US Is Not Wanted In Iraq – ISIS to the Rescue With Gladio Style Explosions Everywhere

gladioboomBy Bernie Suarez

It is now no secret. The world, especially the Middle East, is fed up with US-NATO support of terrorism and unlimited war in their region. The missing “weapons of mass destruction” that were never found by the Bush-Cheney cartel is now an ugly unavoidable and irreversible scar on the reputation of America. A country now permanently branded in the consciousness of the world as a threat to all nation states. The world realizes that America is hijacked by criminals who speak with a forked tongue. They wear business attire, they sound smart, and they meet all the time in government buildings to declare their official positions, draft new laws, approve new measures and make new declarations. They (the US government and its NATO political conspirator allies) operate at a very sophisticated level in an era of high technology and they employ an unimaginably complex and sophisticated propaganda system by way of mass media that has allowed them to accomplish all the crimes they’ve committed… and get away with it!

Their now clearly visible plans to keep the Middle East destabilized (PNAC plans) and the crucial role played by their “Islamic State” proxy army or ISIS is undeniable. It is apparent that their intent is to continue attacking nations that decide it’s time for the US to leave. This is exactly the situation in Iraq where the people have been clear with their message to the US – “Withdraw or be dealt with.” They want the US out of their country and to never come back. It’s like a landlord trying to evict a bad tenant who is making life difficult for the other tenants.

The reality is that the US empire is no less aggressive about their plans than any other empire in human history and they will not leave as they have been asked to. Their intent is to create as much havoc and instability as possible so that they can argue that Iraq somehow needs the US to stay in their country in order to fight ISIS and provide the Iraqi people with “safety.” This is the “story” the unassuming sheeple will be asked to believe by the mainstream media Intelligence apparatus. Looming in the background of this delusional storyline is the assumption that the US is somehow required to provide “security” for Iraq; I suppose because they were the ones who created the mess by launching illegal war against Iraq in 2003.

I’ve said this many times, the logic fits very nicely here and it’s something the ruling elite are well aware of. If ISIS goes away the new world order dies. And since they don’t want the new world order plans to die then ISIS cannot die either. ISIS is the name for the leading US proxy army whose existence and accomplishments remain both highly promoted and marketed by Western Intelligence media while at the same time the process of capturing, stopping, squashing and snuffing them out is portrayed as impossible giving them an aura of surreal invincibility ironically in a era of human history where almost every person on the planet is easily tracked and surveilled by an enormous rising new world order control grid. A control system ONLY ISIS knows how to both completely avoid and laugh at while fighting off all the world military powers … and winning.

Enter the latest series of bombings now occurring throughout Baghdad, Iraq. In light of what we’ve discussed so far this is just another “appearance” on the global stage for ISIS who always seems to show up in parts of the world blowing up things in areas where US DOD documents reveal “sectarian forces” would be desirable for the purposes of destabilizing those regions. Despite this mighty coincidence – conveniently, and as usual – we’re told now that the entity that I’ve labeled many times the lifeline of the new world order or ISIS is bombing Iraq not long after supposedly killing a Navy SEAL, another killing designed to say “you see, the US must stay in Iraq.”

If you are trying to figure all of this out, save yourself some time and energy and just follow the known trail of evidence, documents and stated goals of the US government and its NATO allies. In order to do this it helps to be familiar with Operation Gladio which took place throughout Europe largely during the Cold war post WW2 era (1960s-1980s). Operation Gladio has eerie similarities to the work being carried out by ISIS today. Some call it ‘Gladio B’ and perhaps this is a more appropriate name. There is one big difference however between ISIS and the Gladio secret army, the Gladio troops didn’t get the public relations and marketing worship that ISIS gets from the US Western mainstream media.

