Why the Orlando Shooting Won’t Lead to More Gun Control

gun control constitutionOp-Ed by Joshua Krause

While leftists and moderates tends to look down on gun owners who stock up on firearms after every mass shooting, these people aren’t crazy. Not only are there more calls to restrict gun ownership in the media after these attacks, but there is often a spike in support for gun control among Americans. The nightclub shooting in Orlando is no exception.

Unsurprisingly, a Huffington Post/YouGov survey found that 55% of respondents want stricter gun control, a 7 point increase since the Orlando shooting. The poll also found that more Americans support a ban on “assault rifles,” and 86% of Americans would like to prevent people on the terror watch list from buying firearms.

An NBC poll found that 61% of Americans want tougher gun laws. And a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University has found that 58% of Americans would like to see a ban on “assault type weapons.”

Perhaps the most dramatic change was found in a CBS poll, which showed that 57% of Americans now support a ban on assault weapons (i.e. semi-automatic rifles) which is up from 44% in December. Fortunately, these numbers probably won’t last. According to the Huffington Post:

There’s no guarantee that fears raised by the Orlando shooting will even last until the election. Far from reflecting an unprecedented sea change, the newest poll shows public opinion returning to about where it was after last year’s shooting in San Bernardino, California. That attack, like a host of others before it, failed to produce much in the way of political change before the nation’s concerns dissipated.

Opinions on gun control tend to sway drastically after mass shootings, but eventually swing back like a pendulum in the weeks that follow. The overall trend in America for the past 30 years, has been more support for loosening firearm restrictions and conceal carry regulations (with the exception of a few states and municipalities of course), despite the fact that dozens of mass shootings have occurred in that time.

That’s because Americans are highly vulnerable to media hype, except when it comes to guns. If it seems like all of our well-known celebrities and political figures are supporting something, then millions of Americans will back them. But when it comes to gun rights, Americans have a tendency to come to their senses after a while. The gun debate flares up after every mass shooting and, most of the time, gun owners win that debate by citing common sense and our constitutional rights.

It just goes to show that the Second Amendment is always in the most peril immediately following a mass shooting. Once these attacks occur, the gun grabbers have a very small window of opportunity to propose and establish new laws. The American political system is simply too slow to keep up with popular sentiments, so these laws tend to fail.

Keep that in mind in the weeks ahead, and remember it when the next mass shooting happens. When the gun grabbers come out to propose new firearm restrictions, you have to stand up for your beliefs and meet them with solid, practical and ethical arguments in favor of the Second Amendment. Leftists don’t have much staying power on this issue, and they will lose over and over again if you doggedly challenge their attempts to exploit a tragedy.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger.

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61 Comments on "Why the Orlando Shooting Won’t Lead to More Gun Control"

  1. What a ridiculous article! Supporting so called “gun control” isn’t anything more than instituting common sense rules to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, the terrorists and the criminals. It is all about making it more difficult to get military weapons that have no place on the streets of America and that goes for those such weapons currently in the hands of the police as well.

    • We have 22,000 gun control laws in this country. What would you add? Show me one of our laws that prevented a terrorist, criminal or mentally ill person from acquiring a gun. I challenge you. And lastly, there are NO military weapons on the streets of America. The military does not use AR15s – they have actual machine guns which are not legal for civilians.

      • Then pray tell, who besides crazed killers does use AR15s?

        • sharon sampson | June 19, 2016 at 2:29 pm | Reply

          People who have seen the writing on the wall and want the best protection there is!! Or a better protection. What about BOMBS? Did you know that there was a guy with a van full of bomb chemicals, guns was supposed to do a similar THING in California? He found that Omar had been killed and he was told that wasn’t supposed to happen so he (using some actual brain cells) called the FBI to squeal in exchange for protection. My biggest fear are the LEO’S and swat teams and assassins that want to take intelligent people out first. I’m not thinking of protecting my family from TERRORISTS, but from our own government…and sweetie, I am not a crazed killer. I won’t kill a spider…I love all forms of life and know more about us and other lives than most. I also have been paying attention to history!! And I shall be taking idiots out before I am totally incapcitated!! Whether idiot neighbors and especially idiots that come to take my guns, ruin my life, hurt my animals…threaten my babies.

          • Archie1954 | June 19, 2016 at 3:36 pm |

            You are responsible for your own fears. In a democracy, you get the government you deserve! Governments should fear the people (turning them out of office) not the other way around. If that isn’t the case in the US, then don’t blame the government, blame yourselves.

