VISA Launches Cashless Pay Wearable at 2016 Olympic Games

visa-payment-ring-3-1200-80By Derrick Broze

Visa will launch a new cashless pay system exclusively for athletes at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, Brazil.

When the 2016 Olympic games begin in Rio, Brazil this August, employees and partners of Visa will debut a new method of cashless payment. Visa has designed an as of yet unnamed wearable ring that will allow the user to pay for purchases without a card, wallet, or cellphone. EndGadget reported on the recent development:

The unnamed band is pretty simple in design. The interior contains a secure microchip from Gemalto and an embedded antenna; the exterior is simply a black or white ceramic loop. The addition of any kind of decorative metal or dye would interfere with the antenna. It also won’t be custom-fitted but, with 20 sizes available during its trial run, most testers should be able to find a good match. That initial group includes employees and partners, but most notably the 45 athletes sponsored by the payment provider, including swimmer Missy Franklin and fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Visa told EndGadget that the design came after talks with Olympic athletes regarding the struggles they face when using wallets and constantly changing in and out of uniforms. Apparently decathlete Ashton Eaton told Visa he wanted a payment method that could be integrated into his daily routine without any extra effort. The ring is designed to be water resistant up to 50 meters and does not require an external charge. If users lose the ring they can remotely deactivate the device using a smartphone so thieves cannot make use of the device.

For the last several years Activist Post has consistently followed the shift towards a cashless society. All throughout our world we can find examples of the elimination of cash and a cultural embrace of digital only payments. In late 2015 we reported that Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology released a statement discussing Sweden’s move to 100 percent digital bank branches that do not accept cash.

“Simultaneously, we are witnessing legislation and internal banking policies that make it – or will make it – virtually impossible to use cash unless you want to be investigated for money laundering or ties to terrorism,” wrote Nicholas West. “We have begun to hear an increasing chorus from central banks, lackey politicians and of course the United States IRS who are openly declaring a war on cash. So what will the new economic world look like?”

The call for digital money has not only come from governments and banking institutions, however. In March Activist Post reported on a new “Ultimate Banking” version of the Monopoly board game which promotes a future of centralized bank surveillance and management via the use of digital payment systems.  Also in March, Joshua Krause wrote about the European Central Bank’s suggestions that the 500 Euro note needed to be eliminated. Krause also noted that academics and policy makers in the US have called for the elimination of the $100 bill.

Conspiracy researchers have long warned about the coming age where cash would be extinct and the possibility that all transactions would be conducted using implanted microchips. The theories are being confirmed now that publications like Buzzfeed have begun to promote the idea of digital payments conducted via implants. In a recent report, Charlie Warzel, a senior writer at Buzzfeed News, discusses his recently implanted chip that allows him to make purchases by swiping his hand. The report, “I Ditched My Wallet And Ended Up With A Chip Implanted In My Hand,” has received over 3 million views in just two weeks.

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In the report Warzel goes to Sweden to get the microchip implanted in his hand. As Warzel notes, “Sweden happens to be way far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to getting rid of cash.” Thankfully, nearly all of the top comments on the Facebook video are from users who reject the idea.

“NO! Mark of the beast! You do realize once you get a chip in your hand the government will be able to keep tabs on you 24/7. And people are worried about “Big Brother” now with cameras everywhere. Why would you volunteer for this?”

“This is part of the new world order….”

“A stupid and disgusting idea. I wish people would stop blindly following whatever the next new thing is.”

“ I am NOT religious in any way but I do think this is a bad fucking idea!!! No thank you, I’ll stick to my cards and wallet and cash.”

It seems fairly obvious that the governments and banking institutions of the world would like to have the ability to easily monitor their subjects’ payments and movements by eliminating cash and hard assets in favor of digital only payment systems and invasive implants. Is this truly a part of the so-called New World Order? Would you choose to shift to digital only payments in the form of Visa’s ring or Buzzfeed’s hand implant? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. Welcome to the thin edge of the wedge of the ‘totalitarian-tip-toe’ of eventually mandating an RFID chip implant in every human being on earth, as being absolutely necessary & essential to purchase everything & anything to still eat & keep breathing…& if they don’t like you…they simply cancel your individual chip frequency…so we can all be Kontrolled via their fabricated ‘Hunger Game’ neo-society of a relative few that are very rich from usurious grand theft… VS… the ripped-off 99%….because this is where this is all heading (imo)

  2. Didn’t know the Olympics were still on. The world should boycott them.

  3. I will implant lead or steel in the fool crazy enough to approach me with that crap.

  4. By humanity creating its own banks shutting down the Rothschilds then refusing to work for enslaving corporations and creating cooperatives and collective to replace rich owners that use capitalism to enslave humanity; the world populous can prosper in the future without wars, of any loss of life. We must first organise and spread the good word.

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