Now That You’ve Awakened How Do You Awaken Others?

new paradigmBy Paul A. Philips

So you see the ‘big picture.’  You’ve awakened to the realization that the planet has been hijacked by a small number of ruling elite psychopaths. You know about their planned genocide and New Wold Order enslavement agenda. You want to do something about it. So, you start spreading the word to awaken others, telling them what’s really happening in the world…

Remember, the greater the number of awakened individuals spreading the word, the quicker we as a race can reach that critical mass number of consciously awakened individuals needed to prevent the planned doom and gloom and co-create a turnaround for planetary transformation.


The change in mass consciousness for planetary transformation has to be done, especially with a sense of urgency as it’s a do-or-die-situation.

Indeed, learning how to spread the word to the un-awakened can be quite a difficult task at times. How to spread the word effectively is a subject, I feel, that is not addressed enough in the alternative media community. However, over the years, I have learnt a number of effective ways to do it that avoids many pitfalls.

Remember, know that you can make a difference – insignificance is an illusion:

Here are some of those effective ways to spread the word crucial for playing a part in our mass awakening and planetary change:

Keep it simple

Share your revelations on an increasingly steady gradient over time (don’t get heavy), so that people will grasp more easily where you’re coming from and be more accepting of what you say along the way.

Distinguish the Naysayers

No matter how eloquent you may be, knowledgeable, good at communication, dealing with people’s idiosyncrasies … there are some people who just don’t get it and I doubt if they ever will. These people will invalidate you without ever investigating your claims. The sooner you can distinguish these naysayers, like those interviewing David Icke in the video below, limited by their self-imposed bubble of existence, the sooner you can move on to spread the word to others who are more open-minded and receptive:

‘Gauge the person’

If you want to make a difference then try to ‘gauge the person.’   That is, find out if they are open to what you have to say, or establish where they are at with their own awakening (if this is the case). Then you can speak to them on a level that they will gain further understanding…

Pick an area

Many people began with their awakening in a particular area. For example, my awakening began with health. If you can share a common ground with someone who somehow feels that things are not right in a particular subject area, then this indeed is the subject to awaken them with. Do you have a special area of knowledge you could share?

Set an example

As the saying goes, be that change you want to see in the world. Walk the walk, talk the talk.  For instance, if you’re campaigning for health, then practice what you preach by living healthily. Be authentic.

cache_42945062.jpgBe courageous but do it lovingly!

You may well have something worth saying. However, if you come across somewhat angrily or in a huff, then the person/persons listening may not hear what you’re saying, not matter how you justified it. They will only get angry with your anger or huffy with your huffiness. So, basically, do indeed be courageous if needed, but try to spread the word lovingly.

Remember, you haven’t anything to sell…

For me, the way I see it is like this. I haven’t got anything to sell: I’m not out to change the world. I couldn’t change one person if I tried. People don’t change people. All we can ever do is present an opportunity to someone. It is up to that person to take and make something out of that opportunity and then change themselves.

Questions are answers

One way of spreading the word, getting someone interested and aware is to give them questions.  Giving someone questions not only encourages inquiry but also avoids confrontation. Instead of you being head-on confrontational, the person is more likely to confront the question. Thus, questions indirectly serve as answers.

Know thy stuff!

Be prepared to give knowledgeable responses when challenged! A good knowledgeable response breeds confidence and courage.

Spreading the written word…

There are many free or cheap and easy-to-run blog sites you can use for spreading the word. Then there are many excellent free article submission websites to get your voice heard. Or how about creating an email list or social media setup? Or you could give a slide-show presentation to your family and friends. Can you think of other ways?

That concludes some of the many ways and suggestions on how to awaken others.

I hope that this has encouraged and inspired!

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site

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48 Comments on "Now That You’ve Awakened How Do You Awaken Others?"

  1. The author is giving some good advice but not taking it himself. If he listened to David Icke, he would know David asserts that the planet has not been “hijacked by a small number of ruling elite psychopaths,” but by reptilian overlords who control the elite psychpaths. The reptilian/Archons are ruling this planet, at least for the time being. If you can’t grok that, not only are you not yet awakened, you’re shooting spitballs at Godzilla.