During the Gladio years Americans were pursuing and believing in the “American Dream” and they had a sense of values and perceptions about America as being the “good guys.” The secrecy of Gladio on the other hand was necessary for the purposes of that era to maintain the delusion back then that the US would never do such a thing. The need to maintain tight secrecy in these operations may explain why in the mid-1950s documents show that the US Department of Defense was discussing the “flow of clandestine intelligence received by NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) from national authorities.”

Today there are too many people who understand that the US government is by no means a force for good on planet earth. For this reason it would seem that the powers that be have opted for the “war on terror” script which employs the “good guys versus bad guys” strategy where the US, of course, is the “good guys” fighting evil terrorists. This strategy or storyline allows them to do the same type of bombings via the use of their proxy army. The known army (ISIS), whose arming, funding and training still occurs in state-secret mode, then becomes the mobile and elusive bogeymonster which justifies the long-sought-after state of permanent war. So, yes, the script has slightly changed in terms of its presentation to the general public, but the plan, the goals and the purpose of continued global terrorism for political gain has not.

In Operation Gladio the Gladio secret army, like today’s ISIS US proxy army, was blowing up things wherever they were told to do so. And, like Gladio, the ISIS-US proxy army conveniently strikes in regions where they feel continuation of destabilization is necessary (as in Iraq) and wherever they feel the leadership of a nation needs to be changed.

Former US Ambassador and White House Intelligence Coordinator, Lee Wanta, who worked for the Reagan administration is quoted as saying:

This was Gladio, of course, the bastardized anti-Communist program that set up terror organizations across Europe as a “fall back” defense in case of a successful Soviet invasion. Libya was the staging ground for Gladio, a program operated, not out of Italy as reported, but out of Switzerland, by the ‘P2,’ a Freemason organization that eventually operated in 26 countries, across not only Europe but Latin America as well.

Operation Gladio researcher and author doctor Daniele Ganser describes the functional network working behind Operation Gladio:

What is clear is that military establishments have a top-down, hierarchical command structure- whatever happens. As far as the SB/Gladio organization was concerned, the top level was the Pentagon, hence the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and, if you want, the President above them. Then, below the Pentagon, in the U.S. Command chain came the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) at NATO headquarters in Brussels. At NATO headquarters, further down, you had the military Intelligence representatives of Western European states, who gathered in the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) and in the Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC). All this is documented.

Below that level, each country pursued its own policy in respect to its SB/Gladio structure. The National Military Intelligence Service would approach people and recruit them for the network. A lot of these people were just very conservative, anti-communist patriots, who would never get involved in a terrorist operation. Many were not even aware that the Pentagon or the British Ministry of Defense was the ultimate master. Their point of reference was the local military Intelligence chief, whom they might have known from joint military service.

Exploring Operation Gladio shows that it was responsible for attacks on many nations for the purpose of destabilizing them and demonizing their leaders. The following is a list of just some of the attacks documented.

1960 – Turkey: The military, backed by the CIA Gladio and still run by Allen Dulles, organized a coup and killed Prime Minister Adnan Menderes.

1964 – Italy: The Socialist ministers abandon their posts in the government after receiving death threats paths by the Gladio. Harassment maneuver known as Operation Solo.

1967 – Greece: Gladio organization in that country, acting under the banner of Hellenic Raid Force (Hellenic Raiding Force) stages a coup, established a military dictatorship.

1968 – Spain: ETA appears and commits his first murders. In 1970, the trial summary that has gone down in history as the process of Burgos. Facts of the case dated back to 1968. On 2 August of that year was assassinated police Apples Meliton, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Social of San Sebastian police station and was the first victim of ETA.

On June 7, was killed José Pardines Azcay, Civil Guard officer during a traffic check. These were the first killings of the terrorist network and decided to try using a military tribunal to sixteen of its members.

1969 – Italy: a bomb explodes on a bench in Piazza Fontana in Milan, killing 16 people and wounding 80. In 1999 the former head of Italian intelligence service, General Maletti, said the attack was devised by the Gladio and alleged terrorists of the extreme right, supported by members of the Italian security forces that would have provided coverage.

