bought the con that the government has sold them. The con game the people have bought is that, they believe in government and that government is necessary. That is the second biggest con next to religion.
          Here is a question that will require deep thought. Why do we even need government? What has a politician or a government ever done for you? Ever helped you get a job? Find a home? Helped with your bills? What has government ever done for you except steal your money thru taxation and bully you around thru laws and send your children off to die in wars engineered by bankers? Do you see, no one reading this post can really give a good reason for government. Let’s not get into the fantasy that there would be utter chaos.

          • William Burke | July 31, 2016 at 4:53 pm |

            One: government keeps the politicians from becoming burglars and button men.

          • i appreciate the response Rudy — thanks for clarifying 🙂 I am erring towards seeing things in a libertarian way these days but like many of those who are new to this philosophy I find stumbling blocks — especially in a world of huge corporations dominating. Would we just fall into their clutches even though I know currently the government surely doesn’t protect us from them. I am the mother to a young son and thinking of them sending him to war in one of their pointless imperial wars drives me away from the concept of government. Maybe I am too vanilla, but I wish we could just go back to the early limited government defined in the constitution.

          • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 9:55 pm |


        • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 9:54 pm | Reply

          AL233… are not stupid .. you were given a bill of goods by an evil hater obama.. he put on a good act until he was elected twice then he started revealing the real dark evil side of himself.. now all who want to see the truth know what a con artist obama is… and he wants to make sure the evil hitlery rotten will take over his reign of hatred of America.. she is more than happy to take over.. and she is WORSE than barry is.. she has been a hater all of her adult life.. she is much more experienced than obama at betraying Americans.. her hatred of us is much deeper.. look how she treated the secret service like an evil tyrant.. LOL.. now there is a movie about her and books written about how very sinister she is!!! the truth is gonna bite you in your ORANGE PANT SUIT..

      • William Burke | July 31, 2016 at 4:52 pm | Reply

        It’s “you’re” stupid, not “your”, a pronoun. Stupid.

        • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 9:57 pm | Reply


        • With comments like that it’s any wonder we are half beaten. Division and ridicule is still rife within our ranks. Go to the back of the class, Bill…

        • Rudy Campilii | August 1, 2016 at 5:26 am | Reply

          Sorry about that William Burke, but I guess we can not all be as smart as you. It must be hard for someone of your intelligence to have to put up with stupid people like me. You Jerk! (how’s that pronoun?)

        • So out of all the points said, that’s what you picked up?!?!

    • “There`s a sucker born every minute.” The perp in chief counted on that,as does any con man.
      Vote Trump 2016 !

      • yes and that BasTURD, as I understand only eats ORGANIC at home!

        • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 8:40 pm | Reply

          Did you know barry hussein & hitlery rotten do not see their reflection in a mirror?

      • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 8:39 pm | Reply

        barry hussein fooled many people and now he showing his DARK EVIL side more and more each day.. he wants to bring America down by supporting the evil hitlery rotten.. he took a month off to try to convince people that she should be president to continue his reign of hate towards our precious Military, Law Enforcement .. his hatr.ed of AMERICA..

    • If you are concerned about eating and serving your family
      cancerous causing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms – with chemicals,
      radiation, etc.,) this is of extreme importance to you.

      If you are asking, “where is the transparency?” that he
      so blatantly promised, you are starting to see they were all campaign lies to
      enable him to spread his insane agenda around and about our country. He does not
      care about your health, or lack thereof. All he cares about is the same thing
      Hillary cares about – his bank account – his power and control –

      This law will allow HUGE corporations, namely Monsanto, to
      grow GMOs and charge premium prices for their toxic food. Monsanto has run our
      farmers out of business by the politicians allowing them to confiscate their
      farms because Monsanto sued the farmers for stealing their patented
      GMO crops. Monsanto grew their GMO crops near the farmer’s organic crops and
      the farmers crops were contaminated by Monsanto’s crops through cross
      pollination with the wind and bee pollination. Instead of the politicians
      standing with the poor independent farmers, who struggle each year to stay in
      business and who produce wholesome food, these politicians side with Monsanto,
      who pay donations to them to support the billion dollars business with crops
      that are modified with toxic carcinogenic chemicals that are designed to produce
      more and larger produce. But, the food they produce has altered it’s cell
      structure causing mutations, an enlarged product, with a slow poison. And we
      all know that “you are what you eat”. The elite are making huge big bucks off
      of this, and they spread their propaganda that GMOs are perfectly safe. So,
      these greedy, power and control hungry politicians do what they do best, they
      poke fun of, mock, discredit and demonize anyone who tries to expose their
      agenda. Some they have even murdered, like the scientist who was found dead in
      the back parking lot of a supermarket, to shut them up. Absolutely nothing
      will stand in the way of these elite greedy, power and control hungry
      politicians who are running our government.