  2. When you sill listen to David Icke, you are not awakened.

  3. “….there are some people who just don’t get it and I doubt if they ever will….” – which is the majority. And they don’t want to know.
    People just LOVE their delusions.
    For the great majority it’s simply impossible to break the programming. They are too weak to re-think what they have been told.

    It has always been known by those who rule over the masses that most people are not prepared to deal with the truth. So the masses have always been “taught”, at best, a sort of a fairy tale or parable, at worst, outright lies. And this is true regardless of the control system being used.

    To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge. – Benjamin Disraeli > too hard to do for the great majority.

    • I believe you are correct. The majority of people by their own actions have proven themselves followers and fence sitters because it doesn’t require them to think or take action that puts them at risk. It is the small 10 – 15% that start movements and the rest just follow later once they see everyone else is doing it. The parasites at the top know this and employ these types of control methods for that very reason.
      As long as they can keep appealing to the nonthinking majority the evil pied pipers can keep their hold and with the aide of today’s technology it has become very easy.
      TV, Facebook, twitter,iPhones. These are the devices that tell people how to live and what to think.
      The real problem is not waking everyone, as even the author admits, that will never happen. The REAL problem is getting people to unite, organize and take adequate action. We are so divided it is unreal and we seem to like it. Don’t believe me?
      Go to any website where there are comments and look how people fight with each other. The childish name calling. The cheerleaders who trash anyone who isn’t part of their group or political party. We have a very large LORD OF THE FLIES environment.
      The liars who are manipulating the people and system aren’t even good at it anymore but the way we act, they don’t have to be. If we can’t learn to agree to disagree and work together to save ourselves we will all fall.

      Waking people is not the problem!
      Uniting and taking action IS. Have you noticed how people don’t even solve problems anymore. They try to cover them or work around them.

      • History proves over and over the truth you speak that it is unified action that causes change. We have been so fractured into self-entitled fulfillment that even extends to our willingness to unify and act with others. I struggle with this constantly with my local group of country-bumpkin activists–too many petty differences and jealousies keep separating them.

        • Keep planting seeds my friend, and don’t be discouraged when they fall on deaf ears. You now know who NOT to waste your time on.
          Just as you have noted our modern society has cultivated an environment of entitled people who know better than anyone. They can’t get past their own ego enough to effectively brainstorm and engage in real problem solving.
          I see this major flaw in the business world as well. We have financial people running everything as if it is all about money and nothing else. We’ve lost our ability to produce quality items and or services at cost and on time.

          Sadly nature will solve our ego problems by eliminating many of us who refuse to work together.

          The old saying of United we stand, divided we fall.
          TPTB have conditioned us to divide ourselves for them.
          The herd now censors itself.

          Those who are aware and awake need to separate themselves from the herd as they will drag you down with them. They have altreadyadopted the self defeating tactic of turning in those who are not politically correct, and the pc criteria is set by tptb just for this very reason. To get the herd to keep themselves in line.

          Separate from the herd. Get with like minded people and exchange ideas and thought. Networking is what makes us smarter and stronger.
          This will eventually happen on its own but when that takes place more than likely it will be out of desperation to survive, this is why I urge people to take those steps NOW by your choosing and not out of necessity.

      • Awesome post, friend! I totally agree with you too. Its so frustrating I cant help but get friggin angry!

    • Croco… I’ve been pondering your post for a few days now… what if “The Real Truth” was so horrible that if known it would send all of humanity into a total tailspin. This could come (as just one possible scenario) in the form of a giant planet entering our solar system bringing cataclysmic floods, drought, and earth changes, etc., all camouflaged in ancient prophecy, fake astronomy, religious dogma and pseudoscience as religion. That way people could just live their lives, grab whatever gusto they can manage, because the end really is coming (soon? whatever that means) and it isn’t pretty. When you really sit and connect the dots of history, prehistory, archeology, paleontology, etc. ….they show it all plain as day. But who really wants to look behind the curtain and discover it really is a big horror movie and they’re in it?

      • “….When you really sit and connect the dots of history, prehistory, archeology, paleontology, etc. ….they show it all plain as day….”

        That’s because most of this is fake.
        All part of the programming people can’t break out of.

        This said Epictetus :

        No one is master of another’s moral character, and in this alone lies good and evil. No one, therefore, can secure the good for me or involve me in evil, but I alone have authority over myself in these matters.- Epictetus, Discourses 4.12.7-8

        And this said an Insider :

        When teaching a child a parent must realize the differences among answering ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’. KNOWLEDGE answers ‘what?’ – what happened when, where, and to whom. Knowing results in average intelligence.

