Man Arrested For Wearing Anonymous Mask At Protest For Arizona Election Fraud

anonymous_mask_arrestBy Brianna Acuesta

A man wearing an Anonymous mask, a symbol of the hacktivists fighting for justice, was arrested in Arizona while sitting peacefully during a hearing at the state Capitol regarding the suspected election fraud.

Bystanders and fellow protesters recorded the event as police approached the man, Jonathan McRae, who had the mask atop his head, not covering his face, and forcefully removed him from his seat. The crowd came to the aid of the man verbally, one man even reached for McRae despite inevitably being manhandled by police after, and the man remained silent the entire time.

The crowd continuously yelled, “Shame!” and “He didn’t do anything!” They explained that, “The guy that was chanting already left,” hoping to help the cops realize that they had the wrong man. The officers claimed in the police report that McRae was the man “yelling and causing a disturbance” and that they had already asked him to leave 4 times.

After forcing McRae onto the ground, the officers called for backup and several more officers arrived to force him off of the ground. McRae resisted by holding onto the seats in front of him but didn’t seem to react violently or speak.

He didn’t even flail when the officers begin to choke him. In the long version of a video that was taken, the officials at the hearing plead with the crowd and one official agreed that McRae had done nothing wrong.

McRae was the only one wearing a mask in the crowd and was one of dozens quietly protesting the hearing, and some say that it was because he had the mask on his head.


Credit: Maricopa County

He was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault of an officer. Criminal trespassing is an unjust charge because it was this man’s constitutional right to be there and peacefully protest; and if they were to consider it trespassing then they should have arrested everyone. The latter two charges would never have come up if they hadn’t begun to arrest him for supposedly trespassing, especially without informing him ahead of time of the charge against him.

The aggravated assault is perhaps the most ludicrous charge. When asked if he had any weapons on him, McRae responded, “no.” When he was frisked, an officer was pricked with a safety pin that was pinned onto McRae’s shorts. The safety cover had apparently been removed, documents say, although it may be because the officers had just spent several minutes handling McRae roughly. Aggravated assault of an officer is a felony.

The hearing was to discuss the suspected election fraud that occurred last month during the Arizona primary. Voters in the state experienced waits that were five hours long, strange occurrences of registered Democrats not being on the list of Democrat voters, and the last voters casting their ballots hours after polls had closed with Clinton already being named the winner by news sites. Since Arizona has a closed primary, Independent voters or those who aren’t registered with a certain party aren’t able to cast votes that are included in the final count.

The protesters called for the resignation of Helen Purcell, the Maricopa County Recorder, a re-vote, and a new law that allows people to register to vote at the polling place. They also demanded that they be heard after the hearing had adjourned well before most of them had a chance to voice their experience.

After McRae was removed, one of the bystanders remarked, “You promised us if we were silent you wouldn’t remove us.”

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Top Image Credit: Anon HQ

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98 Comments on "Man Arrested For Wearing Anonymous Mask At Protest For Arizona Election Fraud"

  1. RJ O'Guillory | April 9, 2016 at 6:16 pm | Reply

    …drag everyone of those cops and the people managing the event out into the streets…by their hair…charge and convict them for treason…and then start hanging them from lamp poles. In the case of the convicted cops….burn them alive as the punishment for their treason conviction. See how many more cops want to violate the people’s rights….
    RJ O’Guillory

    • No. Have those who filmed and witnessed the arresting of him write out and file affidavits of citizen arrests. Arrest those who assaulted this man who was acting peacefully. Use their own system against them. Also have these people file civil complaints for disruption of the peace, sue the police for damages.

      “Now, I am afraid to demonstrate peacefully. Police arrest peaceful people for no reason. I fear even going to work, leaving my home. The police frighten me and have caused psychological damage.”

      Sue them for that crap. Again, use their system against them, put their system to work for yourself. It allegedly is a system they keep in place for the people, fine, let the people start using it. What can they do, refuse to honor citizen arrests, civil suits? All of them? Then, file more suits based on the corruption/s of them not honoring charges or suits brought against them.

