Dallas Sets New Police State Precedent: Using Robots to Kill Suspects


By Melissa Dykes

The Orwellian nightmare continues, and this time, even casual low-level Black Lives Matter members are saying this event was staged. When it comes to false flags, never forget to ask… “Cui Bono?” Who will benefit? And what is the ultimate gain?

  • Flipping the script on public outcry against police shooting innocent civilians? Check.
  • Stoking a race war to further divide and conquer? Check.
  • Giving the government another reason to push for gun control? Check.
  • Granting the police state the unprecedented power to blow up crime suspects with robots rigged with explosives?

Now that’s a new one. In the age of omnipresent technology and creeping precrime, talk about a slippery slope…

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7 Comments on "Dallas Sets New Police State Precedent: Using Robots to Kill Suspects"

  1. I agree with you 100% It is very scary using AI robot to kill this guy.

  2. Was the Dallas shooter an MK-Ultra mind controlled zombie, an unwilling FBI, CIA asset?

  3. I dub thee ‘Robocop’.

  4. I doubt if they really killed the guy – probably sequestered away to Venezuela with a mansion and 40 acres.
    They can say any lie they wish. Again this all smacks of top down from the HillBillary scare tactics school.
    Notice how the focus has shifted to Dallas and away from the unsecured top secret server in the bathroom.

  5. Mind control drugs can make a person do things they would never do normally.

  6. Do a search on , “Dallas shooter was a black panther”, you`ll find a Breitbart article confirming it.

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