1973 – Spain: The assassination of Admiral Carrero Blanco, head of Government and expected continuation of the scheme. The admiral, who had refused to provide logistical support to the Americans during the recent Arab-Israeli war, was killed one day after meeting in Madrid with the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

1975 – Spain: A command of the extreme right, linked to the Italian Gladio network, attacked the office of a labor lawyer in Madrid linked with the Communist Party, which had not yet been legalized.

1976 – Spain: Mercenaries from the Gladio provoke a confrontation between different groups Carlist Montejurra during a demonstration in which several were killed.

1977 – Spain: January 24 Gladio perpetrated the massacre at number 55 Calle de Atocha (Madrid). Labor lawyers were killed Valdevira Enrique Ibanez, Luis Javier Benavides Orgaz and Sauquillo Francisco Javier Pérez del Arco, Serafin law student Holgado and administrative Antonio Ángel Rodríguez Leal, and seriously injured Gil Miguel Sarabia, Alejandro Ruiz-Huerta Carbonell, Luis Ramos Pardo and Dolores González Ruiz, married to Sauquillo. She was pregnant and lost the child also expected. The authorship of Gladio was confirmed by a confidential report of the Executive Committee for Intelligence and Security Services (CESIS), an agency under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy.

1977 – Germany:{##34##} The Red Army Faction (German Rote Armee Fraktion, or RAF), also known as the Baader-Meinhof (by the name of their two most prominent), caused a great stir in Germany (especially in the fall of that year), which led to an unprecedented national crisis since the Second World War and which resulted in the deaths of 34 people and 20 members of the terrorist group due to various attacks and clashes with security forces German.

1978 – Italy: Assassination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro kidnapped by the Red Brigades, a terrorist organization founded in 1969 which declared Marxist-Leninist. Moro was kidnapped on her way to a session of Congress that was going to vote a motion of confidence in the new government led by Giulio Andreotti, the Italian Communist Party support. It was the first time you put into practice the so-called compromesso Storico by which the Italian Communists came to form the government of concentration to overcome the severe crisis suffered then Italy. Moro had always advocated the understanding between Communists and Christian Democrats.

1980 – Italy and Germany bombed the Bologna train station and during the celebration of the Oktoberfest in Munich, killing a total of 98 people and wounding over 400. In both cases there was evidence of the involvement of the Gladio and U.S. secret services.

1981 – Spain: mass poisoning by consumption of denatured rapeseed oil (Rapeseed Oil Syndrome) and alleged coup attempt of February 23. Several activities planned and executed by the CIA, and related to the entry of Spain into NATO, forced the resignation of then Prime Minister, Adolfo Suárez, and paved the way for the victory of the PSOE in the general election of 1982.

1983-1985 – Belgium: There is a series of actions as violent as absurd. Groups of armed men fired indiscriminately killing civilians in several restaurants and supermarkets in the district of Brabant. Up to 28 people were killed and thousands were seriously injured. The unfinished investigations suggested the involvement in the bombings of members of the Belgian Armed Forces and suspected right-wing groups associated with the American and British secret services.

1990 – Switzerland: found dead the former head of the Swiss secret army P26, Colonel Alboth, stabbed with his own bayonet, after having made sure that he was willing to disclose the “whole truth” about the clandestine activities of Gladio terrorist network in Switzerland .

So make no mistake, this is an old script playing out over and over again and it goes like this:

  1. Undermine sovereign governments who don’t play along with the US (petro) dollar.
  2. Coordinate attacks and murders to be blamed on the leaders.
  3. Replace these overthrown dead or imprisoned leaders with YOUR puppet leader.
  4. If your new leader gets out of line and decides not to play along, start the bombings and attacks all over again and blame it on whatever entity of choice.
  5. Repeat plan until all nation states cooperate with your plan to rule the world.
  6. Proceed with global government plans where you’ll have unchallenged power forever.

