Medicine’s Crisis plus Big Pharma’s Eventual Downfall

Big Pharma $By Catherine J. Frompovich

“This has been one of the great mistakes of modern medicine.” … David Kessler, MD, former FDA Commissioner

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, MD, (1990-1997) is talking about the current opioid drug addiction and abuse by medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies who promote them.  Over the last two decades, there has been an overwhelming demand for, plus supply of, opioid drugs that now has turned into more health problems than anyone probably expected—most of all, prescribing medical doctors, who apparently are led to have ‘full faith and confidence’ in pharmaceutical drugs.

Can we blame doctors alone for such a religious-belief-like trust?  No!  Big Pharma companies constantly court the medical professions offering samples and monetary perks [10,11] for doctors prescribing all sorts of licensed prescription drugs, often without proper medical protocols regarding patients’ health needs.

Unfortunately, there have been too many physicians who have been caught breaking not only their Hippocratic oath but state and federal laws regarding prescribing and selling controlled substances from which they profited enormously [1,2,3].

Take into consideration the possible ‘rampant’ fraud in chemotherapy drugs, as practiced by Dr. Farid Fata [4,5,6] who’s been sentenced to 45 years in federal prison for his crimes.  Is Fata the only one, especially since chemo is such a gold mine with very little oversight?  We will never know until the U.S. CDC, FDA, and state medical boards operate with complete transparency in the investigation of medical fraud regarding pharmaceuticals that begins at and with the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ research, development, and advertising!

Why there?  Because Big Pharma have the imperial status of being able to falsify and produce ‘consensus’ studies that not only prove their concoctions are ‘effective’, but also publish those studies in sham ‘peer review journals’ they own and publish—not declaring that Pharma’s in-house writers wrote the study report too!  However, the mainstreaming sources for all pharmaceuticals are established medical journal platforms [7].

Take into consideration what Joaquin Hagopian published at Global Research [8]:

Because doctors now are forced to rely so heavily on drug companies for information about what they prescribe, they’re ill equipped and ill-informed in their lack of adequate knowledge and training to understand what all the interactive drugs are doing to toxically harm their human guinea pigs they call patients. We are finding out that the cumulative and synergistic effects of poly-prescription drug use is frequently a lethal cocktail to millions of human beings on this planet. Combine that with the negative effects of our air, water, food and alcohol/illicit drugs, and the health dangers increase dramatically.

Look at the current damage done by over-prescribing antibiotics. Studies have learned that too much antibiotics cause trans-generational permanent DNA damage. The 20,000 times a year in the US alone that antibiotics are prescribed are highly toxic and damaging to the nervous system. On top of that, they simply don’t work anymore. The epidemic of trans-mutated bacterial infection and parasites that invade and infest the digestive tract in particular killing good bacteria and spread to other internal organs have become highly resistive to overuse of antibiotics. Big Pharma and doctors know all this yet they are responsible for antibiotic overconsumption by uninformed Americans.

Then look at what we are now learning about Big Pharma vaccines and the wanton reckless endangerment of children and pregnant mothers with toxic levels of mercury causing increased rates of autism, brain damage and even death. The criminal cover-up by Big Gov. and Big Pharma is egregious. Flu vaccines have recently been exposed that are totally ineffective along with the horrific damage being done to humans worldwide. Instead of preventing and decreasing illness, vaccines too often have had the opposite effect, exponentially increasing illness, causing irreversible damage and even death to thousands of unsuspecting victims mostly living in Third World nations. India’s Supreme Court is currently looking into charging Bill Gates with criminal harm to many of its citizens especially children injured or killed by his global vaccine program.