      Keep them busy trying to defend against their own bureaucracy and system/s. Let them be mired in all the litigation of bull manure policy. Once it becomes clear they will buck against such measures, then, yes, get the pitchforks.

      • berrybestfarm | April 10, 2016 at 9:01 am | Reply

        While your suggestion is peacefull I can absolutely assure you 100% that the system itself is corrupted and is not for the People. You will not find justice in our courts.

        • Oh I kind of figured that out when Timothy McVeigh was executed. That was not justice, it was only revenge or vengeance. I do not condone McVeigh’s actions.

          That aside, I do not condone the violence and corruption of the __system__ either. Justice means both sides are treated with equanimity. What is wrong for one is equally wrong for the other.

          We continue having the violence & corruption of the system. This is why at times exasperated I say F the system, let’s all go create our own system/s. May as well, as the current one is so foul as to be rotten to the core.

          Still we have to exhaust every venue open to us. We need to rise above the system of corruption, be better than it. Because it is that, an it, an idea we oblige. We are the stewards of it. We can choose to consent or not.

          If it is not working as we desire, use it on itself and/or divest consent from it. Either way it is bound to lose traction, power and eventually change to suit us or die off. No point continuing to beat a dead horse, let it go on and die. Otherwise it just keeps kicking back.

          • When your dealing with banana republic style tactics, you have to fight as dirty as they do. You are not going to get justice through the courts, it is an undeniable statement when you read through numerous court cases with overt and obvious bias and outright fraud. I believe in non-violent solutions, but if you enemy insists on violence, either you answer that call, or you shut up and accept the tyranny. The only third direction is to let the system implode (they always do) but that may mean watching your children victimized by the system, and seeing your ability to pursue happiness completely eroded.

            It is sad that things have gone this far, I personally attribute it to the lying-bought-mainstream-press brainwashing the public, but nevertheless things are worse than they have ever been with regard to personal freedom and moral decay.

      • RJ O'Guillory | April 10, 2016 at 10:20 am | Reply

        …well, I am not advocating for any form of illegal conduct, as I always use the phrase …”charge, convict and hang”…but, okay…I can go with your suggestion first. That is how I beat DoD without an attorney when I became a Federally Protected Whistle Blower. It is remarkable what you can do if you try to use their system against them, but in the end, if they have disavowed their own system and the corruption is so deep that none of that works…it does become a problem…eh? However…once the war criminals and traitors are identified, charged and convicted…I would whole-heartily endorse hanging them from a lamp pole…long enough for the birds to pick their skin clean. Send the message to the new “leaders” that we expect compliance to our Constitution and laws, or there is no law and they are at the mob’s rule. Their choice…as long as we continue to do everything legally.
        RJ O’Guillory

    • berrybestfarm | April 10, 2016 at 8:57 am | Reply

      While you are correct that using force and imprisonment against the People peacefully exercising our rights is treason, a capitol offense, I do ask that you temper punishment. It is possible the deputies were set up and used for political purposes. I was arrested for Trespassing for redressing a grievance with our district court judge Gina Tveit. The arresting officer was lied to by Stevens County Sherriff Kendle Allen–naming names. He told the deputy I was there to disrupt court, not that the Sheriff had received a scripted copy of the redress. (There is some history between me and the Sheriff for bringing criminal charges against him for promoting unconstitutional traffic stops)

      • RJ O'Guillory | April 10, 2016 at 10:31 am | Reply

        …my entire family while growing up were corrupt cops…my Dad and brother were petty corrupt cops and my Mom a corrupt court-clerk who was finally caught embezzling thousands from the ticket fund to finance her BINGO Habit. Their corruption was part of their psychology, in that they took their authority for granted and extended it into “power”. I have always been aware and have had knowledge of the corrupt nature of the position, and I think most cops are egotistical power-hounds who could care less about our rights. Now I have a 24 year old son who is has a degree in psychology, is a Lt. in The National Guard and a full time cop in Sacramento…and I have to admit, they have done a much better job of training and educating him on appropriate, constitutional policing…and his department seems to focus on real-crime…(rape, robbery,murder, etc.)…than they do on hassling the homeless or generating revenue through unconstitutional means. So I see your point, and it is about time for the “god cops” to start dis-obeying orders that run afoul of our rights. They need to ask better questions, do more intelligence work and insure they are doing the right thing…as does the entire judicial system. Regards.
        RJ O’Guillory

