13 Important Elements To Look For In Every Staged Shooting Event


By Bernie Suarez

People who don’t trust government, those who think on their own and tend to question what they hear, by now are all becoming experts at identifying false flag staged events. With so many recent staged psyop events in the news lately many of us are getting a lot of practice at this. But have you considered that the script has become more complex than you think? Have you considered that you (we) are being fooled in some way as we speak? Have you taken into account that the events happening today are all happening in a post-Jade Helm revelation AI era? Today’s events are happening in a very sophisticated world of unimaginably deep levels of political corruption actively at work and deeply focused on removing all of our rights and freedoms and cementing their new global order. This complex and deep reality alone is something many people refuse to face; and without facing this you’ll never be able to peel and dig deeper into the deep state’s structure, mind and mechanisms that are behind these chaotic staged psyop false flag events.

Notice I’m using the terms “false flag” and “staged events” interchangeably because at times it’s difficult to determine which one is actually happening. So it’s fair to say that false flags are types of staged events. We’re all familiar with the different types of events; mass shooting attacks by crazed supposed lone gunmen who are the selected patsies for the event. We also see shootings where the government conveniently retroactively tells us the shootings are courtesy “ISIS,” “ISIS inspired” or “ISIS related.” In recent events we also saw a focus on the paid-for engineered race war where the selected shooters are looking to shoot ONLY police or only “white” police (Dallas sniper, Baton Rouge shooting). Conveniently these shootings work great for fanning the flames of race and class tension and division while conveniently boosting the police state and public sympathy for police.

Whatever the type of event, notice we rarely if ever get to see any evidence whatsoever of the actual accused patsy shooter at the scene of the crime. For example, consider that it’s been weeks and still no one has any actual evidence of Omar Mateen physically entering the Pulse night club in Orlando and physically firing and killing people. Where are these videos? Yet the majority of people have him at the scene because that’s how the story goes, and apparently it’s almost too stressful to believe something no one else is saying. The same could be said of the accused truck driver “terrorist” in Nice, France or the actual sniper (supposed) lone gunman shooter in Dallas, Texas. You get the picture.

This anomaly only scratches the surface on what this article is about. The fact is we are all now getting used to these events, for better or for worse, and there are many elements being shown to us that most of us are not paying attention to.

The events themselves are huge to us only because the mainstream media puts them in our faces 24/7. They are important because the government and their mass media says they are. They (the government and their media) say this because the events are always part of a greater agenda. The agenda and the event itself are inseparable in a world today where the masses are conditioned into reacting to a presented problem whose solution is later sold to them. This process of “problem, reaction, solution” is undeniable and obvious to all today.

The mechanisms of the script are openly available for all to see; but, as mentioned earlier, have you considered how deep this “staged event” mechanism goes? Hopefully the following 13 elements we’re about to point out will bring more awareness to these additional possibilities, agendas and factors which are quietly hidden in these events but as you will see are actually hidden in plain view.

1 – The “Breaking News” trigger phrase

The first thing I want to point out is the whole “breaking news” psyop phrase. Any professional hypnotist will tell you trigger words and phrases are important when it comes to putting someone under your spell, so it shouldn’t surprise us that mainstream media would resort to using key trigger words on the general public. They would definitely do this because it works. And this is precisely what they do, and “breaking news” is probably as clever and effective a trigger word as there is in America today. It stops you in whatever you are doing and forces you to pay attention to new information that may change your life. I’m sure that if you monitored someone’s vital signs and visceral response under controlled conditions you will find a direct response to trigger phrases like “breaking news” when used in the right context. Let’s be aware of this trigger phrase which always sets the initial tone with typical staged false flag events.

2 – Mainstream media voice tone, speech pattern and neuro-linguistic effect

Subliminal informational submission is accomplished with classic mainstream media “authority” speech patterns and key use of neuro-linguistic terms (as discussed above) that many of us don’t pay attention to. Go watch any segment of mainstream media news and see how they all talk in a certain form. There is a certain “official” pattern of speech that subliminally tells the audience “this is official and true certified informational.” Here’s a Wikihow page discussing this very topic and notice how news reporters go through a training process to sound official and convincing. This speech pattern, the use of key words and overall mannerism all contributes to the early hypnotic phase when the initial story is being officially constructed and delivered to the public. Look for it the next time you are watching mainstream media news. Notice how the pattern of the speech is similar with all news anchors and presenters in all the mainstream media related networks.

