Saudi Arabia Threatens to Crash the Dollar if Congress Exposes their Role in 9/11 Attacks

SaudiSalmanPuppetBy Jay Syrmopoulos

A bombshell report by the New York Times has revealed that Saudi Arabia, the third largest holder of U.S. Treasury bills in the world behind China and Japan, has warned the Obama administration and Congress that they will begin liquidating their U.S. assets if Congress passes a bill allowing for the Saudi government to be held responsible for their role in the terror attacks of 9/11.

Make no mistake that this is blackmail, as the Saudis are estimated to hold three-quarters of a trillion dollars in T-bills and the sudden divestment would almost certainly crash the dollar as well as global markets along with it.

Perhaps this explains Obama’s unwavering support for the Wahhabi regime, as congressional aides and administration officials have confirmed that the President has been lobbying Congress to block passage of the bill. Administration officials have warned Senators that if the Saudis make good on their threat, there would be extreme economic and diplomatic fallout.

The bill before the Senate is meant to clarify that the immunity enjoyed by foreign nationals should not be applicable to cases where a nation is found responsible for a terrorist attack on American soil. If passed, the bill would effectively clear the way for the role of the Saudi government to be explored in the numerous lawsuits filed regarding 9/11.

Realizing their complicity in the events of 9/11 are on the precipice of being exposed, Saudi Arabia has gone into full panic mode. They are now threatening to liquidate hundreds of billion in U.S. denominated assets, and perhaps as much as $750 billion in U.S. T-bills (the NYT’s estimate of Saudi Treasury holdings).

During last month’s visit to Washington, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir delivered a message from the Saudi King, reportedly “telling lawmakers that Saudi Arabia would be forced to sell up to $750 billion in treasury securities and other assets in the United States before they could be in danger of being frozen by American courts,” according to the NY Times.

The spectacular threat by the Saudis was not expected, as speculation about using divestment of T-bills as a weapon was largely thought of as a potential threat to be wielded by the Chinese in the event of a major geopolitical conflict with the United States. Surprisingly, it was the Saudis that are the first to threaten to use this potentially devastating economic weapon.

The threat is indicative of a continually deteriorating relationship with the Saudis, as the U.S. and the Kingdom have been at odds over how to deal with Iran. Many experts are skeptical of the threat by the Saudis due to the fact that the move, would in turn, decimate the Saudi Arabian economy, as their currency is pegged to the dollar.

According to the NY Times report:

Obama has been lobbying so intently against the bill that some lawmakers and families of Sept. 11 victims are infuriated. In their view, the Obama administration has consistently sided with the kingdom and has thwarted their efforts to learn what they believe to be the truth about the role some Saudi officials played in the terrorist plot.

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So why would this be the case?

Surprisingly, it isn’t the economic impact that the Obama administration is most concerned about, but rather what a legitimate inquiry into the Saudi Arabian role in the attacks of 9/11 would reveal, and subsequently whom it would implicate in the attacks.

Hence, the administration has forwarded a strawman argument, claiming that the legislation would ultimately put Americans at risk overseas.

“It’s stunning to think that our government would back the Saudis over its own citizens,” said Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and who is part of a group of victims’ family members pushing for the legislation.

Families of the 9/11 victims have attempted to utilize the U.S. court system as a means of holding members of the Saudi royal family, Saudi banks, and charities liable due to alleged Saudi financial support for the attacks. These efforts have largely been stymied, in part because of a 1976 law that gives foreign nations some immunity from lawsuits in American courts, according to Zero Hedge.

It is this 1976 law that the proposed Senate bill aims to overturn, which now has the Saudis threatening the economic “nuclear” option.

Of course, the administration can’t outright admit that they are attempting to keep the truth buried, thus the government claims that weakening the sovereign immunity provisions would put the American government, along with its citizens and corporations, in legal risk abroad because other nations might retaliate with their own legislation. This was highlighted in February when Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate panel that the bill would “expose the United States of America to lawsuits and take away our sovereign immunity and create a terrible precedent.”

In layman terms, if the U.S. fully explores the role of the Saudis in the 9/11 attacks, due to the passing of this bill, then other nations would perhaps follow suit and strip U.S. immunity — in respect to terror attacks on their soil.

Essentially, the U.S. government fears that their own global terrorist misdeeds will then be unmasked if there is a reciprocation by other nations, an almost unthinkable scenario that would decimate U.S. standing across the globe.

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Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on, where this article first appeared, Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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93 Comments on "Saudi Arabia Threatens to Crash the Dollar if Congress Exposes their Role in 9/11 Attacks"

  1. “Obama has been lobbying so intently against the bill…..”

    Well, its not like the US can stage a false flag attack like usual and openly blame the Saudis in order to go to war with them. Its one of the few remaining countries that still sell their oil in US dollars. Congress knows this, so this bill of course will die.

    • Not to mention that during Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state the Saudis were sold millions of dollars in fighter jets, tanks, guns & other USA made weapons of war.

    • It’s all about the rise of the Phoenix. 40 years ago Rothschilds’ Economist said 2018 = target date

      Flashback 1988: “Get Ready For A World Currency by 2018″ – The Economist Magazine Cover Article: Get_ready_for_world_currency_by_2018 : The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies = destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the New World Order will rise like a Phoenix. Saudis = smoke = one of several cover stories for eventual end of the US petrodollar system.

