Florida Gun Store Owner Reveals He Called FBI on Orlando Killer One Month Prior to Massacre

orlando-fbi-thumbBy Jay Syrmopoulos

In an explosive revelation, a Florida gun store owner revealed on Thursday that he had contacted the FBI about Omar Mateen about a month before the Orlando nightclub shooter’s bloody rampage — after the would-be killer attempted to purchase body armor and a large amount of ammunition, according to The Hill.

Owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach, Robert Abell, said Mateen was turned away when he tried to purchase two types of body armor the store did not carry, as well as 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

According to the report in The Hill:

The store contacted the FBI, which was also investigating a group of Middle Eastern men buying police gear at the store. The men turned out to be security guards. The FBI asked about Mateen’s visit, but the store couldn’t provide any identifying details or security camera footage.

Store employees realized that the man was Mateen after his picture circulated in the media in the wake of the massacre that left 49 people dead. Mateen was killed by police when they raided the nightclub.

Although the media narrative has centered around Mateen’s alleged pledge of support to ISIS in a call to 911, and in a post to Facebook during the attack, writing, “You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes … now taste the Islamic state vengeance,” the head of the CIA, John Brennan, told a Senate intelligence committee that the intelligence agency has found absolutely no connection between the Islamic State terror group and Mateen.

These revelations raise some startling questions as the two presidential candidates, as well as President Obama, have blamed ISIS, seemingly contradicting the sentiments of the CIA and Brennan in his testimony to the Senate.

So why would the politicians be running with this “Islamic terrorism” narrative when the intelligence community says that he had no connections to ISIS?

The easy answer would be to garner more control by utilizing this crisis as a means of harnessing public opinion toward achieving certain policy goals.

A geopolitical war for energy considerations, which underpin the global economy, rages in Syria as the Western imperial alliance. The U.S. desperately wants to topple the Assad government and install an American puppet in an effort to elicit more leverage over their primary strategic opponent – Russia.

It seems there is a dual strategy being employed, using the Orlando massacre as a tool to garner support for increased military activity in the Syrian theater, as well using the attack as a wedge to drive support for increased gun control measures in the United States. Yesterday, in a move that seemingly reinforces the idea that an intentional media narrative is being driven from above, we reported that the FBI had directed Mateen’s ex-wife to not tell the U.S. media that he was actually gay.

From listening to the mainstream media one would assume that Mateen was an ISIS operative directed to attack by the terrorist group – a contention that has absolutely no merit or validity – and yet this has been relentlessly parroted to the American public by the biggest media talking heads and names in U.S politics.

The question remains as to whether the FBI simply dropped the ball, after being warned a month prior by Abell, or if there was some type of intentional negligence in allowing Mateen to not be further investigated and put under surveillance – especially considering the fact that he had previously been investigated by the FBI and was under surveillance for 10 months.

The FBI had interviewed Mateen no less than 3 times, thus a call regarding his attempt to buy body armor and a large amount of ammunition should have precipitated a more proactive response.

The more we learn, the stranger things seem to become in this case. The one thing that is unmistakable is that the media narrative is being driven to affect a political agenda – the truth be damned!

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites such as TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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11 Comments on "Florida Gun Store Owner Reveals He Called FBI on Orlando Killer One Month Prior to Massacre"

  1. The geopolitical analysis is lacking. Russia has signed onto Agenda 2030 as have all wealthy middle east nations along with Iran and China. Use of oil in the global economy is to be sharply limited by 2020 and then drops to almost nothing by 2030 the “post carbon era” as it’s being termed. Wall Street Journal uses the euphemism Vision 2030 when explaining the RADICAL economic transformation going on the middle east.

    Russia’s military expenditures in Syria are >$400M yet have generated new contracts to sell weapons with foreign customers totaling between 6 and 7 billion dollars and there are discussions with Saudi Arabia to purchase a $4 billion air defense system. The Assad family billions are ensconced in western and globalist controlled investment vehicles. “Western imperialism” is the new divide and conquer globalist meme deflecting the roles of the UN and the Global Elite in the new paradigm being rolled out.

  2. How does someone named Omar Mateen get a clearance to work in the security field, plus pass a background check to obtain weapons legally, when he is under such deep suspicion by the FBI? Wouldn’t you think there would be some kind of flag thingy on his record? Oh, and he’s gay. Oh, and his father is running for president in Afghanistan and knows Hillary. Oh… and he’s conveniently dead to tell no tells. You can’t make this stuff up…. except someone surely is.

  3. this maybe the man or he may not be the man, and how many time are we going to get this carpology after the event, it is wearing very thin, and obvious, all these events the world over have the same procedure, we always seem to a picture of one or more of the suspects, or they could be stooges or patsies, they may even be programed like the man who shot JOHN LENNON, but what it is telling us, first of all is the whole pattern of events are now beginning to look obvious, and why look at how it gets set up nobody seems to notice anything, and the answer is simple and the only ones in a position to do it so they wont be noticed are those in authority, the one and only CIA-MOSSAD, and that includes all types of plane and transport sabotage, there is only one time they were caught red handed and that was at the time of the London transport bombings a Brazilian electrician caught this same group setting up the bombs, and when they realised that they were rumbled they gave chase to the man who saw them and killed him MOSSAD STYLE, his name was Menazes,

    • Don’t forget Hinkley and and esp. Sirhan as examples of programmed patsies with Sirhan’s psychiatrist Jolyn West having been involved with MK Ultra and decades later was also a member of the team sent to evaluate McVeigh. “Can’t make this stuff up” as Olde Soul said. But then, as a Russian you probably know the FSB/KGB has also had its hand in some very dirty business assassinating political dissenters, false flags, the Moscow theater hostage debacle, and providing the hit team to finish off the entire Polish executive branch when they rebuffed IMF overtures and a global vaccination program. ALL of the global intelligence agencies are working hand in hand to enslave us and akin to the Knights of Malta only answer to their global elite masters. Their united efforts spawned Operation Cyclone 2.0. The growing power is seated in the UN to serve the international banksters.

  4. The Orlando incident smacks of cia and mossad involvement. They wish to ferment the muslim christian hatred to start ww3.
    (a thousand rounds – dhs bought millions).

  5. “Hate engineering” against Islam is going on !
    Once, when people hate Muslems, the elite will start WWIII and burn most of the world we know.

    In Year 2094 survivors coudl read a new “human history” that already has been prepared and wait under the capstone at the Denver airport – google: sinister site denver airport!

    Hope, there are still some heros among US people who would dare to have a look under the stone and tell us what the satanists have prepared… before 2094

  6. Gee, American hypocrisy and treachery knows no bounds! Why is it that US government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA seem to have no civilian control and are able to investigate who they wish and not investigate who they wish not to, with impunity? Why does it seem that there are numerous instances where accused terrorists have associated relationships with such agencies in their backgrounds? Is there a sinister reason for that?

  7. Both sides want a nwo they just fighting for who gets to rule over it at least Assad don’t allow GMOs or push vaccines on the Syrian people tho

  8. Russia – 400million USD – the Usurped States are giving (giving) IRAN (once thought to be a rogue nation and under the eye so to speak) 150Billion USD. Now whey would they do that…uhh here’s my guess.
    US to IRAN stop producing oil.
    IRAN to US – no we won’t stop producing oil.
    US – how much to you want.
    Odd how they keep the taxpayer in a perennial loop and never (never ever) do anything for these common folk, except more enslavement and slow death by vaccines, gmo and chemtrails.

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