        UNDERSTANDING answers ‘how’ and bears excellent intelligence. Sensing patterns and relationships occurs from understanding.

        WISDOM answers ‘why’ – wrapping the mind around principals and results in ultimate intelligence. Knowledge is stationary in the mind, but wisdom pushes knowledge into the real world.

        And remember a good, simple saying when teaching children, “Dumb people talk about other people. Normal people talk about events, times, and places. Smart people talk about ideas.”

        • Maybe I should have delineated between “fake history” and “New History.” Are you thinking that all these new discoveries are fake? What about all the giant skeletons hidden in the Smithsonian (as just one example) and all the secret texts hidden in the Vatican? The “new” version of why the pyramids were built, John Lamb Lash’s transcriptions of the Nag Hammadi texts, etc. I’m talking about the information being brought forth by independent, alternative researchers not connected to institutions. And then we have the professional liars at NASA. These dots paint a totally different picture.

          At least we’re talking about “ideas!”

          • I think geology should be more authentic than other disciplines. I don’t trust “secret texts”. I don’t trust the official history in any way, it’s completely distorted….
            Have you seen Thunderbolts Project on Youtube ?

          • Not familiar with Thunderbolts. Just looked at their offerings and they are extensive. Anything in particular you think I should know about?

            I can understand why you don’t trust secret texts but much of the stuff I’m talking about has been out in the open for many years, we were just given false information about them, i.e. thousands of slaves working hundreds of years built the pyramids at Giza as tombs, or the real purpose of Stonehenge, etc. Then there is all the stuff science refuses to admit exists, like ley lines, even though every major structure, including Wash. DC, the Vatican and City of London, and every major church are built on them for a very important reason. This is all in-our-face, here and now. Don’t get me started on what NASA is hiding.

            As to geology, it’s not more authentic, IMO. They are like many sciences- purveyors of a type of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) using Really Big Numbers, like “sixteen trillion gazillion years ago.” This causes the mind to launch a virtual Mobius Strip program trying to imagine the unimaginable and it ties itself right into a psychic knot. This is how they hamstring discussion: how many people can debate the math or the impossible nature of unimaginable time? “Billions upon billions” was Carl Sagan’s favorite line- he was one of the purveyors. I don’t trust fake math.

          • Yes, what the Tunderbolts people are presenting is related to geology. Their arguments make a lot of sense.
            Since I understood that Christian religion is just a mind control I’m sceptical about written text in general. For sure there is some truth in them though. Just I don’t want to spend my life digging for it 🙂 It won’t change anything if I knew…..

            Insider said in 2011 :

            Approach goals IN THIS ORDER :

            knowledge/wisdom, wealth, self-improvement, authority over others, spirituality, society, forethought.

            * * * * * * *
            Right now I’m working just on the second step…..

          • What the “authority over others” thing about?

            I agree with you about the Bible, but it doesn’t follow that the Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian (et al.) texts were also mind control. Where we get into issues is the interpretation of those texts. Their drawings, carvings, etc. OTOH are pretty plain and much can be gleaned from them. One either has to study these things or just say, “I don’t care” and not. Certainly there’s no point in examining them if they won’t change your thinking, that’s a fact.

          • Actually I like to read and explore.
            You can give me some links so I can look into this.

            This “authority over others” means positive authority, I think. One that children feel towards their parents. For a while 🙂

  4. Well I at least have protested and tried to spread the word about 9/11 and the zentral vampire controlled banks.
    Monsatino and gmo and the other crap.
    Perpetual wars.
    Apartments going up all over the place, mustn’t own anything, get on the train.
    Vaccines: see nagalase, mycoplasma, bacteriophage, cas9/crispr, gcmaf, aluminum and dead animal tissue.
    the unholy wage a silent war against humanity, turn about is fair play.