      • I really do not see the distinction between a cop violating someone rights, or anyone else. If you are hired to violate someone, you deserve a punishment no less severe than the source.

        Police exist to force people to obey the law, laws which society (us) agree with.
        It is when they force people to obey law created by tyrants that they deserve every measure the accusation of treason brings.
        I do not find the ignorance argument affable or just, it is known that police chiefs are actively hiring low-IQ cops, understandably so they will not question the illegal orders they are given. We do not let stupid people escape justice, why then should we let someone who is in a position of power evade judgment on the grounds of stupidity?

        • berrybestfarm | April 12, 2016 at 10:46 am | Reply

          Yes. It is exactly the low IQ’s that makes me even consider forgiveness

          • I can forgive anyone, but someone who stomps on someone because his boss told him to do it? Yeah, I don’t think someone like that should be able to just walk away without facing some sort of punishment, preferably the same thing. Even stupid people know the difference between right and wrong.

    • Desperate times call for desperate measures. But when did might ever work, over peaceful, but persistence resistance? You can crush ppl but can’t crush idea who’s time has come…all I’m sayin…..✊✌️ O and vote Bernie. He voted no to war, no to bail out, no to trade agreements, & headed 9/11 first responders bill ?

  2. So how’s that so-called “freedom” GWB claimed “they” hate you for workin’ out for ya DUHmerica? Hmm?

    • Not so well, bosunj. Not very well at all.

    • Zaphod Braden | April 10, 2016 at 7:05 am | Reply

      ——– Do you know what is really funny? For years INDEPENDENT people yelled alarms over the Executive Orders and “signing statements” Bush was enacting. The jerks that supported him thought they were all just wonderful. NOW all those restrictions and destructions of YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS are in the hands of your WORSE NIGHTMARE. ROTFLMAO Sweet dreams you idiots.

    • Zaphod Braden | April 10, 2016 at 7:06 am | Reply

      W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolf and Yevgeny Primakov former head of the KGB to design Homeland Security ( Followed by many “dual”citizen creeps.). Why? To bring oppression HERE

      • SonsofAnarchy5768 | April 10, 2016 at 8:21 am | Reply

        Oh lets not forget how many coppers are sent to Israel for training~

      • I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

        I wonder if Primakov had a prominent role in setting up the Moscow FSB (KGB) false flag apartment bombings. Primakov was the Russian Prime Minister in 1999, the year the bombings took place.

  3. Marie Beckett | April 9, 2016 at 7:23 pm | Reply

    I understand how you feel RJ….but a better idea ( and I am hoping that there were many people filming all of this)… to have ALL the cops involved in this abomination have masked made of themselves and have hundred or hopefully thousands of people come out wearing these officers faces with T-shirts outing them as the criminals that they are. With 3-D printing it can be swiftly done. Again…..the people of Arizona need to start putting liens on ALL property owned by these thugs including their spouses…also start protesting outside of where these spouses work and name names. We need to create an environment where it is too much of a hassle to be an officer or married to one that does not uphold the constitution.

    Also, EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE needs to start hiding small cameras and video devices in their clothing so that cell phones and such can not be taken away. EVERY police officer will then have their faces and last names posted everywhere if they step out of line. Start knocking out the useful idiots at the bottom of the pyramid and the sociopaths at the top……..simply TOPPLE!

    • You tell ’em, Marie!

    • It’s a good sign the crowd reacted. A big contrast to the group who didn’t try to defend Andrew Meyer, the Univ of FL student who asked John Kerry about his membership in Skull and Bones.