          • sharon sampson | June 19, 2016 at 5:13 pm |

            Your world rationalization would make more sense if we thought we could depend on OUR VOTE counting. Do you really, really believe anyone with more money than the damn Queen would allow us to have our votes count!? Archie, Archie…this world is far more complicated yet incredibly predictable than what you are imagining…

          • Archie1954, how can you be so sick as to claim that the U.S.A. is a d-word government?
            People being constantly suckered into using d-word methods to give up their rights and to take rights from their neighbors is not a good way to run a country.
            While d-word and r-word governments are the lowest of the low, that is not what the U.S.A. is.
            Our founding fathers set up the U.S. to be a Limited Constitutional Republic.
            The question of whether all citizens are allowed to own guns was settled with the 2nd amendment. It cannot be infringed without overthrowing the U.S. Bill of Rights which would immediately nullify the Constitution for the United States of America which would remove the definition of what the U.S.A. is. End of subject.
            We are now a corporate controlled fascist state called the Fourth Reich.

          • Good post…

        • Archie1954 posted, “Then pray tell, who besides crazed killers does use AR15s?”.
          Please ask the FBI why they demand people that they are training to be “terrorist” purchase that specific model of rifle.

        • Government agencies. Oh wait…sorry, you said “crazed killers”…right. I’m still right. Government agents =crazed killers, especially if they have FBI CIA NSA IRS, KGB, whateva printed on their lil neck badge dangly thingie.

          So yes I agree, Archie. NO GOVERNMENT AGENT SHOULD USE AR-15’s. High 5 you got one right this time.

      • And ALL of those 22,000 gun Laws” are un constitutional and should be disobeyed.

        What is it about “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do people not understand?

        • And what part of the word “arms” that were in existence in the late 1700s do you not understand?

    • Sparky McBiff | June 19, 2016 at 11:05 am | Reply

      What “military weapons” are you talking about??
      You obviously know nothing about guns and are simply parroting uninformed nonsense that the ignorant media presstitutes are spewing.
      I would absolutely LOVE to hear an example of what you call a “common sense rule” that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
      Obviously you’re mentally incapable of realizing that they are called CRIMINALS specifically because the DON”T OBEY THE RULES!!!!
      “Gun control” simply restricts weapons from the law-abiding people and leaves them defenceless to the criminals who will always have guns.
      And for your information the government is pressing very very hard to remove the guns from the people because the Second Amendment was written because the founders realized that having a well-armed populace is ultimately the only way to keep your country against an out of control tyrannical government.

      • The most common sense rules are those that prevent the most dangerous of people from accessing guns. In other words background checks are done on them before they are allowed to purchase. We know that criminals don’t pay attention to rules but we hope and believe that purveyors of guns be required to. For your information, a nation that is 250 years old and crows constantly about how great its democracy is, should have figured out by now that guns don’t work to remove a tyrannical leadership, the ballot box does!

        • The Ballot Box? LMFAO! If voting worked it would have been outlawed decades ago. The only way to remove tyranny/tyrants is to Kill Them All.

        • It is the most dangerous people like oath-takers that defend the Constitution for the United States of America that I want to have the guns, not our corrupt government.
          It would also be nice for anyone convicted of political crimes like speeding, marijuana possession, speaking their mind, or wanting freedom to have guns.
          If the “dangerous” people had enough quality weapons, the tyranny would back off.

    • I thought it was Supporting the 2nd since guns sales SURGE like a tsunami after these attacks by the FBI claiming to be radical islam!!

    • George Reichel | June 19, 2016 at 11:11 am | Reply

      Second Amendment isn’t about hunting

    • And how do you classify a weapon as a “military weapon”……one that is black?……one that is ugly?……one that has a magazine, sling or maybe one that has a “tough guy logo” painted on the side of it…..Isn’t an 1858 US Govt. 58cal Mississippi muzzle loading Rifle that shoots a conical lead ball a Military Weapon ?…..It has an eagle engraved on the side plate (scary eh)…….

    • “keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, the terrorists and the criminals.”
      It is the government that decides that everyone but them is mentally ill.
      It is the government that are the terrorist but claim that everyone else is.
      It is the government that passes unConstitutional laws that makes everyone but them a criminal.
      Gun control is all about removing guns from honest citizens and oath-keepers so only the government and other criminals have guns.
      If not for some people fighting for the 2nd amendment, the corrupt government of the corporations, against the people, and by the elites would have full control of everything you do, say, and think.
      They are getting close to that type of control anyway.

