9 Uses For Hemp You Won’t Learn From Mainstream Media

HempBy Amanda Froelich

Though the negative stigma associated with cannabis has lessened in recent years – especially since CBD-rich oils to be a powerful aid in fighting cancer, it still hasn’t garnered full support from the public.

Such is unfortunate, as hemp is one of the most versatile (and longest cultivated) crops on the planet and can be used for a variety of practical and economical uses. According to some sources, the crop is humanity’s answer to eliminating smog from current fuels, creating a cleaner energy source that can replace nuclear power, remove radioactive water from the soil, and eliminate smog from skies in industrialized areas.

In addition, nationwide hemp production could eliminate deforestation by converting current paper to hemp paper which can be recycled up to 8 times. Compare this to wood pulp, which is recyclable up to 3 times. Finally, hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious and can even serve as a suitable feed for animals and livestock.

Obviously, numerous benefits could be derived from legalizing the crop and allowing it to be cultivated all over the world. However, people have been conditioned to view the herb as a negative addition to society. Such is largely a result of big business and political propaganda which began in 1915. Drug Warrant relays that even though the Declaration of Independence was printed on hemp paper and the crop was mandated to be grown in the U.S. in 1619, only in the last hundred years or so have people been demonizing the plant.

Perhaps if people knew the many ways hemp and marijuana, which are closely related but are not the same, can be used, their opinions on legalizing the crop would change. Considering that marijuana results in 0 annual deaths while pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for over 100,000, keeping an open mind is the least people could do.

Following are 9 benefits of hemp you won’t learn about from mainstream media:

1) Fuel

Similar to plants like corn, cannabis can be used to develop biofuels to power automobiles, generators, and pretty much anything else one can imagine. In fact, the University of Connecticut has been studying whether or not the fuel is actually viable, and the results are confirming that it is is.

One of the major problems with current biofuel production, according to Cheat Sheet, is that it often takes more energy to create than what it’s worth. Cannabis may be able to change that.

And, thanks to the growing interest in the cultivating the crop, developing a cannabis biofuel industry is speculated to be an easy task.

Professor Richard Parnas of the University of Connecticut says:

If someone is already growing hemp, they might be able to produce enough fuel to power their whole farm with the oil from the seeds they produce. The fact that a hemp industry already exists means that a hemp biodiesel industry would need little additional investment.

hempbiofuelCredit: pinterest.com

2) Batteries

According to AlterNet, cannabis could help improve the way we store energy. Researchers are discovering that cannabis may assist the process of producing more efficient supercapacitors.  Basically, nanosheets can be made by hemp fibers in the same way scientists have been able to use graphene in the past. An added bonus is that hemp is more economical, as it can cost thousands of times less than graphene or similar materials.

As it becomes more socially acceptable to work with hemp, engineers and scientists will have more freedom to develop other innovations with the material.

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hempbattery1-768x384Credit: Herb.co

3) Building Materials

You may not know this, but hemp can be used to create various kinds of building materials. In fact, it’s likely that in the future, houses and even business structures will be comprised of hemp.

Not only can hemp be made into insulation, it can also be used to create engineered building products like fiberboard and pressboard. In addition, it can even be used to make ‘hempcrete’, which is a stronger, lighter, and more environmentally friendly version of concrete.

hempbuildlingCredit: leafscience.com

4) Livestock Feed

Livestock is often fed corn-based feeds, but cannabis-based options could soon become the norm. The change would not only reduce costs, it would spare more food for people who need it.

In addition, feeds with cannabis would cut down on transportation needs, as the crop grows practically anywhere.

cannabisCredit: Beefproducer.com

5) Plastic Production

In the early 1940s, Henry Ford (below) produced a prototype car made out of hemp & soy plastic. Though it never went into production due to the influence from chemical giant DuPont, the photo of Ford trying to ax his way through the car proved hemp plastic’s durability.

Now, it’s well-known that hemp plastic would be a suitable alternative for consumers as it is more easily recycled and degrades at a faster rate than traditional plastic.

Everyday items like soda bottles, CD & DVD cases, shower curtain liners, and even food packaging could be easily switched to hemp-based plastics.

HenryFordCredit: TreeHugger

6) Food & Beverages

Hemp seeds are touted as a ‘super food’ because one-third of hemp seed’s weight comes from hemp oil, which is both edible and highly nutritious. The food source contains essential fatty acids (more omega-3’s than walnuts) which lower inflammation, and the whole seed is about 25% protein. It’s also a great source of calcium and iron.

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One can use hemp seeds in desserts, by sprinkling them on salads, or by making homemade hemp milk (just substitute for almonds).

hempfoodCredit: 420Magazine

7) Nuclear Waste Cleanup

One of the most intriguing uses for hemp is how it can assist in cleaning up soil contamination. In the early 1990s, the crop was planted at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine to assess its abilities to heal the soil. Reportedly, the plant shows great potential in cleaning up land contaminated with coal fly ash, sewage sludge, or heavy metals due to its fast rate of growth and ability to remove contaminants from the soil.

Hemp1Credit: nationofchange.org

8) Paper

2,000 years ago, hemp paper was commonly utilized. This is astounding, considering that only 0.05% of world paper production today is made from the crop.

