TPP is Treason. WAKE UP! Globalization Goes For Checkmate. (PART ONE)

tpp-thumbBy Brett Redmayne-Titley

Foreword: The secret Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is very close to ratification by the US Congress and the final draft of this insidious corporate takeover has already been signed by twelve countries that value corporate interests more than those of their own sovereign nations. In Europe and the UK the TTIP treaty is the mirror image of this proposed treasonous treaty and just as secret. Both must be stopped! Now!

In July of 2012, thanks to the help of local activists the author obtained a Press Pass and a very coveted “Stakeholder’s Pass” that allowed him into the San Diego TPP negotiations, thus being the only reporter present who was not pro-TPP. His tough questions, interviews, and press conference challenges put the author in the line-of-fire and led to a shocking, multi-part exposé, possibly the most in-depth, inside look at TPP.

Due to the constant secrecy of the TPP negations – highlighted in this series – very little new information has been revealed since. In an effort to provide the reader information on the threat of TPP, Activist Post is kindly re-publishing the series – one part each day – as a service to its American and world-wide readers. A new final chapter will be offered that will include the most recent updated information. TPP and TTIP must be stopped! Read on and find out why. TPP is not secret anymore! B.R-T. 

“We have to stop them before it gets to Congress”, warned Brooke Harper, referring to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the proposed pan-Pacific trade treaty. This is likely the most insidious piece of corporate-inspired global legislation ever to be secretly slipped through the halls of the US Congress. Its details were a secret until two weeks ago. Now, opposition must rise quickly. The consequences for America and eleven other nations are indeed terminal.

Ms. Harper, who represents Global Trade Watch, an organization based in Wash. DC, has just arrived in San Diego. Her goal: to rally Southern California area activists in preparation for the upcoming TPP eight-day negotiations to be held at the Hilton/San Diego Bayfront, in San Diego, July 2-10, 2012. This is round thirteen of the “negotiations.”

A crowd of about forty, representing activist groups from the San Diego area, listened as Harper explained the depth of the threat posed by TPP. They had gathered at Canvass for a Cause, a community hall in the City Heights area. What the audience heard was chilling and went far beyond the fringes of our current broken American democracy and its corrupt politicians.

US Pres. Barack Obama is a traitor. Period. This underhanded treaty secretly sells out the American people’s legal, sovereign, and constitutional protections in favor of this president’s corporate puppet masters. The concept, inception, and mechanism of the TPP treaty – as well as the effort to secretly pass it – come, solely, from the Obama administration. In doing so, our one-time constitutional scholar president attempts to create a new, world-wide, corporate dynasty. TPP effectively allows for the overthrow of the legal sovereignty and national jurisdiction of the United States’ courts and political system to a foreign power. This is the very definition of treason.

If Americans don’t stop TPP corporations will literally be able to circumvent the existing laws of the EPA, FDA, trade unions, collective bargaining agreements, patent protections, banking regulations and many other American regulations and rights. All will be negated solely by the arbitrary diktats of corporations. This treason is being currently and secretly included in the language of the TPP treaty here in San Diego. Should state, local, or federal governmental agencies attempt to enforce American laws in favor of their citizens that conflict with the wishes of the multi-nationals, a separate corporate court will have supreme jurisdiction – and the last say – over any American governmental agency. Ominously called, “The Tribunal,” it has the power to override any existing American regulation. Absurdly, Federal agencies, State Gov’ts, City authorities, citizen’s property rights, and competing American corporate interests will be considered as the Defendant before this tribunal. When brought to the dock, these defendants – these nations – will be charged, by the plaintiff corporation, with a new crime: “Technical Barrier to Trade.” Really.

The Tribunal issues all  final, irrevocable, decisions. Should the defendant national interest choose not to comply with the Tribunal’s diktat, or refuse to pay the Tribunal ordered financial compensation, the judgment – per the TPP treaty – will be enforced by the federal gov’t against subservient that American interest.

Making matters even worse, American-based corporations will not have access to the authoritarian controls and manipulations of the TPP treaty. These luxuries are only available to the big multi-national corporations. Smaller American corporations will be subordinate to the whims of TPP.

So… your state decides to place a health tax on cigarettes of one dollar a pack, as compensation for increased healthcare costs created by smokers of your state. (California’s Prop 29 attempted to do this in the last primary election.) The voters actually approve the tax in a democratic referendum. This seems pretty fair, so far. Au Contraire.