  5. The author is aware of the Archons and their involvement in the hijack.

    • I was always fascinated by the Gnostic idea of Archons barring the passage of the soul and concealing the divine ‘spark’. This is what I think about when I walk through my town of zombies who appear so out of touch with the only things that truly matter. Or perhaps it’s me who is the alien…

  6. I tried for years to get a close friend to stash away some grain, canned food and toilet paper, he wouldn’t do it. Finally I asked him why he had not told me he was working on becoming a Muslim. I am, he said, how am I doing that? Well I’ve tried for years to get you to store some food and toilet paper, you wouldn’t do it, And since the Muslims who live in the desert wipe their bottom with their left hand and eat with their hand, that’s what I figured you were planning on doing.

  7. First off, I do not hate anyone to attempts to tell their truth in a respectful way. For that you got my attention.

    I went, I read. I’ve been following FET since Dubay’s first video. I have consciously (very consciously) not formed an opinion. This is called neutrality or perhaps objectivity, which is a rare POV lately, as you probably know. I come at the FET as a former cartographer, marine navigator, and land surveyor, so I have a bit of esoteric knowledge in that realm and the whole thing fascinates me.

    That said, one main problem I have with FET has nothing to do with proof or the shape of the earth, it’s this “no aliens” aspect. I know without a doubt there are aliens all around us, all the time. I know we live in a AI matrix created by them. People claim they are “false light beings” or whatever and there is a huge disinfo campaign involving disclosure, and that perhaps FET is part of that. I don’t know and I don’t care because I have much personal experience to back up my opinion (let’s call it My Truth.) So whether or not Icke is involved, compromised or not, is really moot. I was just wondering what caused you to state that. He’s been at this stuff for a very long time, just now he’s become “a sensation.” Interestingly, about a month ago he did a very unusual video where he talked all about himself, what he has gone through and how hard his life has been because of what he brings to the world table. David Wilcock did (and still does) the same thing. Sounds like victim programming to me, which is a clue they have been hacked. People who are hacked bring truth mixed with lies, that is their programming. We are well capable of discerning which is which if we choose to do so. For that Icke and all the others like him have great value and should not be dismissed.

    Bottom line, to say or believe that aliens do not exist, is completely falsified by historical (real historical, not the BS they teach in school) evidence of their presence on earth for thousands of years. The Giza pyramids alone are evidence enough but there is tons more. I welcome the presence of all ET forms, good, bad or neutral because it validates our very existence as cosmic beings and not some noisome bacteria in a petri dish under glass, regardless of what shape the glass is or in what dimension it exists. We are powerful beings beyond shapes, densities and forms.

  8. Show me even one who’s been converted by force? The best in history spoke to people and persuaded them with reason. they know that history does not turn on whether we believe or understand them. they know that an answer is best not given, before a question has been posed

  9. Ha… yes, “cool” is not something you normally find on an FET forum or thread. That’s one reason why I don’t participate. I totally see your point, or perhaps your confusion, about what they are shoving down our throats, and they most certainly are doing that, no mistake there. I think the conundrum you are feeling can be summed up as- there are lies in every truth and truths in every lie. This is a very difficult, subtle idea to grasp in our duality reality but it’s the key to the kingdom. Try this -> don’t approach the topic with your brain (this is the “proof trap” they love to snare us in) and instead move down to your heart and let the answer come from there. When I say, “move down to the heart” I mean this literally, as in think with your heart instead of your head. Tricky, you will find, but oh so amazing when you get the hang of it because your heart is the door to your soul, which knows everything. It takes a bit of practice because we so enamored of our intellect, we work very hard at being smart, informed, and dislike being fooled.

    It might also help to realize that we are all aliens. Our genetics prove we did not “descend” (clever word, eh?) from apes, and our real ancestors have left clues for us all over the planet. As to movies and the like, they produce these ridiculous predictive programming extravaganzas to obtain our consent, consent meaning we see, we agree. Earth is a free will planet, this cannot be ignored by any being, so they must obtain our consent before enacting all the BS they have planned for us. Withdraw your consent on an etheric level and you will no longer be subject to their programming. Yes, it’s that easy.

    I will explore your link when I have a bit of time later tonight. Keep talking, we have information to share.

    • Great post, OldeSoul. In recent times I have found meditation to be wonderful way to seek answers within. In fact, I have experienced some profound awakenings. I still find myself experiencing anger for obvious reasons. However, I have no fear at all…

      • Oh yes, Grasshopper! I’ve been meditating for about 40 years now, and it does all that and more. Glad to hear you have found answers within. This AP site produces enough anger for a football stadium, I only come here when I’m fortified with om… lol.