3 – “Body count” used to psychologically manipulate eventual reaction

Moving on to the events themselves, notice how the Illuminati CIA controlled media especially lately is using the body count to attach political urgency to each shooting. They are implying that if only 1, 2 or 3 people die then it’s a boring maybe not so important shooting, but if 50 die then we need to get all worked up and act more urgently with political interest and legislation to match the body count somehow. Don’t fall for the “body count” psyop. They are also using the body count psyop to engage you emotionally in their misery and fear as if to imply that a higher body count means this could have been you, which, again, somehow implies that a lower body count is maybe not so likely to have involved you and thus less worthy of your emotional attention.

4 – Overly-detailed “eyewitness accounts” containing compelling Hollywood-style human interest elements

We are now seeing staged interviews with poor-acting crisis actors giving us Hollywood-style details of what they experienced during the shooting event. Crisis actor Patience Carter, one of many actors who inexplicably packed out the Pulse night club bathrooms instead of actually leaving the club during the Orlando shooting, dramatically tells of how she was lying on the floor when the gun fight broke one of the water pipes and she thought she was “going to drown.” This segment of the story is inserted only to draw your human interest and compel you to empathize with her.

We have also seen the famous Gene Rosen interview during Sandy Hook when he tells of 6 children who came to his house speechless, telling him “our teacher is dead” and how he followed up by giving them cookies and crying with them. Again this segment which was proven a lie with countless inconsistencies, was inserted to add Hollywood-style compelling human interest elements to the story. In the case of Rosen, he ended up getting his own song written after him!

And how about the testimony given by the sobbing 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, Nayirah, following the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990 when she testified:

They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.

incubators2Notice it wasn’t just the floor it had to be the “cold” floor. All of this is staged propaganda just to compel human emotion, a tactic that worked nicely in this case as it triggered the invasion of Iraq. Let’s not fall for this element of the psyop now being used regularly, and lets be on the lookout for it.

5 – Control of the information at the ground level usually assigned to a key actor

With every “event” we are seeing someone at the ground level, usually a head police officer, now claiming that any “information” not confirmed by them should be assumed to be false until they (and only they) say it’s true. We saw just this in the recent Baton Rouge shooting and the Dallas, Texas sniper shooting. Classically this brings to mind the one and only Lieutenant Paul Vance during Sandy Hook who declared himself the information czar and bearer of truth and reality for the Sandy Hook show.

Again, let’s not fall for the delusion that somehow police has a handle on what is real and verified “truth” surrounding any event as if anyone trusts police. Since the beginning of the modern-day concept of police, police always get their information from the people who were there not the other way around. The police themselves have never been assigned the controllers of information for any crime scene. So why are we suddenly deferring the details of the event to the police? But it’s not just police, at the Orlando nightclub shooting we saw a team of doctors led by doctor “Michael Cheatham” controlling the information on behalf of hundreds of people who would have been at the hospital. We didn’t hear from any maintenance person, nurse assistant, nursing student, radiology tech or anyone else at the hospital in Orlando. Notice only Cheatham (and to a lesser extent his short list of fellow doctors who briefly spoke to the media) was assigned to deliver the carefully controlled information.

Let’s realize that information is now entirely controlled and the controllers are now appointing key players at the ground level to control that information. With this control comes the threat of jail for anyone interfering with the official narrative. So in the next event be on the lookout for the ground-level information gatekeeper.

6 – Great fluctuations and changes of the narrative in the early phases of the story

We’re all familiar with this next element. We listen to the initial version of the official account only to see the body count or number of shooters change dramatically. This goes on until the “authorities” finally agree on the “official” version of what happened. The important thing to take notice of is that often we’ll see the death count go from a higher number to a lower number, a clear medical impossibility. Think to yourself, how can a body count go from higher to lower all the time? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? And it’s not just the body count, the number of shooters (if there are any real shooters at all) always seems to be a problem for the controllers, and in the end the smaller number usually works best once the assassins (if there are truly any) are cleared to leave the scene as we’ve seen so many times.

7 – Conflicting components potentially deliberately put out to authenticate the “reality” of the event

This next element is one of the most important and I urge truth seekers to pay close attention. We all saw the mysterious man running through the woods at Sandy Hook wearing camouflage. Yet to this day no one really knows what was his role at Sandy Hook which we now have reason to believe was not an operational school according to research done by Wolfgang Halbig. So why was this man briefly shown to us on TV in an era where information is so tightly controlled? Did they WANT you to see the man running through the woods just to give the story authenticity? These are the questions we should be asking. Why were 2 gas masks purposely left on the floor outside the theater at the Aurora Colorado shooting a few years back? Why was even the mainstream media so quick to point out that Omar Mateen had been tracked by FBI and they knew about him? Do you really think that the mainstream media wants you to see that the FBI is incompetent? I discussed this issue in the context of the Orlando shooting before.