      • Belinda Boundreau | April 10, 2016 at 5:48 am | Reply

        It’s a start. Did msm carry this story?

      • Fuzzychickens | April 11, 2016 at 12:25 am | Reply

        JFK questioned secret societies….turned out not so well for him and few more Kennedys.

        The 2 party system at the national level is corrupt beyond imagination.

        Citizens in this country need to solidify their control of government at the local level before it’s too late. At the federal level….screw it, it’s infected and gone septic.

        • Very true. And let’s be very careful about the flavor of localism we embrace, the version that’s being offered to us (Agenda 21 “sustainability”, etc.) is the authoritarian trap that’s been created for us. We still need to network to the dodge the large scale curve balls – and they are coming.

    • SonsofAnarchy5768 | April 10, 2016 at 8:18 am | Reply

      You just have to make sure you have a live streaming video and or one that automatically uploads so they have NO chance of erasing or deleting your video~

    • berrybestfarm | April 10, 2016 at 8:51 am | Reply

      Thank you for your peaceful suggestions. while I fear peace is no longer an effective option…hope lives eternal.

  4. desertspeaks | April 9, 2016 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    and yet the guy who did NOTHING is the one that went to jail.

  5. If the story as told above is true, then of course he didn’t deserve to be arrested. Duh.

  6. Someone should have reminded the crowd their votes didn’t count.

    • Good point and there’s also some irony to them protesting over snags in their ability to cast votes for Establishment Dem puppets. Brings to mind groups who protest climate change with street marches but would never think to protest geoengineering poisons filling the skies. Missing the big picture…

      • Bernie is not a Dem puppet. Most, not all, protestors were suppressed by repub tactics, such as closed primary, restrictive ID laws, decreasing polling places by 70%, 5 hour lines in AZ heat, hearing that trump or Hillary won while still in line, bouncers at door letting only 2or 3 ppl in, when there were 10 booths inside, polling “deserts” in poorest neighborhoods etc, etc, Chemtrails are a gravely serious threat, I agree, but that is not the issue here. They were standing up for their right to vote. When it comes to chemtrails, I hope we can vote that out too. That’s what democracy should be, one person, one unimpeded vote. Peace

        • If you carefully examine how Ralph Nader was vilified and crucified by the Establishment Left when he was running for president, you may recognize that candidates who are truly anti-establishment never receive any type of mainstream media platform. None whatsoever. Nader was even kicked out of a presidential debate as a peaceful observer with a legitimate ticket – kicked out by both RNC and DNC goons, as seen in the excellent documentary Ralph Nader An Unreasonable Man. What was Nader’s message? It was both parties are owned by the plutocracy, there is no real difference. Second, we know the office of president has become merely ceremonial, fully so when the Trilateralists took over the executive branch when Carter took office. The POTUS ceremonial role was fully admitted by Noam Chomsky years ago. The pinnacle of power is the Bankers and an early version of an Audit The Fed bill was gutted by Bernie making it worthless. Ron Paul is on video expressing his disappointment and disbelief. Bernie voted to make the Patriot Act permanent. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has been interviewed outlining Bernie’s record supporting the military industrial complex. Finally, Bernie supports mandatory vaccinations. This is in line with Establishment agendas. Many know Hillary is a Machiavellian Globalist and I believe if Bernie is made her running mate a lot of people / activists will become complacent waiting for Bernie to change the system, and then the clock runs out and we are all trapped in the techno totalitarian grid, dissenters shut down with the tap of a few keys. I hope we all remember how we’ve been played before and how high the stakes are now. We need a revolution from the bottom up, a real one. Peace and thanks. I agree voter suppression is wrong.

          • I’m not sure Bernie knows about the autism/vaccine connection, or chemtrails and other important issues, but he did vote against the patriot act and Iraq war and unfair trade policies. Wants to take profit out of prisons, education, healthcare. I agree with those policies for more than any other candidate. IMHO he’s the best choice

          • Bernie is running for president and doesn’t know about geoengineering? He only has to look up at the sky. To not know and to not speak out tells you this is a charade. The new system the Globalists are creating also want to “take the profit” out of prisons, education, healthcare, etc. It’s called Technocracy and it is a totalitarian system of control. Your arguments are the type of superficial ones handed to us by the media that gave us Obama.

