Colorado Sends Non-Vaccinating Parents ILLEGAL Order to “Register Their Child With the State”

america_vaccinesBy Mac Slavo

Here’s the fraud of the State in action.

It seems that the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment sent out a letter to parents demanding that those who have not vaccinated their children register them on a state website under requirement by law … the only problem is that there is no such law.

The agency has apologized, claiming the letter was sent out by mistake, but their intent was revealed anyway.

A law was proposed to require a “yellow star” registration process for families who don’t vaccinate … but the law did not make it out of committee. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the bill’s sponsors will give up.

via Off the Grid News:

A number of parents received a letter this month from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which said in the document that parents of unvaccinated children in school would be required to register and exempt their child through a state website.

“My biggest issue is that you are trying to take my child’s information – that you have zero legislative authority to do – to track and to possibly come back to me,” parent Missy Frazier said, according to The Gazette newspaper. “Where does this end, and with whom are you going to share this information?”

It is hardly surprising that the school district is being accused of deliberately spreading the misconception that parents are legally required to comply.

But it certainly looked official when it went out: Here’s an image that was released of the letter:

vaccine-1024x443-768x332That is already that standard line with childhood vaccines – creating the impression that they are required, when freedom over medical injections should be  a personal decision protected by constitutional freedoms.

“I find it curious that the House has already killed 1164, whereas the health department has already implemented the provisions of 1164 in law on their website stating that by July 1, parents will be required to register online,” Lundberg said. “This online registration system is in complete violation of current statute. They don’t have the authority to require an online registration.”

“They want to populate the vaccine registry and they want to know exactly who’s exempting from which vaccines, where they live and I think it’s a harassment technique,” Theresa Wrangham of the National Vaccine Information Center told a Denver TV station.

Demanding data from people who opt out of any program in this country is akin to discriminating against them and allowing them to be targeted and tracked – and it is dangerous civil liberties, particularly as threats against non-vaccinating families is nothing new.

In particular, government agencies in general seem very disconcerted by the level of independence and rebellion by anti-vaxxers – there is every reason to think that they fear the herd will be spooked, and they could lose control over the masses.

When you consider that non-vaccinating parents are frequently treated as second-class citizens and targeted with misplaced anger about the spread of disease, it is not surprising that this law is being required – as California and other states have stepped up their pro-vaccine rhetoric and used the power of state mandates to pimp for Big Pharma.

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19 Comments on "Colorado Sends Non-Vaccinating Parents ILLEGAL Order to “Register Their Child With the State”"

  1. Grace Joubarne | May 2, 2016 at 10:22 am | Reply

    And they learned from the Nazis well. Isn’t it Hitler who said “if your going to tell a lie, make it a really big lie and keep repeating it”.

    • Close, but it was Joseph Goebbels I think.

      • Grace Joubarne | May 2, 2016 at 1:13 pm | Reply

        I think you might be right onetree, but if you look under quotes attributable to Hitler, it always shows up there for some reason…

        • In defense of Hitler/Goebbels, They were making reference to the insane lies perpetrated against them by the Allies for the unforgivable “crime” of eliminating the Bolshevik-owned Central Bank and taking back control of their currency, which, in so doing the National Socialists were able to clean up the cesspool of debauchery/perversion Berlin was turned into by same Bolsheviks, (those pics of evil Hitler’s men burning books? Pornography!), and put +/- 6,000,000 Germans back to work. Consider this for a moment please;

          After discovering the Bolshevik-mass murderer Stalin was planning an attack on not only Germany but all of Western Europe in kind, Germany stopped them in their tracks and was literally within weeks of liberating the Russians from the Jacob Schiff bought and paid for “yagoda’s” et al when Roosevelt saved him, (Stalin), the Bolsheviks and mass-murder incorporated; (ultimately 60 million Russian Christians/Muslims were annihilated by them), yet LITERALLY within months of pulling “Uncle Joe’s”, (Roosevelt’s “pet” name for Stalin), Bolshevik COMMUNIST fat from the fire those “grateful” Bolsheviks began a “cold war” which lasted well into the ’80’s. (compare to the NEO-Bolsheviks’ in Israel showing their “gratitude” for our blood/money/honor by dubbing the American people “Dupable”).

          Thinking about it, it’s as “convenient” as a phantom – never caught on video despite dozens of security cameras – commercial “jet” crashing into the Pentagram exactly where dual citizen “Dov” Zakheim had all the documentation in his frantic search to find the over 2 TRILLION dollars he “misplaced”… How fortuitous for “Dov”, no?

  2. The congress in their “infinite wisdom” have made it impossible to sue the pharmaceutical companies so the thing to do is sue the government agencies, pediatric doctors, and the school administers who require vaccinations whenever there is an adverse side effect such as autism, ADHD, peanut allergies, lower IQ, etc. Wish I was an attorney!