        Are you interested in joining in this discussion with me and Its Not Paranoia. He posted a link above, the time was “six days ago,” I don’t want to post it again because it delays things… but this is a rather interesting essay on the IFERS forum. If you want to read it and then meditate on it, let us know what you learn.

        • I have posted to you on this subject but its pending. As usual. Any site that feels the need to monitor you and catch you on little swear words that everyone uses and hears all day every day is a shill site. I have seen more freedom of speech in plenty of other forums and discussions on here for teenagers. F’ing joke…

          • I know, I hear you. I don’t think it’s swear words so much as links. Also, if you happen to write something truly profound, they really don’t like being upstaged.

            Not to change the subject but on your profile you state you’re a racer. Your photo looks like you’re on a boat. Are you are a racing sailor?

          • Haha. Im in Thailand at Phi Phi Island in that pic. I have raced cars since a teenager but now back into go-karts. It’s a lot more social when I have time! Motorsport requires a fair bit of time but it has always been my passion. I love the speed and the danger; it just feels awesome!

          • Also, have you heard from John Cook lately? I know he was starting a website. Both of us started coming under fire when examining the jesuit order. I have been watched ever since but I think John got banned altogether. I wanted to go visit him at the end of year…

          • John and I parted ways a long time ago when he claimed women were not capable of being real truth seekers and would not be allowed on his Bloke Blog. He didn’t realize, apparently, that I’m a female.

          • Hmm. Im surprised about that!

          • So was I but it wasn’t a big deal.

        • I just read this about you meditating for 40 years and now you have my full attention!!

          I’m excited! 🙂

          Sorry for replying to multiple post of yours, but…I just feel the need 🙂

          • No problem. I took a transcendental meditation class in college in 1971 from Maharishi, who at the time was traveling all over the US teaching people his technique. It was a profound experience and became a very important part of my life. I practice several types of meditation and my practice has changed over the years as the incoming shift energies started sweeping the earth.

            Is there something in particular you’d like to discuss?

          • It is not Paranoia | August 11, 2016 at 12:52 am |

            I’d like to discuss EVERYTHING!! :)) Sorry, I’m just excited about people that meditate…there’s this aura of calm and intelligence which I love and understand. I don’t see that much in poeple around me.
            I’m curious about the shift energies you talk about…what are they and how do you know?
            Would you like to maybe exchange emails? I don’t know if it’s rude or not starting endless conversations in the comment section for some article 🙂
            If you’d like, contact me at, if not, we can chat here or find some other way 😉

          • I sent a test email to you. As soon as you reply back we can carry on there and I’m happy to do so. Meditation is a very personal experience but it helps to share thoughts and questions with others. I don’t think it’s actually “rude” to have long conversations on comment threads, but one is somewhat limited by space and what you want to express to the eyes of the entire Internet…. 🙂

  10. It is not paranoia… great name, BTW. This comment is subsequent to the one I wrote an hour ago before reading your link.

    Holy crap!!!! Thanks for blowing my mind into a zillion atoms. I just scanned it fast and now I will go back and read it again. This is not something you just read and say, “So what’s for lunch?” Although it nicely proves my statement about truth in lies and lies in truth (and one must always discern between lies told intentionally and misinformation proffered in an an honest attempt to get to the truth.) At least now I see where you are coming from and why you are concerned about the fate that awaits in the wings.

    Let me say right off two things: whenever the bible is quoted, my heart space freezes solid. I don’t read bible quotes, they sound like sirens screeching, and most often I stop right there because the bible is such a pile of misinformation and obfuscation that it is too much of a morass to even bother trying to pick and choose the real from the stupid. So that part was a downer. But that doesn’t mean the rest was untrue. See how this works? The main fault I have with FET is the attempt to “prove” God created the earth just for us, we’re special, one of a kind. That is simply not possible, logical or believable in any context.

    Secondly, this essay by Think for Yourself, generates serious fear in the way it is presented. This is another alarm bell. Big, clanging, alarm bell. Whenever you drop into fear you are no longer thinking with your heart, make that, you are no longer ABLE to think with your heart. They don’t want us to think with our hearts because they know this will undo the carefully laid programming. I don’t know if this information makes you feel fear or not, I don’t feel fear at all, ever, just call me weird, everyone else does. But make sure, as you go forward in your learning that you never drop into fear no matter what you hear, see or read.

