Man Buys Front Row Tickets to MLB Game to Make an Epic Political Statement – Fitting for Tax Day

watkins_taxation_is_theftBy Jay Syrmopoulos

A viral meme campaign that has taken social media by storm got some mainstream television coverage when a man seated behind home plate at a Texas Rangers baseball game stood up to reveal a shirt bearing the words “Taxation is Theft.”

The recent “taxation is theft” campaign has taken the Internet by storm, raising awareness about the concept of taxation as a form of theft.

If you are confused by the term “taxation is theft,” just think of the government as people without any special privileges, as they are meant to be representatives of the people, not omnipotent beings granted special rights.

If an average person takes money from someone under the threat of force it is called robbery, but if the government does it is considered legal and moral, and is called “taxation.”

No one ever agreed to this arrangement, it has been forced on millions of people against their will, and a long list of justifications have been created to convince people that they are not being stolen from.

And while there are social welfare programs and infrastructure projects that benefit some people, this is a minuscule fraction of the total amount stolen by the government in the form of taxes. The vast majority of the money that is brought in through taxes is used for bureaucratic budgets, collection enforcement and paying the costs associated with maintaining a global military empire.

Since the government is allowed to extract money from its citizens by the barrel of a gun, this guarantees that they will have funding for any kind of project they want, even if those projects are unpopular with taxpayers. This is because the public has no choice but to pay taxes, therefore they have no say in how their money is used.

When you see an entire wedding party killed in Afghanistan by an armed U.S. drone, be aware that the weapons that killed them were purchased with the money stolen from you under threat of violence.

It is amoral to pay taxes to an entity that uses the funds to wage unjust wars and reap death upon millions across the globe.

It is this rational deduction that has led to one of the most epic photobombs in sports history. Below is friend of the Free Thought Project, Kory Watkins, letting the world know — Taxation is theft.

Apparently the camera man even felt the moment as he zoomed in at the exact same time Watkins stood up to show his message. Bravo Kory Watkins and bravo camera man.

#taxationistheft #rangers #Texas #freedom #googlevoluntaryism

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Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on, where this article first appeared. Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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29 Comments on "Man Buys Front Row Tickets to MLB Game to Make an Epic Political Statement – Fitting for Tax Day"

  1. Little things like this give me hope…

  2. People are free to leave the country so it is not forced on anyone. If you think government is the problem there are a few failed States like Somalia where you can live government free. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with an authority apparatus it just won’t be a government apparatus

    • you must be one of those people who believe that the rules apply to everyone simply because of their physically being within a particular geographic area, right??
      What facts do you rely on that prove any of it applies to anyone??

      Is the application of law arbitrary and capricious, or a belief in magic??

      Remember, we want your FACTS,.. tangible, factual, personal firsthand, irrefutable facts, not your feelings, beliefs, opinions or the feelings, beliefs or opinions of others.. Not a circular argument “such as; the law applies because the laws say’s it applies” Nor hearsay, rumor, speculation, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, obfuscation, scenarios, what if’s, fraud or lies.
      Nor any historical document that doesn’t have the wet ink signature of anyone being charged. Nor any document that is compulsory,.. threats, duress and coercion to accept a compulsory document, nullifies any implied acceptance! Well, unless you endorse slavery. You don’t endorse slavery, do you??
      Further; You shall not invoke laws, statutes, codes, policies, treaties, etc, or any Constitution or any amendments to any Constitution, as that presupposes that any of it is applicable, when that is what is in question in the first place!

      FYI; ad hominem attacks won’t support your supposition of applicability either!!

    • Somalia is a “failed state” because of US CORP intervention, like Libya, Djibouti, Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. Why should we leave when the government is corrupt? Who do you work for?

    • Let’s play spot the shill.

    • If the ignorant people such as yourself would leave then the country would be much better off……

    • WE ARE NOT FREE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. I was turned back at the Canadian border because I did not have the right papers!!!

    • Even if you are free to leave (a dubious proposition at best) you are NOT free to take your money with you!

      You doubt this? Try it for yourself.

    • Nose Tip what a terrible post. Troll or ignorant. You of the old “Love it or leave it” OLD hippie retort. Love something this outrageous. Never. Leave our homes so the rape can continue. Never!

    • The ‘country’ is just an area of land, it is not robbing anyone. The theft is done by men and women, under color-of-law.
      They still do it because their prey has not figured out the fraud that is going on. It will continue until enough of the prey realise that if you do not have the right to tax your neighbor, you can not have delegated that ‘right’ to others to do on your behalf, and so neither has anyone else… ever.
      The people at the top of this fraud know exactly what is really going on.
      They are predators and not prey. Adults and not children.

    • I was born here. A free human being. I exist as a physical entity. The government (mind control) is an abstract construct which has the “authority” (meaning the state of being authored) to take your stuff because other people hide behind the construct. They write…author…the rules that allow them to profit from your existence while burdening you from the moment you are born.
      Seems legit. Not really.

  3. just because the thief is draped in a flag, doesn’t make the the theft any less a crime!

  4. Who paid for the stadium?

  5. Wait, THE FLAG is responsible for mass murder? Are you an animist? Do you believe inanimate objects commit acts and hold power over you?

  6. Unfortunately so many people are now dependent on this theft it could get to the point where a majority could become tyrannical toward a Tax paying minority.
    The tax waste and corruption as reach unsustanable proportion. A 70,000 page TAX CODE ??? It’s total madness. We can not expect to stop a monster from growing by feeding it.

  7. Taxation is the price we pay for a civilized society. Police, firefighters, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, sewer treatment plants, garbage pickup, clean air, drinkable water, ports and airports, soldiers, sailors and marines, aircraft carriers, fighter jets and social programs. If you don’t want to pay taxes, don’t live in a civilized society and steal the tax money that your fellow citizens pay. See if you can find a place to accommodate you, but stop using the infrastructure that I am only to happy to pay for. “Taxation is theft” is a bullshit slogan. We are all in this together.

  8. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. GOVERNMENT IS NECESSARY.

    • Every slave master says that their job is necessary. It’s not different from a robber saying “I’m here to help you” as he takes your wallet at gunpoint or a cop saying ‘Stop resisting’ as he beats an unarmed victim to death.

  9. Kudos – this man has a pair.
    Taxation is theft.
    Usury is theft.
    The unholy unfederal zentral banks the world over need to be abolished.

  10. The LAW they wrote!!!!

  11. If “hope” is always bad, how do you explain what had the men of 1776-1784 endure? How the phuque would you even be writing something on a “website” like this if it weren’t for the hope those men possessed in their soulsYou aremaking the exact same argument the commies and fascists to about “guns” being evil?

  12. So go live in the woods. In every society, there need to be rules, and folks to enforce the rules. How do you not get that? If you must reply, try to do so without resorting to name calling.

    • The only people who need rules are rulers who can’t otherwise productively contribute to society – hence the need to dominate others – and slaves, who are taught that their own minds have no worth and that ‘superiors’ need to tell them how to live.

      Both groups are equally worthless and neither has contributed to the advancement of our species. If the rulers and slaves all disappeared tomorrow nobody would miss them…

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