The TSA’s Answer to Long Lines Is … Wait for It … “More Security”

Exploring Denver International AirportBy Mac Slavo

In a very classic sense, it is a strategy for acquiring more power.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Though the TSA has never been effective at catching or reducing terrorism, it has become very good at inconveniencing Americans.

Rifling through their things, herding them through S-ray machines reminiscent of Nazi policies, forcing people to withstand increasingly long lines, with many people even losing out on flights. All in the name of security.

After wait times across the country have made headlines and left airport travelers stranded and fed up, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, whose agency overseas the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is calling for a solution based in… what else… greater security.

Secretary Johnson is using the 2016 travel crisis to push for more sign-ups in its Pre-Check program, in which applicants undergo a rigorous background check and pay an $85 fee for speedy TSA screenings. Johnson dubbed it “the E-ZPass of airports.”

As CBS News reports:

As the TSA struggles to fix the airport security gridlock, airlines are jumping in to help.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is experimenting with a new system to expedite the process with new automated security lanes, which Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson describes as “the E-ZPass of airports.”

[Johnson told “CBS This Morning”] that becoming a TSA PreCheck member would help cut the wait down to an average of five minutes or less.


But Johnson said that even “in the face of increased travel volume, we are not going to compromise aviation security.”

Anything to avoid a long line and a pat down, eh?

Johnson’s comments gave a strong indication that the controversial agency had no plans of backing down, despite long lines, vowing not to “compromise on security.”

In other words, those not willing to sign up for the additional background check program will be left waiting.

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For now, this Pre-Check system is an elite path to bypassing the rigor and discomfort of TSA screenings and speed up the hassle of traveling.

In the long run, it is part of the biometric ID grid that will place everyone under preemptive suspicion and real-time, global surveillance and monitoring.

Those who seek greater control are using the problem of long airport lines to whip the public into compliance with its new security systems (which have been active for many years, but so far only adopted by a few).

If people don’t sign-up now, can they expect more terrorism to speed the recruitment effort?

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21 Comments on "The TSA’s Answer to Long Lines Is … Wait for It … “More Security”"

  1. The answer is no. We are already paying you jerks; now do your job. Precheck is stupid. Who’s to say you won’t be compromised after the approval . Just a way to get us all in database system w/ fingerprints AND pay them too. Again NO!

    • I predicted the Pressure for Pre-Check scenario two weeks ago after the
      story came out in AP about the long lines and everyone having enough of
      the TSA. This is in no way a brag mind you, only a statement proving that their actions
      are ludicrously transparent, contrived, and easily predicable.

      • You caught that too. Old souls think alike? 😉 It’s a never ending series of problem, reaction, solution. TPTB are able to spin virtually any story and any incidents to serve their ends. I’ve found seeing it is akin to deciphering a puzzle or code, once recognized the illusions disappear. Allegorically, I picture the image of Cypher in The Matrix staring at a green screen of symbols cascading down and he says I don’t even see the code [anymore].

        • Hello blue! Yes, that scene perfectly describes it, good pick. I’m definitely seeing the matrix crashing. Today Obama said people need to prep for disasters, when less than a year ago he was calling preppers alarmists, domestic terrorists and Fruit Loops. Glitch!

          Did you happen to see the video of the Swiss tunnel ceremony ritual? Truly bizarre. (I don’t want to post a link because it takes days to get approved.) I saw it on Huffington Post this a.m., I’m sure it’s all over the interwebs by now.

          • No, I missed it, OS, thanks for the tip. I found a collection of pics on BBC. Bacchanalian, wow! Theater of the absurd at its apogee with European style brain orgies. The woman with a bird outfit flying over the men playing the dead construction workers – oh no, scarred for life! As disturbing as the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony performed in robes in front of the giant Moloch.

            Good catch on the disaster comment! Yep, always playing both sides of any issue. Obama as puppet is also doing a reversal on the deliberate policy of Social Security payments steadily losing ground to inflation saying there should be big cost of living increases. Goes hand in hand with the elite push for a big increase in the minimum wage and the testing and floating of the Basic Income (aka Minimum Income) paradigm. Ties into negative interests rates too and more. It has to do with the plan for global currency debasement, the race to the bottom, redistribution, and money printing hyperinflation magnified in the US with an eventual transitioning out of the dollar reserve system. Interesting times! Is that why we “volunteered”? LOL

          • Whoa, totally missed all that on Social Security/Basic income. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Our four eyes are better than two. Yes, this is why we volunteered. I am loving every minute of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I just woke up a sleeper today. Showed her the video of the tunnel ceremony and she said, “That looks satanic!” This person is a dear friend but she’s totally immersed in mainstream everything. For her to see this on her own without prompting is amazing. Eyes Wide Open!

