US To Give Israel Largest Military Aid In History

usa-israelBy S.M. Gibson

While her speech today at the American Jewish Committee Global Forum included some vague criticism of ongoing Israeli settlement expansion, as usual that will have no impact on US policy, as National Security Adviser Susan Rice centered the speech on pledges of a record military aid package being agreed to soon.

The aid package, which Rice reiterated would be the “single largest military assistance package – with any country – in American history,” is expected to be between $37.5 and $40 billion over the next decade, which Rice said proved increasing aid to Israel isn’t a partisan issue in the US, but “an enduring American interest.”

The US had initially offered a $40 billion deal which required the Israeli government to promise not to lobby the US Congress for more money during the 10-year plan, but this was rejected by Netanyahu. Other offers, in the realm of $35 billion but without the restrictions, have similarly been spurned.

Getting Israel to agree to accept the record package remains the focus on Obama’s side, while many are warning Netanyahu that waiting Obama out and trying to get more from his successor risks alienating many Democrats, particularly in Netanyahu’s deal comes from a Republican president.

Initial reports suggested Netanyahu was looking for a deal in the realm of $45 billion, though much of the discussion is based around the assumption of always demanding at least a bit more than was offered, no matter how gaudy the package already is.

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6 Comments on "US To Give Israel Largest Military Aid In History"

  1. Why are the Us/German billionaires ( they make up a near 80% of the billionaire elites on the planet) so willing to give our tax dollars to Israel? Is it because they are stupid and do not know how to hold onto our money or is there some hidden agenda to make it look like the Zionists are so in danger of destruction that they need our monetary aid? Or is this some kind of Sub-Rosa plot left over from WWII to make the real Hebrew people patsies for global hatred as Henry Ford conceived with his promotion of the Principles of the Elder Zion to aid Hitler’s need to rally the German people?

  2. does this not clash with another article on this website, about why America is paying Israel to kill US soldiers on the USS LIBERTY.

  3. Iraq was destroyed
    Syria was destroyed
    Libya was destroyed.
    Liban was almost destroyed.
    Egypt has been kept from power and wealth.

    This is not enough ? US satanic elite want your blood, folks !

  4. The criminal (outlaw) CONgress coupled with the no-name puppet of the Usurped States will give his masters all they want.
    The unfed is more or less run by the same unholy leaders.
    More odious debt tied to the labor(backs) of the taxpayer and their children.

    News flash the ‘American’ elite know no boundaries – they are the problem for the world to render.

  5. how far are they going to take this? It never ends and most people in the US think this imperialism and militarism is a necessary evil — it is not! It has sewn the seeds of the end of prosperity and destroyed peace all over the world. I do not want my family’s hard earned money to pay for wars and destruction any longer.

  6. Absolutely disgusting and reprehensible. Israel is the biggest abuser of human rights and murderers of men, women and children. The are probably guilty of genocide. They do this with impunity and the West ignores the please of the Arabs, and this breeds rage. If a nation attacked Muslims, the US would go to war, but the cries of the Arabs falls upon def ears. Arabs have a right to be angry at the West in general and Israel in particular.

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