Police Caught Spying on Social Media to Track Anyone Who Talks About Flint Water Crisis

flint_spyingBy Claire Bernish

After needlessly contaminating Flint’s water supply with lead, a new report reveals the government now monitors social media for hints subversive communications relating to the Flint Water Crisis.

According to MLive, officials with the Michigan State Police have been conducting online surveillance for comments about Flint’s lead contamination crisis. One of over 127,000 emails released by Gov. Rick Snyder’s office shows one man’s allegedly threatening Facebook post concerning the government’s mishandling of the Flint crisis — which led to the initiation of criminal proceedings.

“It’s time for civil unrest. Burn down the Governor [sic] mansion, elimionate [sic] the capitol where legislators RE-INSTATED the emergency dictator law after the PEOPLE voted it down, and tell the Mich [sic] State Police if they use military force, we will return with same,” the unnamed Copper City man’s Facebook post stated, according to MLive.

The Free Thought Project contacted the state police who declined to comment for this article and for the MLive report about ongoing investigations stemming from such social media surveillance, though police did say appropriate agencies would be notified should they be affected.

“In the interest of protecting our residents, the MSP monitors any incidents that have the potential to result in criminal activity and/or violence,” wrote Michigan State Police spokesperson Shanon Banner in an email to MLive. “Threats against individuals and organizations are shared with the individual/organization so they have situational awareness.”

In the case of the Copper City man, previous troubles with law enforcement — including an armed standoff with police in April last year — led to his being on probation at the time he wrote the alleged threat on social media.

As Snyder’s and the government’s emergency managers’ handling of the Flint water crisis has been rightly the subject of contention and criticism, the police monitoring of social media may perhaps add fuel to the conflagration.

Another man was arrested in February for a Facebook post about the Flint crisis, which called for Snyder’s arrest, as The Free Thought Project reported.

Last week, an announcement the Flint lead contamination crisis would be investigated and prosecuted as a crime led to the arrest of three officials — and the vow by prosecutors more charges would be forthcoming.

Though Snyder has become the subject of multiple lawsuits — for which he’s using over $500,000 in taxpayer money to defend himself — he has thus far managed to escape criminal charges for his role in the Flint debacle. In fact, he hasn’t even been questioned yet.

An official with the Flint water treatment facility mysteriously and inexplicably dropped dead at age 43. Then a woman, who had been key to an incredibly important lawsuit concerning the Flint crisis, was recently found murdered in her home.

As the government’s nefarious role in the Flint crisis becomes clear, it can be no wonder officials are conducting surveillance of social media — paranoia undoubtedly rules in the minds of those who had a part in poisoning thousands of innocent people.

Claire Bernish writes for TheFreeThoughtProject.com, where this article first appeared.

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4 Comments on "Police Caught Spying on Social Media to Track Anyone Who Talks About Flint Water Crisis"

  1. There should be NO doubts now… that we are in fact immersed in a full fledged totalitarian fascistic Police State… compliments of the Khazarian Mafia / Mossad / neo-con dual-citizens… that, in collusion with specific vested interests in the pyramid cap 0.001% of wealthy American co-conspirators …orchestrated 9-11 & in fact led a silent coup upon the White House & the Federal Govn’t….the Patriot Act was one of their first edicts……lying about the water is a facet of a multi-pronged attack on our infrastructure in the form of protracted demo/genocide done deliberately by our resident socio/psychopaths…. that eat Depraved Indifference & Malice of Forethought for breakfast with a liberal sprinkling of just another Crime Against Humanity to add to their NWO juggernaut….(imo)

    • Again, you nailed it! And this is just a test for the rest of the 49 states. What do you think some good solutions are? Any ideas?

      • Short answer? (lol)……There’s no one magic solution in my mind…other than a huge photon wave of expansive enlightened energy issuing forth from the core of our galaxy, to flood into the collective minds of everyone on the planet (see Dr. Paul La Violette /physicist postulating a Super Wave from the pleroma (center) of our galaxy )…washing away the completely bullshit 5 sense ersatz reality foisted upon our compromised consciousness-> by the sheer evil of the satanic 0.001%er’s arcane Old Black Nobility families as the ‘shadow master rulers’ hiding behind their castle walls for millennia…cheers Marie

  2. The governor should be impeached (at the very least). Please the word official sickens me – public servant is better.
    The sudden deaths have not been investigated in the real sense.

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