Obama Announces More Special Forces Troops To Syria, Escalates Existing Policy

obama syriaBy Brandon Turbeville

In yet another sign of obvious Western escalation in the war against Syria, U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Monday that an additional 250 American military personnel will be deployed to Syria under the guise of defeating ISIS.

In his speech at Hannover, Germany, Obama stated:

Just as I approved additional support for Iraqi forces against ISIL, I’ve decided to increase U.S. support for local forces fighting ISIL in Syria, a small number of special operations forces are already on the ground in Syria and their expertise has been critical as local forces have driven ISIL out of key areas.

So given their success I’ve approved the deployment of up to 250 additional U.S. personnel in Syria including special forces to keep up this momentum.

Obama made a point to state that the troops will not be “leading the fight on the ground” but will be engaged in “training” and providing “assistance” to local forces.

Obama also restated the U.S. position that “Assad must go” when he said, “Just as we remain relentless on the military front we’re not going to give up on diplomacy to end the civil war in Syria because the suffering of the people in Syria has to end and that requires an effective political transition.”

CNN reports that

The troops will be expanding the ongoing U.S. effort to bring more Syrian Arab fighters into units the U.S. supports in northern Syria that have largely been manned by the Kurds, an official told CNN earlier.

The plan calls for the additional U.S. forces to “advise and assist” forces in the area whom the U.S. hopes may eventually grow strong enough to take back territory around Raqqa, Syria, where ISIS is based.

These troops are not expected to engage in combat operations or to participate in target-to-kill teams but will be armed to defend themselves, one official said.

. . . . .

The official said the President was persuaded to take this additional step because of recent successes against ISIS.

What these statements mean, of course, is that the United States is deploying troops to better assist, train, and organize the terrorists on the ground who are fighting Assad and the Syrian military. After all, these “fighters that the U.S. supports” are nothing more than ISIS, al-Qaeda, FSA, Nusra, and other numerous groups and groupiscules that are ideologically identical to one another and whose only real tangible difference is the names they themselves.

Not only that, any talk of “recent successes against ISIS” is clearly not the successes of the United States, NATO, or the anti-Syria coalition. They are the successes of Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia. Indeed, the latter forces have achieved in weeks what the former could not achieve in over a year (ten years according to the U.S.), a true testament to what can be achieved when one actually targets the terrorist organization as opposed to supporting it.

Still, it is important to point out that, regardless of Obama’s recent announcement, U.S. Special Forces have been present in Syria for quite some time, with NATO member Special Forces known publicly even earlier.

In October, 2015, it was announced by the White House that 50 Special Forces troops would be sent to Syria. This announcement came days after it was reported that U.S. Special Forces commandos were working with Kurdish forces to “free prisoners of the Islamic State” in Syria. Later, the presence of U.S. Special Forces in Syria was tacitly acknowledged in 2015 when the U.S. took credit for the killing of Abu Sayyaf.

Reports circulated in October, 2014 that U.S. soldiers and Special Forces troops were fighting alongside Kurdish battalions in Kobane. An article by Christof Lehmann published in March 20, 2015 stated,

Evidence about the presence of U.S. special forces in the Syrian town Ayn al-Arab a.k.a. Kobani emerged. Troops are guiding U.S. airstrikes as part of U.S support for the Kurdish separatist group PYD and the long-established plan to establish a Kurdish corridor.

A photo taken in Ayn al-Arab shows three U.S. soldiers. One of them “Peter” is carrying a Bushnell laser rangefinder, an instrument designed to mark targets for U.S. jets, reports Ceyhun Bozkurt for Aydinlik Daily.

The photo substantiated previous BBC interviews with U.S. soldiers who are fighting alongside the Kurdish separatist group PYD in Syria.

The photo of the three U.S. troopers also substantiates a statement by PYD spokesman Polat Can from October 14, 2014, reports Aydinlik Daily. Can admitted that a special unit in Kobani provides Kurdish fighters with the coordinates of targets which then would be relayed to “coalition forces”.

