End of the EU? Germany Warns of Brexit Domino Effect as 5 More Countries Push to Leave Europe

brexit-domino-effect1By Matt Agorist

A Brexit domino effect could effectively end the European Union once and for all as five more countries may seek to follow Britain’s lead, according to the German newspaper Die Welt.

The EU and NATO are evil institutions. These two institutions are mechanisms created by Washington in order to destroy the sovereignty of European peoples. These two institutions give Washington control over the Western world and serve both as cover and enabler of Washington’s aggression. Without the EU and NATO, Washington could not force Europe and the UK into conflict with Russia, and Washington could not have destroyed seven Muslim countries in 15 years without being isolated as a hated war criminal government, no member of whom could have travelled abroad without being arrested and put on trial.  – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Germany fears France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Hungary may follow the UK and leave the EU, the government paper says.

As it stands now, since Brits will no longer be forced to pay taxes to the EU, Germany’s fair share will be increased by 3 billion euros a year.

Not wanting to shell out the extra cash, Germany is recommending that the EU enters into negotiations aimed at making the UK an “associated partner country” for the remaining 27 nations — rendering Brexit impotent.

While some of the intentions and promoters behind Brexit certainly have ties to anti-Muslim immigration, the idea of decentralizing power tends only to further the cause of freedom. And, freedom is contagious.

After Britain’s declaration of independence on Friday, France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen changed her Twitter profile picture to a Union Jack and declared “victory for freedom,” while the Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders said: “The Dutch people deserve a referendum as well.”

Politicians in Hungary voiced their concerns about EU dictates as well on Friday.

“Brussels must hear the voice of the people, this is the biggest lesson from this decision,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public radio.

Stating the obvious, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “There is no point beating about the bush: today is a watershed for Europe, it is a watershed for the European unification process.”

The European Union is nothing more than unelected bureaucrats seeking to amass power and then use that power to force other countries to do their bidding. Unfortunately, it took a refugee crisis, essentially created by the West and the EU, to wake Europeans and their leaders up to this fact.

Regardless of their reasons for leaving the EU, the UK has set off a potential catalyst for change that will inevitably lead to a more free world.

The spreading of freedom, however, is an enemy to tyranny, and the global elite will not go quietly. When a secession happens, it is usually followed by revenge and attacks.

Former secretary of the treasury and economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has predicted what is to come.

The British people, or a majority of them, gave Washington the bird. But the fight is not over. Perhaps it hasn’t really yet begun. Here is what the British can likely expect: The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, and George Soros will conspire to attack the British pound, driving it down and terrorizing the British economy. We will see who is the strongest: the will of the British people or the will of the CIA, the One Percent, and the EU and neocon nazis.

The coming attack on the British economy is the reason that leave supporters such as Boris Johnson are mistaken in their belief that there is “no need for haste” in exiting the EU. The longer it takes for the British to escape from the authoritarian EU, the longer Washington and the EU can inflict punishment on the British people for voting to leave and the more time the presstitutes will have to convince the British people that their vote was a mistake. As the vote is nonbinding, a cowardly and cowed Parliament could reject the vote.

George Soros exposed the dependence of the elite on the EU when he took to fearmongering about rampant financial collapse upon Brexit and he issued threats backing up Roberts’ predictions.

“The Brexit crash will make all of you poorer — be warned,” Soros penned in an op-ed for the Guardian on June 20. “My 60 years of experience tells me the pound will plummet, along with your living standards. The only winners will be the speculators […]

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“A vote to leave could see the week end with a Black Friday, and serious consequences for ordinary people.”

On Friday, Britain’s biggest banks faced double-digit losses on the stock markets, with shares plunging. Barclays dropped by 23.08% to $8.60, HSBC shares dropped 7.35% to $31.25, Royal Bank of Scotland sunk a whopping 19.63% to $6.02.

