German “Officials” Call to Change Constitution After Munich Shooting; Military On Streets, Gun Control

Police evacuate two Munich train stations, citing militant threatBy Brandon Turbeville

The bodies of the victims of Munich’s recent mass shooting barely cold, German “authorities” and politicians have wasted no time in calling for more police state measures and the further clamp down on access to gun ownership in Germany.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann is now pushing for going so far as to revise the German Constitution so that limits placed on using the military domestically can be removed, allowing the German military to be used inside Germany for “large-scale terrorist situations.”

The limits on Germany’s military were put in place after World War II and in response to Germany’s experience with the Nazi regime with all its excesses, totalitarianism, violence, and genocide.

Hermann stated that Germany is “an absolutely stable democracy” and, as such, Germans should be perfectly fine with having their military deployed on German streets.

Baden-Wurttemberg’s Interior Minister also hinted at the possibility of changing the German Constitution in a manner similar to Hermann.

Social Democrats and Greens have criticized the statements as opportunism.

Likewise, Germans are now hearing arguments that Germany’s already oppressive gun laws should be tightened even more, thus restricting an already highly restricted population’s access to firearms and a means to defend themselves from crime and the possibility of a tyrannical government, both concepts Germans should be quite familiar with.

Still, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel stated that even stricter laws are needed in regard to gun ownership and access to weapons, saying to Funke Media Group that “we need to do everything further possible to curb the access to deadly weapons and strictly control them.”

“How can it be that an unstable, or possibly even mentally ill, 18-year-old comes into possession of a firearm?” he asked.

The question was not asked of Gabriel how it could be that a government, which demands its citizens be unarmed and defenseless on the promise that their government will keep them safe, has allowed the country to turn in to a hot spot for mass shootings, stabbings, and other forms of terrorist attacks.

There was, of course, little doubt that communo-fascist elements of the German government would immediately begin to seize upon the crisis – real or engineered by intelligence agencies – in order to push for greater totalitarian control over the German people. Regardless of the nature of the attacks, it is clear that the German government is not letting it go to waste.

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53 Comments on "German “Officials” Call to Change Constitution After Munich Shooting; Military On Streets, Gun Control"

  1. Make sure to not forget to have Israel provide your nation’s security! 😉

  2. freewheelinfranklin543 | July 26, 2016 at 1:18 pm |

    They just showed themselves to be behind the terrorism plaguing the German people.

  3. Of course all these false flags are about more power and control by the state who wants the population completely defenseless from they the state who are the real terrorists.

    • Exactly. People don’t stop to realize how much of these acts are committed by the very people who are selling themselves as protection. I believe that is why we are seeing this huge spike in occurrences. Only theory, but it appears they want everyone so scared to death they beg for the police state to protect them. Look at what happened with the nine eleven attacks. All of our defense agencies , nsa, fbi, cia, norad, military, and more completely failed to stop a few men with box cutters from this, attacking us worse than anyone in recent history. No one questions, how could this huge apparatus completely fail at this and yet is rewarded with more money and control.
      Another theory about the Munich attack. The fbi method. Find a stupid patsy, arm him with a real gun while agents pretend to be a part of a movement and recruit him.
      The agents have blanks of course but the patsy fires live rounds. People report three shooters but suddenly, it’s just the one. The patsy takes the fall, the police state gets more control.

  4. Germany is a US colony. The US is a CIA colony. The CIA is an Israeli colony. Israel is a Mossad colony. Mossad is a Zio-Terroist org.

    • The first question that everyone needs to ask after one of these shooter/truck/axe/knife/etc. events, whether false flag or not, and which should be foremost in the words of reporters is this —HOW DID OUR PAID FOR SECURITY FAIL TO PROTECT? The police and military are the very most expensive part of the Society we live in, and they are failing to protect citizens, citizens whose rights to self defense have been severely diminished. The most basic human right is self defense and the defense of our family. If that is eliminated and the paid for security is inept and worthless, then the leadership which instituted these changes is inept and worthless. These German leaders have not admitted they failed, and that is their first mistake. They failed, and what do we do to those who fail? Before a fascist regime is allowed to alter the balance of all social life, the leaders must be fired. We need leaders who succeed. Who wants a bunch of losers in office who cannot protect the citizens they allegedly represent?

      • Sure is strange, the more we pay them and the bigger they get the more we are attacked!!!
        Maybe we should stop paying them and see how that goes. Logic dictates the attacks should stop.

    • I assume the EU is colony of US too and globalist want it trashed into a third world dump, which is being implemented now at high speed. EU neo Marxist leaders want Shiria law to control the stupid masses using jihadists to crack down on the “infidels”. The EU is about to become a caliphate probably merging with Turkey and middle east Muslim countries.

    • And are controlled by Reptillians/Archons.

    • Basically the whole planet is an IsraHELL colony and this is no joke. Or better to say the joke’s on us.

  5. Better hurry up and make these changes, can’t put off economic collapse much longer!

  6. Prelude to martial law…

    Always be a true light that is shininginthedark.c…

  7. Inanimate objects sure are getting a bad rep.

  8. They are going to disarm Americans one way or the other. They are putting a lot of international focus on you guys atm. Here in Australia they have already succeeded in disarming us. We are good to go lol…

    • They succeeded because Australians gave up without a fight. It is definitely not going to happen that way in America. The more they try to stop the flow, the faster people lock and load. We’re good to go! LOL

      • Yep you are right there! It didn’t concern me much at the time but they came down very hard. I wasn’t a truth seeker then but I woke up soon enough. We have a slave mentality that still exists from our ancestors to this day. Its frustrating and I get laughed at A LOT! No one believes anything you try to tell them but they will soon. Im glad you guys will fight and Im depending on it. Keep up the fight USA!

