Every Week Gets More Orwellian…



By Melissa Dykes

Can you keep up with it anymore? The world is getting crazier and crazier. What are we supposed to be enraged about this week? Each new week seems to come with a trendy new outrage. Melissa Dykes breaks down the insanity.

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20 Comments on "Every Week Gets More Orwellian…"

  1. Your take on things is very refreshing.
    Keep up the good work.
    You inspire.

  2. An exponential juggernaut of lethal proportions now fulminating into real existential time in the United Police States of an eviscerated former USA

  3. Only a GIFT ECONOMY can heal our world gone mad :
    -create FREE services and objects out of PASSION
    -gift & share as much as you can
    -plant FREE FRUIT-TREES and create FREE food that is real source of FREEDOM and sovereignty
    -turn our planet into a FREE garden where each one of us be served for FREE
    Thus, no corruption, no theft would be possible. No man could ever again buy a man for a salary!
    Personal Sovereignty and Individual Immunity to all 7 billion people (not only for their satanic elite class)

    • Communism does not work in practice.

      • In communism as well in capitalism, one has to work for to pay a glas of water, a fruit, a shelter… there is no difference in robbing basic HUMAN RIGHTS on FREE water, FREE food, FREE shelter… that are given with the Birthrigh to be here on this abundante planet where you can get water out of air even in the desert. In every plant there is ilimitet capacaty of reproduction.
        Abundance is programmed in the Nature – but, the satanic system reduce us into slavery and misery. “Satanic” means in hebrew to STOP, HINDER. We are hindered to live in abundance. We get only the garbage from masters satanic hands, because we are manipulated and we do not believe that we can live in peace, abundance and justice.. without any master

        • Be A Freeman | July 25, 2016 at 9:30 am | Reply

          Keep spreading truth 😀

          • gifteconomy | July 25, 2016 at 9:55 am |

            Here is the most precious FREE GIFT for your kidness : the secret for perfect health and extraordinary longevity ! In three words : GO RAW VEGAN and heal all phisical, mental and even genetic disorders !
            I started eating RAW VEGAN in 2009 – after two weeks my polyarthrits was stopped; after four weeks my pre-diabetes dissapeared; after six months I didn’t need my glasses any more; after one year my skin and my energy have become like when I was a teenager… and I hope to live at least 200 years, so that I can see the real change and MOTHERS’ loving economics replace their slaves’ satanic system.

      • arielmonserrat | July 25, 2016 at 11:44 am | Reply

        Communism is very different from gift economy, which has been used successfully for millennia in tribes in the Amazon and other places around the world. Do some research, you will learn about the amazing idea of gift economy.


    I hate the UK so much that I would rather be stateless through disloyalty and be deported. I just want to be out of the UK

    • Move to Germany.
      Many Britons do that. It’s cheaper and nicer 🙂
      And it’s still Europe.

      • I don’t know, Croco Dile. I just met a man yesterday who moved his family from Germany to the U.S. due to the immigration situation, which he called “intolerable and getting worse fast.”

        • Even Germany is not perfect.

          • Hahaha… no, I’m sure it’s not, but the situation there and in other parts of Europe at the moment is very unstable. Course Europe has had flexing cultural and religious wars for years so this is nothing new really. I didn’t actually believe most of what I have read about all the discord and issues, until this man confirmed it. It’s not an easy thing to do to move your entire family to a completely different country and culture unless you are doing it for adventure, to be with extended family, or an interesting opportunity or whatever. This man was quite sad but he was very happy to be in “perfect” Montana, LOL. It was an interesting and enlightening conversation.

          • I don’t feel it unstable and in any way threatening here.
            Too bad this country is a Globalist puppet, a cosequence of those lost wars. Idiots ! LOL

          • Hahaha… did not realize you are talking about your home. Germany is truly a lovely country, I visited several times but that was years ago before the EU existed. At least we both have mountains, rivers and green valleys to keep us sane.

  5. Common Sense | July 25, 2016 at 7:53 am | Reply

    The American people are now being conditioned by new bizarre levels of problem, solution, reaction by their sick and twisted overlords, but their apologetic and Stockholm syndrome response is worse than what is being perpetrated against them.
    If they are not practicing escapism by burying themselves in entertainment, they double down on denial when faced with facts of the corruption that is overtaking them.
    The herd now censors itself by demonizing anyone who dares mention the truth of the criminality that is taking place. I witness this first hand all the time. Only two of us out of a family of seven speak the truth about what is going on. That is just within my family. I can only imagine how wide spread the denial is outside of that. And these are educated people that you would think are smarter than that.
    The typical response are… Or you’re one of those conspiracy theorists, or, I don’t see you doing anything about it, as if stating the truth somehow makes me responsible for the problem. There are other programmed phrases that the herd has now adopted to keep each other in line that are PC, but I’m certain many understand of what I speak.
    Just when I say to myself, surly it can’t get anymore obvious to get people to see the plain truth and then…it does, and we continue to walk in our self deluded willfull ignorance still.
    Beyond bizarre. It’s insane, but don’t mention it to the herd. I’m sure they will begin turning people in for not following the delusion.

    • berrybestfarm | July 25, 2016 at 10:48 am | Reply

      I am with you and actively standing for my freedom but…I am not like the herd. I didn’t get the fear gene. They did so really, what can they do? How do you move sheeple past debilitating fear?

    • moving to the usa would be ok. but we here hate clinton and hope she is not elected president as it would become the next socialist failed state like venezuela and greece. hilary and the democrats are nuts.

  6. im very proud of the britons whio chose to maintain their sovreignty. the EU is a union that wants to rule countries.

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