          • So about this Minimum Income deal. What are we looking at here? Global socialism? Give everyone a basic subsistence income with a few zillion conditions attached? Is this from Agenda 21? I guess I don’t know where this is all coming from or where it’s going. Can you help this poor little Alice?

          • Yep, a zillion strings attached, absolute control – Chinese style and progressing further. It is related to Agenda 21 but on the macroeconomic front it’s more of a reflection of Agenda 2030.

          • Thanks for that. I tend to avoid most financial stuff these days (despite a career as a commodity trader back in the Stones Ages) but I’ve pretty much avoided all this on purpose, probably because I sense there are many pockets of Not 3D areas forming up around the planet. People coming together and forming something else to replace TPTB with The Power of Us. Sometimes I think these Agendas with Future Numbers are just another boring mind game. I don’t know… But I do know that I saw a raven flying upside down today, right in front of me. I have seen eagle aerobatics many times, but never a bird flying along, ten feet over the earth, upside down. I applauded, he tipped his wing and then executed a perfect barrel role.

            In spite of all of the global weirdness, right beside it is global “awakeness.” I feel positive energy growing and the signs are everywhere if we look for them.

            Did you see Elon Musk and his AI interview about the matrix? What a hoot!

          • You’re very welcome, OldeSoul. Commodities trader? Very cool! I imagine you have a good math brain and would be someone I could share macroeconomic concepts with and you could keep up with the synthesis. 🙂 I probably should have provided a little more perspective on the basic income deal, which is being floated, launched, and tested around the world in various ways, mostly pilot programs. As you no doubt already surmised, the rolling of B.I., along with other indicators, signifies the birth of technofeudal Marxism on a global scale. It’s the final resource power grab by the global elite. It’s beginning as a whirlwind now in the developed oil wealthy gulf states in the form of austerity. Austerity and strict rationing being a strong feature of the new “2030” era. Huge pension funds in the US have been going bust, it isn’t a coincidence. Expect redistribution and debasement – “helicopter Ben”…beyond QE. The Agenda edicts are real, pervasive, insidious, and built into the transforming infrastructure. The veil is falling though simply because they can’t hide it any longer. Here’s to The Power of Us to change the dynamic.

            As for watching birds, I can’t get enough of them myself. They always amaze me. The raptors are my favorite, majestic, powerful – but I love them all and wish I knew more about them. Even their nests are super cool having watched a PBS online Nature show on birds nests a few months ago.

            No I didn’t take the time to preview the Elon Musk interview. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

          • Okay, wait… technofeudal Marxism? I really haven’t been paying attention! Even the term is hard to wrap my head around. A lot of people very focused on the financial collapse, just as there are a lot of others focused on creating what will take the place of the financial world once it comes down. It can go either their way or our way, and it’s not a given that it will go their way, not at all. That’s what we volunteered for. The spiritual aspects of the awakening hold the keys, not the gold and silver traders and the Helicopter Bens (funny!) and the Irrational Exuberance Greenspans. Those power structures are falling along along with the matrix, just like vaccines and the twin towers. I see that clear as day. What happens to all their power when they crash the financial system? They are not infallible, not even close, because greed and power lust cannot sustain indefinitely on a planet ascending to 5D. They are repeating the exact same scenario that brought down Atlantis and that’s a lot more likely than Agenda Whatever. Plus now that we’re on to the fact they use our collective consciousness to program the matrix, we can simply stop doing it. Our minds create what we believe, so they tell us what to believe and we do it. Not any more… And guess what? The birds hold the answers. Keep watching and listening because they are speaking loud and clear. Did we ever talk about me working for a raptor rehab agency? We have owls, hawks and eagles mostly, although I have a very close relationship with raven and he’s never steered me wrong before. The dude does barrel rolls like nobody’s business!

    • We shouldn’t have to pay them anything, the entire ruse is based on the 9/11 false flag attack, the body scanner based on another false flag with the underwear bomber caught in the act by attorney and whistleblower Kurt Haskell. Why are we standing in line like sheep, stripping down and getting irradiated? It’s insanity…..conformist mind control….proverbial lemmings.

