The US Just Declared Russia a Greater Threat than ISIS — Paving the Way for Deadly Perpetual War

carter_russia_threatBy Matt Agorist

Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski recently offered pertinent insight in an interview with RT about why Russia continues to be so vilified by the Pentagon and American media alike:

The Pentagon needs and wants Russia to be the next big enemy that they are arming against it, budgeting against it, that they are targeting. Certainly, we have talked for a long time about China and China plays an important role as the enemy of choice for the U.S. military. But Russia is ideal in part, because we don’t import a lot of things from Russia, in part because we don’t have the debt relationship with Russia that we do with China. So, Russia makes for a very convenient enemy for the Pentagon in terms of its mission, its budgeting, and its intelligence organization.

In a press conference this week, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter backed up the whistleblowing Lt. Col. as he touted the US Military’s 2016 Posture Statement. In the statement, the US declares Russia the largest threat in the world.

Despite terror attacks and threats by ISIS across the West, including inside America, the Pentagon has declared Russia a greater threat. In fact, Russia, China, North Korea, and laughably Iran — all countries who have done nothing to the US — are considered greater threat than the Islamic State.

Continuing in her interview with RT, which was prior to the release of the Posture Statement, Lt. Col. Kwiatkowski explained exactly why these psychopaths are beating the war drum with the world’s top military super powers — money.

“The Pentagon needs that kind of enemy,” Kwiatkowski continued. “And [U.S. Secretary of Defense] Ashton Carter, if you listen to what he says continually — even from the beginning of time he was put in office — his job is fundraising, just like the university president’s job is not education but rather fundraising. Ashton Carter’s job is also fundraising, and he fundraises through this process of identifying, pushing, and delivering up an enemy that will justify their budgets.

Shortly after Carter dangerously declared Russia to be public enemy number one, Obama, the Noble Laureate for peace, responded in the same manner.

Though Russia couldn’t be mistaken for an angel, the military and White House’s ostensible fears appear largely bloated and mostly artificial as they have helped to snub out ISIS, and done absolutely nothing to the US — up to an including irresponsible saber rattling.

American actions will inevitably only serve to bring the Russo-Sino strategic military alliance into closer consultation with one another in an attempt to stem U.S. global imperialism.

While this may be splendid news for defense contractors and weapons manufacturers, it’s extremely dangerous news for the rest of the world. One strategic miscalculation could result in events spiraling drastically out of control.

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Follow @MattAgorist

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28 Comments on "The US Just Declared Russia a Greater Threat than ISIS — Paving the Way for Deadly Perpetual War"

  1. “….terror attacks and threats by ISIS across the West….”

    Matt is buying what TV is selling ?????

    Really ?????

  2. rhondareichel | April 7, 2016 at 10:27 am | Reply

    It looks more like WE are a threat to Russia trying to do regime changes in their neighboring country Ukraine and Syria.
    beware the military industrial complex

    • William Burke | April 7, 2016 at 3:23 pm | Reply

      The Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex.

    • In the same speech Eisenhower warned about the rise of military industrial complex, he also explicitly warned about the rise of a technocratic elite. The Establishment left often cites the military industrial complex part of the message but has never made a reference to the other half of the warning. Could it that be because China is the new model for rule by a technocratic elite and Russia was the bankster’s early prototype, as seen in a full British documentary on youtube – it was in the old early Soviet era before modern technology. These public statements by generals, like globalist Wesley Clark, are more likely elaborate psy ops – – what memes are censored and what ones are allowed to spread?

      • Filip Sandor | April 9, 2016 at 11:07 pm | Reply

        The whole damn thing is probably a psyop. These “globalists” are all after the same thing and there is only one way to get it, ultimate co-operation, but the primitive minded “common man” will believe the fight because that is what he has been bread to believe by the intelligent men who have studied basic human psychology for decades, centuries, even millennia.

        We’re just too damn smart with our iPhones and Wikipedia to view ourselves as dumb animals and not the ruling elites… 😉

  3. I think, Matt, you don’t understand the history of US_Soviet relations very well. The dictators who ran the Soviet Union and its gulags where dissidents were worked to death had a young protege spymaster named Vladimir Putin who believed the standard Communist dogma that the Communist Party should and would smash and would rule the rest of the World as soon as possible. Only Reagan made that goal more remote. Putin has publicly lamented the breakup and downfall o that system he served in. Now President Putin and his friends, including China and North Korea, see the possibility of World and US domination returning, especially with Western sluggishness in supplying forces in eastern Europe sufficient to meet Russian forces far outnumbering them. Putin has never forgotten his lessons and neither should we.

    • The old Pinky and the Brain/ What do you wan’t to do today, Brain?/ Same thing we do everyday ,Pinky. Think of new ways to Take Over The World./Ploy. Redickerous! Probably more like, Afraid of the Competition. Both sides are after the resources. Both wan’t a pipeline thru Syria. U.S. tried vehemently to stop Russia from this endeavor. But, now it looks like they will have to share. Both will get pipelines thru Syria. Play Nice. Stop playing War. Start building up the structure so you can actually start to build both pipelines. WITHOUT the threat of EITHER side wanting to Blow Up the others pipeline . Like the U.S. did to Ghadafy’s Water Pipeline in Lybia, The one they were using to grow crops to feed their people……………Michael Z Archangel

    • Good background, however, there are at least two more layers of control you are missing out on and that requires following the Money and the History back to the globalist western banksters and their minions who created and controlled Communist Russia beginning with the Bolsheviks and their puppet Stalin. This has been proven by scholars, most notably Antony Sutton. Please look into his books and interviews starting with The Best Enemies Money Can Buy. This same banking cabal supported the rise of Hitler and the Chinese Communists. It’s exactly like a page taken from Orwell’s book 1984, the creation of faux rival superstates to control the people under a totalitarian system – in this case of Russia, China, and the US – it’s the Hegelian dialectic. Putin is tight with the international banksters and Kissinger is a close friend and adviser – Kissinger was Nixon’s National Security Adviser when he spearheaded the transfer of advanced military technology to the Soviets. It’s the tip of the iceberg, a complex web, with multiple layers of geopolitical chess – follow the money and the rise of the UN.