R.J. Reynolds doesn’t like this anecdote of democracy, considering it bad for business, and their profits. Increased healthcare costs from a self-propagating addiction be-damned; big corporations, at least the ones with real power, don’t worry about the trifles of such democracy. This aggrieved corporation merely turns to the, “Investor/State Dispute Resolution Tribunal.” No need to waste time in a state or federal court – nor the Supreme Court of the United States – these courts will be useless at the hands of the “Tribunal.”

This corporate-sponsored, US congressional science fiction continues when, next, considering the makeup of the Tribunal and its members. Composed of just three corporate lawyers (remember what Shakespeare said?), the three will be divided into; one with experience with the defendant’s issues, one for the plaintiff corporation, and a third who is, somehow, neutral. The Tribunal will meet in closed session away from cameras and reporters when adjudicating disputes between sovereign national, American,  federal, state, or local laws and the wishes of the corporations whose countries’ governments will have treasonously ratified the TPP treaty.

With the likelihood of any national interest prevailing at the Tribunal being effectively nil, the tribunal now rules against your state’s cigarette tax. The tax is ordered to be repealed and, as punishment to the state for the crime of effecting a “technical barrier to trade,” money damages are awarded to the plaintiff corporation.  This manufactured new term is the mantra of TPP and translates directly in this case into, “your (healthcare) law is restricting our profits.”

The Tribunal then issues an order for compensation of, hypothetically, one hundred million dollars, due to the loss of profits to R.J. Reynolds tobacco sales. Your state’s attorney general says, “over my dead body”, and heads for the Appeals court, perhaps the Supreme Court. Au Contraire.

Here lies the true treason of TPP. It grants, once Congress ratifies it, the complete nullification of the jurisdiction of all US courts regarding matters before the tribunal. So your state loses. Automatically.

Well, now your state treasurer says, “we’ll never pay.” Good luck!  Thanks to TPP, and a majority of similarly treasonous US Congressman, the federal government, which has authority over the states, must then enforce the monetary judgment. Your state’s treasurer wakes up one morning to a call from the bank. It’s something about a $100 million withdrawal. Uncle Sam just stole your state’s $100 million and gave it to R.J. Reynolds. And there wasn’t a damn thing your state could do to stop it.

This is not fantasy. Nor hyperbole. It has already happened.

Right now, Australia is under a similar legal attack by Phillip Morris, Ltd, one of the world’s largest cigarette manufacturers. Because of a similar existing, Hong Kong/Australia, trade treaty, Phillip Morris is currently seeking tens of millions of dollars in monetary damages from the Australian Gov’t. Previously, the Aussies decided to mandate plain paper packaging of all cigarettes and that this packaging feature a large health warning as well as some very ghastly color images of diseased lungs, stomas, etc., all designed to discourage smoking. However, thanks to the terms of this real-life treaty, Australia’s justice ministry is currently fending-off Phillip Morris and their very arbitrary – and very large – money judgment delivered by a Tribunal.

The Obama administration’s treason in propagating TPP is shown in many other likely future edicts. Using the broad brush of “Technical Barrier to Trade” pro-American interests may soon be banned. Green Energy, an Obama campaign promise, will not be a reality as this would compete with the much stronger oil industry. Healthcare for employees?  Also gone, due to the cost to employers. Patent terms would be lengthened to as much as ninety-nine years so as to restrict the production of cheaper generic drugs of same quality, thereby maintaining higher prices and restricting access to medication in impoverished counties. How many millions of people world-wide who may die will never be known. Banking regulation, already minimal, will be gone. The few remaining small farmers will be forced from their land by multi-national agri-business. Fracking?  Whether you like it, or not! These are just the obvious examples.

Substitute into this scenario any governmental agency, fit in any restriction to corporate profit, and add the name of any multi-national corporation and the story plays out the same. These requirements are actually currently written into the first two chapters of the TPP treaty – recently leaked to the public. There are working-drafts in progress for twenty-six additional chapters. Most have nothing to do with trade, but rather impose limits on domestic food safety, health, environmental, and other policies.  The first two are bad enough. These draft copies were released to Global Trade Watch two weeks ago. The governments involved, including the US, won’t release the texts to the public. Nor to elected US congresspersons and Senators! However, 600 corporate “trade advisors” have full access.