    • sharon sampson | June 19, 2016 at 1:39 pm | Reply

      Some of us see that these are all ‘steps’ to be taken to finally get guns out of our hands. And that is just wrong. I was pretty appalled to read many articles, believable articles, that this shooting was a hoax. When I watched these people being videoed being carried by others, then when they thought they weren’t being videoed they dropped the guy lit a smoke and everyone walked away. All of them used the Pulse in the background which meant they walked TOWARD the pulse not away.

      If the laws in place right now are unable to keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys oh well, then the good guys better have guns with which to protect themselves. Gun Free zones are the easiest to do mass killings…but this one is looking to be a hoax. Amazing. NO BLOOD. No bodies. Scary that hollywood can convince anyone of anything!

      Oh, also, not ONE but a group were supposedly involved. The FBI was called by a dude in California, from Indiana, with bomb chemicals and guns ready to do a simutaneous ‘killing’ in California with Orlando. This kid wasn’t as dumb as he looked. He called the FBI for protection when he learned Omar was dead because THAT wasn’t supposed to HAPPEN… in exchange for information. Won’t find this on mainstream media! Another false flag…

      • With this many people involved it would be impossible to keep such a secret for long!

        • You are too ignorant for your own good. That’s the same simpleton argument used for everything. Many secrets are kept secret by may people/groups every day for decades and centuries. Go do some reading and learn something other than what you are told by the TV or Facebook.

          • Archie1954 | June 19, 2016 at 3:25 pm |

            I haven’t watched TV for over a decade because I don’t trust the networks to tell the truth and all of it. I only use facebook to access comments on websites and nothing else. I do not blog or read other bogs on Facebook. My information comes from alternate news sites on the internet. There is no way this kind of secret could be kept for very long, none at all.

          • Sure. And JFK went down just like they told us, right? You’re a useless eater and a mouth breather. Secret societies, Masons, and many more run the show and you better believe they know how to keep their business silent. Instead of posting useless comments, use your time to educate your stupid self about what’s really going on around you….

          • Archie1954 | June 20, 2016 at 12:08 am |

            I have been educating myself about about all these matters for years, so please don’t make such accusations. If you are concerned about secret parties, then you are responsible for the problem, so don’t make it someone else’s problem! I actually don,t know how you can ignore the terrible effect that the second amendment has had on the US. Please don’t tell me that it is what the founding fathers planned because that is ridiculous! They were considering a standing militia as the best defense for democracy against an enemy. That consideration got so disturbed, distracted and disrupted in the ensuing years that the idea of a militia was lost to history. Now the US has to deal with the result of foolish court opinions that have come down in the interim. That is where you are today and you had better well deal with it!

          • Archie1954, our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment for the citizens to be able to put down a tyrannical government.
            Our founding fathers were right.
            We need the 2nd amendment more today than ever.
            Our founding fathers set up a Limited Constitutional Republic.
            Unfortunately, due to poor U.S. schools and traitors, that has degraded to be the worst of the worst. We forgot the “Limited” part and “Constitutional” part of our government and are now a corporate controller fascist state called the Fourth Reich.
            Germany and other fascist states also disarmed all patriotic citizens to be able to gain full power.

          • No need for name calling, friend. The truth takes time for most people to swallow; its a bitter pill to swallow afterall and then you have to digest it!

        • sharon sampson | June 20, 2016 at 1:29 pm | Reply

          You would think, Archie! But I’ve seen video/pictures of the Pennsylvania flight unloading its passengers at some undisclosed location, time stamped. But just one person trying to be a whistle blower looks like and is treated like a conspiracy nut. They’ve been threatened…the lives of their children for instance. And those people that could be whistle blowers KNOW that that isn’t a lame threat.

          I have also seen footage of the FBI playing around in the Oklahoma building BEFORE the demolition.

          I watched 9/11 happen as it happened. Did YOU see a plane crash at the Pentagon?

          Truly not impossible to keep huge ‘secrets’ because most of us are not able to imagine our country being other than the best in the world. Most of us will not ever see stuff our mind can’t handle. And they are getting more and more blatant about orchestrating events because they count on people like you to believe what you are being told.

          Today, on Craig’s list was an advertisement for ‘actors’ for a presidential event in Bernie Sander’s state. That is in our face and pisses me off they think we are that stupid…go look if it is still there.

          Be a courageous guy and go watch ‘In Plane Sight’…just that one. I could recommend quite a few other mind blowers that have no other motivation other than helping us to see we are getting ‘thrown under the bus’ by our own government.