Regarding the Orlando night club event, ask yourself, why did CNN and the rest of the mainstream media allow the segment to leak out about someone “holding the door” shut at the Orlando shooting so that no one can get out? This segment should have shocked everyone. And why would the mass media then interview a man named Luis Burbano who admits on camera that he was the one holding the door? This without question is one of the deep mysteries of the Orlando shooting “event” which everyone by now has forgotten. See image below.

luis_psyopThe point is that I firmly believe that elements are now being inserted that have several distinct effects. They serve the purpose of authenticating the story. Even the alternative media quickly concluded that the event was real only it was a “real false flag” narrative as in “we believe the event happened, but it was done by paid government mercenaries or operatives.” This narrative may be entirely false but the additional segments that give it reality make it more believable. This again serves the purpose of making the event real in one way or another to everyone but in different ways (divide and conquer) so that those calling the entire event fake thus stand alone isolated in their views. Perhaps this is the point, again think in terms of divide and conquer.

8 – Obviously fake elements deliberately inserted to subliminally mock truth seeking community

Here’s another element few are paying attention to. At this point I don’t think there’s any doubt that the controllers know that a large segment of humanity has caught on to their staged events. So ask yourself, how would they use this information against us? How about creating an event with possible real components and then float out the obviously fake crisis actors to essentially mock truth seekers. Again, this is a topic I’ve hit on following the landmark Orlando shooting “event” that needs to be reiterated. Crisis actor victims were magically transported one block down the road only to stage a walk BACK TOWARD the Pulse night club in front of the CNN cameras.

Why? We should all be asking this very important question. As I said in my previous articles – did they WANT us to see these obvious crisis actors? The goal is no less than to cause confusion and to potentially mock those who are looking for the truth.

How about the crisis actor “eyewitness” posing for the camera at the Dallas, Texas sniper shooting practically wearing the exact same American flag t-shirt as Christopher Hansen, the key crisis actor story teller of the Orlando event? Coincidence? You decide.

shirtpsyopWe must now become aware of all of these elements to stay on top of the next false flag psyop event.

9 – Staged “cell phone footage” to authenticate the story delivered by specific individuals

After doing some research I’m very skeptical of the “cell phone footage” released during the Dallas sniper shooting. Listen to the narrator of the video posted below and notice how he carefully narrates to point out where the shooter is. Listen to him saying things like “you see him moving around?” and “this guy is evil … sorry, this guy needs to be killed” even though there is no way that he could know this information from the distance he is located. According to the person who made the video below the narrator even claims to have footage of the actual shooting. Conveniently that footage is missing and the channel he claims to have the video “MK7Wolf” conveniently is “vanished” from YouTube. Can it be because this video never existed? Calling for the shooter’s death again just seems to add to the authenticity of the story and stirs up emotion. Watch the video for yourself beginning at around 12:40 and see what you think. Either way (multiple shooter false flag or staged event) the video as a whole proves that the official story is a lie.

We saw similar conveniently timed sketchy cell phone footage taken of “the chase” at San Bernardino. Authenticating segments of “the chase” was critical to the official story and the character who filmed the video, I believe, was staged there to capture blurry indistinguishable footage that nonetheless lent authenticity to the story. We saw similar seemingly staged cell phone footage segments at the Paris concert shooting as well.

So in the next psyop event don’t fall so quickly for the ONE cell phone footage segment. Remind yourself that everyone has a cell phone with a camera and we should be seeing massive amounts of cell phone footage of these events from many different angles not just one.

10 – Retroactive construction of the final story often takes days or weeks (or longer)

Does everyone know what stage we are in when it comes to the Orlando shooting event? Right now we are in what I will call for the sake of this article the “extended retroactive story construction period.” This is the period of weeks and months following a staged event when the controllers can roll out other events and stories to capture your attention and get your attention away from the story.