  2. They won’t crash the dollar they are equally fuxked if they do . And plus the saudis are closely connected to the zionist NWO

  3. The whole idea of the Saudis funding 9/11 is highly suspicious. What kind of “funding?” How much could it have cost for a hologram and some well-placed detonations? And why would the Saudis pay for it in the first place when it was the Zionists who benefited financially? Interesting that we have a Tom Hanks movie coming out called “A Hologram for a King.” Same timing as when The Martian came out and NASA announcing it had discovered water on Mars. There are a lot of these coincidences because Hollywood is remarkably consistent in supporting whatever Zionist agenda is being rolled out at the moment. That makes it smell even more suspect.

    • OldeSoul, that’s a great observation on Hollywood predictive programming (also TV, print, etc.) – it’s penetrated every nook and cranny of mainstream media and entertainment. The Matrix is no longer a metaphor or allegory for our times, it is our “reality”. The play acting never stops and I don’t see alt media writers doing serious logic checks. Is this OUR world? Very strange, my friend.

      • Totally agree with you on the Matrix platform, blue. But the good news, IMO, is that it’s collapsing. Their every act reeks of desperation. It is undeniable now that they show us everything in advance, including that they’re using us as emotional batteries, until such day as we say “No” individually, each person holding their space. That is what will bring it down.

        • Gosh, I hope you are correct OldeSoul. So far the only things I see collapsing are the those constructs they want to collapse (economic, environmental, political) to terrify the masses into accepting the new system. I’ll ease my mind a bit in deference to your gifted spiritual consciousness that there is still a good chance we will prevail in the not too distant future. We don’t have much time before they attempt to cut off open communication, ~3-5 years before AI tracking goes global.

          • Consider that perhaps the earth (Gaia) is splitting timelines. In other words, some will continue down the path into the abyss provided by the matrix, whereas others are forging a different path based solely on their recognized co-creator abilities. We can focus our attention on the wildly popular “World Gone Mad” or apply that same focus into our local, personal space where we create our own realities. It’s merely a matter of where you place your focus. Also recognize that there are thousands of awakened individuals already creating earth’s higher dimensional plane of existence, there are people already there. For the time being, some of us are acting as bridges between these two versions of earth vibrating at different frequencies but sharing the same space. I have “been there” (although it’s more like calling it to you) so I know it exists. This is why I don’t despair. All it takes to achieve this state is desire and intent. Again, whatever you focus on is what you create. I agree on your 3-5 years to AI, so choose wisely… and quickly.

          • Nice response, thanks. I’ve come across this view many times before. An article on Zen Gardner made a great argument about the need for a coming together of grounded researchers and the spiritually awakened. I’ve often felt that myself and experienced the nexus with a close friend who is an intuit activist. I’ve also connected briefly yet directly with the vast consciousness. I’m convinced the next consciousness shift for humanity requires our active and fearless cooperation. If you’re interested in the Zen article, here’s the link and the relevant section midway down is titled The Activists, The Spiritual, and the Conspiritual. Cheers!

          • Good call! If I had to choose the perfect cite for what I was trying to express, that Zen article would be it. I read it when it was first published, been a follower of Zen Gardener for years because I think he embodies exactly the kind of “conspiritual” truth warrior described there. Truth warriors are spread all over the earth, often in isolated areas (or else socially isolated by their knowledge) so they are not constantly bombarded by further matrix programming, a kind of self-imposed monkhood I guess. Zen’s site is a gathering place to assuage that isolation.

            It’s quite true that it’s not enough to be just spiritual, or just dive down the rabbit hole without knowing how to protect yourself from being overcome by anger and fear. But the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, can only be found by equal attention to fearless pursuit of the truth outside of your self and the truth inside yourself because on a soul level we all carry all the information ever known, it’s just that access to it has been veiled. Removing the veil requires nothing but conscious intent and the space to let it unfold.

            This vast consciousness you connected with is embodied for us in this planet as Gaia Sophia, so connecting with her nature on a deep level is paramount or else one looses their grounding and gets lost in the matrix miasma. You said once that you are close to the Rockies. Perhaps you can go on a Blue Vision Quest this summer so that you will not just feel this connection briefly, but be able to walk this path with conscious intent at all times. If you felt this once or several times, sometimes it just takes more practice. In that it’s like yoga (or Yoda!) All Gaia’s life forms – animals, birds, trees, rivers and mountains- are the wayshowers. Approach with humility and ask them for help. We need all hands on the holodeck now.

          • Zen has been a touchstone for me too. Spiritually awake activists KNOW and FEEL in their hearts what is happening to us and truth warriors such as Russo, Corbett, Monteith, Austin-Fitts, Ruppert, et al have been shining bright lights – how do we bring them all together and awaken the sleeping masses before their fate on this planet is ours too (at least in the physical world)? The vast consciousness came to me with a microsecond download of an enormous amount of information. It must have known I was about to walk away from this work that has taken me away from my own passions (yes, the monkhood!) thinking it was futile. I do already have a special communion with nature and animals (even stunned and shocked people at the zoo interacting with large and small animals, nose to nose behind glass). It’s not the same as your interaction, telepathy with trees, etc. Perhaps we are specialized here and must network to share our insights rather than attempt to seek identical experiences. For example, a close friend is deep into researching the physical and spiritual aspects of birth trauma and we’ve learned a lot from each other and still maintain our unique perspectives – similar to “twin soul” concept.