          • Archie1954 | June 20, 2016 at 4:55 pm |

            There is no question in my mind that 9/11 was not everything it has been made out to be. I truly believe there was inside help to get the evil deed done! What I don’t understand is why the great majority of Americans can’t see what I see. Why are they not clamouring for a real investigation? Why isn’t all of the Bush League not in prison instead of waltzing around the country? You may think otherwise, but I know the people rule, guns or not. If anything at all, this terrible betrayal should have had every patriotic gun owner on the streets of America demanding that the parties who were asleep or complicit on 9/11 be arrested. What use are guns held under the Second Amendment, if they are not used to cure a deadly political disease that is destroying the country?

          • sharon sampson | June 21, 2016 at 1:00 pm |

            You are just beginning to wake up, Archie. That is a very good thing. Waking up is best done a little at a time. At least you are entertaining these gosh awful events. Truly, the scariest part of all of this is how others DON’T SEE and insist on seeing our country is great when the evidence is right in front of our faces. Did you ever read and learn about the Lavoy Finicum assassination Harney County, Burns, Oregon fiasco? This was a crystal clear message to us PATRIOTS of what will happen if we think we can call BS too loudly.

          • sharon sampson | June 21, 2016 at 1:24 pm |

            Dang, my comment just got wiped out, arghhhh. You’ll start seeing that happen. I went into some detail to include your statement, ‘I know people rule…’ Sigh. That will change. Please watch Zeitgeist Addendum, the second of the 3) 2hour documentaries. Definitely ‘In Plane Sight’…’Ethos’ and ‘Unsealed, Conspiracy Theories’….a little at a time. Hang in there, you’ll be in very good company. Who wants to know these things…? They are, major sighs, true. I only woke up 2008, we are the same age. I just wish I could have awakened when I was younger!!

          • Good post…

    • When citizens face tanks and other “military” equipment from a tyrannical government,
      the citizens need better weapons instead of less effective weapons.
      The corrupt government are the mentally ill.
      The corrupt government are the terrorists.
      The corrupt government are the criminals.
      We should encourage people to protect themselves from the corrupt government of the corporations,
      against the people, and by the elites anyway that they can.

      • If the people were intelligent and interested enough, they could use the ballot box. It is much more powerful than any weapon.

        • sharon sampson | June 19, 2016 at 6:18 pm | Reply

          Dang, Archie! If things are as bad as what you are seeing can you imagine that TPTB would allow our vote to count? As it is now the process seems to calm most of us…helps to perpetuate this illusion/fantasy. We’ve got far larger stuff with which to be alarmed! But it is a beginning.

          • Pyra Gorgon | June 20, 2016 at 12:00 pm |

            He suffers from chronic HEAD~n~BUTT syndrome. The lack of air kills many brain cells leaving one to babble false mantras repeatedly, like, “ballot box”….remember how Bush used to say continuously, “terrorists” and “weapons of mass destruction”?

            People need to wake up to the fact that people are waking up and false narratives don’t have their gummy persistence they once had.

          • sharon sampson | June 20, 2016 at 1:12 pm |

            Zeitgeist was the best at showing that ‘terrorist’ mantra. Love gummy persistence!

  2. It is the government that decides that everyone but them is mentally ill.
    It is the government that are the terrorist but claim that everyone else is.
    It is the government that passes unConstitutional laws that makes everyone but them a criminal.
    Gun control is all about removing guns from honest citizens and oath-keepers so only the government and other criminals have guns.
    If not for some people fighting for the 2nd amendment, the corrupt government of the corporations, against the people, and by the elites would have full control of everything you do, say, and think.
    They are getting close to that type of control anyway.

    • They want as many people as possible to be unarmed so that their efforts in taking control will be with as little resistance as possible. I think they will find us a formidable enemy

  3. the feds are bringing in 10s of thousands of the muslim “refugees”(mostly young men of prime fighting age) into our country and the amount of mass shootings are going up. but, they are classifying most anything other than terror attacks. now that they bring a totally incompatible ideology(islam) into our country that is its mission to dominate the world to make sharia law worldwide(they are doing a great job in europe if you need some proof). now they want to disarm us when we need to defend ourselves more than ever with a problem the feds are creating by bringing in these terrorists wtf. political correctness and blindness to the reality of what islam is about and what they are doing will bring down the usa just like it is doing to other western nations. people better wake up because whats coming into our country isnt poor defenseless people in need of love and support…most are head to take our country over and kill us. if you think what i typed is insane well you are correct, but, its not me thats nuts, its people that follow and ideology/religion based on hate and killing…better read the Koran and the hadith. i hope to god my fellow countrymen wake-up to whats going on and get a bit of courage together to protect our country from this deadly invasion.