In the US, JPMorgan Chase shares were down 6.26% to $60.04. Bank of America shares fell 6.34% to $13.15, Citigroup shares dropped 8.3% to $40.77, and Wells Fargo dived 4.7% at $45.66.

The big investment banks were also hit hard with Goldman Sachs shares down 5.26%, and Morgan Stanley shares dropping 8.57% to $24.94.

The global banking industry is entirely dependent on centralization of power to keep their balance sheets in order as their model requires a controlled economy and war. However, as Brexit has already shown, this model is not in the interests of the people. As nations continue to declare their independence, the cartel will crumble.

The predictions of a Brexit domino effect need to turn into actions before this momentum is lost. If the people give in to the financial terrorism and scaremongering by the banking elite and their puppet politicians, any chance for independence could be lost in fear.

As Roberts points out, Cameron should step down immediately, not months from now in October. The new British government should tell the EU that the British people’s decision is implemented now, not in two years and that all political and legal relationships terminated as of the vote. Otherwise, in two years the British will be so beat down by punishments and propaganda that their vote will be overturned.

The British government should immediately announce the termination of its participation in Washington’s sanctions on Russia and hook its economy to the rising nations of Russia, China, India, and Iran. With this support, the British can survive the Washington-led attack on their economy.

Image Credit: Anthony Freda

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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32 Comments on "End of the EU? Germany Warns of Brexit Domino Effect as 5 More Countries Push to Leave Europe"

  1. JosephConrad | June 26, 2016 at 12:35 am | Reply

    The U.S. CIA created the E.U. & NATO using POST WW II EURO FRONT MEN.
    THE E.U. was created to give the U.S. unfettered control over multiple EURO Economies AT ONCE.
    In addition, it turned EUROPE into a near CAPTIVE MARKET for U.S. products and WEAPONS !

    NATO was created to use E.U. armed forces AS FODDER for a Russia as the U.S. took time to mobilize.
    BUREAUCRACIES took the sovereignty of E.U. nations as the U.S. SUCKED THEIR ECONOMIES DIE.

    NATO was to be the BACK UP for U.S. forces as they roved destroying & PLUNDERING NATIONS.


  2. Britain’s ‘peasants’ won their country back with the Breaks It Revolt. A slap in the face for the Establishment and a kick in the butt for the disgusting Leftists.
    Cameron should be made to resign now. Not wait till October. The hard won Brexit must prevail, knowing how EU fascists and Nazis will do everything to foil the victory in light of 5 nations voicing their exit.
    As for loud mouth Obama, he convinced the British people that America is nothing but a predator, a parasite and prepared to do anything and everything to ensure America’s hegemony in Europe remains intact.
    Overdue for America to be EMPd.

    • Mick McNulty | June 26, 2016 at 7:42 am | Reply

      ETA, first line should read the self-servers

      • No. One could hardly call the working class who seem to be the only ones having common sense self-servers. They proved they are the real patriots. They got back their country, their sovereignty from evil EU fascists.
        The self-servers are those Celebrities and the City snobs in London and the establishment who have become degenerate with self-adoration and contempt for the broad masses of working Britons.
        Not the peasants – i.e. the farmers, the fishermen, the ordinary working man who saw real wages and standard of living decline. And utilities price rise. The much neglected Northerners.

  3. and why not, other countries should also push for the exit, because the truth was not out there for the real people until the final exit, the government and the BBC continues with the lies right up until the end, and now we know for sure that the EU was created and controlled by the USA, but now so many sides have admitted it, also in this US control was a group of unelected parasite’s making decision’s in our name, and I personally resent that, we were led by our government to believe in the Economic’s and value of our controllers, we must all start to remember without the working class [people this country would not exist, and pride must always come before the value of our coin. and now and also when the rest of the truth comes out, and the main concern for other existing EU members is why were DENMARK and IRELAND forced to vote again after already voting a big NO, I keep asking and I have still not found a valid reason yet. also I hope that we can go forward and not allow ourselves to be blackmailed by the USA into making anymore sanctions against RUSSIA or other EUROPEAN country that they have taken a disliking to.

