1984: FBI Release Partial, Edited, Text-Only Transcript of Orlando 911 Calls

By TruthstreamMedia

Welcome to Orwell’s 1984, where history is not only being rewritten, but the present is being edited and rewritten in real time. DOJ head goes on 5 news TV shows to stoke the Orlando shooting pysop.

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4 Comments on "1984: FBI Release Partial, Edited, Text-Only Transcript of Orlando 911 Calls"

  1. Transparency is Censorship. We have always been at war with intelligence.
    2 + 2 = cabbage.

  2. The gubbers in DeCeipt don’t want the general public to know what scripts are being written and produced by the NWO gun collectors.
    Partial this ya bunch of low life scum eating suckers.

  3. This reminds of Susan Rice on Sunday shows discussing Benghazi. She says the very same words on each show. It’s all just more games and lies from this USG

  4. They reversed course on this one and wound up releasing the full transcript.
    It’s funny, in a case like the paris attack, we are quick to say ISIS but the orlando attack is more guarded.

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