          • “How do we bring them all together and awaken the sleeping masses before their fate on this planet is ours… ?” I don’t purport to have THE answer to this question, blue. I only know how I answer it for myself, which is that it’s not necessarily my/your job to do that and their fate is not your fate if you choose otherwise. We are not responsible for what others choose because we are completely responsible only for what we choose. And this goes to your second statement “It’s not the same as your interaction with trees… ” We all have different paths, intentions, missions, skills, desires and passions. Nose to nose with an animal is no different than talking to trees, (I go nose to nose with trees too, they all have a face and a beautiful, unique smell!) It only matters that you make a connection in whatever way suits you and feels right. Actually, the animals choose you. You can easily engage any animal, tree, plant or bird by simply asking them, “Would you like to speak to me?” Then listen, you just might hear something profound. I volunteer at a raptor rehab center and I know a very beautiful snowy owl who lives there. She has very complex emotions and we have the most amazing conversations.

            You have to laugh… we have always been told humans are so special because we have language, when in fact everything but humans communicate telepathically, they don’t need words at all. Ha!

            I talk to all kinds of animals and elemental beings, you can learn from them all. So maybe that is your job, if you choose it, and perhaps being an “activist” is either a sideline or something you decide isn’t right for you. If this work has taken you from your own passions, whatever those may be, then it’s not your work. Perhaps you have much more important work.

            So yes, we are all specialized. Shine your light.

          • I get what you are saying about communication with animals and trees. I watched a stunning video a couple of years ago about woman who communicates telepathically with animals. In fact, she is often hired by zoos and, as demonstrated in the video, after meeting with animals in distress has conveyed specific details that she could never have guessed, known only to one or two people and never publicly revealed. Based on what the client animal tells her, her recommended solutions work very well once implemented! It’s remarkable and a blessing to have anything close to that level of connection – you are quite fortunate, OldeSoul. 🙂

            Perhaps we are speaking to different concerns on the subject of the emergence of a full on totalitarian system. When I say “their fate becomes ours”, I don’t mean spiritually or emotionally, instead I am saying if we the people don’t stop the mass scale poisoning of the skies, forced injections of who knows what, GMO dominance, the poisoning of the ocean killing and torturing sea life (Gulf Oil spill as a deliberate act, best explained by Ian Crane on Zen and elsewhere), ad infinitum, then these atrocities fall in our laps too as experienced. Moreover, many would make the argument there is an element of complicity for those who know but don’t fully use their abilities as best they can to wake others up – doing more than living by example or “holding their space” as Ian describes a refrain he often encounters. From historical fact, we know the Zeitgeist of the 60s counter culture was created and molded by intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA, of course. We can feel and see via seeding and infiltration the molding and steering of the alt media, NWO dissent, and spiritual alternatives to organized religions. One danger I see echoed in the commentary on the “conspiritual” is a tendency for the spiritually awakened to settle into a mindset of limiting their focus to self growth rather than reaching out to form the networks we need to support the consciousness shift humanity so desperately cries out for. I respect your personal actions and only hope that the shift we make together is a purely selfless one using our respective talents. In my case, my passion to heal others through knowledge and nature cannot manifest in a world where both are deeply corrupted and poisoned on a level I never could have imagined. Thanks, as always, for the exchange. You perspectives are taken to heart and highly valued.

          • I watched the video of the animal communicator named Anna with the black panther Diablo (actually I watched it several times) as well as another one where she spoke to the great white shark. Stunning for sure, mind-blowing for a lot of people who had no idea of the complexity of animal thoughts and emotions. I hope that it blew open awareness avenues for many people.

            I have considered deeply what you wrote above about this “tendency for the spiritually awakened to settle into a mindset of limiting their focus to self growth… etc.” This is indeed a fine line conundrum that rests on a person’s life situation regarding community, communication ability, preference for networking versus singularity. In fact that particular “struggle” if you will has been one of my biggest life issues since I awakened. The problem is that many of the people who have found the space to fully awaken are empaths, meaning that they have to limit their exposure or else get dragged down by absorbing too much negativity, and they have special requirements for dealing with too much social connection. Likewise there are thousands of communities where people come together to share experiences, both physical communities and online communities, and that is critical to the awakening. But some people, especially the very creative, thrive better in isolation. Just because one is isolated by choice doesn’t mean they aren’t aiding and assisting others in various ways. There are many distance healers working alone out of necessity yet aiding others in profound ways.

            The concept of “holding space” has many meanings because it’s rather new to the lexicon and hasn’t been pigeon-holed by definition yet. But when you consider the holographic nature of reality, everything we do, whether we do it alone or with others, informs the hologram and is recorded in the Akashic. Many people have not incorporated this quantum aspect into their reality and that is going to be a key going forward. Also powerful co-creators using practiced intent have the ability to influence their immediate physical environs. This falls into the category of “magick” and we all have the ability to use white magic just as the controllers use black magic. As as shaman, I use what others consider magic on a daily basis. Thus “holding space” can mean “creating space” for others, i.e. if one person is able to achieve X then holographically speaking that lights the way for others to do the same.

            There is also the matter of holding your vibration high enough to co-create and sometimes this requires “aloneness” for some to achieve. Without a period of self-growth some will be less effective. The meme that humans are social animals is not 100% accurate for every individual. So I think, all in all, we need both types of people doing what they do best, neither is better or worse than the other, the important point being each person find the path that most suits their skills and desires.

            I so enjoy our conversations.