          • Ok for one thing you know what happens when you assume, right, lol . I cut the cord long ago and do not listen to corporate sponsored news, MSM. Help me understand why it is beneficial to the populace to profit from incarceration, racist drug laws, education, and healthcare, clean water and infrastructure and a BALANCEDeconomy that benefits ALL, not just ppl who have multi billions and tax havens when we are at the tipping point. He is more environmentally forward thinking than any other candidate and he will not be appointing cabinet members who donated money who worked for Wallstreet,Walmart, Monsanto, etc.And did I mention that a healthy educated unincarcerated middle class makes a strong peaceful country IMHO NAMASTE

          • Of course we all want to see our fellow human beings FREE, their civil liberties and privacy protected, economic and social “justice”, the end of the lies that continue to enslave us – ALL the lies. Vaccines are not only a problem because of the autism link, there is no scientific foundation to support their safety and efficacy. Irregardless, it is our inherent right to choose what goes into our bodies, including chemtrails. No sane person would argue about the need to correct the problems activists are concerned about. The difference is the approach of a powerful centralized government versus empowering the people in a decentralized system (non aggression principle). Americans can vote for Bernie keeping in mind this man is still entrenched in a CAPTURED and corrupt system, and still fight on – not rolling over like the Obama voters did. It isn’t a mutually exclusive situation. Please recognize the danger of the techno surveillance society, you don’t seem to realize the power of control that is being created while activists debate other issues. Best regards.

          • I agree with you, the system is the problem. It’s a racist, fascist, patriarchal oligarchy. Mandating vaccines with mercury and other toxic poisons in vaccines horrifying! And chemtrails of aluminum barium, round up, glyphosate, bpa, etc. Electronic surveillance and net neutrality are big issues for sure, big brother issues lol. The freedom to think freely and not be impeded by fear is yooooj! I’m not saying these are not important and I feel your intentions are good, so thank you for sharing your insights.
            I live in a rural Cali town where we have a community center, community radio, community farm. In this way we elect and petition our supervisors to ban GMOs, chain businesses. We shop at farmers market, small local shops and cafes, and we have a town square. We organize and work towards these values; community, clean food, good neighbors, and the power to change things for the betterment of all, grassroots style. We are what we do..when we know better, we do better.
            I do feel that Bernie is the most honest, unselfish and compassionate one and his plans are beneficial. I mean, nobody is perfect but IMHO He would make a great president and he is least likely to cave on his principles he’s held and worked toward all his life.

          • Awesome that you are living a dream in a rural CA town! Localism is one of several terrific strategies to take back our autonomy and our humanity, but it needs to be our version not theirs – i.e. Agenda 21 and all the related programs that intend to disempower us in ways we never imagined. As for the office of POTUS, I’ve done enough diligent research to know it truly is not what you seem to think it is, nor is congress. Remember Robert Reich’s famous quote about “the dirty little secret being both houses of congress are irrelevant” (policies being decided on another level, by Federal Res., etc.)? At the federal level, what we have today is only a simulacrum of representative government. It was going this direction even before JFK’s assassination and has continued down the same path until we find ourselves being egregiously poisoned, subjected to false flag attacks, and civil liberties eviscerated unable to get enough people to connect all the dots. There’s not much time left before the emerging cashless society and electronic monitoring effectively shuts down all meaningful dissent, it’s estimated to be 3 to 5 years away. Hope you keep working on that consciousness shift and I’ll do the same! All the best the you.

          • Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner..not very cyber savvy, lol. Thanks for the c2c link. Just want to share this cool YouTube channel with you. It’s PRTV,
            Politicalrevolutiontv. It’s on at 9 in the mornPST…share with cool ppl, don’t tell trolls!
            LOL, I Just posted a rant, after seeing Killary Helligula Crookton saying she’s the nominee! Wtf ! I haven’t voted yet! ?Cali has 475 delegates
            Shes saying Bernie and her are more aligned than Trump! IMO she is way more like Trump, super pacs, fracking, weapons selling, job exporting, same policies basically, don’t even talk bout climate destruction! Just makes me so angry? Bernies only one speaking up for planet and ppls rights. I’m #BernieOrBust!♨️♨️♨️ Namaste✌️??

          • Thanks for the tip on PRTV, I’ll check it out sometime. 🙂 Remember, the revolution has to be a consciousness shift, bottom up, not top down! None of the candidates will admit to geoengineering (chemtrails), the vaccine agenda, Orwellian technocracy, false flags, etc., it’s up to us to educate and work together on multiple levels. 😉

          • When profit is taken out of sickness and suffering, only then will the parasitic system lose motivation to make us sicker! Then focus will be on health instead of illness. Medical system now 3 rd leading CAUSE of death in America! That’s because malpractice lawsuits were banned by health insurance lobbyists. As usual, follow the money?
            TPTB try to crush us, not knowing we are seeds, grassroots baby! Lol And we will rise!
            Berni says ” WHEN WE STAND TOGETHER, WE WIN!” #OCCUPYPHILLYDNC✊ ♨️✌️

          • One of my graduate study programs was public health and preventive medicine and my research went well beyond my studies, believe me when I say I understand the health care problems running the gamut from the economic, social, to the medical science angles. Greed and groupthink are big problems, yet the biggest concern is the quest for power and control whether it is the food supply, health care, resources, “money” or units of exchange, education, and more. The greatest wisdom is in Mother Nature and the power of the people. Do you know who Dr. Mercola is? He’s one of our great champions. (

          • Planned pathology is psycho-sociopathic. only preventable by persistent vigilance and deep web research. Support organics. Ban GMOs. Keep fossil fuels in the ground! Vote Bernie and others who fight for environmental and social justice!

          • O BTW the producer/director of Vaxxed is on coasttocoastam tonight

          • Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to catch it. I’m very much up to speed on the vaccine infowar, esp. important to me as a medical scientist. Suzanne Humphries is doing heroic work. I highly recommend her presentations (on youtube).

          • You can catch it on YouTube, Conflict Returns coasttocoastam April 10, wish I knew how to add link. ASAP cz channel gets taken down a lot. Chiropractor homeopathic, talks about movie , free for 10 days at undoctored. Com

          • Sorry for the delayed reply, I was keeping a close eye on a very sick fur baby (she’s much better now:-)). Thanks again for the info. I found it on youtube, it’s long, 2 hr 30 min, I’m streaming it at 2X speed. Here’s the link in case you want to share it with others (just copy and paste url):

          • Spot on!

          • Thanks it’s always good to see you around, Brett.

          • Of course. Bernie wants to release all prisoners to enforce his communistic agendas into the US society. Bernie, Hitlery, and Obama, are looking to Decriminalize criminals, and put Patriots in their place.
            Prisons to Communists are nothing more than slave camps, and the Elitists are the wardens. Criminals are enforcers, and those trying to make honest livings are the true criminals.

            Bernie Sanders, Hitlery Clinton, and Obama are jokes that aren’t humorous at all! Screw them!

          • Corrupt politicians, Banksters, Wallstreet swindlers, polluters, war mongers, tax evaders, super packs, corporate welfare are the real criminals, not ppl of color who use cannabis, or addicts who have a medical issue and need mental help. Or black youth who because of poverty or ramoant systematic criminalization cannot get the education and jobs stolen by trade agreements. An honest living is admirable, but anything detrimental to the populace is not truly honorable or worth supporting. We’re talking bout our children’s future here, and the health and well being of citizens, that is what makes a country strong, not war, fracking, and incarceration.