        • to Brett…..You too can defy your government. The Aussies are very capable of fighting and shaking off whatever spell their government has on them. All western nations need revolutions to bring their nations back to tradition and reality.

          • I agree with you. I will fight; its that or slavery. Im pretty sure they know who I am by now…

          • Archie1954 | July 30, 2016 at 7:20 pm |

            All nations need a revolution at the ballot box to bring back tradition and reality.

        • Brett, We – as in “Americans” – as in North America – but not Canada are definitely NOT the “Americans” our Forefathers were. If we were – we would not be in this “pickle” we’re in right now.

        • “British Invasion”? First I heard of it or are you talking about the War of 1812? That war of course was started by the Americans thinking they could invade and control British North America. They were dissuaded when the Canucks burnt the White House down!

    • That has been on the globalists agenda for years, disarming American citizens. The reason Japan didn’t invade mainland USA in WWII is because there is a “rifle behind every blade of grass”. We know the gov’t is coming for us. If Trump loses, they’re coming fast & furious. America’s civil war will inspire the world, & it’ll be WWIII, except it’s the ppl vs tyranic gov’t, not ppl vs ppl

  9. These shooter false flags make me want to purchase more guns and roses.
    Reichstag anyone.

  10. They already have strong “gun control”… Which proposed law will have muzzie’s turning in their jihad guns? We already know their sharia law supersedes all man made laws…. just like here in the US, their government will simply remove any remaining firearms from law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves…

  11. This writer is definitely barking up the wrong tree! Germany’s gun laws need tweaking if a mentally disturbed 18 year old can get hold of a gun. That is just plain common sense to everyone except an American psycho. Do you really believe that Germany wants to emulate the blatant degeneracy of America in this regard? Please, even an idiot would know the answer to that question. What has to happen in Germany, is to deal with unprecedented mass refugee migration. Now that is a real problem that must be solved as soon as possible.

    • I have the answer and that answer is you’re an idiot.

      • Well thank you, coming from a typical American psycho, that is definitely a compliment!

        • Be proud of what you are. Even though in your case you are an idiot.

        • Please explain then why Brazil…… having the people disarmed…………the death toll has SKYROCKETED. Then also explain why Switzerland, who’s people are demanded to be fully armed have the LOWEST gun violence in the WORLD. Also please explain why all these “lone gunman” attacks have taken place in “gun free” zones. I expect a well documented explanation with links……so hop to it Archie!

          • Archie1954 | July 28, 2016 at 10:12 am |

            Haven’t you heard of favelas? The answer to your question is quite simple. Switzerland is one of the most egalitarian, economically wealth nations on Earth. I would suggest that its whole population is middle class and doing well. Brazil has a huge underclass of poor people who live from day to day and hand to mouth. Not only do they have a major problem being left out of Brazil’s economic miracle but they also have a problem with the impossibility of ever moving up the ladder in society. If they are born in a favela, that is where they will die. If you think this kind of unfair economic treatment doesn’t create crime and violence, then you are dead wrong, pun intended!

          • Marie Beckett | July 29, 2016 at 3:14 am |

            Ahhhhh, now I understand where you are coming from. SO the wealthy who can either hire armed guards to protect themselves or do it themselves……..such as prostititions and the banking families and their hired thugs can have the ability to protect themselves……but the poor and marginalized…..well, they can just be murdered by the police or the paid for mercenaries funded by the CIA and Mossad and MI6, etc, etc. Thank you for clarifying how you think for me. Much appreciated.

          • Archie1954 | July 29, 2016 at 11:25 am |

            Your muddied and foolish comments are ridiculous and have nothing at all to do with what I said!

        • Germany already have Gun control and even if he was to apply for a gun, he would have been turned down. He got his weapon illegally.

    • That’s funny, because Americans are using Europe, & Germany, France Sweden, & England in particular, as prime examples of how screwed you all are. How soft & fluffy your people have become. If we keep going the way of the weak Europeans, we’ll be taken over by foreign entities who will dictate our laws to us, like your overlords, the EU. We’ll keep our guns, thanks

  12. Forced euthanasia is coming for the stupid Germans.

  13. Any MEN left in Germany? How about France? How about the entire festering, Criminal ‘EU’?

  14. No. What Germany is afraid of is that their citizenry with access to guns will have had enough of their traitorous government and attack them as well as Muslims. Germany, like the US government, would rather have their people helpless than to do what needs to be done and that is kill and/or deport Muslims. The US government is the same liar that the German government is. Both want their citizenry disarmed for the same reasons. They are afraid of them.

  15. Yes they are and they use terrorism as the reason. If they enforced the laws of their nations already in place they could fight terrorism and beat it. The governments are using the terrorists threat to consolidate rule over their citizens.

  16. Germans used to be real men now they are quivering women bowing before the might of radical Islam.

    • That was in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and maybe into the 50’s. Germany has been emasculated by the zionist government that controls it. Kind of like what has happened to “America”.

    • Really? Did you not see the video of a gang of Extremist Muslim thugs attempt to physically attack a German woman out with her boyfriend one night. Her boyfriend, on his own, wiped the sidewalk with at least five of the creepy cowards.

  17. Yep, desperate morons trying everything to start WW3, war means power and money for them, not for us, idiots, of course.

  18. Are we sure Hitler lost the war? Sure looks like he won to me.

  19. Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐ | July 28, 2016 at 9:13 am |

    Country’s should refuse refugees and leave their citizens rights unfettered.

  20. Gun control doesn’t work. Only for murdring dictators as history has shown

  21. I’m waiting for them to say that Naziism should be just fine with the people too.

    Keep telling the people what they like, but don’t ask them.


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