13 Year Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device For Under $15

tesla_energy_deviceBy Terrence Newton

Inspired by the geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, teenager Max Loughan loves to invent things, in fact, he says he has known his entire short life that his purpose was to change the world with his inventions. And he may just do it.

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason,” said Max. “And that reason is to invent, to bring the future.” [Source]

Wearing a lab coat while speaking in a televised interview with KTVN Channel 2 in Reno and Tahoe, Nevada, Max explains the free energy device that he made in his parents’ boiler room turned laboratory.

His invention looks somewhat reminiscent of Tesla coil, and operates on some of the same principles described by the electric visionary. The device is rather simple, harvesting electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere, then converting it to direct current which can be used to power electrical devices.

What’s even more incredible is that Max built his free energy device out of materials he purchased for less than $15. That’s right, for the price of an average lunch, it appears that anyone can have access to free energy.

He created an electro magnetic harvester out of a coffee can, some wire, two coils, and a spoon. [Source]

In a demonstration with KTVN, Max uses current created by the machine to power a strip of LED lights that he had wrapped around his twin brother, astonishing to both his own family and the visiting news crew.

The harvester conducts radio waves, thermal, and static energy, and turns it into electricity.

“This wire takes energy from the air.”

And the inside the coffee can,

“We turn it from AC to DC.” [Source]

Setting Free Energy Free

Max’s achievement is impressive, to say the least, and the fact that works of Nikola Tesla are now inspiring the next generation of inventors is quite inspiring, although one has to wonder why Tesla’s ideas have taken some 75 years to reach the mainstream.

The big message here again, though, is that free energy technologies are real, so why is the world still dependent on fossil fuels and extraction-based methods of energy production that are destroying our planet? Why can’t we have clean-running automobiles that are powered with ambient energy and produce zero emissions?

The suppression of free energy devices and technology by the energy industry and by the government is an established fact of our world. Using many techniques and programs to suppress ideas and inventions like Max’s is finally coming to an end, however, in the information age. Now anyone can participate in the energy revolution.

My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound. – Max Loughan

Check out Max’s interview with KTVN here, and please share this inspiring story far and wide to help break the silence on the possibility of clean and free energy. Our future depends on it.

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Terence Newton is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com, interested primarily with issues related to science, the human mind, and human consciousness.

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26 Comments on "13 Year Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device For Under $15"

  1. “Inspired by the geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein,”
    I can agree as far as Tesla is concerned, Einstein, not so much. In my opinion he was nothing more than a media invention with the proper affiliation;

  2. What a great kid!!

  3. lightingstrikesthrice | May 19, 2016 at 3:46 pm |

    That is awesome. Way to go kid! :)..It’s no wonder when Tesla died the government rushed into his hotel room and seized all of his papers. Corruption, control, dominance, greed..and all other pertaining words. This one I will share.

    • That was my first thought, too. How sad is that?

      • Yeah. Have you ever seen the film, “The Water Engine” w/ William Macy?

        Actually this was my second thought before I had watched the whole video and ingested the whole thing in full.

        My first thought was, “Well, good luck kid. I guess I’ll see you on YouTube some day with all the cranks who claim they’ve invented “perpetual motion”, etc.

        I think these days just controlling the media exposure is as good a way as any to keep us all deprived of our better futures.

        • Haven’t seen the movie but I know what it’s about. It benefits the petro-zillionaires to have us all believe that everything not running on some type of consumable energy is a hoax. Maybe that’s why they chemtrail the skies with coal ash so solar power goes the way of the steam engine.

          • wow that never enter my head, I have always thought they were hiding something…maybe incoming…but to block it from the sun to prevent solar power…those evil do-ers!!!

          • With the controllers, there are always numerous benefits to any action. Incoming money is the prime one, but there are always non-financial benefits to them as well. I can think of at least ten “benefits” (to them) to cover the planet in coal ash: disperse pesky contaminants, test out vaccines, control the weather, sell weather futures, and of course hide something incoming (or outgoing.) Even with all their diabolical BS , never succumb to the belief that someone’s $15 invention can’t change the world. Steve Jobs comes to mind.

  4. Publish the plans on the internet before the gov locks you in a room and tortures then “suicides” you…seriously I am not trying to be funny.