All the above pleads that several questions must be asked:

  1. “Why has such criminal activity been allowed to be carried on with no apparent remedy at hand?”
  2. “Shouldn’t pharmaceutical advertisements be banned from radio, TV, magazines, Internet, etc. just like tobacco and liquor ads?” especially since they are controlled substances!
  3. “Why is the U.S. Congress so lax to exercise its oversight regarding Big Pharma?”
  4. “Should Congress be demanded to rescind the 1986 ‘Get out of jail’ vaccine law that it gave to vaccine manufacturers when their toxic products are damaging countless innocent victims globally?”
  5. “Isn’t it about time that the ‘medical cartel’ promoted and operated in conspiracy-like fashion by Big Pharma and medical unions, e.g., the American Medical Association, etc., be neutralized as the only medical ‘experts’?”
  6. Especially since they are committed not to enforcing the Precautionary Principle regarding toxins ingredients in food, water, air, and mandating toxins be injected into newborns, 2,4,6 month old infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and senior citizens. [9]

Here’s a perfect example why all the above questions must be answered, and very SOON:

The flu jab blunder contributed to the largest spike in deaths in a generation, new figures from the Office for National Statistics have shown.

An extra 28,189 people died last year compared with 2014, the largest percentage increase since 1968.  The majority of the excess deaths, 24,000, were people aged over 75, many of whom died from flu or dementia.  [….]

The mutated strain, A(H3N2) was particularly lethal to the elderly, and the jab was found to work in just one in three adults, compared to the 50 per cent that it usually protects. [9]

Big Pharma’s consensus science is nothing more than a “pig-in-a-poke” and a guestimate at what will be effective in preventing influenza via vaccinations!

Humans, and children in particular, deserve better than we are getting regarding what’s being offered as preventive healthcare and medical science, I contend.

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Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich coming in Summer 2016

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23 Comments on "Medicine’s Crisis plus Big Pharma’s Eventual Downfall"

  1. So The Telegraph claims that only 50% of adults are protected by a flu vaccine. That sounds remarkably like flipping a coin. The whole concept of stating that a vaccine provided a percentage of protection doesn’t even make sense, considering the immune system’s ability to fight off a flu isn’t even entered into the equation. Typical pharmaceutical nonsense.

    • 50% is a very high number. The most recent flu vaccines showed NO benefit in adults over 60 and much lower percentage numbers for younger people (who, as you state, should have immune systems that can handle the flu). And the damage to the immune system by accumulative shots has not been taken into account.

  2. what must be added into this agenda is the controlling factor of the us government, and that is your reptilian overlords, that are made up of some of the most rich and powerful who control governments throughout the world, and their main agenda is to reduce the population throughout the world by any means possible, and even if some of it is done by wars, the controlling pharmaceutical industry has murdered billions of people in the last 200 years through drugs and hidden strains in vaccine’s, but nothing will be done about it until doctor’s fulfil their Hypocratic oath by doing more research into these medicine’s instead of just applying them to the patient, so we cant just blame the doctor’s out of hand, although like in any industry it has it’s share of unscrupulous rogue’s, their has to be more accountability from the government, and into this equation must be added a round committee of an intelligent section of the public that does not have purpose or a vested interest in business connected to it’s findings, and until we do something and soon, murder and genocide will continue via all governments, because when it comes down to it, we should all be living a lot longer, because at this moment there are research doctors working on what they now believe, and that is that aging is a disease.

    • Yes, first do no harm! That philosophy completely goes against the overwhelming majority of vaccination protocols. As for not blaming docs out of hand, sure there is heavy indoctrination and brainwashing during education and training, yet there are always glimmers of truth and common sense encountered but most refuse to go against the grain and risk their lucrative careers. My spouse is a practicing physician and admits fully to this problem. The dumbing down and blind acceptance of authority is what’s killing us – and, imo, the plebs are just as much to blame.

  3. American Murder Association should look into acupuncture, Spetro-Chrome Metry and other alternative medicines that work without side effects or death.

  4. Avoid bug pharma and the manchurian doctors like the plague they are – synthetic drug pushers.It’s unfortunate that these doctors are all complicit. Gotta wonder if hospitals
    at 250,000 deaths per year aren’t intended for genocide.
    BTW: Dr. Catherine Frompovich not including you – but just generally.
    Holistic or micro is the way to go. Thank you for bringing this to the table.

    • sallyM, you probably really want traditional medicine.
      All of the other “medicine” is allopathic and has no reason to improve your health.

      • Orthomolecular medicine is also amazing. It’s about healing thru nutrients. Most Americans are nutrient-deprived of many nutrients. I’ve healed several serious ailments that way, i.e. halted diabetes, cured adrenal fatigue, strengthened thyroid, now have far more energy.