    I will wait for you to respond, meanwhile I will go back and read again while I eat a Milky Way bar for lunch. LOL.

  11. So glad you wrote back. I also felt that peculiar buzz upon reading it. Went back and read it twice more, buzz remained. IMHO, that’s a sure sign there is some serious truth hiding in there because the body knows and it sure is interesting we both felt that way. Fact is, I went into a bit of a funk for most of the day, like, “What’s the freaking point? and then I thought, No wonder they want to keep such a thing from humanity, no one would go to work. Did you get that a kind of petit mal depression feeling? That can also be a sign that someone is attempting is lower your energy to “feast” in the Archon-like fashion, so I reversed the funk right away and went back to life. Truth in lies. Lies in truth… tricky business! Regardless, it was a very interesting experience and I’m really glad you share it.

    I totally agree with your stance about no fear, more like curiosity and excitement. I’m the same. A friend called this type of observation “watching a disaster movie in super slow motion.” I had a strong intuition ThinkForYourself was describing Hollow Earth instead of Flat Earth, where the crack was the surface of the earth splitting, all the magma and rocks falling on us from the “bottom of the crust” and not the sky. I even made a comment on the thread (totally out of character) and someone who failed to understand what I was saying accused me of being someone named Lord Steven Christ. I’ve heard of this flake and I wasn’t amused. The FET’ers sure are a paranoid lot. LOL. I decided to let the comment thing ride, reminding me again why I don’t do this.

    Weird stuff, to say the least. I’m glad I live high in the mountains. I moved here (from Florida) for a reason.

    PS- I really don’t eat Milky Way bars, I was just making a lame joke.

  12. Hahaha… I just went back to IFERS and the clowns BANNED ME! I ask one honest question about their “Advanced Lecture” and they shut me out. So much for Mr. ThinkForYourself. LOL.

    • If they shut you down like that then what they are selling is usually some sort of cult or religion. They don’t like people who ask questions. Sounds kind of familiar…?

  13. Totally see your point. They are still “permitting” me to view the forums but I don’t like all the arguing either, it defeats the purpose of discovery and sharing ideas and morphs into warring, agenda pushing, and ego. They are too easily triggered by shills so they have some learning to do. Regardless, paranoia is never a useful mindset because paranoia = fear and we already discussed how that works. Let me know if anything interesting breaks loose there and I’ll voyeur over.

  14. Hmmmm.. interesting. Agree with all you said.

    BTW- “Grasshopper.’ Sorry, old joke from years ago. I forget young people never saw an old TV show called Kung Fu. That is what the master called his student. It was no reference to you personally.

    So anyway, this ball of light. Yes, there is much to learn from it. It’s a ball of power, but only for creating good for yourself, never to use on others, otherwise you cross a line you don’t want to cross. We are powerful beings for sure. I don’t worry about what “they” think about it because they’ve known all along this is true, this is what has been kept from us and the only way to discover it is via meditation or some type of mindfullness practice. This knowledge levels the playing field. There is a tipping point of souls who wake and they know that too. We kind of know what the number is, but we don’t really have a way of knowing how many are awakened. I assume they might know, which is why they watch. I don’t mean to sound paranoid because I’m not at all. I kind of know most of how it will all turn out for me, and you can find that knowledge out for yourself via meditation. Keep working with your light for self-healing and don’t worry about anything else because you don’t have to. You’re a warrior and you can step into that role whenever you feel it’s time. Pretty cool.

    • All good. Yoda ;-). Btw, im very familiar with the show kung fu. I used to watch it all the time lol. I will be 51 in September. However, I do look very good for my age; lots of healthy eating/lifestyle and going to the gym. I was a more mainstream personal trainer once but still train a couple guys after work while im training myself! I have been a single bloke for 4 years now and wonder if im even meant to meet someone else on my current journey/path. I would like a partner for sure but, she would have to be on the path im now walking. The farther along this path I go, the less in common I feel I have with other people. I dont feel better than them though. People are certainly interesting to observe now, if nothing else! Not sure why i am telling you all this but, Im thankful for your insight, encouragement and, wisdom. Thank you many times!

  15. Whatever the pyramids were, tombs is the weakest explanation, I believe. Really being power stations is more believable 🙂

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