Not April Fools: CIA Admittedly Leaves C-4 Explosives on School Bus Transporting Kids

cia_busBy Andrew Emett

Infamous for committing torture, orchestrating political assassinations, and overthrowing governments, the CIA recently admitted leaving C-4 on a school bus transporting elementary and high school students before the explosive material was eventually discovered. Although the CIA is responsible for placing an explosive material inside the engine of a school bus transporting children, no agent or officer currently faces criminal charges for negligence.

On Thursday, the CIA released a statement admitting that the agency left explosive material in a school bus during a K-9 training exercise with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area last week. Instead of removing all of the C-4 from a bus at Briar Woods High School, CIA K-9 units accidentally left some of the plastic explosive inside the engine of a school bus that ended up transporting at least 26 students from Pinebrook Elementary School, Buffalo Trail Elementary School, and Rock Ridge High School across 145 miles.

Between March 21 and 24, CIA K-9 units conducted training exercises with various law enforcement agencies by hiding C-4 throughout buses and buildings at Briar Woods High School. Although the CIA initially claimed that all the C-4 was recovered after the exercise, clearly that is not the case. During routine maintenance on the vehicle, a technician recently discovered the explosive material inside the engine.

“If that’s something that we allow on occasion, regardless of how often, we need to have procedures in place to make sure the buses and schools are safe before they’re used again,” school board member Beth Huck stated. “It sounds like that didn’t happen.”

After meeting with the CIA, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, the fire marshal, and county administrators, school officials decided to suspend all law enforcement training exercises at schools until stronger protocols are established. But marred with a history of corruption and incompetence, the CIA should not even be allowed to conduct domestic training exercises.

After New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh exposed CIA corruption and massive spying programs against U.S. citizens on December 22, 1974, the government launched a series of investigations revealing illegal CIA activities. The toothless Rockefeller Commission, Church Committee, Nedzi Committee, and Pike Committee exposed several scandals and eventually led to the creation of the permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. During Operation CHAOS, the CIA infiltrated domestic anti-war groups while reading U.S. mail delivered to and from foreign countries. Operation Mockingbird, one of the first illegal programs implemented by the CIA, involved the recruitment journalists to work for the agency on a volunteer or paid basis.

On October 20, 1977, Carl Bernstein wrote a Rolling Stone article revealing over 400 American journalists secretly working for the CIA. The agency manipulated hundreds of journalists, editors, and executives into reporting propaganda and false information to the American public. CIA collaborators worked within The New York Times, CBS, Time Inc., ABC, the Associated Press, NBC, Reuters, Newsweek, Hearst Newspapers, and numerous other media organizations. Between 1954 and 1961, CBS President Sig Mickelson compromised journalistic ethics by secretly entering into an agreement with the CIA.

Plagued with incompetence and corruption, the CIA has no business conducting domestic operations or training exercises that involve placing C-4 on school buses occupied by children. Given the agency’s history of mixing cement powder into the milk sent to a secondary school in Havana, the CIA should not be trusted around anyone, especially children.

Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on, where this article first appeared, Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.

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11 Comments on "Not April Fools: CIA Admittedly Leaves C-4 Explosives on School Bus Transporting Kids"

  1. Common Sense | April 2, 2016 at 9:38 am | Reply

    orruption and incompetence have now reached levels that fiction cannot out do it in terms of insanity and fantasy.
    We are allowing our nation to become a bizarre circus where logic, reason, and accountability no longer exist. We have allowed ourselves to become noting more than mindless observers of our own lives, being pulled into ridiculous depths and directions as if we haven’t any choice whatsoever in who and what we are. Example: Yahoo has an article where ceos are protesting people using bathrooms that are not correct for their anatomy. (There’s a triple negative in the title for the article, so stay with me.)
    They think anyone should be able to use any bathroom they want just based on what they believe they are. The world has no obligation to share in these peoples confusion or sickness but we have the tail wagging the dog anymore. Whats this got to do with incompetence from the cia?
    When you start digging you find its all related through corruption. The people themselves have lost their courage to hold others accountable, especially if they are perceived authority. The people at the top like this because it serves their purpose of total confusion, distraction and defeat in the minds of the people for control purposes. If your world is total chaos you become powerless to keep your own sanity, integrity, and power. You eventually look to perceived authority to fix things at ANY cost. This is the end game.
    Total chaos to make you beg for intervention from the very criminals responsible for imposing it.
    It’s not ALL planned ( nobody is THAT good) but what happens accidentally in their favor, ( never let a good crisis go to waste) is certainly capitalized on.

    Will anyone face charges for endangering CHILDREN ( how we treat the least of us really says who and what we are as a species) in an act that should have never been allowed in the first place?
    Will perceived authority held accountable and responsible?
    Answer: Did anyone from wall street face charges from their theft of trillions?
    Did rumsfeld face charges for losing 2.2 trillion in taxpayer money?
    Did bush face charges for lying about the war?
    Did hillary face charges for bengazi?

    Total corruption that goes ignored by the people will be our eventual demise.
    It is akin to stockholm syndrome where the captives now protect their abusers.

    At the crux of this is the law. If the law does not apply equally to everyone than it is no good for anyone.

    We can continue to allow every nut and crook demand their way because we are too afraid of offending someone and go down in flames or….make the realization FEAR is being fabricated as a tool of the corrupt to keep and increase their control.

    It’s up to us because the crooks in office will NEVER change. In fact if and when we ever find the courage to correct this out of control reign they will fight you so get ready.
    I don not advocate violence but I am trying to show you the truth that we will not start the fight but we damn well better end it because it is the only thing they understand and respond to.

    You need to ask yourself one question now. If you think we are doing fine and headed in the right direction as a nation, as a society then dismiss all I have written.

    If you want to change because the incompetent and irresponsible people in charge are not qualified for their positions, than get ready to fight because criminals never do the right thing.
    Besides, why is it we never hesitate to incarcerate and convict drug dealers or rapists but do absolutely nothing about the perceived authority that has committed crimes far worse.
    They are only people like everyone else.
    As much as we would like to just hide our head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening we are quickly coming to a crossroads and sitting on the fence won’t save us.
    WE have run out of road to kick the can down anymore.

  2. Only in the US!

    • Best post in the whole darn thread! The cat has got it’s paws all over the thread unfortunately and is clawing it to death.

      If this were the Bush era the disclosure would’ve been from some rouge conspiracy groups AFTER the bombs go off and guess what type of scapegoats they would blame it on?

  3. This is indirect evidence of false flag terror. Those exercises go live and terrorism is created.

    • If it was under Bush some no name Islamic group would’ve been blamed and if it was under Obama it would’ve been blamed on a right wing nutter.

  4. William Burke | April 2, 2016 at 2:48 pm | Reply

    I am beginning a kickstarter campaign to buy the CIA some school buses. It is shocking to learn that they have none of their own.

  5. lindajoyadams | April 2, 2016 at 8:26 pm | Reply

    And what else is missing from our arsenals that no one knows is missing as it was never located? Thanks to the one who found this in time to avert a horrible tragedy. .Linda Joy Adams

  6. If this were during the *Bush era* first half you can guarantee it would’ve been a terrorist attack designed to frightened people and take away even more freedoms and rights. This would’ve been disclosed but nobody would’ve believed it because he was a right wing God fearing Republican and those can do no wrong……..right?

  7. The only thing Obama has done right is the lowered amount of false flag terrorism. I’d have this over 9/11 every week.

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