  4. Mick McNulty | June 26, 2016 at 7:22 am | Reply

    My grandfather didn’t die in WWII and my great-grandfather die in WWI just so Germany and France can tell me what shaped food I can eat. How can a vote for self-determination be wrong? People who vote for subjugation do so because it profits them, they are vassals. It shows the color of treachery is still gold.

    • read above and it wasn’t a vote it was more of a survey and a non binding one. parliament has the final say and IMHO they will say yea or nay not the ppl

      • Not even the Labour and Tory weaklings who tried to scare the people into staying are that stupid or that brave.
        It is a done deal, if they try any tricks, the tumbrills and nooses will be brought out. The English are tired of being treated like fools, children or slaves.
        I can see a movement to tell Scotland and N Ireland to go, just leave. The English, and their Welsh friends, will be (much) better off without you.
        Only the very rich in London will be worse off, those with a couple of million in the bank and a ‘mega-basement’, the rest will do very nicely thank you. Perhaps they can even get rid of the help-lines and sales desks in Mombai, leave the programmers in Delhi to do their thing, and bring work back to England. The quality of work from overseas reflects the amount paid, the English need to show that they are craftsmen, not robots.
        Get rid of the German software and your cars will last for 20-30 years. Do you really need a 40″ TV rather than your 36″.
        Keep calm and rebuild England.
        PS Scotland and Ireland, if you ask nicely, we will allow you to join the Commonwealth. Nice word ‘Commonwealth’.

      • Parliament will agree to Exit. I don’t think the British Parliament likes the idea that the Queen would no longer be Head of the British Armed Forces, and she would be subject to Brussels.

    • Exactly. It is the Leftists who want to remain.

    • Doug Stevens | June 29, 2016 at 11:39 am | Reply

      Unfortunately your grand- and great grandfathers died fighting the wrong enemy. The real enemy has always been Bolshevik Communism which deceived the American and British populations into fighting Against independence and sovereignty. The bitter fruits of that misjudgement is becoming more poisonous in each passing decade.

      The Bolsheviks are not going to easily accept this upstart British independence and we can expect ruthless counter measures.

  5. it was a NON-binding referendum ppl pull your heads out for a breath for fresh air. the parliament has the final say on this NOT the people. this was mainly for some of the big players to ‘goose’ the markets so they could make some short bids and make even more money.

    • The queen has the power to dissolve parliament.
      The queen also has the power to declare war.
      Go smell the daffodils.

      • what does that have to do with anything in my post? pull your head out your not smelling daffodils lol

        • You wrote it was a non-binding referendum. and that parliament has the final say on it. The queen, relishing the people’s victory, can dissolve parliament. Britain’s exit from the EU of Tyranny is a nightmare for the NWO.
          Stupid buggers. They should have realised the clock for exit was ticking when Britain refused to surrender its Sterling Pound into the cesspool of the soon to be diminished Euro.
          Smell the daffodils.
          The traitors within Britain are Tony Blair and the labour party. Their plans to drive Britain into the sea has been thwarted.

          • lilbear68 | June 26, 2016 at 8:11 pm |

            the queen can, has always had that power nothing new there. has she? so far no. will she? that’s the question and only time will tell but the longer it goes with her Not dissolving parliament the less likely it will happen. but again IMHO it was all just a distraction or misdirection in order for some of the big players to take advantage of the markets and do some short selling like they did in 92
            and no argument on blair he should be sharing a cell with bush and cheney

          • Britain is a Monarchy. Britain’s Constitution does not allow any politician, any Parlimentarian to abandon its Rule of Law by handing over the powers of the British government to a foreign power.
            Britain’s Constitution that has the Magna Carta along with the Bill of Rights, etc, makes it quite plain, ALLEGIANCE is owed to the Queen. Returned by her through her contract — her Coronation Oath to the British people. And that is something that may not be broken. Britain’s Politicians are not entitled to break their Oaths of Office.
            Do read the British Constitution while you smell the daffodils.

