Brexit and the Matrix


By Jon Rappoport

Elites: “how horribly stupid Brexit people are”

The EU and its associated financial institutions were built on the premise that no one would escape. That’s the long and short of it.

But of course, nations could get out if they decided to.

Which is what just happened in Britain.

And now that it has, elites and their fear-mongering press outlets are moaning and shouting and whining: “You fools, do you have any idea what you’ve just done? You’ve thrown a wrench into the structure. Are you crazy?”

Translation: “We’re in charge. We’re the lords in the castles. You’re the peasants in the fields.”

Of course, all along, the cover story has been: the EU is a step toward paradise; it bestows grace and beauty on humanity; it erases ugly borders; it makes people One; it fosters share and care; it smooths out conflicts; it makes us brothers and sisters.

Sure it does. That’s what all huge faceless bureaucracies accomplish.

When they’re exposed, all that fake goodness suddenly goes away. They spew hate. And they scream in anguish.

What’s occurring at the moment is very much like an old horror movie, where the humanoid villain is backed up against the wall, and someone tears his face away and exposes…machinery. Nothing but little wheels and cogs and wires and tubes. The truth is out.

What a monstrous joke it is that the young, in Britain, voted to remain in the EU. The EU is a right arm of Globalist forces. The same young people yammer and protest against Globalism, but because they’re absolutely clueless, they want to stay in the EU. The young: turned into hypnotic products of the education system.

There was a day, not so long ago, when the phrase “decentralization of power” meant something. It’s not used anymore. The press has it on their no-fly list.

Governments, major media, large foundations have worked the phrase out of existence. Instead, they’ve helped create every kind of special interest group under the sun—they’ve taken people who might actually want decentralization and shoved them into various groups, according to gender, race, religion, needs, and so on…and promised them “equality” and special help…as long as they go along with big government…thereby strengthening Control Central.

(And they’ve taken people who already want decentralization and propagandized them as outliers, criminals, psychiatric patients, terrorists, and racists.)

That’s the psyop game.

“We’re talking to you helpless masses now. You might want to decentralize government power? No, no, no, no. You’re looking at things the wrong way. First of all, who are you? What’s your religion, race, gender, disability? We have the right group for you. You can achieve all your aims that way, because we help groups. You see? We’re on your side. We, the government, are rebels, too. But we need our power to make change happen. Revolutionary change. Don’t rebel against us. Don’t try to diminish our strength. Join us. Benefits are waiting for you. Lots and lots. Get it?”

For a moment in time, a lot of people in Britain didn’t get it. They went the other way. They peeled off one layer of centralized control over their lives.

This now sets up a classic dialectic situation. Two opposing forces in conflict. And not just in England. The same sort of reaction is peaking in other European countries who want to test the waters of defection from the EU; and of course, in the US, Trump vs. Hillary represents a “perfect polarization.” Whether or not these oppositions were covertly built in the first place behind the scenes, their existence now makes them ripe for overarching manipulation.

What shape would that manipulation take?

Among other maneuvers, such as “new reports” of increasing unemployment, trading-market chaos and downward trends, we would see an escalation of riots, protests, clashes.

And the “solution, for sake of the population,” would be “restoration of order.” Translation: even more centralized power.

However, plans don’t always work. Don’t imagine that control from above is always flawless and god-like.

Defection from centralized power can take many forms, exposing many cracks in the foundation. Pillars can fall.

Major media are already on oxygen life-support. The Vatican and other crusty mainstay institutions are also sucking some of that oxygen. Because of the Web, untold numbers of people are waking up, in ways too numerous and varied to catalog. Even a few minor whiffs of freedom have their own power, and individual freedom is contagious beyond any kind of political drug or vaccine developed to stop it.

The game is afoot.

Even the most cynical interpretation of Brexit—that it was set up from behind the curtain as a way to flush out rebellion, which would then be squashed—doesn’t fully explain what just happened in Britain.

People can decide they’ve had enough of tyranny. They can take their suspicion of their leaders to a level where palliatives don’t work anymore. They can see the shape of the future that is being created for them, and they can toughen their refusal. They can push away from the table loaded with goodies and freebies, feeling sick, feeling patronized, feeling diminished. They can turn off the talking heads that preach Official Messages. They can discover further ways their freedom is being stolen from them, and they can rebel more deeply.

Eventually, they can come to a place where they rediscover their own existence as individuals, inviolate, alive, absent of the need for a bloated super-structure of “support.”

As this rediscovery happens, you won’t see it reflected in charts of trending stories. Newly awakened individuals will be thinking and creating and muscling their way through the decaying anatomy of the Deep State, making futures that cut away the tissues of connections that formerly bound them.

But bind them no more.

No more.

The grotesque creatures who’ve made their living, for decades, promoting and hustling Globalism as the grand solution, have failed to answer the fatal question: who is supposed to be in charge of imposing utopia on the world? Who are the messiahs of management bringing us all good things for our own good? After all, if gods are descending from the mountaintop to install paradise, shouldn’t we have a look at them, at their faces, at their robes, at their bona fides?