What was – two weeks ago – initially met with a collective gasp by most media, was quickly dampened to a mumble after a one-day news cycle. It is now missing from the pages of our nations’ corporate-controlled media, much like the recent NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) subterfuge. Media scoundrels are doing their job efficiently. During a the previous Dallas negotiations, despite the presence of over 400 area protesters, there was only one media crew, from Japan, present to cover the event.

Tonight, these forty-plus activist leaders are determined to make the week of July 2 -10 a call to action, and bring the attention of their American and world-wide brethren to the pending horror of TPP.

After a 90-minute presentation by Brooke Harper on the nuances of TPP, the gathering spent another hour and a half discussing protest plans for each day of the week during the TPP negotiations. A coordinated effort from across Southern California is expected to make a strong presence daily. Twenty members of the group have been given passes to enter the assembly each day as, “Stakeholders”, (implying that they actually have a say in the negotiations) and can meet and discuss issues with the official trade representatives of the countries present. Harper warns these stakeholders to be prepared for the self-serving arguments of the negotiators, since the invitation is designed to be the foil for the negotiators to challenge these protesters in public and thus legitimize the TPP process.

The countries who are party to this attempt at corporate world domination, i.e. globalization, are United States, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. All these countries are champions of this new corporate Democratic model.

The TPP negotiators refer to the treaty as a “Docking Agreement” meaning it is an opportunity for other countries to join. Mexico and Canada have recently joined.

Two-and a- half years ago, America’s one-time constitutional scholar president commenced his assault on Americans’ best interests by commissioning, in secret, the drafting of the TPP treaty. Next, his administration just as secretly began inviting countries to participate in the negotiations. These negotiations have been continuing routinely, with the recent twelfth stopover in Dallas, Texas this past May and now San Diego. All the twenty US trade negotiators and the US trade representative, Ron Kirk, will be present at the TPP conference. All were selected by Obama.

This president’s treason must deliberately be concealed as the release of secret two chapters reveals. US Congressmen and Senators will not be able to see a final draft until it is submitted to them for consideration, and presumably, automatic passage. This pre-authored TPP treaty, in the mold of so many previous pieces of legislation pre-authored by A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council), will have no need to be read by these congressmen, who seem – due their lack of interest – already in the bag. The likely punch-line to this treasonous joke will be: that Obama will use his “fast-track authority” via current US trade authority, to get this through Congress without the possibility of formal congressional review – or massive public outcry. Like his midnight signature to the secret “ear-mark” provisions of this past New Year’s sinister NDAA, this treasonous president, and his congressional co-conspirators, attempt to put, using TPP, a final death nail in American democracy.


The time-line for passage of the TPP treaty by the US Congress and the other member nations is intended to be by late summer this year.

So far, just two congresswomen are taking an interest in protecting American sovereignty and its citizens from TPP. Reps. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) and Rep. Donna Edwards (D- MD) are the current leaders in exposing and challenging TPP. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), chairman of the Trade Committee in the Senate, which supposedly has jurisdiction over trade agreements, has been denied any access to viewing a copy despite persistent requests. Already – even before ratification – a US senator lacks standing or jurisdiction in the eyes of the TPP conspirators.

Times were dire and corporations were already running amuck over public interests before the sudden, shocking, news of TPP. Now, corporations seek supreme authority over sovereign nations. Desperate and ever greedy, the minions of authoritarian, corporate democracy wish to give their corporate masters the keys to the base of the financial pyramid. From Citizens United to the BP oil disaster cover-up; from Obama’s sham Heath Care bill to the NDAA’s new gutting of American civil liberties, these treasons were not enough. We now have TPP, designed to finish the job. It must be stopped. Efforts in San Diego and across the nation must commence. Congressmen must be contacted. Phones must ring. The call to national action must go out.

Or the last vestiges of freedom will.

George Orwell cried last night. The “Pigs” are winning.

Independent Journalist
Photographer/ World Citizen

Former Columnist: PRESS TV/IRAN
Writer & Contributor To: Earth First!;
Veterans Today; Western Journalism;
Intellihub; Shift Frequency;
Fars News Agency; Blacklisted News;
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17 Comments on "TPP is Treason. WAKE UP! Globalization Goes For Checkmate. (PART ONE)"

  1. These days even if Congress doesn’t “ratify” the treaty, will they just continue on with their “Totalitarian Tiptoe” and start implementing parts of the treaty, slowly, under the radar until everyone just accepts the end game? This sentence says a lot-“Thanks to TPP, and a majority of similarly treasonous US Congressman,
    the federal government, which has authority over the states,” AS, the states formed the Federal Government with The Constitution, therefore the states were ABOVE the Fed except for very limited situations, all spelled out. We’re not under the Constitution of 1789, when the states go along with anything the Feds say.

