UAE Military Campaign “Practically Over” In Yemen After Series Of Crushing Defeats

tv-show-gives-uae-youths-a-lookBy Brandon Turbeville

After spending more than 14 months in Yemen as part of the “Saudi-led coalition” to re-impose the rule of corrupt Western-friendly Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and destroy the Houthi revolution, the United Arab Emirates are announcing their plans to withdraw from the country.

While the Saudis and their coalition laughably claim that their campaign is based upon human rights, the reality is that it is based upon the desire to prevent further Iranian influence in the region and the expansion of Shi’ite power.

Nevertheless, after over a year of military presence in Yemen and repeatedly crushing defeats, the UAE is stating that its campaign is “practically over.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed’s official Twitter account quoted the Minister of State For Foreign Affairs as saying “Our position today is clear: the war is practically over for our troops.”

“We are looking at political arrangements and our political role now is to empower the Yemenis in the liberated areas,” he said.

The statement was left somewhat open-ended thus suggesting the possibility that the UAE troops could remain in Yemen under the guise of providing protection for sensitive locations or “counterterrorism” operations.”

Emirati media is now attempting to cover up for the massive failure of UAE operations claiming that the military phase has ended and that it is now merely time for a political phase.

It is unclear whether or not the UAE pullout of Yemen has resulted in any disagreement between the Emiratis and the Saudis.

However, the Saudis have recently argued for yet another major push toward Houthi territory so it is clear that, if the UAE does indeed end its military participation in the campaign, the Saudis and the UAE are on very different pages.

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2 Comments on "UAE Military Campaign “Practically Over” In Yemen After Series Of Crushing Defeats"

  1. God bless you Houthis…You Defeated the Zionist Muslims of UAE…

  2. colinjames71 | June 20, 2016 at 12:07 am | Reply

    As Eric Draitser put it (in his weekly appearance on CPR Sundays, always a great show which I highly encourage people to check it out), what’s happening in Yemen is basically an ongoing, continuous war crime. And while I may delight in schadenfreude over the Saudis & friends getting their assess kicked despite the massive firepower advantage (Thanks in part to a recent gargantuan weapons deal facilitated by a certain Secretary of State, apparently greased by a rather large donation to a particular “charitable organization”), the situation for the average Yemeni is horrific beyond words and gets almost no press whatsoever. Maybe the best news from Yemen in I don’t know how long, let’s hope it’s the beginning of the end for this particular tragedy.

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