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During this period they can construct all the evidence they need but, unlike the early moments following the event, they can actually take their time and construct this evidence with more precision and care. For example, during this period they can construct additional surveillance camera video footage, they can pull out “new” images that show the attacker entering the building, they can pull out “new” documents that support the official story, set up their fake death certificates and much more. Recall following 9/11, much later on the government released controlled images of the never before seen “plane wreckage” at the Pentagon (see below) which of course on the day of the event there was “not a sign anywhere of any plane having crashed there” to paraphrase Fox news’ own reporter on the scene.

pentagon29_smallRealize that you (we) are all being played and that with every day that goes by something else is being done to fool you. We know they can’t possibly have all their evidence ready at first and that is why they need time to synthesize their evidence. This is what is currently happening for all the staged events we’ve witnessed in the recent past (June-July 2016) or so, and I’m not even going to get into the long distance story construction (think: “I shot Bin Laden”) and the eventual Hollywood movie they will release to reinforce the story much later down the road.

11 – Long and detailed narration of the aftermath by the mass media

Following every “breaking news” 24/7 psyop event notice how for the next week or two we’ll get daily if not hourly fine tuning of the story with lots of behind-the-scenes segments being added like for example “mother of shooter apologizes, didn’t see this coming” or “girlfriend of shooter says he hated white people” or “gays” or whatever it may be. These aftermath segments are all designed to pad the official narrative and make you digest the reality of the context of the event. As time goes on, of course, we’ll always get “details” of the gun purchase, how the shooter obtained training and much more. Obviously we’re all familiar with the usual “manifesto” as well.

12 – Early reaction to the event, televised ceremonies create backdrop for multi-million dollar funding campaigns and call for new legislation

I’ve already discussed this element in previous articles but it’s worth mentioning again here. The long emotional and morality based ceremonies talking about “god” and “the lord,” “love,” “forgiveness” at a time like this, are all part of the period setting up the big money train and legislation that is to follow. The ceremonies thus act as a calm before the storm and charges up the participants into an emotional state where they are prepared to take action. Who can forget Sandy Hook crisis actor and fake FBI agent David Wheeler (along with his wife) touring the country telling his compelling story, desperately calling for gun control.


13 – Subsequent psyop staged false flag events are used as opportunities to rekindle the “reality” of past events

Finally, we are now seeing how staged false flag events are being used as golden opportunities to rekindle the memory of other staged events just in case you have forgotten. Look for this tactic which they are using every time now. This is a reminder that the gun control agenda is a process. It’s not about one event, they are in a mission filled with many events that need reinforcement. The events are playing out differently. Some may have elements of reality and others not. They are potentially mixing realities and challenging you to guess which one it is. Confusion and chaos, as I pointed out in a recent article, are the goal and now the norm.

Plain and simple, as I continue to warn, we’re all being played in one way or another. The deception is so deep I can only present, as I see it, the various segments of these ongoing deceptions. No one said this information war and defending freedom would be easy and for anyone still in the old model of “real event” versus “false flag real event” you are falling behind in the information war. As I said earlier, the tactics are now much more sophisticated and the game has changed. The goal is to confuse you into submission and we have to look at all elements of these events in the context of our new reality.

If you agree please share this message.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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  1. Amazingly brilliant, informative article! Thank you, sir. I shall pass it around.

  2. great article.

  3. Great story…thanks.

  4. I do not watch the mainstream media at all. The one thing I do know is…if it is on mainstream media it is a staged reality show with lousy crisis actors who immediately start a tax free gofundme money trail.

  5. Columbine was a real event and to this day the parents and victims can hardly discuss it. I do believe at some point they (the luciferian traitors) will perform a major event and my fear is that they will not use the loser crisis actors but will harm the innocent people. I trust nothing about the luciferians that have global control.

    • Oh, you mean like 9/11.

      • Touché.

