Dissecting the Royal Society’s GMO Whitewash


By James Corbett

Dr. Robert Verkerk is the Executive and Scientific Director of the Alliance for Natural Health. Today we discuss his recent article, “UK Royal Society whitewash on GM crops,” which breaks down the Royal Society’s recent report on the safety of genetically modified foods. From false assurances of consensus to exclusion of key issues like glyphosates and superweeds, we show how the latest report is a whitewash and discuss why the Royal Society is promoting the biotech industry.

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18 Comments on "Dissecting the Royal Society’s GMO Whitewash"

  1. When the Royal Society began it was a Secret Society, in part to avoid reactive harm to its members. Censorship and punishment for publication was still rife in England. Due to the incredible success and popularity of Newton, the Royal Society came out of its closet, but sensitivity to the Monarch remained. When the Royal Society becomes the official supporter for Monsanto, then we see Monsanto replacing the Monarch.

    • They are pretty much one and the same don’t you think? Monsanto was designed to be an appendage of the global elite to dominate the food supply and has grown many tentacles in form of several dozen subsidiaries as well as formally partnering with several giant multinationals. Evil twin Syngenta is about to merge with ChemChina in a $43 Billion deal (China being the buyer) and all such entities around the globe are on the express elevator to create patented plant and animal frankenfoods using the new precision genetic engineering methods that comparatively make the traditional GMOs seem like horse and buggy technology.

      • Hi I replied to you more than 2 days ago, and Disqus eliminated my email because I identified the big corporations behind the TPP and its GMO agenda. Amazing how much power certain corporations have over Free Speech…..censorship if you try and identify what they are doing.

        • Thank you for the note! I did not get a Disqus notification of your reply, which has happened a number of times, and my comments have also been sent down the Memory Hole. I now see your original comment below. Spot on observation and it goes much deeper in terms of tentacles given the astonishing number of subsidiaries that MonSatan has gobbled up and is now operating under various names. The system is rigged in a far more complex way than most people can wrap their heads around which is why activists are being funneled into narrow discussion issues surrounding glyphosate and the (now) obsolete GE technology. You are clearly very aware of how we are being set up, bribed, and manipulated. Great insight, thanks again!

  2. sharon sampson | July 6, 2016 at 3:58 pm | Reply

    GMO could only be white washed by ignorant…non educated idiots wanting to make MONEY. GMO is such a horribly stupid product, I am embarrassed to be an American as well as a human.

    • GMO has nothing to do with making money. They own the money. It’s all about eugenics and depopulation.

      • sharon sampson | July 7, 2016 at 12:53 pm | Reply

        As bad and corrupt and as stupid our ‘leaders’ are, I just don’t think that right now gmo, chemtrails are made with the idea of depopulation. I think they just don’t CARE about the masses. And some of the smart hamsters get to be awarded all this money and grants to feel good about themselves. TPTB can own weather and making food and yes, those at the very top own the money but they use money to ensnare scientists, marketers to do their bidding. Two birds with one stone? If their ‘creations’ kill people…albeit slowly so it is difficult to know what exactly killed…then OH WELL. They like the money and gratification of having ‘slaves’…us! I think they like this GAME. Too easy just to kill off 90% of the population but then they might have to do some actual work. And they don’t want to ruin their own GARDEN.

        • Chemtrails, cell towers, smart meters, GMO, fluoridation, vaccination, MSM psycho-warfare operations, yada yada.. when you look at them from the macro and micro perspectives, you see they lend towards reducing fertility, increasing sterility, disrupting and reducing cognitive function, on and on. At the end of the day, we’ve been weakened as a result of these devices and mechanisms. This makes us less able to resist their operations, desires, activities, etc.

          Sure, there’s money floating around and yes that’s just used to move the scientist chess pieces. At the end of the day, we’re being targeted. Once the 90+% population reduction is successful (let’s hope not), they’ll be using robots and expendable human labor for their jollies. It’s all been planned out.

          The question is, are we going to go along with this plan?

          • fred NO!! Thing is, these creeps aren’t that smart. So in our face lame deception blatant duh howdy lies. It is all right in our face and I for one am insulted…grins. Then I remember I am the odd ball. Hate to say this but I think if us humans evolve it will most certainly be technological merged with biology…borgs? Who are ‘we’? I used to be just like everyone else. Totally immersed in immediate life, paying bills, learning, winning, losing. Then boink, I could actually step back and look at a bigger picture. My goodness

            I think you give too much credit to these …elites. Remember, they are inbred. Children are raised in an incredibly abusive, unhealthy environment…they never had to WORK at anything. That is really sad. Working towards a goal, working and juggling and well, being tested hones character and wisdom.

  3. 85% of European animal feed is GMO yet Dr. Verkerk tells us the precautionary principle has legal standing in Europe? It’s not being applied, meanwhile, looming on the horizon is the massive tidal wave of the next generation of GE animals and plants already being developed using CRISPR/Cas9 and other new methods of precision genetic engineering, with China being the most assertive thus far and explaining why ChemChina is about to purchase Syngenta, historically a partner and collaborator with Monsanto.

    Incidentally, as reported by Dr. Mercola on 7/5, recently some members of Congress have been working to derail Vermont’s GMO labeling law from going into effect by instituting a national labeling law (voluntary “Smart Labels” also called QR codes) which may exclude most current GMO products with a loophole defining what is natural and excludes ALL organisms created using precision GE.