          • Yes, that’s the amazing person and video I was referring to! I wasn’t surprised at the emotional complexity, it was the clarity of the telepathy that blew me away, in a wonderful way! 🙂 Believe me, OldeSoul, I get where you are coming from, I am also an empath, more so than any other person I have met or read about thus far and have been this way since I was child. For several weeks I was on the verge of panic and feeling physically ill following the Gulf oil disaster and months later read accounts of large sea mammals panicked and frightened fleeing in ways never seen before. I knew in my mind’s eye exactly what they were going through. I’ve had to learn how to protect myself over the years and also began to mentally dissolve the conditioning, perceive meaning through the neurolinguistics of language, the behaviors and intent through observation and neuroscience, hone intuition, and finally relinquish all ego. It’s socially isolating to become an observer at that level and all the more difficult to convey to others thoughts that go beyond the words we have – deep with real meaning and purpose, antithetical to today’s social milieu. It is for me also a major challenge and big step out of the comfort zone to confront the growing deceptions in social environments where far too many become dismissive, cognitive dissonant, or judgmental. I endeavor to expand my endurance while also protecting the integrity of my spirit. This is something I believe most of us can do and the special cases such as yourself of those who must limit most of their energy on co-creation and smaller scale teaching are also important assets – though you really would be the exceptional case as most spiritually awake persons I know are not highly specialized, they tend to be more challenged in relinquishing ego, mired in memes as artificial as the constructs they left behind though more open minded than most. I still say we need to engage each other from the various light spectrums and especially mobilize that fraction of the awake crowd that may be listening to the drumbeat of an artificial drummer who steers them away from a synthesis with their natural allies, their true sisters and brothers engaged in the big awakening. Support that energy in whatever manner we can. Your descriptions of holding space, vibration, and co-creating are beautiful and elegant, thank you for sharing that! I imagine this is your special gift that may contribute to this task – and now you know there is at least one very awake empath who is rooting for you to direct your talents to our collective enlightenment. 😉 I very much enjoyed this conversation too, OldeSoul. You are a treasure and one day I hope to learn more about your shaman calling.

          • Oh yes, the old relinquishing the ego routine, the Big Buddhist Bugaboo. Have you gone through the Dark Night of the Soul? Sounds like you have. The reason Anna has that amazing clarity of telepathy is because she has succeeded in relinquishing the ego to the degree very few have achieved. This is vital to her skill. My ability pales in comparison but that was why I was fascinated and watched the videos repeatedly, trying to learn from her.

            I’m always excited to talk about shamanism and I’ll try to keep it brief, although I could easily write a book. In 2004 I decided to do a vision quest in the indigenous tradition, only I went whole hog and just went to live in the wilderness for as long as it took. A vision quest, in case you don’t know, involves going into the wilderness and waiting for an animal to come and speak to you. For me this took six years; that’s how long it look me to relinquish ego and prove I was worthy. I lived right on the western border of Glacier National Park, MT, surrounded by millions of acres of abject wilderness, and one day while I was outside in my garden a raven came and perched on my fence and spoke to me telepathically, I heard him plain as day, and he was stunningly beautiful. He said he had come to be my guide (i.e. my totem) and if I was agreeable we would work together. But first I had to learn how to journey as a shaman, which means entering into a theta trance in order to enter the spirit world. That first raven experience was totally Carlos Castaneda-ish with a little Edgar Allen Poe thrown in. No hallucinogens were involved, really!

            Of course I agreed at once, so incredibly honored I could hardly believe my good fortunel! So I set out to learn the shaman’s path so I could journey with raven and we traveled together for many years, along with at various times a black wolf named Beo (a little joke, animals have a great sense of humor) and a protector bear. Through those journeys, raven and Beo taught me crystal healing and sent me on a mission to do crystal healing ceremonies on all the rivers, lakes, and oceans in the United States that I could reach. Two years ago I sold my house and my business and went on a real, physical trip, in an RV, traveled for a year healing the waters, including, you’ll be happy to know, the Gulf of Mexico. I traveled the whole coastline from Texas to Key West, then up the Atlantic coast, performing hundreds of healing ceremonies along the way. Raven guided me to waters all across the country, until we came to places he could not travel, then vulture picked me up and guided me to wherever healing was needed. When we were finished, I returned to Montana and bought a farm…. and here I am. Part of my farm is set aside as a bird sanctuary, we have owls and eagles, hawks, magpies, all types of songbirds of course, and raven is still with me. I also work at the raptor rehab center in the winter as I mentioned. I know a lot of birds!!!

            Shamanism takes many forms, this just happens to be one for which I was chosen and I was given everything I needed to do this work. The ego falls away when such an honor is bestowed and immense humility and gratitude fills that space. In my mind at least, I serve Gaia. In return she has blessed me with unimaginable magic, joy and abundance that I energetically cycle back into the hologram for others to engage. Pretty freaking amazing, yes? Totally.

          • Yes, the dark night metaphor, experienced for first time when I was eight years old having realized I was living in a Matrix with nobody else around me aware of the mind control and conditioning (which I believe alluded to in a previous exchange we had). Then busy with life, still making mental notes of anomalies, a constant string of epiphanies and powerful incidents repeating the dark night episodes throughout childhood and young adulthood until as an adult the world comes crashing down with 9/11 and all that springs from that abyss of a rabbit hole. All ego relinquished now. The shocks inducing a clarity and evolution. Anna’s special talent must be about more than a letting go of ego. I wonder how she would explain her gift, something she was born with and nurtured or a completely learned talent? I’ll have to re-watch that video and look for others. It was a major new learning curve to see that. The story of your fantastic journey reinforces it all the more!

