Trump Taps Rudy Giuliani For Homeland Security Chief

By Truthstream Media

What could be more frightening than the prospect of Rudy Giuliani at the head of the Department of Homeland Security. The former NY mayor has done nothing but stump for an unlimited war on terror, and now he may join a Trump Administration in one of the most unsettling positions of unchecked power.


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14 Comments on "Trump Taps Rudy Giuliani For Homeland Security Chief"

  1. This is bad, the DHS should be dissolved.

    Thanks for the smaller government, W. /sarc

  2. Hmmm

    This is the first major mistake Trump has made thus far. In many respects he couldn’t have made a worse choice. This is strike one Mr. Trump.

    • This is strike 1 million for Trump – he has publicly bashed Hispanics, women, blacks and alot of other groups, just for starters. That is a STUPID way to run a campaign, insult those people whose votes you want. Wow, your ignorance is astounding.

      • Well, I still say vote for none of the above. Trump has his issues, Clinton is a lying sack of crap and a criminal, and Bernie…well, he’s an avowed Socialist, need I say more? LOL

      • Yeah, but who cares about the bashing? If anything, that’s been good comedy. The DHS, on the other hand.. Come on, Trump! Not this!

      • Your twisting of the truth is equally astounding. If you’re want to have at Trump, go for substance, like his tax plan.

    • First major mistake? You’ve got to be kidding. His whole life is a giant parody of what has gone wrong with this country.

  3. Rudy ‘ they told us the building was coming down’ Guiliani couldn’t even keep his own city safe.
    He should have been tarred and feathered.

  4. Do you think perhaps Rudy’s job at DHS was quid-pro-quo for something the Donald got in his meetings with Sheldon Adelson? Just askin’

  5. Guess we know now without any doubt where Trump stands.

  6. i read it…and am stunned
    bad bad bad

  7. At least he has the decency to show his true colors before the lemmings line up to put him in the Rainbow House.

  8. I would have voted you UP a million times if I could.

  9. I really want to see how Justin Rainmondo spins this one, he’s been saying that Trump is anti-war (Robert Wenzel has proved that wrong) for awhile.

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