          • lilbear68 | June 27, 2016 at 5:10 am |

            dodged the issue, the queen can dissolve parliament. has she? no. will she? its still possible but the longer it goes the less likely it will happen
            as I recall that while you kept the pound you WERE in the EU and part of that was that Brussels said you have to take ##### refugees and you are/were in the process of taking them in. now as you say according to your constitution who is going to jail first? you seem to be contradicting or making an argument against reality or what actually happened.
            your constitution says your pols cant break their oaths of office then please tell us all when these pols that put you in the EU are going to jail.
            or maybe to feed your egos maybe you were convinced by your MP’s that the EU joined you lol

  6. Sovereign bipeds should take back all that which has been stolen from them.
    BREXIT the EU.

  7. British Stocks UP. the UK was the best performing European market following the Brexit outcome.
    The Real Brexit “Catastrophe”: World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion
    Zerohedge has the story.

    • arielmonserrat | June 26, 2016 at 5:03 pm | Reply

      THANK YOU! Your posts on this article are invaluable. With your screen name, I’m assuming you’re British? I’m 61 y.o., have been to UK several times and studied British history for 50 yrs. The Brits have always been about sovereignty and freedom, I am rejoicing at the referendum results! I KNEW the Brits would do the right thing and vote for sovereignty. SO GLAD to know the stock market is up there! You go, Britain, show us how it’s done!

      • No. I am not british. I studied in Britain. We studied world history from primary school.
        The first peasants revolt was in 1381 and the Magna Carta was born.
        The ones resisting independence, sovereignty, democracy, and refusing to live on bended knees under German rule (it is, split anyway) were the hardworkiing,common sense, proud patriots of Britain.
        The ones resisting, and living deluded lives, untouched with reality are the well heeled, the leftists and liberals who are mentally deranged degenerates.
        I’m waiting for the EU to be pared down to 10 nations.
        Brexit is causing domino effect. Merkel laments 5 more EU nations are ready to Exit.
        Bravo Britain.

  8. Charles-Christopher Hall | June 27, 2016 at 2:54 am | Reply

    Your “citation” of the article from Die Welt is wrongly associated with the quote directly below it — Dr. Roberts isn’t mentioned once in that article, nor did he write it, (that was Dirk Schümer), nor does his quote reflect the content of that article. Isn’t it just a wee bit misleading to place that quote directly under the Welt citation, as though it reflected European thinking!?

  9. Is the Queen going to sign a retraction ofcthe Lisbon treaty?

  10. I bet the Germans don’t agree with Angela at all. They’ve GOT to be sick of bailing all the others out. I was thinking Soros was behind the drop in the market.

  11. Ball and chain is right…

    EU waited until after the Brexit vote to reveal publicly that there is an EU army with forced conscription coming.

    Also EU is working on plans to tax individual Europeans with proceeds going to the EU.

  12. This article lays out a plan for the UK to put the Brexit behind it. Joining economic forces with Both Russia and China (Brics perhaps) would go a long way to get the UK on track for its bright economic future. It would also put a huge dent in America’s imperial activities. The latter is probably the most important of the results of the Brexit vote, because it will protect all of Europe from a terrible fate if the US continues to provoke WWIII, as it is now doing!

  13. Rich Lancaster | June 28, 2016 at 3:10 am | Reply

    Many leftists I know were voting Remain, and many center Rights are Brexiters – in my family the vote was also split along gender lines it seems – women are Remainers most men are Exiters – I’m not sure how prevalent that is elsewhere. I see this issue pretty much the same as QV3, the establishment and nobs of London, coupled with many from the left, wanted Remain, the center left working and center right middle classes wanted out. I see the Remainers now despising the very democracy they were advocating not long ago, they need to understand the people have spoken and to get behind the outcome, and regain some trust in good old fashioned British values – which is what Brexit in my opinion represents.

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