            It’s a relief to also hear your words describing communication between you and Gaia’s representatives. She is being fiercely assaulted with more aggressive programs underway. Until recently, I held out hope that the Elites’ hubris to engineer nature would be their undoing very soon, backfiring with unintended consequences such that they would no longer be able to carry out their plans. I have recently become aware of some newer developments that make a fast unraveling unlikely giving them plenty of time to irreversibly contaminate the planet particularly with genetic modifications of all life forms. I wonder if there is a way to ask for guidance and wisdom to stop this trajectory. Did you know the new global religion is centered on a theme of worshiping Gaia? It must be a strategy of supporting the establishment climate change meme driving the new international economic order. They co-opt everything.

            Thank you again, OldeSoul, for the beautiful descriptions of your experiences. My horizons have been greatly expanded and I’m very grateful for the conspiritual connection as I process your wonderful stories – yes, you could write a book! 🙂

  4. close all domestic mosques, outlaw burqas, criminalise every Muslim-friendly/tolerant domestic school program…..for starters

  5. “This was highlighted in February when Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate panel that the bill would “expose the United States of America to lawsuits and take away our sovereign immunity and create a terrible precedent.””

    “Essentially, the U.S. government fears that their own global terrorist misdeeds will then be unmasked if there is a reciprocation by other nations, an almost unthinkable scenario that would decimate U.S. standing across the globe.”

    What I comprehend is the Saudis do not need to exercise selling off U.S. assets. The point here is the U.S. by way of Kerry’s statement has unmasked itself as terrorist nation, out fearing Saudi exercising that option. So, does the U.S. then carry on military operations against itself to continue _the war on terrorism_?

    If so, all any other nation must do is let the U.S. destroy itself. Wow. I used to think America was worth my life. Quite saddened. Thanks.

  6. Desinformation!
    So, what was their role in the 9/11 US-CIA-MOSSAD-INSIDE-JOB?
    Did they do more than deliver the gas for some cars?

    • ABSOLUTELY, this is DISINFORMATION and the final big Operation to place humanity in electronic straight jackets. The graphic should be showing the Rothschilds and Rockefellers puppeteering the US, Saudis, Israel, China, Russia, the UN, etc …… all dancing on a flaming pile of the world’s international banker controlled fiat currencies.

      Why else are we SIMULTANEOUSLY getting shoved into a cashless society?

      The Saudis are deep into the NWO, they created the Middle East Regional Government (Gulf Cooperation Council) in 2011 at their Masters’ behest and ALL are adopting biometric tracking, smart grid, and UN Agenda 2030 (including Iran, a big adopter of Brzezinski’s “Technotronic Era”). Gotta connect the dots people!

    • SlipperySlope | April 17, 2016 at 1:47 pm | Reply

      The US Military consumes 40% of US oil & gas consumption in peacetime. Imagine what % it is in wartime. And guess who pays for it, suckers ! The Saudis have been raking in the dough !!! At least up until the days of friggin franking which has destroyed a lot of water supplies.

      • May be I might inform you that US Military is posted throughout the world. Since 1945 they are very busy including Crime Incorporated America(CIA) to grab (on Order) all the countries with useful resources for them to have on hand in case of ….
        They are IMO so far now that they are brutally operating more and more openly since 1973 to get ALL the resources of this planet.

        The problem for KM still remain China, India, Iran and Russia.

        • A mountain of evidence proves those four countries are NWO, lock, stock, and barrel. The BRICs and Iran as nemesis to TPTB is a psy op meme, all of their central banks are Rothschilds-BIS banks! Long ago TPTB brought Mao and Stalin to rise and propped up the communist nations for decades then transformed them into their current incarnations. The US military is a vehicle to a world govt with a world military and police force. You are absolutely correct that the end game is for the global elite to control ALL of the world’s resources and turn the globe into a techno slave plantation. Gotta connect the dots before the elites are able to shut down all dissent with tapping of a few keys.

    • C’mon the gov needs to setup another MAJOR false flag event so they can save the dollar…stop questioning and go back to watching TV.

  7. Might be the Sauds are encouraged by the oil wars that they won – the USA fracking industry is less than a third of what it was last year and oil is back at $40 usd (however manipulated this figure is).
    The Sauds are too lazy to go to war they have had it so good for so long there is no way they are gonna butt heads with the USA. If IS-RA-hELl sides in with them this will show their true colors – they are the reasons for the worlds perpetual wars. Just check out the gaza strip over the last 60 years, it’s less than than half muslim and don’t forget the 12 dancing Israelis on the van.

    • Yeah, but the Sauds formally signed UN Agenda 2030, along with Iran another country with enormous levels of proven oil reserves. 2030 dictates the virtual elimination of fossil fuel use in < 14 years. Already, the Saudis are beginning to institute rationing, taxes, and austerity – the cornerstones of 2030. Iran also formally signed 2030. The New World Order is about to swallow every person on this planet and the new economic paradigm is austere and authoritarian with a veneer or simulacrum of "community participation" and mandatory voting for pre-selected technocrats. TPTB are decades ahead of what is being reported in the mainstream media – in line with Brzezinski's infamous quote…

      • Signed an agreement…BAhhahhahhahh

        • They didn’t just sign, KSA and the rest of the middle east as well as China and others are radically transforming their economic and political systems behind the curtain. The world’s elites have swallowed the Kool Aid. GCC is already transforming itself into an Orwellian Smart Region.