If not, if they must remain invisible, something very much like Brexit is going to happen, as it just did. People are going to leave those messianic fronts, like the EU, in the dust, at the side of the road.

O great gods of Globalism, at the top of the food chain, show us your faces, tell us your stories, answer all our questions, submit yourselves to our extensive interrogation.

Otherwise, bye bye.

Your outpost in Europe, the EU, had its moment in the sun. It lied. That’s all it knew how to do.

Now it stands in a wasteland, winds blowing through its exposed skeleton.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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15 Comments on "Brexit and the Matrix"

  1. Maybe now the 10 horns will rise up…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.c

  2. Jon Rappoport always gets to the essence of things. Such a brilliant thinker!

    • I think Jon was one of the first out of the gate in spotting there was something wrong with the Official 9/11 story.
      He really nailed it this time.

  3. This article is really good. Unfortunately most people will never read it. Wouldn’t it be great if people like John Rappaport could get integrated into American politics? But that will never happen. It looks as if we’re stuck with the standard fare of miscreants in American politics, mainly because most Americans are addicted to TV and movies and the brainwash coming through them causes people to lose their discernment and their sense of self-preservation.

    • Fear not. Rappaport represents common sense and the big picture.
      While it may take some time for the american addicts to come around or run their course the inevitable is, those left with a brain and spine have outgrown the parasitic manipulators at the top and are showing the way.
      This is just the beginning. A domino effect is inevitable. We’ve been ignoring the elephant in the room far too long and now we can never go back. There will be many who will follow suite and then the fight will increase to hold on to the hosts so the parasites can live that luxurious life, but the genie is out and will never go back again.
      Remember the old saying… First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then…. you win.
      We are about to enter the fighting stage.

  4. NIGEL FARAGE, has been saying it from day one, that they are unelected Eurocrats, and when countries like DENMARK and IRELAND get threatened into voting again after voting NO, then something is already wrong big time.

  5. the UK government sill does not seem to get it, the real people and the working classes are what keeps a country going, and if they said no then they should wake up and stop their whingeing, instead of keep saying Oh what happened, and the one who really missed his calling, and who was champion of the protests and answered every letter instead of using a secretary is JEREMY CORBYN, he suddenly switched his allegiance and listened to the traitors in his own party, and I am sure that staying in the EU was not one of his policies, he forgot the golden rule, and that is always follow your heart. it also shows that they are afraid to run a government. and do not respect their people enough to do so.

  6. We completely agree and enjoy watching man’s quest for freedom, liberty and spiritual awakening which we believe will ultimately triumph over the New World Order’s agenda.

  7. Love the horror story analogy. Spot on.

  8. Hopefully bankers everywhere are gnashing teeth and lamenting.
    Brexit the zentral banks the world over.
    The zionsts will lament this day.
    BREXIT the NWO.

    Hail Britannia.

  9. all the EU dose i make for troop movement,drug smuggling , gun running by official easier

  10. This exit didn’t just suddenly appear, it has been building for some amount of time. Greece was a sign of what was coming. How Greece was treated stuck in the craw of many ordinary European people, not just the Greeks themselves. The addition to the EU of numerous Eastern European nations whose economies were not up to par with Western European nations, also had a part in the exit. Finally and very telling, were the sanctions against Russia demanded by the US and forced on the EU. Who suffered from those sanctions? Certainly Russia, but not nearly to the extent expected, but also every EU nation. Yes, EU nations suffered economically while the US went on its merry way leaving economic and structural damage behind. I personally think the Brits had had enough and showed it with their Brexit vote. Actually they got two benefits from their vote. besides exiting an increasingly dysfunctional economic union, they also got rid of their American puppet Prime Minister, may he enjoy well deserved anonymity!

  11. Britons Never Never NEVER!!! shall be Slaves.

  12. A very curious event: on the one hand it appears to be a revolt against the centralized, monolithic, ‘global government’, yet, on the other hand, one has to question why the ‘elites’ would allow this to occur if they really didn’t want it to. Rigging elections is no great task for the proponents of the globalist agendas – it really isn’t a big leap to consider that the results are exactly what the ‘powers that be’ wanted all along.

    One gets a feeling that something strange is afoot – perhaps the ‘elites’ are forging a paradigm shift. An apparent ‘people’s revolt’ that is, in reality, hardly an existential threat to the current world power structure.

    Or…the power and reach of the global elites aren’t as great as has been assumed.

    …a very curious event indeed.

  13. Actually, the elite changed the result during the night. I’m sure! The previous day “Independence Day 2” premiered – 20 years after the first one – and one day ahead of the result of the Brexit! I don’t believe in THAT kind of “coincidence! It was all planned! So now the elite has turned the tables, but the leave-group think they are “responsible” and the remain-group are furious. And today, believe it or not the Swedish global media-giant

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