    • michael lawless | April 27, 2016 at 4:58 am | Reply

      im sure congress will have no problem passing it after all their motto is ” if it screws the american people we are all for it”

  2. The fascist corporations are winning. George Orwell was right.

    • “….And there wasn’t a damn thing your state could do to stop it….”

      Every country has snipers and the names of those “three corporate lawyers” leading the “Tribunal” will be known.
      I think they will learn fast !

  3. Zaphod Braden | April 26, 2016 at 6:45 am | Reply

    A “Global Economy” presupposes “Global WAGES.
    You, your children will be working for the same pay as Bangladeshis and Chinese.
    YOUR Standard of Living will be EQUALIZED down to THEIR Standard of Living.
    THAT is what they mean by “equality”
    GET MAD.
    You are being RE-SERFED.
    You will not be “allowed” to leave the land
    You will be so indebted to “The Company Store” you will never be free.

  4. Treason is in the air – it is everywhere.

    Our Founders went to war, against the most powerful military in world history, over a tax on tea. Yet, here we sit while our elected representatives impose infinite taxation and regulation on us.

  5. Obamao, committing treason, since 2009….

  6. TPP = Total Population Purge~

  7. lindajoyadams | April 26, 2016 at 1:16 pm | Reply

    Outsourcing of our official data and records and systems in nearly every area has fast been getting outside the country as congress begins to wake up to the vast sums stolen and deaths and other horrific things that have occurred since 2002 when Congress defunded any audit controls and no money investigate or arrest real organized crime that has been going on. Main media still says govt did this or that when source 2 govt has just contracted official business out and they have done as they pleased and more ethical companies forced out. The SEC was defunded also and the conflicts of interest re horrific especially in health care. when one interlocked cabal of over 150 companies just gets more large and more in control. THERE IS NO GOVT RUN HEALTH CARE. JUST TAXPAYER FUNDED AND RIGHT AND LIVES LOST FOR IT. HHS knows ‘nothing’ as they only review what the crooks let them see. and its a miracle hey find as much as they do. This cabal is in defiance as 38 federal agency judges on my cases along and no way to enforce it without an act of congress. Overpayments go against patient and doctor, etc. and SSA has not processed one simple waiver request since they
    agreed to do so in 2005 as ‘the thieves were given the contract to process. Its one where one says its “against equity and good conscience and give no personal financial info as what patient can arrest someone the govt has been denied the right to do by Congress. These debts are against one estate even after the will is probated. and ay be that house you are living in you inherited .Most patients are not even aware their lams and id and systems were hacked and they are over paid. and current head , CEO Blodgett now gets to be a bill collector too. Is there been internal corruption in the govt o give contracts to bad apples? Unknown as there has been no office in the US Justice dept to investigate and prosecute high level govt corruption for several years, a basic office that must exist under the Watergate law that crated the OIG system. Congress refused to act to make sure one got set back up. The one Eric Holder dismantled had been a ‘deadly; joke for years and a big reason that 9/11/01 was not stopped as I fully am aware from the inside an trying to stop that unsuccessfully for 2 years. Too many covering up their own crimes to care about the nation’s security .Hidden in online business news letters are key mergers and acquisitions of shell companies, etc. going off shore before some of their officers can be arrested on USA soil? Bought and paid for main media just will not cover any of this ‘over throw ‘ of the USA since 2002. and some began as far back as 1994 and before that. Linda Joy Adams

  8. Alleged Comment | April 26, 2016 at 2:41 pm | Reply

    The negro sodomite Moslem (he is not a legal “president”) represents decades of betrayal by the very people you elect and put in office. Beginning sometime in 1913 they have eroded the Constitution to the point is it now “just a piece of paper” to mock.

    And how they have! They mocked it and humiliated it by putting in YOUR FACE an illegal negro Moslem sodomite. Do you need anymore evidence?

    He is mocking the Constitution, slapping your Christianity and putting down your culture and still he is up there.