    • One of the main goals of the engineered global banking crisis in 2008 was to further CENTRALIZE banking. Don’t you think this might happen in the oil and gas industry too, bankrupt operations cannibalized by the Oligopoly (aka OILIGOPOLY)?

      IMO, the main reason gas prices were engineered to fall hard was to offset inflation in certain sectors of the economy that were destabilizing the global economy risking contagion in the stock market – forcing a contraction too soon, before the finishing touches were made on trade agreements and the cashless society locked into position. You have to think like Evil Genius A-holes to fully understand all the layers.

    • SlipperySlope | April 17, 2016 at 1:39 pm | Reply

      In addition to the Dancing Israelis, there are the dual citizen neo-con men who penned the PNAC Document. And the Israeli Art Students, AND the Gelatin Art Students inside the Towers that Lucky Larry, Capo of the Khazarian Mafia, who took over the lease of 7 weeks prior, with the help of his judge friend who goes to the same Zio synagogue.

  8. Are the American people filled with way too much obesity and docile creating high-fructose corn syrup? The issue here is not one of blackmail or finances, those are deflections. IMHO. I could be wrong though and way off track. It’s possible.

  9. Chuck Findlay | April 17, 2016 at 8:00 am | Reply

    I would like the truth to come out period. If they dump the dollars back to us, so be it.

    The economy is going to crash at some point (we all know this to be true) so lets get it over with.

    Today, tomorrow, next month or a year from now, it’s going to crash. It can’t be stopped. We should never have let ourselves be in a position like this. Take the power away from them by doing the investigation.

    • It doesn’t have to crash, TPTB can continue a steady hard squeeze. Our captured US govt will never give us the whole truth exposing the top of the pyramid.

      TPTB will surely reveal massive US corruption at some point to get us to accept their new authoritarian system and even concede to dissolving the US as a nation state – the latter a meme floated in the Wall Street Journal last summer.

    • True, Chuck. But what are we doing about it

  10. Who were the TOP masterminds to plan, fund, and orchestrate 9/11? Corbett produced a great FOLLOW THE MONEY podcast that needs to go viral. The Saudi Psy Op needs to backfire. Let’s roll!

    • I have seen that vid and it is amazing. A must see for anyone truly interested in WTF happened!

    • Herbert Dorsey | April 17, 2016 at 9:09 pm | Reply

      On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars could not be accounted for at the Pentagon. The department of Naval Intelligence had a 40 man team investigating financial crime in an attempt to discover where the money went. The portion of the Pentagon that was hit included this Naval Intelligence department. 39 men on this team were killed and all their evidence destroyed. As documented in the book, “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America”, one of the motives for the 9/11 “inside job” was to destroy evidence of massive financial crime committed during the George H.W. Bush Administration.

      • Good reminder. Do you know if it has been confirmed that papers related to the Clinton Whitewater scandal were destroyed in the OKC bombing? Getting back to 9/11, nearly the entire Marsh McLennan group on floors 93-100 of the North tower were killed as the plane hit those floors, a virtual bull’s eye – covered nicely in the Follow The Money podcast.

  11. Expose them anyway. Show the world who and what they truly are! Show the world powers who is truly trying to destroy America!
    We don’t need “World Leaders” corruption when they are vying for slavery of the world!

  12. So the strategic planers thinking they could control the world with debt are once again learning how stupid they are.

    • But they are controlling it and when it implodes as they designed it to do, then Slave Plantation 2.0 comes online. 1984 and Brave New World with 21st technology

  13. I think this is simply more disinformation to “reason” why they don’t what to expose the REAL people behind 9/11. The world already (knows) the official story version. They (knew) that an hour after the first plane hit.

    • When someone can explain how building 6 came down from those little fires then I’ll think about the official story. Remember the news stating that they had the bodies from the pentagon strike and were moving them? Then when asked what happened to all the wreckage from the plane they said it vaporized. LOL – the aluminum and the titanium and inconel and other metals all vaporized, but the bodies did not – Amazing!

  14. Reading the article there is little mention of the US Government’s part in 9/11, which I believe is/was substantial. Toward the end of the article you talk about what would happen as an “unravelling” of the “mystery” surrounding 9/11 and who it might implicate. The Saudi’s seem like they played a big part in the “disaster” but I am convinced it originated with the money people and the US VP. The Saudis could not have masterminded 9/11 with all the timed thermite explosions that brought down the building and the Pentagon farce, and the Pennsylvania “tragedy”. If you live in a glass house beware of throwing the first stone.

    • Good point rcade! I, myself can’t, and won’t, give up the fact that our own government was heavily involved. I’ve seen too many videos, and read all the evidence. But I keep wondering, why in the world, from the beginning, did they keep showing the 15 out of 19? Saudi men on the tv, over and over, and THEN go into Afghanistan, and then Iraq. I understand why they brought the towers down, to get the american people behind a war that would get them into the middle east. But when they showed all of those Saudi men’s pictures, and then didn’t go into Saudi Arabia, or bomb them, then I was totally confused, as anyone, and everyone should have been! It didn’t make sense at all!

      • Supposedly, the terrorists were living and training in Afghanistan. That invasion made sense. The the greedy bas tards like Cheney and the corrupt establishment globalists decided to invade Iraq and so Bush and the others sold that war to the people with lies about WMD.