    • sharon sampson | July 7, 2016 at 12:42 pm | Reply

      Blue! Good to read you again! The only thing we can do is grow our own! We are building a nice greenhouse whilst gardening beneath the construction, I am kinda a professional gardener and we chose the worst place to live…90 during the day and freezing at night…grrr. I’ve got 2 labs, well, 1 now.

      My chocolate had a tumor the size of a football in or beside her left lung. She was 12 and just had a heart attack. OUCH!!! My black lab mix has a softball size in his groin and a golfball size under his ‘armpit’…and I had a softball sized tumor on his ‘ankle’ removed. I think it was because I bought cheap dogfood full of gmo corn for tight times and at that time we were clueless about GMO.

      …reliable fruit stands might be a good place to get food but you gotta ask ask ask. I’ve given up on corn completely but truly almost all food in the stores especially the processed, canned, frozen, oils…are full of gmo.

      And HOW are these law makers explaining the REASON for not labeling gmo?

      Isn’t this presidential ‘race’ interesting? Hillarious!! Seriously, I am an embarrassed American!! (well, embarrassed human without a doubt)…how does the FED supercede a State’s laws? Cannabis is illegal by FEDS and legal via some states. So what does this mean? I just heard on the OPB, “GMO isn’t a ‘big deal’ and the FED’S have nutrition recommendations we should be more concerned with…”!!?

      • Awesome to come across you again, Sharon, and fantastic about the greenhouse – big kudos! 😉 I love to garden but have to keep it simple this year. I’ve got a very sweet but sick Westie, she’ll turn 14 next month. Gosh, I love dogs. I lost my golden retriever to cancer a few years ago, she was almost 10. Since she was a pup I fed her daily home cooked meals, the vast majority of it organic. I had read a book by a homeopathic vet, Richard Pitcairn, who said dog food was very low quality and in his opinion the reason so many young dogs were developing cancer. I took it to heart and was careful with her diet and supplements but American goldens are highly predisposed to cancer due to a lot of inbreeding. Heaven knows, the toxic soup we live in (poisoned water, poisoned air, etc.) doesn’t help. Epigenetics is at least as important as genetics when it comes to cancer. Sorry about your labs, don’t blame yourself, they know how much we love and cherish them. They pick pick up on stuff people don’t even realize. Amazing how they can sense seizures before they happen! No doubt, one of many things they intuitively hone in on.

        The law makers can’t explain why GMOs aren’t labeled or being tested for safety for the same reason they won’t fess up to 9/11 or the NWO. It’s so much bread and circus crap, ya know what I mean?! Hence, the elections – yep, they’re putting on a good show for us, I guess too many people were getting bored with the usual Kabuki theater so they brought in some new script writers. I try not to follow too closely and don’t watch the boob tube.

        Hey, you’re in OR, Sharon, cool! We have some properties on the central OR coast and I lived there for a little over a year. OR is beautiful. I’m in CO the vast majority of the time, born and raised and have a big tap root to this “high plains desert”. Great to see ya around. 🙂 Hope you have good summer and best of luck with your fur baby.

  4. not strictly lies, but almost.. With ~90% GMO crops glyphosate resistant, T-DNA in every cell, viral promoters helping expressing something what human body never saw before 1996, with ‘viral spreading piece of information’, there is still NO CONSENT??? WHY ON EARTH NOBODY TALKS ABOUT SERALINI’s experiments, his papers, and countless other in vitro studies on many animals, including OWN MONSANTO STUDIES WHICH SHOWED cancer in their rats (JBPC 2015, article by Samsel and Seneff) ??? The useless discussion here just tries to ‘help us forget’ about the entirely essential info on Glyphosate and its relation to GMO’s, not to mention the horizontal gene transfer with only SPECIFIC pieces of DNA, like the T-DNA from soil bacteria inducing tumor in plants, almost in every GMO!!

  5. It’s a weapon.
    Monsatino employees kicked the frankinfood out of their own cafeteria. The U.S won’t even allow labeling.
    They are especially attacking women.
    Buy organic..

  6. Sharon and Blue – I lost 2 labs at age 10. I always will think that Sarah died from a broken heart after loosing her lover chip. So sad that Sarah had bleeding tumors. That evil kibbles and bits. I love both of them and now I have shitzu’s and one of them has warts and blind is around age 10. But they are fed the best of dog foods – Blue Buffalo Co.

  7. Good comment, I completely agree. Quick tip, one possibility for the delay in the approval of your comment is the use of Amazon (dot) com in the form of a link. There is often censorship too, though nothing close to what TPTB are working on to cut off open communication. Hopefully we can keep them at bay. The internet is an important means of camaraderie and enlightenment for many of us.

    • And thank you for being positive, and for the tip. I did write to Activist Post to complain, so its appearance an hour ago after 4 days may be the fact that they finally realized that Amazon itself has been publicly tied to doing all it can to support the TPP. In fact, like many US corporations, 90% of its employees are offshore already. I’m not disclosing any secrets because these matters are in the public domain. You are referencing the TPP as TPTB?

      • TPTB is common shorthand for “the powers that be”, referring to the global elite, top of the pyramid, etc. These treaties are always trouble for the average person, thanks for reminding all of us about the TPP. 😉

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