      Cancer is on the rise, so is Alzheimer’s disease from the
      chemtrails filled with aluminum and other chemicals, this, in tandum with
      obamacare, is devastating our citizens, and anyone who tries to stop this are
      called terrorists. They refuse to call ISIS, who are mass murderers, a Muslim
      terrorist group, and they refuse to stop their own mass murdering by refusing to
      stop Monsanto’s GMO and taking money for pay offs from them. Money is their
      god, and this is treason when it endangers the entire health of our

      These politicians think we are all stupid and they tell us
      that they know what is best for us. AND WE BELIEVE THEM?!!! There are
      countries in the UK, and all across the world, who have banned Monsanto for
      GMOs, and their “Round Up” that has poisoned their soil, seeps into the
      water table, and keeps it poisoned for years, and they sued them. Monsanto has
      a monster reputation overseas, as people died from cancerous tumors that it

      This is just another example of Obama’s black soul. Obama
      will mock and lecture to us how great Monsanto and their GMOs are for our
      country, but you WON’T see Obama and Michelle, or any democrat eating GMOs
      because they KNOW what it does, and because they eat the best organic food that
      “We The People” buy for them!!! Why do we believe everything that they tell
      us? This is death by stupidity!

      • I share your anger and I do everything I can to rid my family of these toxic substances swirling around — buying organic, cleaning with natural products, using vinegar instead of just about everything, passing on fertilizer, using natural treatments, drink out of a big berkey etc. but I am afraid that when we get mad at each other for buying what they sell and calling each other stupid we are turning on each other — when in reality we are all victims of this horrible system and the lies they perpetuate. Its mass brainwashing and those of us who have seen through it recovered from the big lie should try to wake others up. But trust me I get so mad sometimes, and so furious at people I know who are smart who just won’t listen….drink fluoride, vaccinate like crazy, believe all the stories. Its so hard to be on this side, but I guess its better than being clueless.

      • S. 764 is not the Dark Act. S. 764 is a bill to reauthorize and amend the National Sea Grant College Program Act. The Dark Act is H.R.1599, which was passed in the House of Representatives in July 2105. It has not yet passed in the Senate. It has not even been voted on in the Senate yet. It will not reach the President’s desk until it has been passed in the Senate.

      • Very well said Gretta especially you connected the dots most Americans missed. Sadly no positive changes in sight as people still aren’t seeing what’s really going on. They believe in what they’re told to believe in without opening their eyes or using some brain cells. Dnc played ‘the first black president’ card and now ‘the first female president’. I don’t hold my breath that most women would avoid the trap.

      • Plus Those evil big agriculture, chemical and gmo industries collude with the rotten to the core government to realize their colossal money laundering scheme with them working hand in hand, starting with getting you fat and sick with gmos and pesticides, then big pharma comes in to ‘treat’ you and reaps in massive profits from you and a very big chunk of the country’s budget. Of course the corrupt bought out government with no conscience or care for people gives this green light to make sure a smooth operation.

    • Barbara Siegfried | July 31, 2016 at 1:55 pm | Reply

      I am just glad that you finally came to your senses.Now do something to help this regime to loose
      the election…because it will be just as bad or worse with Hillery as president. The country and freedom will be no more.

      • I should note that its been a long time since I did believe in this man. Like a lot of us it took one event and then I started seeing the holes in everything and it all crashed down on me — I see all the lies everywhere and it is so frustrating. I understand what it is like to buy all the garbage they are selling, because I did it for so many years! I am frightened by a Hilary presidency as I believe many on this board are as well. She will doom us to countless horrors. I have been talking to family and friends and posting online. I am hopeful that others are waking up. thanks for the discussion.

        • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 9:59 pm | Reply

          Trump is da man for the job!! He is not a dirty rotten politician….