        —-Bush lied – search youtube for “a_cciUzoLwo” or for “leading to war”.

    • HighMaintenanceLowTolerance | April 18, 2016 at 12:37 am | Reply

      I think the remodeling done on both towers prior to the false flag, along with the supposed reinforcement of the Pentagon, were done to plant explosives and not only bring down both towers but also destroy a specific area of the Pentagon. I think the plan to cause another Pearl Harbor, when needed, was set into motion in the 1970s, if not earlier. I think the Saudis played a role in providing “actors” to be terrorists and I think those so-called high-jackers are now living quite nicely in Saudi. I think part of the agreement was that no one would ever reveal the collusion between Saudi and the U. S. government to do this. What I don’t know is what did Saudi gain by playing the part they did? Could it be that Saudi was promised the leadership of the One World Government once Islamists were deeply rooted in western cultures? Plans like 9/11, bombing of the tubes in London, Sandy Hook, etc., are made in advance and then set into motion when the time is right. So what was Saudi’s gain in the short and long run?

      • sotiredoflies13 | April 18, 2016 at 6:53 am | Reply

        Those “Royal” and super rich Saudis get to keep their “Heads” and lavish life styles that they would never even imagined, if it were NOT for their very special friends in very high places in the USA.

        • HighMaintenanceLowTolerance | April 18, 2016 at 9:16 am | Reply

          Thank you!! I’d never considered the possibility that they were coerced to play the part and in return, retain their power and status. Makes sense now.

      • sotiredoflies13 is spot on. Further down the thread I pointed out the Saudi elites are doing the MAJOR work to create New World Order middle regional governments having taking the lead to form the GCC in 2011 and every middle eastern nation (to include Iran) is rapidly implementing UN Agendas 2030 and 21, to include RFID biometric tracking, smart grid, smart cards, cashless society, and much more. We are being distracted with theater, same as US politics.

    • This geopolitical narrative fails the logic test on countless levels. Instead of threatening to sell T-bills why wouldn’t the Saudis just tell the world who their handlers were in the US govt / CIA ?

      • Good point, Blue..

        • Thanks, Brett. Thought I’d do a little test on AP. This one of the thoughts that first popped into my head and I noticed this type of comment received by far the most upvotes on Zero Hedge, >200 last count. A lot of those financial wizards are great at deconstructing the BS and wicked funny too. You’re in good company, pal.

    • The Saudis were part of this in collusion with the Bush administration…it’s not that the Saudis did it on their own, they worked with Cheney.

  15. Chuck (Smithfix) Smith | April 17, 2016 at 11:57 am | Reply


    Saudi Arabia knows that the US links 9-11 to every nation it wants to invade. First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq (after which George W. Bush admitted on TV Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11).


    To find out if you are being lied to, look for what should be there and isn’t, and what isn’t there is a motive for Saudi Arabia to attack the United States on 9-11. Saudi Arabia has grown very rich off of the United States with the petrodollar deal. And they have invested much of that money in the United States.


    And let us be honest, it wasn’t Saudis who were arrested for cheering and clapping while the towers came crashing down, it was Mossad agents. Israeli owned companies like Odigo received advance warning of the attack. Saudi companies did not.


    CUI BONO 911? Israel, the US Military industrial complex, TSA, NSA, …

  16. apberusdisvet | April 17, 2016 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    So now we are supposed to blame the Saudis instead of the real culprits? The propaganda is getting real thick. BTW, I real with amusement where the Pozners, supposed parents of supposed Sandy Hook victim are going to sue the supposed maker of the supposed weapon that the supposed killer used. The discovery process should be interesting.

  17. Robert Adamson | April 17, 2016 at 3:14 pm | Reply

    Our loyalty should be to the 911 families. Not complicated.

  18. Herbert Dorsey | April 17, 2016 at 3:28 pm | Reply

    What needs to be addressed in this article are several missing facts about the alleged Saudi hijackers. They all had U.S. passports issued by an agency heavily influenced by the CIA. Some were trained in CIA controlled airports or Naval air stations. But their ability to fly commercial aircraft was very much in doubt. Their names were on no passenger lists of the airplanes involved. Nine of the alleged fifteen hijackers were still known to be alive after 9/11.
    So, what we seem to have have is a CIA attempt to create “patsies” to deflect blame away from the actual perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. Hijackers were unnecessary as the planes were equipped to fly via a remote control system that could override the pilots control by an AWACS plane flying over New York or another electronic command center in the area. All evidence shows that a guided missel is what hit the Pentagon. So Saudi hijackers were not needed at all. If Saudi Arabia was involved in the attacks, it was in a financial way.

  19. That is why records are sealed. Names. Dates. Implications. Complications. Indirectly. Directly. Etc.Etc…. Nevertheless, Irregardless. It MUST come out. Let the Chips fall where they will. What is AMAZING is that there are So Many in Congress who ALSO would like this hushed up. The house of cards is about to come crashing down.

  20. clarioncaller | April 17, 2016 at 4:00 pm | Reply

    “Methinks they doth protest too much”. To piggy-back onto what James Corbett reported on in this video, we need to follow the money. Who would benefit if the Saudi’s actually did divest of all US Treasury’s?

