We Sure Are Becoming Weary of Intelligence Ops, False Flags: Awakening is Underestimated

awakening-coverOp-Ed by Cassius Kamarampi

We sure are becoming more aware of intelligence operations, false flags, and many other info-daggers aimed at the hearts of our collective clarity.

We’re becoming quicker to respond, more sharp and discerning with what we believe, and our discernment is not quarantined to our individual circles of thinking people: we must take solace in the fact that our increasing discernment and sharpness is indeed spreading to our friends, family, and people who we may not even realize were influenced by us.

Welcome to the bright side of the information age: the viral nature of truth and its far-reaching, possibly underestimated power.

Consider how susceptible to manipulation, malleable to the molding hand of propaganda the American people were in the ’40s, or ’50s.

Now consider how quickly the people who pay attention were pondering whether or not the Brussels attack was a false flag. Immediately, a culture of conscious, quick-witted people saw through the agenda, and called out people like Belgian politician Francois-Xavier de Donnea, who immediately “called for a ‘pan-European FBI,’ a central European authority to deal with the threat of terror,” as we reported last week.

We’ve been through decades upon decades of degrading conditions in America, with most completely oblivious to exponentially worse conditions abroad, directly a result of the US and allied powers-that-be.

We’ve been through decades of propaganda, and the “fear button” has been pushed too many times, with the lies too thoroughly exposed by people with too much at stake, for this media machine to continue fooling us.

Too many people around the world and in America have suffered at the hands of those in power, for us to remain gullible: firsthand experience with the consequences of power, war, poverty, leaves a burning scar on the collective consciousness that can not be forgotten. The button has been pushed too many times.

Consider how many revolutionaries have died trying to speak the truth, to bring us to this point: consider just how many people, from Malcolm X to Gary Webb, have given their lives to tell us things that are now freely available to see on the Internet, for anyone on Earth with an Internet connection and uncensored access to the Web.

This article could go in the direction of saying we need to utilize the info more, we need to try harder, and that’s true: but we’re being more effective at shifting the paradigm than we can possibly imagine. More people are listening to the thinkers than we can easily come to fathom.

Things may feel hopeless at times (how any oligarchs would love for the social climate to be) but in reality we’re in an unprecedented global awakening.

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All we have to do is keep trying harder: keep communicating with everyone we know about what matters, pondering over real news and evidence to understand geopolitics and everything that concerns the powers that be and our future (as well as the central progression toward better lives, in Agorism, counter-economics, economies and social constructs of free people).

We just have to keep digesting info with our families, friends, and build our own new cultures of thinking.

We have to build our own new cultures of learning, routinely disseminating news and information instead of sitting down to watch TV: keeping a sharp eye of discernment for propaganda, upon a dense background of historical understanding

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4 Comments on "We Sure Are Becoming Weary of Intelligence Ops, False Flags: Awakening is Underestimated"

  1. Douglas Kelly | April 5, 2016 at 10:29 am | Reply

    Good article for thinking people. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything — EVERYTHING — said by anyone associated with any governmental institution, agency, or is in anyway supported by government of any sort is a lie. Always it’s a lie. Never do we hear the truth. The truth is anathema to these people since it would expose their corruption and their obsession for power. And for money.

    Faith in our government and its governance is lost. It deserves to be lost. We would feel stupid if we still had faith in our governance and how it has perverted our government.

    It’s fallen upon people like you and me to continue to expose this cultural of lies and corruption. And I sincerely believe the results of it will be a better outcome than that which is going to be without our efforts.

  2. Now all we have to do is figure out that it’s almost solely the Zionists who control the US currently that are running these false flags.

  3. Sites like AcitivistPost and all the other real pats that are keeping folks informed are the heroes of today.
    KUDOS to all of you truth seekers and whistle blowers.
    And ConspiracyExaminer – is dead on – it is the corrupted unfederal b.s bank private scum owners that continue to fuel the perpetual military/industrial killing complex. These vampires have stolen most (99%?) of the worlds wealth and it’s time to out them for the zio-nazi-scum that they are.

  4. This is of course quite true, but extends beyond politics, see ‘The Third Explanation’ Amazon. Its necessary to read it all, I guarantee it will change your entire world view.

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