Organic Baby Formula: Two Brands Not So Organic

organic_baby_formula_lawsuitBy Catherine J. Frompovich

Organic and non-GMO food advocates at the consumer advocacy group Organic Consumers Association issued a press release April 26, 2016 stating that OCA was suing two baby formula manufacturers for misleading and false product labeling and ingredients. [1]   What’s that all about?

The brands being sued are:

1 – The Honest Company for its brand Premium Infant Formula advertised and labeled as “organic” when, in actuality, it contains “11 substances prohibited by federal law from organics. Some of the ingredients are federally regulated as hazardous compounds. At least one is irradiated. And some have not even been assessed as safe for human foods, much less for infant formulas.” [2]

2 – Hain Celestial for its Earth’s Best brands “including Organic Infant Formula, Organic Soy Infant Formula, Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula and Organic Toddler Formula are all falsely labeled organic because they contain a spectacular array of ingredients that are non-agricultural and non-organic, all of which are prohibited under OPPA. For example, of the 48 ingredients in Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula alone, more than half violate USDA Organic Standards.” [3]

In my opinion, that’s what can and often does happen when former natural, clean-of-chemicals foods producers are courted and bought out by big food processing companies.  I’ve always wondered WHY those who started and created wholesome products do that.  Can it be that money talks too much and is very enticing?

According to Ronnie Cummins, OCA’s international director, “It is fitting that we draw attention to these two companies for violating U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic standards this week, when leaders of the organic industry are convening to discuss and uphold organic standards at the Spring National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in Washington, D.C.”

After reading OCA’s complaints in the links below, I’d like to suggest that if readers feel so inclined, to support them with a donation to fight the good fight against false and misleading food practices and ingredients in our food supply, especially baby foods.


[2] Lawsuit complaint
[3] Lawsuit complaint

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2 Comments on "Organic Baby Formula: Two Brands Not So Organic"

  1. Jessica Alba started The Honest Company because she wanted what was best for her children. I find it hard to believe she would be behind this deception. I’m guessing she sold the company? Big disappointment with both of these companies. I know Gerber products are just loaded with GMO’s.

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