    The final nail in YOUR coffin is one day you will wake up and find the negro has declared himself President-for-life and all of Congress approving of it with a standing ovation.

    All hail the negro…..

    • The “negro” has very little, if anything, to do with this parasitic, plundering treason.
      These are white faces all across the board. ……The lowest mentality at the highest control apex.

  9. now right there IS WHY they will attempt to stop trump any which way THEY CAN.
    Trump is on to them all and anyone thinking trump is blah blah bs better begin to investigate WHAT HE STANDS FOR and what he is against.

  10. John Makowichuk | April 27, 2016 at 3:53 am | Reply

    Carbon credits will be the new dollar, the world’s energy sources will be militarily defensible, and the prisons that we’re in will finally start growing walls.

    China already knows it’s a done deal. Look at their property ownership in British Columbia. Think Canada and the US are sovereign states? Nope, the North American Union roads are already BUILT, waiting for a permit to paint the lines. Dissent means prison now, under “terrorism” or “security threat” or “human rights” kangaroo courts. Property is taxed regularly so you can employ officers to give you tickets. (They have to save the world from vegetable gardens, improperly spaced fence panels, and sidewalk chalk. It’s not enough, so every generation they recoup overruns in estate taxes (deceased), income taxes (heirs). The next “terrorism” event will surely instill martial law (for which the infrastructure is in place) and enact the North American Defense umbrella, which will circumvent ratification of the NAU and be the premise for biometric and RFID security (which is sitting at the border ready to plug in). Rural residents will relocate into cities, voluntarily and because the police tank that was in the parade last year is now on your front lawn. Wind/solar farms will go up on those properties, back-feeding grids to keep the lights on at enormous costs while Corporations with new navies stockpile oil. That oil will leverage write carbon credits as bonuses to particularly “sustainable” (profitable) allies/former nations, and it will be most stable currency imaginable because nobody will get their hands on it.

    Citizens who have all their assets tied up in the current economy will be allowed to work off their newly acquired debt, those privy crash it and back the “carbo-dollar”, which will do nothing but sit and be valuable. What is there to buy? They have all of the world’s energy, have made it illegal and impractical to dispute that with force, regulate and conduct all trade at the same time, and the world owes them many generations of debt. Even if cash were still legal (which it won’t be) you couldn’t use it to have a fire in your frigid home because your Goopple subsidized bunk is full of iGcameras.

    December, 2020. You go to work in the morning, rubbing shoulders on the way out with the strangers coming in (the residents change every 12 hrs with the shifts), and you feel a limp gloved hand slip out of yours. She is so different, since they caught her with that grass in her mouth. The judge went easy on you, because it was on school property, so the co-parent (Ministry of Education) covered the cost of treatment and you can visit once a week. The girl is so quiet now. Vacant. Pale. You rub her back (no skin to skin contact) and slip some contraband peanuts into her pocket as she files in line at the Child Protective Services muster point, where the children get their weekly vaccinations on the way to campus. You get lucky, because you’re already biting your tongue to keep from crying…it keeps you from saying “Merry Christmas”. The tears don’t start until you turn around. They’re not the regular tears from the planes and the dust, these are tears of not being able to breathe or move. As the implants discharge the last of their current as your heart stops, you see out of the corner of your paralyzed eyes that yes, there ARE security guards in that blacked-out room, after all. They have a gurney, and they would have made it to you sooner if they didn’t stop to give a ticket to a guy whose parking tickets tripped the facial recognition as he was boarding. A tiny smile wants to cross your face, but you fall away as you think of your daughter. She’s like most kids: she’s never even SEEN a peanut, immersed in Common Core Campus. They stopped the unlicensed food inspections, because after all the animals were released (so inhumane to constrict their freedom) there was no point. Public Safety screeners have gotten complacent about allergies since proteins went synthetic. Nuts are such deathly allergies now.

  11. The more crap they pass the sooner it will bring down the house of cards.
    Iceland the bankers and a thousand years of peace will commence.

    • No! The more crap they get passed the tighter the clamps are squeezing around the collective balls of humanity.

      “They” are winning because “they” have complete control of most governments. And of course “we the people” are acting like retarded monkeys around our flicker boxes.

  12. I feel like crying . My ancestors built this great nation and fought several wars to keep it free . I was raised in the greatest country the world has ever known . And now , a bunch of TRAITORS are taking it down from within . Donald J. Trump is our last chance to save this country . That’s it .

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