      • 911 was a real event. It was a false flag perpetrated and planned by the luciferian filth that we the people have allowed to rule us. They murdered many people in order to justify murdering even more people in Iraq. This country has so much blood on their hands that even God has removed his divine protection so I would be ready for anything and do not expect a fake election this year. The king is not going any where. Martial Law will be enacted. In 2014 on the luciferian United Nations website it stated that the UN global laws would be implemented in 2015 and enforced in 2016. Get ready because they are most likely not going to continue to use the worthless lousy traitors the “crisis actor” We have allowed luciferian filth to keep us in their filthy bondage since 1913…It is called the Federal Reserve. You might want to check that out. A lot is happening and the truth is there on the United Nations Website if you dig deep enough and on the Lucis Trust Website (formerly lucifer publishing….they openly admit that lucifer is “the christ and they do plan to introduce that filth to the masses) Lucis Trust is a consultant to the United Nations and the goal is a One World Religion with lucifer leading the people as “the christ” so yes events are happening to bring order out of chaos and the reason they want the guns….is because they will gun you down. The empirorer (spelled wrong) of Japan once said that “You can never attack America because there is a gun behind every blade of grass” That is why they want the guns of America. Americans were idiots to register any weapons years ago. This agenda has been in the works for a very long time. The countries are falling like dominoes and now they are coming for America. The plan in the 90’s by the Club of Rome aka Committee of 300 was to flood the Anglo Saxon nations with hordes of illegals and immigrants at the same time they were destroying the economy of those nations. It is all out there for anyone to see that seeks truth and for those that do not seek truth….good luck to ya. Never forget satan comes in prosperously…yet death will still be here…Ask yourself why Christ would need money or any form of credit. A fake jesus is on the horizon and the main thing in all of this is to Trust God and only God….Satan will have 2.5 months to sit on the throne at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and then it is game over for him and his fallen angel filth. The leaders in this country and germany and russia are luciferians as is trump and hillary….their god is lucifer period. They are paving the way for martial law and a global economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic…not to worry tho…”the christ” will come and save everybody….that is the plan and it is written in the Holy King James Bible..It is written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it is written on Lucis Trust website, it is there on the United Nations website…it is written in the Book of Enoch and it is even written in the Holy Constellations of the Glorious Heavens that Almighty God placed so there would never be darkness on the face of the earth and there is NO darkness because the Holy Scriptures are literally written in the Heavens so none of us will ever have an excuse to bow a knee to satan.

        • While i appreciate your lengthy comment, i have been researching this stuff since the 70’s. Be not afraid, we are going home soon! ; }

          • Awesome! I started when I was 13 in the 70’s but much of it made no since to me. I read and studied the Holy Scriptures and the one verse that did stand out for me at 13 was when Christ said..”Ye do err, no knowing Scripture.” In my twenties in the 80’s the Holy King James Bible became my passion. I studied everything I could get my hands on. A couple of books really stood out…when I was young. One was the communist manifesto and the other one was I believe may have been written by Nicoli Tesla’s son and the title was Angels Don’t Play this Haarp…but you have studied also so you know that one truth will lead to another truth and ultimately you know what is absolutely going to happen. I look not for “the christ” which I believe they just symbolically crowned at their “inauguration” at the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerlad…I look for Christ and when he appears we are all instantly changed. satan can only perform a smoke and mirrors show that will be as obvious to those like me as the fake crisis actors. If you cannot see the truth now you will certainly not see behind the holograms that I believe will be used to perform his ridiculous miracles. The only miracle I care about is being with my loved ones and that is something he cannot do. So his temptations will be those that Christ faced. All material wealth and gain…meaningless vanity for those of little faith. Our duty as watchmen is to warn the people of what is going to transpire. So that is what I do. I do not care if people believe me…I care for those that do…those that have eyes to see and ears to hear….the others will reap their own reward. “Perfect Love Cast out all fear” KJV…”Touch not mine annointed” KJV we have absolute protection and nothing can touch the Gods annointed. We will be rounded up to face satan. We will have tribulation (temptation) for ten days….when the two witnesses are murdered in Jerusalem…they rise again in 3.5 days and that is when “the christ” is destroyed and cast into chains for one more time. Christ returns at that time when the two witnesses rise from the dead. This is all Scriptural. I choose Christ and when he comes back this time he is coming back to kick a$$. Gods people are not wimps they are Soldiers. We are in the season and things are going to happen very quickly. Much of it unexpected for the masses. Much of it frightening because America is going to pay a price for the abortions, for the evil that we have allowed but…those that get in the Ark..(The Holy Word of God) will be safe and God will feed them manna again. So CarriedbyGrace…warn the people. Sound the alarm.

        • Awesome post, friend!

    • False Flag event does not mean nobody was killed. It means that the government set it all up.

      • It actually means it was not done by the people to whom it was attributed. It MIGHT have been the government, but it wasn’t (for example) guys with box cutters or on someone on a dialysis machine in a cave. It wasn’t a “lone nut” gunman with an antique and barely functional rifle and a poor vantage point.

    • Victory: yes it is too painful to talk about your child’s death for weeks or months. It is also too painful for an amputee. These should be red flags at Boston and Sandy Hook.