    • No you don’t, not really. From your statement you’re way too aware of the stench of corruption/treason. As a young man I chose not to go into law. Now, if one gives our judicial branch even a cursory look you’ll find, from hiding Jury Nullification from the people to SCOTUS granting immunity from civil liability to big pharma, Sewer Nation’s Judicial branch has been co-opted by the synagogue as completely as the legislative/executive branches – From “affirmative Action” to forcing homosexuality down our throats, (no pun intended). The most bloodless way to put down this rabid dog called the FED is through mass secession. But far too many are busy chasing Muslim Ghosts…. Brought to us by MOSSAD.

  3. The Colorado county with by far the highest rate of parents opting out of the full vaccine schedule for their kids is Boulder which also happens to be the most affluent and well educated, location of Univ of CO and heavily leans “progressive” – probably the reason the Dems have had a difficult time getting laws passed.

  4. This “action” is most certainly an accurate sign of the Governments future intent towards “Ownership” of the people of this country! Thank you Colorado for the premature warning for the intended future!

  5. And ‘ol Hickenlooper is a stooge/’super delegate’ who voted against the people of my state, and for the mass murdering, sociopathic, pathological liying Hitlery.
    The stench of corruption is coming from just about everywhere these days…

    • RJ O'Guillory | May 2, 2016 at 12:41 pm | Reply

      ..yep….we “tin-foil-hat-folks” have been trying to point out the corruption, and the decay from the corruption for decades…perhaps now people are awakening?
      RJ O’Guillory

  6. This is outrageous. Having worked in the mental health field on and off for a decade and a half, I’ve personally seen kids whose health was jeopardized by some of these intense, multiple vaccine injections, and I know professionals with far wider experience who have personally witnessed the harm these vaccines do to perfectly healthy children. I have no doubt that the parents who are deeply opposed to having their children vaccinated have good cause for such opposition. But beyond this issue, one has to understand that there are already examples of case law where the government at the state and federal level is attempting to force compliance with these health care mandates by essentially using contract law. How? You may ask. There was a child custody case years ago, Roberts v Roberts I think it was, where the state basically declared that since this married couple had entered into a contractual relationship with the state through the signing of a marriage license, the state had the legal nexus as a party to that contract, to govern the behavior of the individuals and the treatment of their children. The more frightening implication here, is that the government does not see us as sovereign individuals as proposed in the Constitution, the government sees us as property- as a commodity.

    • I’ve heard this marriage contract with the state thing before. Do you really think it matters to the enforcers? Don’t they take advantage of single parents just as much?The police state will find a way as you are on a watch list if you go to church often, home school, home birth, disagree with the govt, are a prepper, have too many guns, grow your own food or are an activist etc etc.
      I am old but if I was young I would be homeschooling & home birthing my kids, no vaccinations, NO SS# unless they want one when they come of age. Teach them real life skills too from budgeting your finances to butchering a hog & growing food. Stay away from all hand out programs too, pay cash & have a group of like minded family & friends that have your back.

  7. Probably going to be lots of illegals in that illegal group…!!

  8. What a coincidence, both images are pyramids

  9. Land of the forced vaccinated. Anyone who forces your children to get a vaccines is com[plicit and criminal.
    I’m sure this letter was intended to coerce the parents.
    Moms – do not vaccinate – vaccines are criminal.
    nagalase – the immune killer – designed with dead human tissue.
    cas9/crispr – the receptors the ligends are designed to enter.
    bacteriophage – a nano bot that crosses the blood brain barrier.
    Thimerasol – mercury that affects the entire body.

  10. Any person who insists that Vaccines are ok should themselves show how good vaccines are and show themselves being vaccinated for all and sundry. Repeatedly after all what does it matter if they are adults as they can take multiple shots that would normally 1 would not affect a new born child.

  11. Got tar and feathers?

  12. This ‘mistake’ of prematurely sending out letters to parents cannot be blamed on a fictitious employee, but rather that the CDPHE (CO Dept of Public Health) issued a top-down directive to staff to issue letters to parents that reporting their child’s personal health info and vaccine status to THEIR dept was required, thereby skirting FERPA regulations.

    It raises the possibility of collusion within the CO Dept of Health (CDPHE) and the sponsor/s of HB-1164 that this bill’s passage would be a slam-dunk. So typical to put the blame squarely on one employee’s ‘mistake’, when in fact, the CDPHE had been notified several times in addition to having parents weigh in w/complaints that HB-1164 had NOT even passed and that such letters were unwarranted and not welcome. They presumptively went ahead and misappropriately used taxpayer monies to initiate this campaign to force parents to register their child’s private health info into a system that is rife w/data breaches and furthermore, not notify parents where and when their child’s data would be shared among other entities who have a vested interest in seeing a one-size-fits-all vaccine program be in full force and compliance.

    • Clare – thank you for sharing this information. Your statements regarding CDPHE are absolutely correct. The Colorado Department of Public Health has been a Rogue Government Agency for a long, long time. They continually violate Colorado State Law. It’s time to hold their feet to the fire!

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