Libertarianism is “Let people do what they want with their own bodies and property”


By Reason

“The experience of having everybody around me on campus say the left is the way to go and then…seeing communism collapse made me think maybe the libertarians have a better handle on how these things work,” says Todd Seavey, author of the new book Libertarianism for Beginners. “While the Soviet Union existed, the Marxists on campus were rooting for the Soviet Union.”

A New York-based comic-book writer, one-time producer for TV’s own John Stossel, and a contributor to Splice Today, Seavey found his way toward libertarianism while attending Brown University in the late 1980s.

His new graphic book, Libertarianism for Beginners, argues that the core message of libertarians is to “keep the government small and let people do what they want with their own bodies and property.”


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10 Comments on "Libertarianism is “Let people do what they want with their own bodies and property”"

  1. Pardon my RANT…but…this is all pure (dark-side) orchestrated theater.. in a phantasmagorical Bizarro World/ ‘Three Ring Circus’ of a wholly fabricated surreal game of musical chairs & the time-tested arcane prestidigitation’s of ye olde Hegelian puppetry… from a generational bloodline 0.01%er’s & neocons hiding behind a curtain…imploring us Not to notice the obsequious fawning obeisance of the MSM/Talking Heads, delivering their daily pablum of ‘picture food’/ specious the ‘spin-docs’ whisper surreptitiously into their ear-pieces, that: ‘Killary is Good & Libertarian Ron Paul is Evil’
    …Vile & venal shape-shifting reptiles with stone cold hearts…staring right through you with an unblinking remorseless & unmerciful gaze….like only truly malevolent socio/psychopaths are able to do…all while incessantly conniving & plotting behind a mask of painted SMILES….replete with their ubiquitous black uniforms of black tie/white shirts & three-piece-suits, escorting their concubines as trophies for hire to be admired then discarded at a whim …while vaingloriously obfuscating their scaled & leathery hides away from the eyes of the unwitting masses…as their forked tongues flick in & out …testing the air for a trace of some new prey…constantly…………Predatory parasites…each & every one of them.

  2. The design of nature is communistic it’s all about oneness.

    • no it isn’t. What a feel good lollipop opinion.
      show me where it is about anything other than survival? The weak are killed off. The strong survive. Pack wolves and lone wolves. Herd of deer leaving the old and weak to die when the herd is attacked.
      Plants choking out other plants to be able to feed off of sunlight. It’s all a cacophony survivalist impulses and it works.

      • The problem with this is it no longer applies to humans. Brute strength no longer determines who survives. Now it all comes down to how much money one has. The entire system is rigged in favor of the cheaters at the expense of the majority. And all the financial markets are rigged, faked, set up, insider rigging, etc, so there is not a level playing field. There is actually no “playing field” at all when everything is fake and rigged so the average Joe is kept from benefiting while the cheaters get it all.

  3. Rex MacInnes | June 7, 2016 at 4:17 pm | Reply

    In my book libertarianism is discredited. First of all, look at its origins, suspicious Europeans of distinctly tribalistic origin. Secondly, it is all about freedom but not about reality. If you want to see how irrelevant the Libertarian party is, have a look at washed up Ron Paul and his goof son, along with presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a goofy nutball who promotes unlimited mass migration into the United States.

  4. straight shooter | June 8, 2016 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Any “ism” is a distortion of the whole truth used for the gain of the few over the many.

  5. Democrat and Republican leaders are the same “party” pretending to be two parties to fool the
    sheeple into believing they have a vote, and to blame all the problems
    on the other side.

    The root of the problem is FAKE elections
    through manipulated “central tabulators” which calculate the votes from
    many machines of the same precinct. These “central tabulators” are
    WINDOWS LAPTOPS, and the voting calculation was designed to be rigged
    and changed without leaving evidence.

    There is currently no
    paper trail and no way to audit the results of an election to prove
    results. THis is a joke and the American sheeple refuse to “get it” even
    if you tell them what’s going on.

  6. Who exactly is the target audience of a Libertarian comic book, and what does that say about the author’s respect for the topic?

  7. Christopher Victor Pringle | June 8, 2016 at 11:17 am | Reply

    talk of individual rites like the second amendment runs counter to our next leader – the Hill will not put up with this!

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