Google Searches for “Chemtrails” Skyrocketed Last Month, Highest Ever

chemtrails_deesBy Cassius Kamarampi

In April 2016, the Google searches for “chemtrails” reached a higher point than we’ve ever seen.

Supporting the idea that people are researching chemtrails more frequently because they are seeing them more frequently, there seem to be seasonal peaks in the search statistics. You can test it for yourself at Google Trends here.


The highest peaks include:

  • April 2004
  • April 2007
  • June 2008
  • April 2009
  • January 2011
  • January 2012
  • October 2012
  • April 2013
  • April 2014
  • May 2015
  • April 2016

From this we might be able to infer that geoengineering activity took place in spring or winter for the last several years.

The peaks of Google search activity for “geoengineering” occurred at many of the same points as for “chemtrails.”

chemtrails-search-results-geoengineeringAnd here are the results for “geoengineering chemtrails.”

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

Clifford Carnicom’s 2005 documentary Aerosol Crimes must have been a contribution to the first two spikes.

chemtrails-search-results-geoengineeringchemtrailsAs we pointed out in “The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016,” we can measure and track geoengineering activity, and we should grip onto that and use that as something we can do about this. Let’s stay active.

We recommend taking pictures of the trails at every single opportunity: track them, make observations, communicate with people and let’s figure out how to deal with this threat to our health and prosperity as the free human beings we should be.

Please share this with as many people as possible.

Image Credit: David Dees

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13 Comments on "Google Searches for “Chemtrails” Skyrocketed Last Month, Highest Ever"

  1. rhondareichel | May 5, 2016 at 10:46 am | Reply

    Why aren’t people asking their politicians about this?

    • EmmettGrogan | May 5, 2016 at 7:31 pm | Reply

      A few have; they have been completely ignored.

    • I’ve called epa, aqmd, congress, states representatives, the air traffic controllers, the local air force base, the dot that supposedly regulates air travel as well? That’s what I was told at least no one I mean no one will answer own up to any of it past off to department to department.

      Epa even went as far to tell me that they are not currently looking into contrails as they are contrails and nothing else even when science defied logic. Phoenix had a certain day riddled just in my area alone over 30 trails in an hour when that moment we had 0 percent precipitation and 4 humidity which defied all logic there should have and by there explanation contrails should not have even existed.

      Go figure.

    • Because the politicians are either completely clueless or they’re fully aware of geo-engineering and have pledged their allegiance to the powers that be. The real question is why do you put any kind of faith into politicians? Haven’t you learned by now that politicians are not the ones in power? Corporations, big banks and the military industrial complex are the ones who control this planet. America has been bought out from right underneath us. We are now the United States of Corporations and they’re all in on this together. Geo-engineering, depopulation, dumbing down of the people, pharmaceutical companies keeping us strung out and addicted to their “legal drugs”‘ GMO’s,pesticides and the continuous poisoning of our food supply,vaccines, gun control, biased propaganda media/dividing of the people ALL play a role and are working for the same goal. Politicians have become the end of the spider web. They’re basically bottom feeders in the grand scheme of things. The real question should be, why hasn’t this country come together and revolted on a massive scale? Sleep tight

  2. I wonder how much Prince had to do with these spikes? I’m starting to wonder if his death wasn’t an accident.

  3. Don’t believe that google trends is an accurate representation of reality….that also applies to “likes” and “views” btw.

  4. Peter A. Kirby | May 5, 2016 at 10:03 pm | Reply

    Thanks for the info, Cassius. And thanks for referencing my work. Yes, I have seen a little bump in ebook sales lately which I attribute to Prince’s comments and his recent death.

    The first paperback edition of “Chemtrails Exposed” is coming soon. If all goes well, it will be available within two months. I’m in hiding now, but when I am done with the book, you’re going to see me popping up on so many new media talk shows that you’ll probably get sick of me. Tally ho!

    • Go in hard my friend!

    • Peter, keep up the great work. It doesn’t go unnoticed. I’ve been following geo-engineering for years now. I can say that many people are becoming aware of these air crimes. The response I get now is much different then I did just a couple of years ago. Now, people are taking chemtrails much more serious as opposed as me getting the I just smelled a fart look. Anyhow, I’ll be looking forward to the new book and any future endeavors. Take care my friend

    • cassius kamarampi | May 19, 2016 at 8:08 pm | Reply

      You’re welcome man, I’m very happy to hear from you and receive that positive feedback. Salute and much love!! I will be getting that book as soon as it’s available

  5. The FDA turned a blind eye when I asked them to check into this.
    They would rather quaff scones and lattes. Of course, they killed the Animas river in Colorado.

  6. queenvictrola | May 8, 2016 at 11:52 am | Reply


    Dumbasses can’t look up and see what’s there even though its on film
    “Oh those are just contrails” she exclaims with confidence as she searches depths for asthma medication in a 30 pound purse loaded down with prescriptions
    Larry”pull it” Silverstain exclaims with certainty that building 7 “looks like it’s about to fall over” from a small office fire on the 13th floor, collapses into its own footprint
    on video zionists capture the collapse of WTC, jump with joy because they got their war for oil
    While a never-elected, jubilant fake president celebrates on the balcony of the white house
    smokes a stinky cigar with Bandar Bin Laden Bush to observe the end of America
    designer bacteria weapons given to laboratory cats by humans gives humans a parasite in the brain that makes them stupid by design, the latest weapon against civilians
    The depopulation python comes in for the big squeeze,
    Their air with chemtrail nanotubes and biologicals, weaponized
    Their water with frack chemicals and fluoride, weaponized
    Their soil with glyphosate to kill bees and starve you out, weaponized
    Their thoughts using military Industrial Disney child rapist media lies, weaponized
    Their kids, sent as crisis actors to fake school shootings, weaponized
    to justify 2 Trillion a year toward a national security state built on that big lie
    Historical truth will not be publicized in their weaponized textbooks
    No, but war and violence glorified within it’s pages
    for future dumbasses who watch it read it, buy it, eat it, breath it, drink it, believe it no questions asked
    until they self destruct from their own stupidity

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