  21. The Saudi response reflects the deceit of Bush Sr., who uses the Saudis as his proxy, to avoid detection. An excellent description of Bush Sr.´s misuse of others as proxy to cloak his evil is found in the semi-autobiography of one MOSSAD spy, Ari BenMenashe, “Profits of War – – “. As a MOSSAD spy participant, BenMenashe attended the US-Iran functions in Paris that organized the “October Surprise of 1980.” Ben Menashe was present and saw Bush enter the conference room of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, accompanied by William Casey (CIA). (ibid. p. 75) The interim report, 1992, October Surprise Task Force of the House of Representatives, drew only one, rather strange conclusion, ” – that Mr. Bush was in the United States continuously during the October 18-22 time period, and that he therefore did not travel to Paris, France, to participate in the alleged secret meeting.” (ibid. p. 344)

    George H. W. Bush and the Saudi bin Laden family formed the Carlyle Group, a very secretive, international company with trillions in holdings. The 75 years of deceitful subterfuge of George H. W. Bush is alluded to in “The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed,” (1992) by former OSS general, Russell S. Bowen. General Bowen recounts the years he performed subterfuge against the US and other countries on the orders of George H. W. Bush.

    For a comprehensive, pre-WWII history of the Bush Crime Family, search the internet on the following phrase, 4 generations of treason.

    For a thorough elaboration of the entity that conducted 9-11, search the internet on the phrase, 9-11/Israel_did_it.

  22. YES Crash the Dollar!!! *Saudi* *Saudi* *Saudi* *Saudi*

  23. Unapologetically White | April 17, 2016 at 8:04 pm | Reply

    We could turn Riyahd into a large, radiocative, smoking hole. I’m pretty much fed up with these barbarians as it is.

  24. President Obama should just come clean, tell the truth and let the chips fall as they may. No monster who participated directly or indirectly in this evil act of terrorism should be allowed to get away with it whether a foreign king, a former president or any of his neocon associates!

  25. I think they might uncover the conspiracy between our gov and theirs for a false flag op. You can’t put anything past the corrupt establishment globalists. If governments including ours had “clean hands” there would be no need for diplomatic immunity and all that. It was my understanding that the deal our corrupt turds made with the Saudis was to keep buying our treasury bonds and keep pricing oil in us dollars and we would protect them and keep them in power. The way the world was, we would have invaded them and taken their natural resources and made them slaves. Today, we kiss their assses and make corrupt deals that shaft the public and fatten the wallets of the special interests.

  26. Vishwas Patil | April 17, 2016 at 10:48 pm | Reply

    Saudis have shown real ‘strength’ of America! On the knees where money comes. American economy too large to collapse due to Saudi selling US Bonds. Who will buy it and at what price? 50% discount? Can Saudi afford it? Actually, US Federal Bank should buy these bonds at 50% discount and cancel it. Fund it by selling new Bonds. America is NOT so weak that Pak or any Middle East or African country can hold US Govt. responsible for any terrorism act and punish it. All fake arguments to save Saudis by Obama administration. US is no more dependent on Saudi oil. Actually it may help strengthen shale oil industry.

  27. Vmax alone is like WTC7, the impossible physics proves the official story is a lie.

    • Regarding the Vmax, the documentary 9/11 New Pearl Harbor presented evidence for the possibility special military reinforced planes were used which are known to have been developed and used in the past. These planes = missiles. Last year I witnessed a very large plane hovering silently not much above the ground. There are technologies hidden from the public.

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  29. Wow! This is exactly like Prescot Bush, along with his financial heavyweight friends, threatening to bring down the entire U.S. economy if they were arrested, after General Smedley Butler testified before Congress that they had tried to get him to help them OVERTHROW the U.S. Government.

  30. Is this less than veiled threat tantamount to a full confession if guilt? My Question: Just how phoquing dumbed down are the Aemrican people? Ever wonder what the forces are behind Americans not being able to get off of their oil addictions? how many great electric vehicle patents do the Saudis own? Who pays for the anti renewables propaganda? Why is China leading now in safe clean nuclear development and renewable energy?

  31. BUT: The U.S.A. simply does not have the computer power to do any of this! My Question: Who does? Saudis? Technologies from China, beyond the cloak of propaganda the U.S. uses to make China look insignificant?

  32. YES! Plummer did an excellent job explaining Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. Terrific interview with Richard Grove (

  33. sharon sampson | April 19, 2016 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    So sorry but this is far more complicated and yet simple than most think. 9/11 no doubt in my mind whatsoever that our OWN GOVERNMENT, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the Elites did 9/11. Absolutely no facts to support any other country being involved except for some middle eastern guys to be shown on TV. And guess what? Those ‘terrorists’ are actively pursuing courses in colleges and business and are quite alive thank you.

    Obama just doesn’t want Saudi Arabia to tattle. Duh. The fact our country killed its own innocent people just to start or advocate going to war makes me quite sick. Come on. If you haven’t watched ‘in Plane Sight’ or ‘Loose Change’ it is only because you are too scared to know the truth. It IS sickening. It will make you cry. It will change how you see this country. But to continue to think these uneducated middle eastern guys planned and orchestrated and did this to the World Trade Center shows you are very unread, ignorant and want to stay that way.

    The day the moment this was happening I was there watching. Hey howdie, one only needs a decent highschool education to question what was happening right in front of our eyes!! Terrorists. Our main guys we elected and support are the worst terrorists in the world, I am not kidding.

  34. This is a moot point because the US government is already bankrupt, and the dollar has crashed a long time ago. The only thing holding it together is the banksters, who are rapidly failing.

  35. F%@K the house of Saud, and F%@K Obama for protecting them at the expense of honesty.

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