    • I just noticed a comment by “Thomas Paine in the butt” up higher on the thread. He knows the game plan…

      “Oceania has always been at war with East Asia” – from Orwell’s 1984

  4. John Michaelson | April 7, 2016 at 11:27 am | Reply

    Let me guess. #6 is Canada.

  5. It is not Russian leaders who have established hundreds of military installations in countries around the world, rather leaders of the USGov. As clarified since 1985 by former chief of the CIA station in
    Angola, former marine major John Stockwell, the U.S. CIA has sparked all coups and subterfuge that has occurred around the world since 1950, not Russia. It was not Russian forces that attacked the USS Liberty, and the USS Cole, and who did 9-11, and who instigated the Ukraine subterfuge, and who attacked the CIA compound at Benghazi, and who united straggling al-Qaeda mercenaries into ISIS. Former USGov psyops officer, Scott Bennett reveals the inside story at_
    Reports indicate that Bennett´s story is blocked in Germany and other E.U. countries that are serviced by internet servers under the control of the current Merkel “machine” that is governed by Israeli Judaism.


      • How dare you be accurate and show a picture that reflects the truth !
        3,000 in the WTC + 25 in the Pentagon, initially, and +- 40,000 who have died from illnesses caused by breathing the nuke-radiated dust.

        I hope the residence address you list in not accurate. This murderous, religious society governs France, with numerous MOSSAD agents roaming, seeking out truth-seekers on whom to inflict damage, secretively. “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

  6. There is always a price for crawling into bed with “the Synagogue”. In fact, one could say it’s their snake-like ability to slither this way and that and keep the (mostly) idiot “Goim” hating every one and everything but the right ones that enable them to hide in plain sight.. All these evil parasites we’ll call the “Judas Class” are nothing more than sycophants for the real, “alpha” threat to everything good and decent in this battered world. Although not a “bible pounder”, I do recall there being one group and one group only accurately described by The Christ before they murdered him as “The Synagogue of Satan” and whom other than He would know? Although they, (in all likelihood), get their “instruction” from Lucifer either consciously or subconsciously, they by no means are the only ones due to pay the ultimate price for their evil and perversion; The “Judas Class” so anxious to do their bidding will pay as well. Put simply? If an addled “Goim” believes in God, it only follows there’s a Devil.
    Beware the “Panama Papers”. They may at first appear to be a windfall but in actuality it’s just a way for “the Chosen” to rid themselves of excess (now useless), Judas Class baggage. Think Lenin/Stalin et al.

  7. We have crazy people in the highest echelons of the government, the MSM, MIC, Finance, the Pentagon, the US Military, etc. Meanwhile the Greatest Depression exists, 100 million Americans are driven into poverty caused by the Wall St. system. $40 trillion dollars sits in offshore tax havens and is waiting to get into the IS tax free. Sure. What are we doing in Ukraine, foaming at the mouth to invade Syria with $40 trillion dollars in a few tropical islands? Political leadership must stop the disintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial system, stop the accelerating collapse of the American economy, the national security crisis. The DOD should go and get the offshored money, then fund the redevelopment of North America, reversing the Greatest Depression upon us. And get rid of Mr. Ash, he’s dangerous.

    • Good points. However, note that Syria was a smokescreen from the beginning. Russian and Syrian elites are part of the NWO, the Russians have been all along. It didn’t make sense early on in the invasion of foreign fighters into Syria that Russia, Iran and Syria did not use their collective military might to quickly and efficiently eradicate the invaders. Why sit on their hands and do half-measures? It provided a smokescreen for the Globalists to work on Operation Cyclone 2.0 = ISIS, created with the assistance of 8 to 10 different national intelligence agencies admitted in the media. An international boogeyman that now requires a global military and police force to chase, in the process further eviscerating civil liberties and rationalizing constant biometric RFID tracking. The seat of power is still the international bankers. BTW, regarding offshore tax havens the plutocracy of all nations uses them extensively, including Russia and Syria – it’s been documented and is known by researchers. We need to lead ourselves and start networking QUICKLY.

  8. Both Carter and James Comey are recruitments in the continued WAR against Americans. Both are a bigger threat to our citizens than anything else.

  9. The world is a stage – the military/industrial death machine is there brush.
    Putin probably plays golf with the U.N., USA, israehell and the rest of the murdering scum, they are all interconnected bubbles with…’circle and arrows and a paragraph on the back explaining each.’ Arlo Guthery Alice’s Restaurant circa 1969.

  10. Thomas Paine in the butt | April 8, 2016 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    Oceania has always been at war with EurAsia…

    Oceania has always been at war with East Asia…

  11. Ttis opinion is pure nonsense. SSSR was estabblished by Judes, And China was suportëd by USA during 10 years änd 1000 bilions of USD.
    USA plays the leading role in the world.. opolzer

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