        • mo up in the northeast | August 2, 2016 at 8:36 am | Reply

          yes, Hillary even has a connection to Newtown High School through the Datto Server. Finance Chair of DNC was Newtown Ct resident Maureen White, who hired “Sandy Hook Parent” Francine Wheeler. Am a senior who has studied Sandy Hook since the spring of 2014. Most assuredly, a hoax. Please watch “We Need to Talk ABout Sandy Hook” a vid made by Independent Media Solidarity. Even the cousin of the FBI head says Newtown is corrupt. She appears in vid, “Life of Adam”. Please demand a federal Grand Jury Investigation into the events of 12/14/12 in Newtown, Ct

          • I have found that trying to talk about Sandy Hook is now even harder than voicing concerns about 911. I have had a few people in my life admit something is off with 911 but if you bring up Sandy Hook you are desecrating children or something. I would never! I am a mom and truly want our children protected. I would think if I was killed in some horrible way I would want people to figure out what happened so I don’t quite understand why investigating large scale events has become unAmerican. If it happened like they say it did there are a lot of questions to be answered and things to be learned for the future. I personally don’t think anyone was killed there but if someone ever brought forth true evidence I would be open to it — since everything we learn about all of these events is typically filtered through someone else before it gets to us.

          • Our politicians started a term known as ‘politically incorrect’. Meaning, this is what happened and don’t ever question it! In Australia now the political correctness BS is through the roof! And there are more than plenty of people around you to correct you when you slip up! No wonder I spend a lot of time by myself; it’s getting ugly out there…

          • so its happening in Australia too, too bad. I’ve always been a people person but being a truther has made me feel isolated at times. I would really like to talk to people who are interested in truth or just deeper topics in general. I must admit its an issue I have dealt with before – I have always been interested in learning and knowledge and many people just aren’t interested. Now its worse than ever! People really aren’t interested in talking about these life or death issues for more than a few minutes…frustrating!

          • Wow, Al. I feel exactly the same! When was the last time you enjoyed a meaningful conversation with someone over a bottle of wine? It’s a small pleasure that is hard to find which is very sad. So, I drink the wine and proceed to talk to myself haha!

          • My poor six year old hears it too lol! He is a captive audience sometimes. This boy will know what the NWO is before he is ten lol! I truly can’t recall ever having a discussion in person about these things. I keep hearing truth seeking is sweeping the world, just hasn’t made it to my neck of the woods yet I guess.

          • A poster on here has asked people to read the interview ‘The revelations of an elite family member’. Im reading it now and not sure what to think. But gee, its fascinating!

      • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 9:58 pm | Reply


    • The purpose of toxic air, water, food and vaccines is population reduction as required by the NWO and defined by Agenda 21 as of 1993. The White House, Congressional Cafeteria are organic, The poisons are for us. I found out about these poisons the hard way, with the death of my oldest son who was living on fast food GMOs. http://useugenics.FarTooMuch.Info

      • that Agenda 21 sure lurks in a lot of corners doesn’t it? I am so sorry to hear about your son, I can’t even imagine. I believe our family pet died from lawn fertilizers (lymphoma) and it definitely woke me up….either they want us dead or don’t care either way. Its a very hard lesson to accept but I have. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

        • just visited your site. I saw you have Dr. Mercola on there – i have been to that site before. there is so much out there its hard to even remember what sites I have read before. Do you recommend that site?

    • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 8:31 pm | Reply

      Well barry hussein fooled people into voting for him and then after he was elected twice he has been showing his DARK SIDE… He seems to become more unhinged as his time is coming to a close.. He is doing his evil best to hurt Americans and he detests us. His hatred is more apparent everyday.. He is taking a month off to try to convince people to vote for a most evil tyrant hitlery rotten… he knows she will continue his reign of hatred as president.. there will be bozos who will buy it…..


      AL233 .. AT least you can see the truth now and that TRUMP IS the man who will turn this corruption upside down.. I just pray no one hurts him.. there are evil forces behind the evil barry hussein and hitlery rotten.. they are willing puppets to bring down America….

      God help us decent Americans who love our country..

      • Do you honestly believe a different president is going to change anything? It wont. I dont think the nwo clowns give a toss about donald trump. Everything you see now is circus side-show. Its designed to capture the audience and it has; all over the world! A more plausible result for your elections is that barry will remain the potus. Of course, for that to happen something out of the blue will happen. Financial meltdown? Martial law, war? Only God knows i guess and I could be wrong. I do feel more people are catching on though and this can either slow their plans down or speed them up. Meaning, the world needs to be ready for just about anything now….

        • Trump is no saint either but he’s much better compared to the only other choice, shillery. Bernie was the best out of the 3 but he was swept into oblivion by shillery and dnc’s dirty smear tactics; of course all those matter not to shillerys supporters. But at least some hope and chance under trump who is not a bought out. God save America.