The first public U.S. Special Forces raid in Syria took place in July, 2014 when Delta Force personnel allegedly attempted to rescue several Americans being held by ISIS near Raqqa. Allegedly, the soldiers stormed the facility but the terrorists had already moved the hostages. While the raid would provide evidence that U.S. Special Forces were operating in Syria in 2014, many researchers believe the story is simply fabricated by the White House to provide legitimacy to the stories of murdered hostages and thus the subsequent pro-war propaganda that ensued as well as to promote the gradual acceptance of U.S. troops on the ground in Syria.

In 2012, an article published in the Daily Star by Deborah Sherwood revealed that SAS Special Forces and MI6 agents were operating inside Syria shortly after the destabilization campaign began in earnest. Sherwood writes,

Special Forces will help ­protect the refugees in Syria along the borders.

Last week as the president ignored an international ceasefire, plans were being finalised to ­rescue thousands of Syrians.

SAS troops and MI6 agents are in the country ready to help rebels if civil war breaks out as ­expected this weekend.

They also have ­hi-tech satellite computers and radios that can instantly send back photos and details of refugees and ­Assad’s forces as the situation develops.

Whitehall sources say it is vital they can see what is ­happening on the ground for ­themselves so Assad cannot deny atrocities or battles.

And if civil war breaks out the crack troops are on hand to help with fighting, said the ­insider.

. . . . .

“Safe havens would be an invasion of Syria but a chance to save lives,” said a senior Whitehall source.

“The SAS will throw an armed screen round these areas that can be set up within hours.

“There are guys in the communications unit who are signallers that can go right up front and get ­involved in close-quarter fighting.”

In addition, in March 2012, it was reported by Lebanon’s Daily Star that 13 French intelligence agents had been captured by the Syrian government, proving not only that Western Special Ops presence in Syria did, in fact, exist but also that it existed essentially from the start.

Thus, the presence of NATO Special Forces and U.S. Special Forces specifically are nothing new at all. Obama’s announcement is simply the advertisement of a policy that is gradually escalating in regards to Syria and, as a result, threatens to provoke a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia.

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5 Comments on "Obama Announces More Special Forces Troops To Syria, Escalates Existing Policy"

  1. “No boots on the ground in Syria”

    “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”

    “Anyone who says the US economy is weak is peddling fiction” – labor participation rate shows 1 out 3 working age Americans out of work.

    Anyone who still supports Obama the King of Lies at this point deserves everything that they get…

  2. If the government of Syria didn’t invite the US to enter its territory then the US should get the H out!

  3. thumbsdownBarry | April 27, 2016 at 5:44 am | Reply

    The military industrial death machine and its elite scum leaders rolls ever onward.
    No need to declare wars – congress you have been made impotent – pack your bags and go home.
    And stop charging wage earners extortion fees.

  4. plan has been to use isis like a fire and “contain” it (in syria) and use kurds to create real civil war and split the country,i predicted this over a year ago and even said that eventually the kurds will present a much bigger problem than isis,no one cares if you kill isis but kill a kurd who wishes to create civil strife and you kill a moderate syrian making it much harder for the gov to deal with the problem militarly

  5. No More BS Please | May 7, 2016 at 4:57 pm | Reply

    The POS in the WH will soon enough have American troops fighting Russian and Syrian troops – the POS in the WH wants this to happen!

    Western backed rebels helped kill off a bunch of Syrian Christian.

    Assad had protected them by law while he was in power.

    The POS in the WH is trying to over throw Assad

    Bad move – he was the only leader left that actually did the following – and I lived in Syria for many years.

    1. Rule of law.

    2. Tourist industry – lots of American tourists at Crac de Chevalier castle.

    3. All kids – girls included went to school.

    4. Free medical and dental to all in Syria

    5. Electrical power to all in Syria.

    6. No one went hungry in Syria.

    7. Oil industry in Syria

    8. Women in Damascus were not beaten and forced to wear islamic slave clothing.

    Lots more. I was in Daraa when the “fit hit the shan” – the imams that I talked to told me they wanted Assad gone because he was too liberal.

    There is far too much BS media about Syria – when in fact if the US of A had backed them from the start ISIS would have been in serious trouble.

    This is why PUTIN is rising in world opinion – the US leadership is so EFF’d about this one – Kerry. McCain, POS Pres Oblahblah and all – are backing the wrong team.

    Rant over – but all the above is true and the media WILL NEVER tell you that.

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