Is anyone not seeing the pattern? Let’s consider now the recent CIA-ISIS-Mossad bombings and murders in Iraq timed perfectly at a time when Iraq is trying to break away from the US oppressive empire. This just covers the past 8 days or so. Much of the list is coming in today (as of the time of this article – Wednesday May 11, 2016); but, as you can see, this is a Gladio-style bombing campaign that ISIS, the US proxy army is obediently complying with.

Behind the scenes of course, the true enemy is the CIA, Mossad and other key NATO powerful allies who, as they did in Operation Gladio, are ensuring the success of ISIS fighters. The following list proves that the mission is a mission they intend to carry out in Iraq and is well underway in real-time and notice that the accompanying sophisticated 2016 propaganda is very much a part of the plan. The Pentagon knows they need the support and approval of the general public to pull off this broad daylight Operation Gladio-style attack in Iraq. All links to the stories below found here.

  1. May 03, 2016 – 18 PKK Kurdish militants killed in air strikes by Turkish military in northern Iraq, military sources say – Reuters
  2. May 03, 2016 White House Statement: Coalition service member killed by ‘enemy fire’ in Iraq
  3. May 03, 2016 – US defense official: US serviceman killed by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq was a Navy Seal – Reuters
  4. May 03, 2016 – White House says President Obama briefed on death of Navy SEAL in Iraq, calls it ‘a vivid reminder’ of risks US military personnel taking in Iraq
  5. May 04, 2016 (propaganda alert!) Navy Seal killed in Iraq identified as Charlie Keating, grandson of Arizona financier involved in savings and loan scandal, uncle says – AP, AZ Central
  6. May 03, 2016 (propaganda alert!) Indiana University ‘deeply saddened’ by death of former student-athlete Charles Keating, SEAL who died in Iraq
  7. May 04, 2016 (propaganda alert!) US military officer: Navy Seal killed in Iraq was part of rescue team moved in to help American military advisers who came under attack – AP
  8. May 04, 2016 Australia’s most dangerous known Islamic State militant killed in US air strike in Iraq, official says – AP
  9. May 06, 2016 Turkish military hits PKK targets in northern Iraq, sources say – Haber Turk
  10. May 06, 2016 US, allies on Thursday conducted 22 strikes against Islamic State in Iraq, 2 in Syria – Reuters
  11. May 08, 2016 (propaganda alert!) US Army officer dies in non-combat incident in Iraq; identified as Lt. David Bauders of Seattle, Wash.
  12. May 08, 2016 At least 6 killed in suicide bomb attack at funeral near Iraqi capital, Interior Ministry source says – Xinhua
  13. May 08, 2016 Turkish warplanes hit targets belonging to the Kurdistan Workers Party in northern Iraq on Sunday, military sources say – Reuters
  14. May 08, 2016 (propaganda alert!) Soldier from Seattle, Wash., dies in Iraq in non-combat incident, US Department of Defense says – AP
  15. May 09, 2016 (propaganda alert!!) Sir John Chilcot’s report into Iraq War will be published on July 6 – BBC News
  16. May 10, 2016 Iraq officials: Suicide bomb kills at least 13 near Baghdad – AP
  17. May 11, 2016 Toll from car bombing in predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad rises to at least 63 killed, up to 85 wounded, say Iraqi officials – AP
  18. May 11, 2016 At least 15 killed in car bombing at entrance to Baghdad’s Kadhimiya district, Iraqi police sources say – Reuters
  19. May 11, 2016 3rd car bombing reported in Baghdad; police sources say at least 7 dead – Reuters
  20. May 11, 2016 Islamic State claims responsibility for 3 suicide bombings which officials say killed at least 80 people across Baghdad Wednesday; deadliest attacks in Iraqi capital this year – Reuters
  21. May 11, 2016 (propaganda alert!) White House: There is ‘some impatience’ on part of the Iraqi people about the security situation, but US still committed to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

Anyone educated and aware of the geopolitical picture understands that when you read “ISIS” that simply means “the West” or the US-NATO team. They are entirely inseparable and the lie of ISIS is common knowledge to anyone who cares to know the truth enough to turn off Western mainstream media.