    • Glad you’re finally waking up on the conman who pledged immediate gmo labelling more than 8 years ago and then hired Monsanto ex-vp to head fda. What a joke. Well for his defence, he can’t really disobey his real bosses in Wall Street, big pharma, chemical and gm industries. Hope you will do the right thing NOT to vote for shillery, another bought out.

      • don’t worry I wouldn’t dare! I un-affiliated from the Democratic party this year. It was really symbolic for me because I never vote in primaries but I don’t want to be officially aligned with any of these mafia parties.

    • This conversation has been so refreshing! When I posted my angry gmo rant a few days ago I never thought we would have such a great discussion! Have any of you read Paul Craig Roberts blog? I find it a great resource steering through all of the craziness.

  5. This is all because GMO is a weapon system used for “slow kill.” Why would they want the pleb public to know if they are being poisoned to death? This is all as should be expected. People should be surprised of Barry Soetoro hadn’t signed the bill.

  6. Thankfully the ‘good guys’ label their quality foods with the organic labels.
    The States have the 10th amendment – but lack the gonads.

  7. Obama is the most evil president we’ve ever had. To listen to his “lies” at the Democratic “not” convention was mindboggling. He can lie and give these amazing speeches about freedom, justice and change and then does just the opposite every time. He is truly evil. I loathe him equally with GWB.

    • a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 10:03 pm | Reply

      barry hussein is an evil hater of America .. why do you think he is taking a month off to try to get his MORE EVIL buddy hitlery rotten to follow him in his reign of hatred on the American people????

    • That’s why he and shillery are the worst and most evil as they’re the most deceiving sheep skinned wolves. Trump may not say the right or politically correct things but he more speaks his mind.

    • Yes I agree, he is a puppet willing to play the part…and the part is so evil he has allowed his karisma, eloquence and charm be used by evil. I am so sad about the reality of the world.

      • This world is a testing ground. We have the opportunity to learn and grow. Obama chose fame and pride. I have no idea how anyone could be persuaded to kill, deceive and ruin lives. Hope it was worth it Barry. He is despicable and says all this lovely stuff and then commits crimes against humanity. He is truly more evil than Bush.

  8. Bookoodinkydow | July 31, 2016 at 11:05 am | Reply

    Debbie Stab-me-now from Michigan has never represented Michigan. She represents the democrat party exclusively.

  9. When Obama takes actions like this that go against what 90% of US want (GMO labeling), am I supposed to believe that he is promoting democracy? Can anyone connected with D.C. be trusted? Corporate influence has bought our government!

    • S. 764 is not the Dark Act. The Dark Act is H.R.1599, which was passed in the House of Representatives in July 2105 along partisan lines. It has not been voted on in the Senate yet. It will not reach the President’s desk until it has been passed in the Senate.

  10. There is always three sides to every story…

    Their side, your side, and the truth! It seems very unbecoming of this President to willingly disregard the health of American consumers.

    Before making judgement, I would have to read the Bill.

  11. Maddening. Best to read the labels and know that anything with, corn, corn syrup, maltodextrin is a GMO as is anything with Soy or Cannola and boycott it. To the best of my knowledge Peas and Oats aren’t yet GMO’d
    I purposely by local organic when I can, avoid ALL processed anything to eat, and only eat clean pastured, non grain fed meats and only wild caught fish…pricey but better than eating poisons!
    My friends think I ‘m crazy but too bad.

  12. The emphasis of the Dark Act is on hiding genetically modified foods. We need to shift our emphasis on the poisons themselves. In the California EPA the carcinogen glyphosate is listed

    • [sorry locked out] as a carcinogen that requires a label. Any food should list the poisons contained therein. Including: glyphosate, 2,4-D, Bt-toxin, Epicyte toxin, arsenic, mercury and lead. The poisons added to GM and non-GM [foods made from grain] are more important to me then if they are GM or not.

  13. The solution is easy; just don’t buy or eat anything in the center of the grocery store. My meals are mainly self-prepared and come from the organic produce section. I live in a climate with a “hot” growing season and a “cool” growing season which makes it easy to have various kinds of fresh food available all year round. You will notice that I used the word “mainly” in a previous sentence. Now that the Dark Act passed, there will no longer be any “mainly” about it. All my meals will be from the organic produce section or from a local farmer’s market where I can question the grower about his methods.If more people react as I have, then the the offensive foods will gradually go away because no one will buy them.

    • That’s the hope but will be a long time coming. It takes time to educate people let alone some won’t even listen. So the dark era will be awfully long and I hope Mother Nature won’t be completely/irreversibly destroyed before the first light.