        • EmmettGrogan, much of traditional medicine involves proper nutrition.
          It doesn’t need to be called “Orthomolecular medicine” for proper nutrition to be effective.

  5. Great perspective as usual, Catherine. There’s also the slow insidious effects of seemingly innocuous meds such as the proton pump inhibitors (e.g. Prilosec) used for acid reflux which we now know increase the risk of dementia with a specific risk for Alzheimer’s owing to PPIs increasing the amount of amyloid accumulation in brain cells. Add to that aluminum from geoengineering and fluoride exposure and there’s potential for mass scale early onset dementia.

    Regarding the Establishment public hand wringing over problems with prescription pain meds, this appears to a tactic to create more stringent restrictions in order to “harmonize” US federal law with a global system under the same UN umbrella of Codex Alimentarius that seeks to strictly control access to all OTC and Rx meds as well as sharply limit our access to vitamins and other supplements as is being done in Europe.

  6. BTW, since when did the powers that shouldn’t be start caring about their serfs getting addicted to mind altering drugs going all the way back to British imported opium into China in the 1700s fully saturating the region in the 1800s… forward to CIA pimping of recreational drug use and the counter culture in the 60s, CIA drug running to include the Clintons’ support via Mena with Bush Sr at the helm, and 21st century opium bumper crops in Afghanistan guarded by Blackwater mercenaries.

  7. All medical help must be FREE OF CHARGE !
    No profit = the only real medication that could heal out of humanity.
    We need an economic system that is based on free work out of passion and not out of gear for money!
    That’s why we need to start
    -PLANTING FREE TREES, VEGES.. in a gerrilla way and turn our cities into FREE GARDENS where all 7 billion people can eat for FREE
    Thus, no corruption and no cheating would be need for a “success in life”

    • That’s a dumb idea because it will not work. Human nature gets in the way…
      1. Things not worked for are viewed with contempt.
      2. Selfish people will game that system and TAKE rather than GIVE,
      3. There is no incentive in your system but only loss. Who will pay for the seeds for free veggies, medical supplies used in treatment, training to develop those skills you want to give away for free…


      • 3. There are FREE seeds in every apple, tomato, avocado… that you eat today! Just, have a look and learn on Youtube how to germinate it and to plant in a gerrilla way ! It’s free of charge because our Mother Nature has programmed the Abundance for all of us – there is infinit possibility of reproduction in every seed ! our economic system is a satanic system (in Hebrew “satanic” is a verb that means “to stop”/” to hinder” / “to cut”… a natural flow of things ). Here is the secret of perfect health for FREE : go RAW VEGAN that is Pythagorean diet and heal all physical, mental and even genetic disodres – no need for medical “help” any more ! FREE schools, FREE AIR, FREE space… are human Birthrights – the right to be on this planet
        2.Selfish people exist only when they have to pay for things that they want to posses – there is no selfishness in a system where all is FREE of charge because you can take everything what you want for FREE
        1. Sick economic system produce sick people…

        People already do work for FREE out of passion – they create LINUX that is much better than windows and it is free of charge; they create WIKIPEDIA, FREE GARDENS all around… have a look under “gift economy”
        Most people are good and nice who want help and have a better world

        • I live on a farm. I don’t need lessons in food production. But those in cities certainly do, and in that, I do agree with you. But I disagree in this “gift economy” much like I disagree and strongly object to other “great ideas” that never seem to materialize what they promise to do. Like communism: great idea but it will never work because….HUMANS! Just like your “gift economy” where the difference is communism (or any state run “statist” collectivist agenda) the state uses force to get your compliance whereas the gift economy is freely chosen without coercive force used. I get this…

          Your response to my objection about selfish and greedy people jacking up your gift economy system was not adequately answered. I reject your off-handed way of saying that people will stop being selfish, greedy, and/or just sheer wickedness because things are FREE. So what? The best things in life do not come with price tags, anyways. Problems will start for your gift economy:
          1. Who is to know what is private property any more? If everything is free, then who owns what and when? And if I want something that someone else wants and there is only one if the thing, who gets it? It is not divisible. While the thing may be ‘free’, there is still supply and unlimited demand as the human heart covets what it does not have.
          2. How do you prevent perverse incentives from being created in your gift economy? What about those who produce nothing of use or good value yet they take “free” stuff that does have utility and good use? What will you do with that?
          3. If things are all free, then what will you do when people grow contemptuous of their free stuff and begin to waste and squander resources they never put effort into creating, thus they have not “skin in the game”?
          Vegan diets suck. I reject that because I have already tried that and found such a diet too limiting and found wanting. You do your vegan diet if you wanna. I enjoy eating animal flesh, especially lamb, pasture-fed beef, raw milk, and free range chicken.

