The “Fog of Breaking News” in Orlando Clears Path For The Gun-Control Agenda

By TruthstreamMedia

Timeline compilation of how the Orlando shooting story unfolded in the media and where independent researchers are already picking apart the narrative and exposing actors in this event. The agenda couldn’t be more naked.


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4 Comments on "The “Fog of Breaking News” in Orlando Clears Path For The Gun-Control Agenda"

  1. Genghis Swan | June 14, 2016 at 4:43 pm | Reply

    This is the only semi-reasonable skeptical insight I’ve seen yet. It still makes potentially stupid assumptions, e.g. that the wounded should be going in some particular arbitrary direction, despite that many managed to escape the club and run away to safety (in multiple directions) and may have simply been returning towards the lights once presumed safe. Three very interesting points are the absence of ambulances, and the bizarre twit holding the door shut while people were attempting to flee – that’s a strange one indeed. Third, is the possible absence of scanner data on Broadcastify, which would be odd if true. However, it should be kept in mind that every half-cocked hasty assumption hurled out there as fact reduces the chances of discovering essential facts. Hairbrained ideas convolute the investigation and potentially discredit the legitimate. Next thing we know, Dr Judy Wood will be claiming everyone was killed with Tesla death rays. There is nothing wrong with conjecture, however wild and imaginative. But look very cautiously at the work of those who publish such as fact so quickly after the event. Investigations take time, patience, and willingness to admit one’s own error.

  2. Jason Elliott | June 15, 2016 at 7:25 am | Reply

    The blood and deaths are real but the motives are deceiving. There obviously are people in on this… probably paid by the Clintons and Obama.

  3. The twit holding the door – ya mean HODOR – Game of Throwns and the name of the band the band ‘Rave of Throwns’.

  4. Genghis Swan | June 15, 2016 at 12:54 pm | Reply

    I’ve seen those videos and obviously (or is it?) wouldn’t deny the viability of microwaves applied for purposes of assault, e.g. ADS, fatally amplified versions of it, etc. However, the reference to such in the parent post was to Judy Wood (and other quacks), who argue that they (DE) are used to covertly destroy large buildings and impart superpowers to photoshop. It was an example of a style of thinking perhaps best avoided, apparently seized upon by yourself to divert the general subject into unrelated topics. So, now we suddenly have a three-part video on a totally unrelated subject posted here because someone made a sarcastic reference and someone else has a dual interest in the subject of directed energy weapons and mass shootings, but isn’t quite capable of distinguishing the two. Alas, my warning was prescient.

    In addition to the original comment/post: It is also quite suspicious that only a single video of interior events has surfaced – the snapchat from Alvear lasting 23 seconds. There is scarcely any video from outside, with hundreds of duplicate videos posted of the same two or three scenes. Either this is an indicator of just how effective the authorities have become at confiscating/controlling evidence and social media, or a truly unique social anomaly has occurred and cell phones went out of style for three hours. There is no CCTV footage from surrounding buildings available either; although it’s expected that interior CCTV recordings would be withheld until the investigation is complete. There is also an absence of even snapshots, with the exception of one image displayed by the media, of a partially redacted scene from inside. It does all seem peculiar, but I state that while keeping in mind that such occurrences are rare and that while speculation may incline one toward suspicion, lack of experience may be significant enough to refrain from hasty conclusions. I hardly care what hyperbole people use, but I can’t help but have a little contempt for those so rapidly concluding it was all a “hoax”. Maybe it was, but maybe a little more research ought to be done before insisting on it. It’s not exactly a trivial subject.

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