  14. Goozidi Bepanagoozi | July 31, 2016 at 7:12 pm | Reply

    wait until Hillary become our NEXT SELECTED president … AIPAC mafia is running our country folks.

  15. “We the People” no longer exists. It has been eradicated from the founding father’s intentions for the future of this country. Why are we letting these politicians getting away from letting corporations inject whatever they please into our food supply? How far does it need to get in order for taxpayers to react to these unhumane practices?

    • I agree with your question! We need to act now! When all is said and done, THEY ARE KILLING OUR CHILDREN FFS!! Whats the penalty for that?? How can we just let them do this to our families? Who’s child is next to get cancer? The odds of your children getting a serious illness now are very high and I dont know what else has to happen for us to do something about it. I, for one WILL DIE PROTECTING MY SWEETHEARTS! WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF YOU?

  16. I remember back when Obummer was on the campaign trail he promised to label gmos. He said Americans have the right to know what’s in their food. Ah, well, so much for that!

  17. a police officer admirer | July 31, 2016 at 10:04 pm | Reply

    barry hussein and the most evil hitlery rotten should have been in prison a long time ago!!!

  18. To those who care about the health of their families and the environment, please consider Jill Stein for President. She cares too.

    • Well, first of all no US president has any real power. Second, Jill Stein can’t seem to find the courage to speak her mind about mandatory chemical injections.

  19. Stella Tracey | August 1, 2016 at 11:26 am | Reply

    Obama is sure a cluck….does not apparently believe that all he has done to the American people will certainly go back to him. I would not want to be in his shoes when it does. What a jerk…

  20. michael lawless | August 1, 2016 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    well barry has genetically modified wife so this seems to be right up his alley

  21. S. 764 is not the Dark Act. S. 764 is bill to reauthorize and amend the National Sea Grant College Program Act. The Dark Act is H.R.1599, which was passed in the House of Representatives in July 2105. It will not reach the President’s desk until it has been passed in the Senate.

    If you don’t want H.R. 1599 to be passed, you should be contacting your Senators. It passed in the House along partisan lines. Republicans voted for; Democrats voted against.

  22. Sadly people choose to believe in what they want to believe in while ignoring the rest, and do NOT think just taking in whatever they are told. They don’t learn any history lessons such as once upon a time ‘smoking was healthy’ or ‘DDT was safe’. There’s no external cure for stupidity or ignorance, as both can be internally persistent.

  23. cellaphaneman | August 2, 2016 at 6:29 am | Reply

    More reasons to stop filling income tax.

  24. As soon as science provides clear empirical evidence that GMOs are bad for human consumption, we should spend resources on fighting it.

    As liberals, we can’t be anti science and woo. Let’s leave that to the republicans.

  25. Yeah Im reading another now. Very interesting stuff indeed. You can certainly tell by the answers given that this person is of different place, if you know what I mean?

  26. Robert Cowger | August 12, 2016 at 8:18 am | Reply

    I stand by the ideals and practices of Donald Trump for President of the United States. Obama and his crew must be put out of office.

  27. Robert Cowger | August 12, 2016 at 8:19 am | Reply

    No Hillary.

  28. CompletelyOutsane | August 12, 2016 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    Government IS the problem! And they are cracking down on people who wish to grow their own gardens… wtf? Government IS the problem.

  29. When Obama was running for president he declared “We’re going to have GMO food labeled so Americans know what they’re buying”. He’s a Muslim piece of crap

  30. Isn’t it fascinating that the so called “freedom movement” types want the government to protect them from GMO’s? I mean really, do you honestly believe the government can be trusted to do anything that might inhibit corruption , coercion, or fraud? Really, do you?
    The “free market” approach would be to simply NOT BUY anything that was not labeled clearly. If they want to use “small print” , don’t purchase their product. When enough people do this, then the problem will magically disappear. When we rely on government, we are creating government.
    If the government were not in the business of managing our lives like they do, then all kinds of little nitch businesses would appear, perhaps like Good Housekeeping, or Consumer Reports. Then businesses to monitor the monitors would happen. It is the false belief that government is going to protect US that leads to the control and acceptance of this control.

  31. We have got to circulate a nationwide petition, for a nationwide referendum, which repeals the DARK Act and replaces it with a clear and comprehensive GMO-labeling law. Where do we start?

  32. I can only think of four reasons President Obama would have signed Monsanto’s Dark Act. He is 1) naive; 2) mind controlled; 3) weak/cowardly; 4) evil. Several presidents said, basically, what Woodrow Wilson said: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” –1913 in ‘The New Freedom’ Could there be any other reasons?

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