“Smoke-In” Protesters Were Invited To A White House Meeting To Discuss Drug Policy

mar1-1By Brianna Acuesta

A couple weeks ago, True Activist reported on protesters who smoked weed openly in front of the White House as part of their protest calling for the descheduling of marijuana. At 4:20, the protestors lit up their joints and fired up their bowls amidst other methods to draw attention to their demands.

As it turns out, their “smoke-in” worked because the advocates who staged the protest have been invited to the White House to meet with the Obama Administration to discuss the national drug policy.

Adam Eidinger, the lead organizer of the smoke-in outside the White House, stated that he had written numerous letters to the White House asking for a “Bud Summit” to discuss Obama’s drug policy. Although Eidinger led a successful ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Washington, D.C., he had not yet received any response from the White House about his meeting proposal.

After the protest, which also featured a 50-foot inflatable joint that read “Obama, Deschedule Cannabis Now!”, the White House extended an invitation to Eidinger and a small group of activists from the DCMJ, the group behind the protest, to meet with officials for half an hour.

Both White House officials and Eidinger declined to state who it was that they met with, but many suspect that they met with the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The Office has had similar meetings in the past with other national lobbying groups that are calling for the descheduling of marijuana and less strict laws in regards to possession and growing.

The meeting, which occurred on Monday, was apparently “friendly” and Eidinger explained,

They didn’t say much, but their body language was so positive.

After the meeting, the group met at the front of the White House once again with a banner that said,

President Obama, We Need A Higher Level Meeting.

The initial meeting was a great start to the DCMJ’s communication with the Obama Administration, and the group hopes to increase the communication in order to eventually legalize pot in D.C. and the nation.

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3 Comments on "“Smoke-In” Protesters Were Invited To A White House Meeting To Discuss Drug Policy"

  1. Legalize it fully. End the prohibition that has ruined so many lives and left others without the medical care that this plant gives.

  2. William Burke | April 28, 2016 at 1:59 pm | Reply

    This just in: Obama resigns after appointing himself Drug Czar for Life.

  3. DECRIMINALIZE it, not ‘legalize’. To legalize anything just sets the stage for more stupid legislative chicanery and drama. Just let it go, folks. Decriminalize, shake your heads and confess you are beguiled morons, forgive yourselves, then just move on to something important that matters right now.

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