  2. cellaphaneman | June 2, 2016 at 6:46 am | Reply

    You kiddies – go stand around in your undies and the gentle tsa will insert the cattle prod.
    Don’t forget to get fried in the Michael Chertoff friers.

  3. Arlene Lane | June 2, 2016 at 8:08 am | Reply


  4. You pay thousands of dollars for an airline ticket for a vacation, plus deposits for hotels, rental cars and activities, only to lose most of that money and start your vacation angry, so some TSA drone can fondle your undies. I can’t believe people will stand in lines and wait patiently to be treated like cattle entering an abattoir. But of course, if you pay them more money and offer up all the details of your life, you can avoid everything… except the blackmail and extortion.

  5. L. A. McDonough | June 2, 2016 at 1:53 pm | Reply

    Why the H would anyone want to fly? Business people have a pass or star ID that bypasses security checks I have been told by someone who is a frequent flyer. There are other ways to travel. Let the airlines go busted.

    • IMO I dont think it is the safest way to travel anymore either. We will see more aircraft falling out of the sky over time blamed on terrorists. In the end no one will travel to overseas destination. And, I think thats what they want

  6. Take yer shoies off widdle kiddies. Wonder why the underwear bomber didn’t force everyone to stand around in their skin.
    Michael Chertoff never heard of dogs – no profit feeding a bunch of dog food to the sheeple.

  7. I totally agree with you on the concept of conditioned austerity, especially as people now seem to spend the majority of their incomes on all the insurance scams, myriad forms of taxation, debt interest, and medical care not covered by insurance. That leaves just enough for popcorn and a predictive programming movie once a year. They have already secured most of the resources, both on this planet and the others they have already plundered.

    But is it conditioned austerity or a free will choice to return to what is meaningful?

    It’s interesting when you take steps to live off the land and “do with less” how much nicer and simpler life becomes. You choose different priorities… a new chicken coop instead of a new swimming pool, a new tractor instead of a new boat, etc. I know I’m simplifying this complex topic (although I’ve made both of those choices myself already ha!) but living quietly and simply can be very satisfying, rewarding and healthful for your mind and body. The global technocracy sort of just disappears over the horizon when you find a little pocket of serenity somewhere, plant tomatoes, and soak up nature instead of their soulless version of tech, fashion, and popular culture. Just throwing away the TV has amazing consequences, all of them good. Be the change you wish to see… yep, I’m a scratched and broken LP for sure.

    All I know is that creating the breathing room in life to be able to go for a bike ride on country roads and see a raven flying upside down beats anything the cabal has ever dreamed of. They cannot prevail because they are so incredibly boring in a universe that literally exists on creative imagination and soul-filled experiences.

    They can have their soulless world(s) and power trips but they can’t have it all because there are 7 billion of us still holding this planet down and only about ten of them, and they’re scared sheetless about the day that 100th monkey takes the stage.

    • I’m totally with you on the great pleasures of simplicity and minimalism, escaping the hamster wheels and all the trappings. There’s nothing even close to nature, hiking, biking, and authentic connections. It’s not the austerity, as in hitting the ejector button on materialism, that concerns me, it’s how it is being wielded as a tool. Did you see where Europe is now trying to do the China/Russia bit of issuing ID numbers to track social media and internet use on an individual basis? BTW, I’m still traumatized by that tunnel ceremony! lol Happy birding, OS.

      • Yes, I sense that “hitting the ejector button on materialism” gig too. First you must CONSUME and then they tell us we are bad little humans for consuming too much. It’s just more of their never-ending pile of inconsistent BS. They are having trouble keeping all their lies tied together, sneaky little truths keep leaking out, and some people are really adept at connecting those dots.

        Ya, the tunnel ceremony got weirder the more you looked at it. There are quite a few videos of different parts of it, some they did inside, some outside, all weird. It reminded me of the scene in Eyes Wide Shut, the way the spectators to the ritual were perfectly still and showed no emotion. It was meant to be troubling, just like everything else they eject into the quantum field. It feels like the dying gasp of an old paradigm, like whenever a king dies his country’s entire timeline shifts in an instant because he powered the energy field. I’m still wondering why they are so fascinated with goats.

        Even so, I feel nothing but optimism, strange as that sounds. The weirder they get, the more fallible they become.

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