Anarchist Intuition: A Libertarian Political Philosophy

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By Steve Patterson

Anarchism is a scary word, but it’s a sensible political philosophy. Over the last several years, I’ve been persuaded by libertarian anarchism, and I think it’s important to cover the basic ways of thinking about political issues as an anarchist. In this episode, I want to give you the groundwork for an anarchist’s intuition.


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2 Comments on "Anarchist Intuition: A Libertarian Political Philosophy"

  1. Better than the enslaving nwo slime.

  2. I find it useful to consider the variable range of statism to anarchism as not always associated with specific economic systems, but rather an expression of the centralization or decentralization of power, and as a variable paired with an economic collectivism/ individualism polarity. So while Libertarians (upper case) will fall within the same graphic quadrant in this conceptualization as anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-syndicalists and libertarian (lower case) socialists pursue a collectivized economy with decentralized governance.

    Bottom line: Anarchists can range from capitalist to socialist, but have in common the rejection of the imposition of authority through government.

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