Politicizing Science for The Agenda of Social Control

By James Corbett

Science is a method to help us answer questions about the physical world…but in this age of military/university partnerships, government grants and industry-funded research, who’s asking the questions? Jerry Day of FreedomTaker.com joins us today to discuss the new technocratic overlords and how the tool of science can be wielded as a weapon of social control.

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3 Comments on "Politicizing Science for The Agenda of Social Control"

  1. I would have watched the video but the Nye guy creeps me out and just to post this comment I had to scroll down so that his face was covered. Please, people! Stop using this cretin’s mug on your videos. Aargh!

  2. So for all the answers to the problems we have going on around us, somehow science has all the solutions. Question, can science forgive even one of my sins? Nope so why in the world would someone, anyone listen to some air breathing beings who are just as lost as a lot of humans who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?
    Jesus tells us that He is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me. We need to pray for these scientists that they too accept Jesus into their lives.

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