Major Study Destroys Drug War Fear Propaganda – As States Legalize Marijuana, Teen Use Plummets

reefer madnessBy Justin Gardner

A curious thing is happening as the war on weed crumbles before knowledge and reason. The propaganda campaign orchestrated during the 20th century by the State and its corporate allies is unraveling, exposing the absurdity of prohibition.

Since the gates have been pried open–to an extent–for medical cannabis research, we are discovering amazing benefits of this plant for a variety of ailments. Yet it is still classified by federal government as a Schedule 1 drug with “no medicinal value and high potential for addiction.”

Meanwhile, alcohol and cigarettes—other psychoactive drugs that actually do kill people—have no medicinal value and are highly addictive, yet are not subject to Controlled Substances classification.

Now, one more false tenet of Reefer Madness believers is being dispelled.

A major study from Washington University School of Medicine, to be published in June, found that teen use of cannabis has significantly decreased as states legalize cannabis.

A survey of more than 216,000 adolescents from all 50 states indicates the number of teens with marijuana-related problems is declining. Similarly, the rates of marijuana use by young people are falling despite the fact more U.S. states are legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana use and the number of adults using the drug has increased.

Researchers examined 12 years of data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Instances of cannabis use fell by 10 percent, while “the number of adolescents who had problems related to marijuana — such as becoming dependent on the drug or having trouble in school and in relationships — declined by 24 percent…”

This raised an important point. While responsible adult cannabis use is far less harmful than “legal drug” use, the abuse of any drug—including cannabis—is detrimental to one’s health, especially on the developing adolescent brain. Cannabis has legitimate therapeutic benefits, but like any drug can exacerbate problems that kids have in dealing with school or troubling facets of their life.

“We were surprised to see substantial declines in marijuana use and abuse,” said study author Richard A. Grucza. “We don’t know how legalization is affecting young marijuana users, but it could be that many kids with behavioral problems are more likely to get treatment earlier in childhood, making them less likely to turn to pot during adolescence. But whatever is happening with these behavioral issues, it seems to be outweighing any effects of marijuana decriminalization.”

While this study cannot show a causal connection between the decline in cannabis use in adolescents and state legalization, the fear-mongering of prohibitionists that hordes of kids are going to start smoking weed has been proven wrong.

The results of this study suggest another intriguing reality—as the taboo of something is removed, it can become less appealing or less ripe for abuse. Since kids can get real information on cannabis instead of lies and disinformation, they can make better choices.

If this is true, as well as teen cannabis use declining in part due of legalization, it follows that government is once again promoting sustained harm on the well-being of the populace. By keeping cannabis illegal, while stifling real information and pushing propaganda, the State may have increased abuse and behavioral problems among our nation’s youth.

All in all, kids seem to be taking a turn for the better.

“Adolescent crime rates have been declining for about 20 years,” Grucza told Forbes. “Teenage pregnancy rates are at an all time low. Binge drinking among high school students is dropping. (Though you wouldn’t know any of this from news coverage).”

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Grucza went on to say:

It is likely that more states will continue to legalize, and no matter how well it is regulated, it will make it easier for kids to get access to marijuana, and some portion of these kids will develop problems. However, I think our results suggest that overall, kids are becoming less susceptible to getting hooked. My bet is that this will outweigh the effects of legalization.

Justin Gardner writes for, where this article first appeared.

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11 Comments on "Major Study Destroys Drug War Fear Propaganda – As States Legalize Marijuana, Teen Use Plummets"

  1. Marijuana is not addictive. False satement to say kids get “hooked” on it!!!!

  2. I seem to remember from my teenage years, that the only things I wanted to do were the forbidden ones. They were all illegal, immoral or fattening. If an adult said “sure go ahead.” where was the fun?

  3. locutus_of_klingons | June 1, 2016 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    marijuana is the devils plant. we are clearly living in the end times.

    • Hahahaha, you’ve been reading those silly old posters again. If we are living in the End Times (not a chance) it won’t be the fault of a plant.

    • Sarcasm?
      I’m confused because neither The Borg nor Klingons are known for their love of irony.

    • arielmonserrat | June 2, 2016 at 12:57 pm | Reply

      Um, no. Your comment tells me you have done ZERO investigation into the facts about MJ. It’s been used for 10,000 yrs with ZERO bad side effects, other than eating too many Oreos. We even have receptors in our brain for cannabis. It lowers blood pressure immediately, can cure many cancers including brain cancer, and relaxes you. It’s far healthier than alcohol.
      Your prejudice is showing and you know nothing about cannabis. Too bad, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience that might help to relax that rigid stance you hold on MJ. Sounds like you need some kind bud!
      P.S. It also makes you kinder.

  4. newnonsense | June 2, 2016 at 1:36 am | Reply

    If the ‘State’ was really looking out for our best interest, they wouldn’t let us smoke cigarettes or drink liquor. Canabis is actually good for you in many forms, these other two will rot your guts.

  5. Mary Jane is out of the closet in Colorado. Move to our wonderful mountainous state and imbibe for the health of it.
    Hemp (distant cousin) will save the world whilst cannabis will save humans – after all THC/CBD is in love with our DNA.

  6. incredible… the brilliant researchers from WA University School of Medicine never thought of the obvious- once it becomes legal, the black market will disappear, and those under 21 won’t have such easy access to it, exactly like the legalization advocates said would happen. Duh.

  7. This study is a tacit evocation of the, “think of the children,” argument, despite its use in favor of legalization, and stunts discourse by substituting emotion for reason.
    Legalization of cannabis for the general population is rational and consistent; parenting should be left up to the parents, not the government

  8. I was walking my 18 pound dog and a police vehicle careened to a stop next to me. They started making all kinds of accusations against me, especially they wanted me to admit to “having narcotics.” They insisted I take a “follow the flashlight with your eyes without moving your head” test. Side to side the Hitlerite “law enforcer” BRANDISHED his flashlight, then up and down—over and over. I had a quick nightmare that they were going to arrest me (for nothing) and that in the AM they’d stroll past the cell with big grins and tell me, “By the way, your dog was euthanized by animal control” and they’d bust out laughing. You should have heard some of their actual statements—one alleged that since he’d never seen me around before, that it constituted an offense on my part! There are more details but you get the idea. Vicious, retaliatory bullies go into cop occupation because it gives them lots of chances to bully the public. Haven’t committed any offense? No matter, offenses will be manufactured and you will be accused. Later when I had property vandalism at my house, I knew better than to report it to this same “DEPARTMENT.” Suggestion—everyone start calling police stations “COMPOUNDS” and call police chiefs “REGIONAL WARLORDS.”

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