5 Secret Places Censored on Google Maps: “Military Secrets Blacked Out”


By Mac Slavo

What lies at the heart of the secret government’s infrastructure around the world?

Google, it seems, won’t let you know. In many rare instances, its satellite images have been edited and blacked out to cover-up whatever is there. And since they are so deeply embedded with government and military activities, it is no wonder.

This video identifies 5 fascinating sites that could shed light on the mysteries surrounding secret military activities – but instead, they are blacked out and censored.

What is really going on at these sites, and why are portions of these areas obscured from view? There are more questions than answers.

(Warning: thought-provoking video, but annoying and unnecessary music – turn down volume, descriptions are text and images only. – Ed.)

Our world is more complicated than most anyone thought possible. The version of government and society presented to you on television is a good distance away from the reality of what they have been constructing behind the scenes.

It is entirely possible, and even probable, that most if not all of these clandestine black sites are part of a breakaway civilization where elites have access to longer lifespans and hidden technologies never shared with the world.

What do you think?

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2 Comments on "5 Secret Places Censored on Google Maps: “Military Secrets Blacked Out”"

  1. This is when they discovered the earth was flat and covered by a dome.

  2. The Fed censors many items like the USGS that censors certain earthquakes, the Fed also has peoples who erase certain structures that are are on the moon, they also do not report on vehicles that have been removed from footage of vehicles and phenomena that occur around our Sun not to mention the Feds silence over deals it has made with certain extraterrestrial groups. More recently they are keeping a lid on the Dark Pyramid and Sphinx discovered in Alaska.

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