Being a far more sustainable source of pulp than paper, hemp would lend great benefits to the environment if humanity relied on this crop rather than trees.

d7_tout_constitution-768x4329) Clothing

Hemp was first woven into fabric between 7,000 and 8,000 B.C. but is rarely used nowadays. Perhaps that’s because hemp clothing has earned the reputation of being rough and tough.

Thanks to modern methods of working with the crop, however, even the high fashion industry is playing with hemp, merging it with silk for lingerie. Of course, its durability could be applied to more obvious applications, such as sportswear and outdoor clothing.

hemp3Credit: leafly.com

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  1. I need things to be straight forward and plain.
    You are confusing me.



  3. there is many uses of hemp for everyone and they are all good, but the powers that be do not want you to have your rights, and a better quality of life, they do not want you to live a healthier longer life, BECAUSE OUR WORLD IS RUN BY THESE ELITE MASONIC REPTILIAN OVERLORDS, they believe they have the divine right to rule over us, they will have the best medicine’s and the best food, and any breakthrough into the aging desease that will give you a longer life without deteriation, you will not have it or see it, these are the creature’s upon the earth who only want to see you suffer because it is their Narcotic, they love nothing only their own power, they will never have what we have spirituality, they only want to eat your soul. but we are many and they are few, the time is near for us to take back our rights.

  4. A very important point: “…hemp and marijuana, which are closely related but are not the same..,” but have been conflated from the beginning of cannabis prohibition by unscrupulous American oligarchs to eliminate this valuable resource from competition against their investments.

  5. Hemp will save the planet. The reptilian overlords must go.
    Move to Colorado and imbibe for the health of it.

    • Yes, it will. Yes, they must. I’m in California for the cheez, dah blu cheez — for the health of it!

    • Heck, Denver is a hub for the elites, check out their new airport with the runways set up as a swastika.

      • It’s not really new…..it opened in 1995. The murals inside are even more enlightening.

        • They painted over all but the end scene, all the world’s children bringing their weapons to the German boy who is pounding out a NWO with the scrap.

          • Seriously? I hadn’t heard that, but why am I not surprised.

          • betterboy | May 31, 2016 at 2:44 am |

            Now that they can smoke pot all day long we might see some really strange things going on. Maybe someone will paint over that last section with a picture of Obummer smoking a joint with the statement, “yes, I lied to you about everything, but who cares!”.

  6. It’s the tree of life, mannnn! lol.

    Thanks for the excellent info!

  7. This article should have told more, like how an acre of ground planted with hemp can yield 3 or more crops in 1 year while trees take 20,30 or more years for just one, and produce so much more higher quality paper products from the same 1 acre, over and over again, unlike trees. And the same for fuel, building products, feed and more! It just makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE!

  8. Hemp and cannabis are not interchangeable. They are not the same as one has a level of THC that can be heated and activated to be psychotropic whereas hemp cannot.
    There a plethora of examples where cannabis oil has been used successfully in treating several types of cancer and other illnesses. This is not a myth nor is it conjecture, it is FACT. The only ones to profit from the criminalizing of cannabis is Big Pharma as it makes it possible for the individual to grow life saving medicine at home thereby negating the need for ultra expensive chemical “cures”(which really aren’t )

  9. Australia is going backwards .. the entire thing has been hijacked by do gooders with no idea and now Aus govt is doing trials … Enough with the trials – trials are a con and a waste of money and a time waster – we know the truth already and 100 years of not knowing the truth is very short. All of our governments who have demonized this plant across the world deserve the Bully Ants Nest Treatment which is also beneficial in aiding the common sense gene.

    • The Aussies blew it when they made guns illegal. I used to think they were some tough people down there, but it appears they are really pansies. In America there is no way they will get our guns and leave us defenseless.

  10. Imagine being on an (almost) deserted Island in the middle of the HUGE Pacific Ocean, that is part of the United States and after sugar cane failed, planting …… (wait for it)……Eucalyptus!! Instead of hemp. Isnt it hilarious? Instead of fiber to build with, and oil for electrical power (you might need). Nobody seems to remember what the hardwood is for any more, cause its just been there, and will be there for decades! There are some terrific planners there, no?

  11. land of the free!!!! thats what they keep telling us over and over and over and over and over all your life until you believe it and are wiling to die for it. But you really die for psychopath government lies for private banks and corporations. wake up

  12. For Decades Hemp has been used to mfg the best rodeo ropes. Hemp is a great renewable resource. I will not say the same regarding its mind numbing cousin, marijuana. Anything that interferes with your thought process or actions is not a good thing, this includes alcohol, drugs, including most prescriptions.

  13. Cannabis can heal so many….and Hemp can save the planet! Earth First! Vote Bernie…for the babies?♨️✌️

  14. At Graphic Comfort, we are striving to promote awareness of the benefits of hemp clothing through the variety of our Hemp Collection. We continue to build on our offerings…GraphicComfort.com/collections/hemp

  15. Excellent article on some of the many uses for hemp. One correction you might want to make is that only the draft copies of the Declaration Of Independence were written on hemp paper, not the final version. That was written on parchment.

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