The EU was a Contrivance of a 1955 Bilderberg Meeting

Night view of Europe with visible city lightsBy Maalikah Hartley

Today Britain is voting on remaining in the European Union or exiting it—taking a “Brexit.” But why would you leave the EU behind, Britain? That is just simply unpatriotic; and according to the corporate press, the EU bureaucrats, the politicians, the elitists, the international bankers, and all the cool, sexy people, it would be a disaster!!!!!!! Economic ruin will be on its way along with World War III!!!!! Just take a look at Switzerland. Their free markets and fair trade have made them one of the richest nations in Europe—are they apart of the EU? Oh, wait, I guess they’re not.

The truth is the EU has created a decline in economic growth for their member states in the last few decades, a bloated bureaucracy, crushing regulations and insane anti-democratic processes.

This wouldn’t come as much of a shock once you look into where the EU was birthed— a 1955 Bilderberg meeting. You know, the annual meeting where heads of mega corporations, international banks, media, academia, and politicians and royalty all get together to talk about nothing serious, I’m guessing, with any plans for implementation.

This year’s conference was held in Dresden, Germany from June 9th-12th  (again where U.S. officials violated the Logan Act) and in 1955 the meeting also took place in Germany, in Bavaria. Leaked papers from that event (provided by WikiLeaks) talk of a “Pressing need to bring the German people, together with the other peoples of Europe, into a common market;” plans to “Arrive in the shortest possible time at the highest degree of integration, beginning with a common European market;” and a consensus that “It might be better to proceed through the development of a common market by treaty rather than by the creation of new high authorities.”

Paul Joseph Watson of goes on to state:

Just two years later, in 1957, the first incarnation of the European Economic Community (EEC) was born, which comprised of a single market between Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The EEC gradually enlarged over the next few decades until it became the European Community, one of the three pillars of the European Union, which was officially created in 1993.

In 2009, Andrew Rettman of the EU Observer interviewed former Bilderberg chairman and Belgian businessman, Etienne Davignon, and had this to say:

A meeting in June in Europe of the Bilderberg Group – an informal club of leading politicians, businessmen and thinkers chaired by Mr Davignon – could also “improve understanding” on future action, in the same way it helped create the euro in the 1990s, he said.

If something is so secretive in its creation, you’d wonder why the people creating it wouldn’t want the input of the people. Now in Britain, with polling shenanigans already taking place and no exit polls being administered it is hard to see this one turning out in favor of British sovereignty. In the future, if the EU doesn’t make a massive effort to turn itself around and represent something more to the liking of a free and open democratic society, then this idea of national sovereignty may not end with just Britain.

Maalikah Hartley writes for DisillusionedDreamer where this article first appeared.  

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5 Comments on "The EU was a Contrivance of a 1955 Bilderberg Meeting"

  1. Its easier for the globalists to build their globalist house out of 4 uniform walls instead of assembling it brick by brick. They won’t let the EU break apart because it foils their one world government plans.

  2. well well, the UK triumphed over not only wrong but evil of the EU, well lets look at the campaign for staying in, it was implemented by the BBC and the government, I think that this sent a wrong message of control over our minds, and they most of all should have been showing impartiality and neutrality with the whole proceedings, and not a biased and untrue opinions, okay so Boris Johnson went with the exit but Nessesarily for the right reasons, so don’t be fooled by this man he does not make a prime minister because that is what he has his sights on, there was reasons for leaving that were not mentioned, so let’s start with– the EU was created and controlled by the USA, and the passed illegal sanctions on RUSSIA without an argument from any of the EU leaders, and why were Denmark and Ireland forced to vote again when they already said no, and all of that is very wrong whatever the reasons.

  3. Get in and let us do the driving – better hope it isn’t hacked.
    Blow back on the gold collar scum nwo crowd. Brexit – the ya’s have it.
    Bout time the Brits grew a pair, they should vote to get their guns back.

  4. Did you mean to say you voted “against OUT?”

  5. I hate to break it to you, but a European Union (EU) or EEC or whatever you want to call a one government, no individual vote, one currency, gross bureaucracy for all of Europe, was planned 250 years ago or more. The words for it, the plans and the writings covering all of this are known to European historians, and since I read French, I have read about it in the original French. Interestingly, the NAZI’s nearly succeeded in creating a single European government (under Germany) prior to the beginning of WWII, and Napoleon came even closer in the early 18th Century. The Brits were one of the last countries to join the EU, and there was a lot of grumbling, especially financial, that delayed it. I say Good for You, and Good Luck!!!! I don’t call a 7-11% devaluation of the pound a “tumbling”. It’ll recover for sure.

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