And given what we know it is clear that the powers-that-be in Iraq are being bullied by the West to submit, but my guess is that they will never submit and will instead fight to the end against this global terrorism.

What does this all mean?

Looking at the timing, it appears this latest bombing spree in Iraq means the US is desperate to maintain their stronghold on nations they illegally invaded and destroyed and they don’t want to see their illegal wars and war crimes go to waste. They don’t want to lose control in Iraq so they are using their ISIS proxy army to do the dirty work of scaring and intimidating the people and the current government of Iraq. Does this all sound familiar?

It also means that we can expect the idolizing of “ISIS” to continue as ISIS is portrayed as an entity poised to live on forever despite a coalition of nations (not named the US or Israel) cooperating to destroy them in other regions. Even the greatest skeptic must admit that ISIS is the US proxy army that CIA and Mossad will not allow to die under any circumstances. The now more than 2-year-old endless ISIS show is the proof of this claim.

Let’s hope that eventually enough of humanity throughout the world is fed up with the US empire and their stubborn and hateful Military Industrial Complex. Let’s hope that enough of humanity can come together to form a true global body that will finally put the stop on this powerful empire. Let’s hope they can use technology to accelerate this goal for global justice. Let’s hope that a nation (like Russia), or another entity opposed to US global domination is able to harness enough support and cooperation in the global community to bring the US Military, the CIA and all the true terrorists to justice. Until that happens we cannot realistically expect anything to change in Iraq or for that matter Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and other surrounding nations. The harsh reality is that the thunderous explosives are waiting to go off throughout the entire region and few are wondering where ISIS is getting their ammunition from or for that matter who trained them to use these explosives. We all know explosives don’t create themselves and no one ends up with an endless cache of military weapons and explosive unless they are getting them from the military themselves. We must therefore open our eyes to the painful reality of the current situation and hope others see it for what it is as well.

If you agree with this message please share.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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6 Comments on "US Is Not Wanted In Iraq – ISIS to the Rescue With Gladio Style Explosions Everywhere"

  1. Awesome story. So many people are deluded.
    Look….it’s about fear. And facing reality. Most Americans cannot or will not deal with reality, so they create their own false reality where they are ‘safe.’ Or they spend their days and nights stuck in their phones, where they read headline after headline, and then ‘like’ it or ‘post’ the stories they aren’t reading on social media. And the dipshitting of the sheep continues. The vicious cycle repeats itself.
    It’s funny that all you have to do is accept the truth and everything makes sense. Men joining ISIS and blowing up nations that are not opposed to a Palestinian state doesn’t make sense.

  2. Could these new bombings be the excuse to finally formally propose the partitioning of Iraq into three regions as is seen in the map of the New Middle East Project written about in detail, e.g. Global Research (ca) and on the cover of The Atlantic as their main story around 2008? One of these partitions is for a new Kurdish homeland with sections of land taken out of Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Syria.

  3. the question we should all be asking ourselves, Is there any difference between Isis al Caidah Al Nusra and the CIA the answer is NO, why because they are all one the same, and a US creation, without the US they would not exist, so once we recognise the problem and say what it is, then the sooner we will have the cure.

  4. WMDs were found. Just that they were embarrassing as the source was indicated as the West (USA in particular). Thus, stories of their discovery kind of shuffled away. Iraq received them as munitions for use against Iran during their earilier Iran-Iraq War.

  5. The US and Mossad are resuming the knights Templar / Rothschild operations in reclaiming the “holy land “. Presently they are carving out the entire region, one country at a time

  6. Ordering the death machine to march ever onward. So long as it does not involve any of their chickenshit arsses.

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