          • gifteconomy | May 18, 2016 at 10:08 am |

            We all have to leave this planet. The day wenn we leave… can we take anything from this world and bring to the other? NOTHING exept own soul ! So, how can you posses land, house, space… when you have to leave it to others on the day of your death ?
            In communism one has to pay for for his water, his home, his food… just like in capitalism ! There is no difference!
            1. In a gift economy, the society, our children and friends, should be “owner” of the planet – not the individue!
            2. There can be no corruption, theft, cheating… when all is for FREE.
            People who don’t want to work or can not work are feeded in our system too, out of humanity ! When a man can work out of passion and not out of obligation for to pay water, then, he can be really creative
            3. Now, is there no waste?

          • Pyra Gorgon | May 18, 2016 at 10:47 am |

            “”We all have to leave this planet. The day wenn we leave… can we take anything from this world and bring to the other? NOTHING exept own soul ! So, how can you posses land, house, space… when you have to leave it to others on the day of your death ? “”

            Immaterial to topic.

            “”In communism one has to pay for for his water, his home, his food… just like in capitalism ! There is no difference!””

            The process may be similar but there are huge differences. BTW, which “capitalist” society have you lived in to draw this comparison?

            “”1. In a gift economy, the society, our children and friends, should be “owner” of the planet – not the individue!””

            Socialism sucks. You just revealed your hand. “Gift Economy” is just another euphemism for statist collectivism. That is what the sum and substance is of what you preach. What if I don’t want to give away my stuff to lazy collectivists who all have great ideas to part me from the fruits of my labor? Will you force me to do so under your gift economy? Gonna use force like all the other statist thugs?

            Your gift economy is just more socialist lying propaganda. You cannot deliver on what you dream up.

  8. The people should come together and form an institution to protect the people.
    Let us call the institution by the name: government.
    This “government” institution should have the authority conveyed from the people to protect the people but of course cannot have the authority to violate people’s creator granted rights because the people don’t have that right to convey.
    Imagine, no more government agencies like the TSA, FDA, or many other alphabet agencies that violate the 4th amendment or work for corporations against the people but have salaries paid for by the people.
    No more traffic checkpoints, no more speeding tickets, no more drunk driving tickets, no more restricting marijuana or other drugs from the people, no more forced non-therapeutic vaccines, no more fluoride in the water, no more poisons in our foods, no more injecting fracking poisonous chemicals into the ground to poison people for dozens or hundreds of generations, and many other improvements.
    As long as a person does not cause injury to another person’s body or property, people are free.
    Can you imagine, an entire country that is free?
    That would be the U.S.A. turned on its head.
    The country with tons of restrictions on the books becoming the most free.
    At least I dream big.

    • TransdimensionalPoet | May 16, 2016 at 3:42 pm |

      We had something like that in the states. It was called a constitutional republic and the federal government was granted very few powers and was charged mainly with protecting people and gaurding human rights. Eventually one of the most restricted forms of government in history has of course become this modern monstrosity we have today. I’m convinced even the most well meaning and small government ends up where we are today; that government is an unnecessary evil.

      • TransdimensionalPoet, if we were to put the traitors that are in government into prison until each reaches the age of 99, we would have less treason.
        We would have to keep it up year after year but after the first group, I suspect that fewer arrests would be needed in later years.

  9. And yesterday in the news Canada is working on a re-education program for parents of non vaxed children. All I can say is when the system fails to protect and chooses to harm collapse it.

  10. It seems as if the organized complicity between hospitals, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry could and should be indicted under the RICO act. They are a criminal organization by definition and by their actions.

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