  6. Great insight to the new age matrix a reality of misinformation or ones reality is ones perception…..scary!

  7. check out the youtube video……… Mossad Agent Films Staged Munich Shooting & Bastille Day Hoax …you can’t make this stuff up

  8. 14 – Video surveillance cameras “out of order” or segments showing poor quality and dubious images…
    The list goes on, great article.

  9. Brilliant article, thank you!

  10. So Luis Barbano is Hodor (game of throwns).
    8) I’m sure the flag shirted actors make a little more, they are the narrative.
    11) Adam Lanza (if he really ever existed) put on body armor to attack a bunch of non kids whilst shooting an ar found in the trunk of the car (huhh?) of his neighbor that must have thought he was going to a costume party.
    18) Connors from CNN or Shepherd from faux shows up.
    And the radio talking heads all purport the lie as if they know that these events were real world.

    A hoax – none dies.
    False Flag some (might) die.

  11. Really interesting article, not sure I am 100% convinced but definitely leaves you with a lot to ponder on. Anyone any links to further supporting evidence? I’ve certainly been very unsure about the goings on in Munich.

    • Check out my profile for some good links.

    • 100 percent con: Definitely..

      ‘Tis all a charade, every single day, underpinned by the bought and souled lame stream brigade, crisis actors always at play, hidden hands squeeze many glands, believe not a word, do your research, you’ll then be assured.

      http :// nodisinfo. com/

  12. I don’t totally agree that those are elements of staged attacks per se, even though it’s extremely likely that false flag attacks can happen and have been manipulated to legitimize clampdows and wars. Many of the elements described above are also elements of bad journalism and sensationalized news, which can be caused by a desperation for ratings, as well as by a desire to brainwash the public. Either way the newscaster is guilty of mass deception and we need to be aware that it’s happening, but it seems destructive to assume that there is always a massive campaign to manipulate facts. Thinking that way makes you apathetic and paranoid about changing the system – you just assume that it’s all rigged against you and can’t change anything. I’d rather see the average member of the public demanding greater press transparency and independent NGO’s tracking the accuracy of news reports, than have every reader of this page walk away feeling like they’re damned whatever they do. At the end of the day, each and every one of us is a part of making the system what it is, for better or worse. When people start assuming that the system’s all-powerful and can’t be changed, they’re believing a lie that is just as dangerous as any fake news report the media could ever create.

    • Snow Job: “I don’t totally agree…”.

      Nice try at psyop, Jane, failed miserably even before the false flag starting gun went off, English as written by a computer, whilst “telling lies is just as dangerous as believing Jane Snow-jobs lies”, there, fixed it for you, no charge.

  13. This is a great article for those that are ALREADY educated on this propaganda taking place. It’s quite a leap for those who are totally unaware that they live in a matrix of lies. Some will not be able to readjust their view of reality and of our criminal government.

  14. Check out my profile for some more good links about these hoaxes.

  15. It doesn’t have to look real since its on the telly?

  16. Great article. Don’t forget the pre-staged event where law enforcement or intel does “active shooter” training or “mass casualty” drills. We can only hope that all the shekels in the world will (eventually) not keep some of these participants silent-that they come forth as “whistle blowers” or, better still, a False Flag PSYOP is gutted in the planning/rehearsal stage BEFORE it “goes live”. Surely, many in the Media, Law Enforcement, Intel, Elected Officials, General Public have a story-the REAL STORY, to tell.

  17. Excellent list, and people need to start paying attention. In a world where we can see movies that convince us aliens are attacking, or dinosaurs are roaming around eating people, and it looks real, does anyone thing staging a fake event would be that difficult?

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  19. Look for #14: a patsy-perpetrator[s] with an appropriately odd bio who, after unleashing the violent “event,” is _always_ killed (or suicides) at the scene.

  20. Yup the crisis actors are blatantly fake. I don’t know how so many people are duped by all of this when it is all so clear to so many of the rest of us.

    • Very few really can see…most are scared too see the truth they are afraid of it…(why I do not know) or they just really do not care, and many are busy just trying to survive….I just always had to know what was true and what was a lie…especially, during my school years, and at the “church” I remember as a child being horrified at what the guy was teaching and I thought “He is lying on God” I was stunned. I was six years old. So, the truth or the desire to seek it can come at a very young age and can be understood from a very young age. Once you can see it is just blatant filth, perversion and destruction everywhere…but those that can see the evil can also see God in all of it and we know what the end will be…Almighty God revealed that to us thru his Holy Prophets in the King James Bible. Their evil plan will never come to fruition.

  21. Crack is whack man.

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