    • Pthbbt. I can count the number of muzzies out here in fly-over country with half a hand. A family of those sorts moved in a township over and stayed about 2 1/2 months before selling out and moving back to Dearborne or NY or some other urban rathole. I don’t have anything against muzzies other than they worship an ancient desert blood demon and have the morals of a rabid dog.

      Get out of the cities. Get. out. You will not survive what is to come if you remain in them.

  4. Sounds like 50% Americans are crims who cant be trusted that the other 50% need guns to kill them if they happen to draw a gun on them. And its not only the 50% good guys the cops seem to draw a gun faster than a bullet can fly and put enough lead into the victim whether he is guilty or not.
    I am so pleased I can sleep at night without a loaded gun under the blankets of fear of being mugged killed or robbed every night and day and the last thing on my mind is to carry any weapon.
    But then I live in New Zealand and most cops dont have to carry guns either.

    • sharon sampson | June 21, 2016 at 2:05 pm | Reply

      New Zealand is VERY different than America. People actually treat their neighbors and community members like family. Not here. I’ve a beloved KIWI friend…but that is what is cool about New Zealand. Gun Control is not the deciding factor at all for your country. Such a different bunch of philosophies!!

      I sleep at night just fine but always have access to guns and magazines, sweetie. America is vastly different.

      50% being criminals is not correct (I hope). Guns just aren’t nor have been any countries’ problem. TPTB don’t want us sheepies to have guns. Simple. Guns are not have never been the reason for suicides, ‘mass’ murders. Now the MEDIA, on the other hand, are far more complicit! Americans who have known nothing other than comfort is another huge problem. Education is the third problem.

      • I have been reading your other posts on here and on 911 etc. and I think we are on the same page like when one of my kids gave me a DVD called “In plane site” and I have to say that opened my eyes wide and yet try and discuss it with other people and you would have thought I said Jesus is coming back as they look with a blank stare of disbelief.
        But I am unable to see the need to carry guns in defence of the of-chance of being attacked unless it is carried in an easily accessible place. We have our murders and not all are committed with a gun and even a knife is considered an offensive weapon and is also illegal to carry on a person.
        How many accidental domestic deaths have been committed from having an easily accessible gun in the house from caring folks?
        As for the Government wanting to take your guns away I would think they have enough weapons to put down any uprising unless the Army changed sides for example even if every American had a gun.
        I guess we will have to agree to disagree on gun issue. Cheers.

        • sharon sampson | June 22, 2016 at 12:57 am | Reply

          Gosh, Andrew. I have to tell you you are waking up and once you learn WHY guns should not be banned and a bit more of this craziness…you will see that banning guns is just wrong. Guns all kinds of them are already here!! In my mind thank goodness! Banning guns is well, you’ll see.

          Get used to friends, family dissing you big time for thinking like a conspiracy theorist. Go slowly, little at a time. I’ve no doubt you’ll soon see that banning guns is bad bad bad. Until that time, sure we can agree to disagree! Once you see what is happening you’ll never be able to go back. Take your time…it is really mind boggling! Not meant for faint of heart…

  5. cellaphaneman | June 20, 2016 at 6:16 am | Reply

    No fly – no buy is unconstitutional since there are no guidelines published for the public, is covert and completely subjective. This is counter to sovereign U.S. folks. Immigrunts are not under he constitution until they take the oath.
    Ar15’s are a good self defense and or food gathering device.

  6. Stop spreading lies and disinfo. #1 AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! Stop saying that! #2. VOTING IS RIGGED IN AMERICA. Keep up with the times, Archie.. Have you not heard the Clinton California fraud going on? Or Obama’s voter fraud that got him elected…#3. You do keep a government in line through limiting their power grabbing potential. Guns tend to do that nicely. #4. We got the government we deserve because we are a SINFUL and WICKED SOCIETY. Governments reflect societal values, not the other way around.

  7. Governments no matter who they are no longer work for their people. And, its the same all over the world. They work for the top end of town and the level of corruption and false flags and non stop wars for bankster gains proves it! If you still believe that democracy exists, you are dreaming. No offence, but, this is what this forum is trying to expose. In due time, you will see for yourself that democracy is gone. That ship sailed years ago; its now on the bottom of the ocean…

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