Government Shouldn’t Dictate Your Wage


By Ryan Moran

Stop waiting for government to give you a raise and start maximizing your earning potential on your own. Minimum wage laws won’t lift you out of poverty. Plus you don’t get paid more for merely existing. You get paid more when you add more value to the market place.


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7 Comments on "Government Shouldn’t Dictate Your Wage"

  1. Pyra Gorgon | July 7, 2016 at 8:06 pm | Reply

    Rah rah speech for the J.O.B. paradigm. In a market where manipulation is sparse and freedom to choose and act exist, then this man’s message in the video would absolutely ring true and ought to be the wake-up call for all.
    But the reality we live in today is one of EVERYTHING being manipulated markets, choices are limited by diverse factors, and potential for meaningful action is suppressed by the system meant to encourage meaningful action. No other time in history has the deck been so stacked against the common man with a common background. Consider this: even if a person screwed up so terribly bad that they had to escape with only the clothes on their back into howling wilderness, one could take their chances because there actually WAS a ‘howling wilderness’. Nowadays everything is surveilled and google-mapped or there is a drone flying overhead. There is no escape from this impending doom, no where to hide.
    So what was that above rant really about? You either play their game by their rules, or you don’t. If you do, you are truly are a slave without hope. And if you don’t, be ready for the consequences of that. The benefit of doing that is you’re free while you yet live.When the system of society forces you into such choices, expect a shortened life span.

  2. “You get paid more when you add more value to the market place.”

    Oh, because the “market place” is a pro-humanistic environment that rewards workers fairly and equally based on what it considers “value”?

  3. 400 ml botteled water = 4$
    1 mango = 5$
    1 banana = 1$

    Now imagine if all of us would plant free fruit-trees along roads, in free spaces… and give FREE fruits all around!
    We could get some FREE fruit and remain human – without becoming a “market player”.
    We could even destroy a system where man buy a man for a salary while he needs to buy some water and some fruits

  4. Ok, so companies like Walmart should be able to pay their employees with company credits at the company store, not with actual money. That’s all they’re all they’re worth, right? And they can offer worker’s barracks outside of the stores. They can work them 7 days a week, no time off, ever. But that’s all they’re worth, right? Doesn’t matter if the company makes tens of billions in profits every year. Nope. All that matters is that literally hundreds of people apply for any job opening, hence, the workers are worth next to nothing and deserve comparatively little of the profits that the massively-profitable company generates year after year. Don’t like this scenario? Why not? That’s all they’re worth. Less than nothing. Disposable trash, even though the company makes tens of billions in profits. Right.

    • A share of Walmart Stock is right around 75 dollars. Walmart’s gross profit for a share is right around 5 dollars. Do you realize what an idiot you are. Walmart’s profit needs to be in align with every other retailer, and the profit of retailers need to be in line with every other business sector. If they are not, the value of the stock declines by more than five dollars. This is called a market and it allows to send resources to their best use to make more things for all of us. So, how much of that five dollars to you plan on stealing from the investor to pay the worker more for not doing anymore?

  5. Libtard slapper | July 9, 2016 at 10:54 am | Reply

    Ya right, Are CEO’s worth 300 times the rank and file? No they’re not. The people at the bottom add all the value.

  6. He acts like there’s no such thing as crony capitalism and that Corporations are regulated or that the Government & President’s aren’t in bed with lobbyists companies.!! this dude is sooo 1980’s…

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