    • He’s not the only one…. in a few years the Government along with the sick satanic Corporations will “ridicule” this kid calling it a “hoax” & fantasy just because they wanna keep their
      deceptive billion dollar infrastructure functioning… so sad.!!

      • Actually the next financial collapse is going to wipe out alot of wealth around the world. Entire industries are going to collapse overnight. All of the suppressed technologies will start to emerge so this kid has a pretty good shot I think. Just maybe pick up some physical gold and silver to help you get through the collapse since they money in your bank account will be gone.

  5. The geniuses at Lawrence Livermore Labs are busy spending billions of dollars on cold fusion while this kid demonstrates free energy for under $15. Is anybody else out there feeling like they have been cheated?

    • Exactly.!! but he’s not the only one…. in a few years the Government along with the sick satanic Corporations will “ridicule” this kid calling it a “hoax” & fantasy just because they wanna keep their deceptive billion dollar infrastructure functioning… so sad.!!

    • The kid built a crystal radio. They’ve been around for hundreds of years. Boy scouts literally learn how to build these.
      There’s no such thing as free energy. You’d know this if you even had the slightest understanding of physics. Learn the laws of thermodynamics. Crystal radios can only ever collect a minuscule amount of the energy which is wasted during a radio broadcast.

  6. The experiment seems reminiscent of the work of Thomas Henry Moray.

  7. It’s the same setup as the old am boy scout radio kit, except an oatmeal box was used instead of a coffee can. It was always known that you could get millivolts out of it (that’s how the earphone worked), but this kid is getting a bit more than that. I wonder how many milli-amps he was able to produce.

  8. His personal goals are in direct conflict with the people who control the current energy markets. Unfortunately he will probably discover this as he gets older.

  9. Kudos to the young man. But seriously, with all the wifry, smart meters and cellphones polluting the atmoshpere, this is no longer a difficult thing to do. Especially when it’s only powering some leds.

  10. “I knew I was put here for a reason.”

    So this scientific mind believes in predestination?

  11. At one point, he mentions AC. That right there tells me that he’s only got an antenna set up to capture broadcast energy from various sources, such as TV, radio, cell towers, power lines, and house wiring. I’d like to see him put a frequency meter in front of the diode array, and show us just what it is that he’s rectifying into usable DC.
    With a long enough wire to act as an antenna, and other one going into the ground, you can light up a neon light bulb! If you walk out into a substation yard at night with a fluorescent light tube in your hand, it will glow from the ambient RF coming from the transformers and power lines. You can also get a shock from the static electricity build up on cars and trucks parked for more than just a few minutes in a 220KV substation. They leave various pieces of re-bar, pipe and other pieces of metal laying on the ground in substations, so you can use it to touch the body to the Earth before you grab the door handle and get a nice little jolt. The rubber tires are insulators, and the substation acts like a Van Der Graaf generator. So just where then is all of this “free” energy coming from? If the power grid goes down, so to does his little antenna set up!!
    So like I said, let’s see what the frequency of the power in his little doodad is, before jumping to conclusions as to its source.

  12. Don’t feel bad. Lots of people have been duped by people less intelligent than this kid.

  13. In order for an antenna of that size to collect enough energy to power a string of LEDS without first storing it for hours, it would have to be located in a powerful alternating magnetic field , the kind you find in transformers. There is not that much energy floating around your back yard.

  14. Terrence Newton, don’t report on physics and engineering if you don’t know anything about physics or engineering. The kid built a crystal radio. It’s been done countless times and is essentially the equivalent of a baking soda volcano. Boy scouts build them. They’ve been around literally since the invention of radio towers.
    A crystal radio operates on incredibly basic physics principles and only absorbs a little bit of the massive amount of energy wasted during a radio broadcast. Radio waves change the magnetic field around a coil of wire, inducing an electric current into it. However, the electricity received is extremely small. In the microwatts. It’s only ever possible to collect electricity in the microvolts, and even then, you’d need to be standing right under a radio tower to do so. The energy that can be collected then drops off in accordance with the Inverse Square Law.
    This poor kid is being paraded around by his ignorant parents and the scientifically illiterate media. He’s already become delusional. It’s going to hurt him all the more when he realizes he’s not special at all.

    Edit: This comments section is shameful. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, just because I happen to have an education in physics. Apparently intelligence is a rare commodity around these parts.

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