          • It bothers me greatly that people still talk of elections and politicians as if its going to make some wonderful difference! People who believe this are the real problem because it encourages the cockroaches…

          • Absolutely, Brett. In the US it’s been over one hundreds years of tyranny and bankster control, yet the plebs still expect a Hollywood story of a savior making the problems go away. No matter who has been voted in after JFK’s assassination, the Beast has continued to grow and fast. The few politicians such as Paul Wellstone and Larry McDonald who posed a threat were taken out. Seems like the masses just don’t want to do the work of governing themselves preferring to chase fairy tales.

          • Sallie Dodd Butters | April 10, 2016 at 8:30 pm |

            Is it too late to start a Ron Paul recharged campaign or a write in vote threat?

          • Paul really spoke truth to power in his day. We need a lot of people like that now to come forward.

    • Marie Beckett | April 9, 2016 at 10:35 pm | Reply

      There is a bigger issue here……not the point. Even though what you say is true.

      • Seems like the issues are layered. There’s the simple problem of vote suppression. Another of mainstream media having the ability to create stories that easily steer public opinion for or against a candidate, a process anchored by the dumbing down. Third is the ease with which electronic vote rigging can count. Next, the electoral college. Finally, the situation whereby the office of president is a sham, economic and political policies having been decided for decades on higher tiers of power, certainly since the assassination of JFK and a more insidious deep coup d’etat in 1913.

  7. In the police state there need not be a victim, you will suffice.

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  9. BaronGreenBack | April 10, 2016 at 3:13 am | Reply

    This is why people do not like the police

  10. We live in a satanic economic/political system that was built when Pythagoras was killed.
    Pythagoras spoke Dorien (=Serbian) language and taught RAW VEGAN DIET, HARMONY in speaking, musics, mathemathics, SHARING & GIFTING!
    SPARTACUS was a Serb who thought FREEDOM too!
    Mileva Maric was Einstein’s first wife, a Serb too who wrote The relativity Theory – she was a genius, not stupid/evil Albert.
    Nikola Tesla was a Serb who said that ENERGY IS SO ABUNDANT IN THE UNIVERSE THAT IT CAN BE FREE OF CHARGE – he was not killed, but FBI has stolen all his patents.
    Now, you have to fight for the same rights that Serbs have been fighting for over 5 000 years …

  11. he shouldn’t have been arrested. That said, Anonymous are not fighting for justice, they’re controlled opposition going after enemies of the DC establishment like Putin and Trump

  12. Belinda Boundreau | April 10, 2016 at 5:46 am | Reply

    It would have been something if everyone had started chanting “Criminals! Criminals! Criminals”! Not just the cops but those who presided over the hearing also. Had the crowd charged and overwhelmed the cops…

  13. RenegadeProphet | April 10, 2016 at 7:24 am | Reply

    The vote has been rigged for years.
    The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

  14. NobodysaysBOO | April 10, 2016 at 9:19 am | Reply


    WHY did these COWARDS let this happen ?

    The election CRIMINALS are getting AWAY !

  15. I watched this abhorrent vid live,it was def uncalled for excessive police force.There are many live streams on YouTube , politicalrevolutiontv, NEWSUNIVERSE, berni2016TV, many others. We cannot rely on mainstream media(MSM) to cover the real news or to expose truth to power because their corporate overlords censor and control content. Cut the cord, get informed, free your mind?

  16. Anything to keep the Demoncraps on top!

  17. Just same old, same old! America is dead and gone, all you have left is a fascist police state called the US of A!


  19. The protesters called for the resignation of Helen Purcell, the Maricopa County Recorder, screw that. The citizens should demand she be fired.

  20. They think they can vote their way out of a totalitarian system, out of the Matrix.

    Those of us who aren’t registered to vote might be the ones getting arrested. Remember when Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting? Kinda like the good ol’ USSR! I remember when I was a young kid my dad told me how stellar the voting participation was in the Soviet era – ~99%

    • Already compulsory to vote in Australia. I have been fined once. But they dont know what it is I put on my voting form lol! I was part of an election count once and had to seperate all the votes in my local to town in correct piles for counting. I was amazed so many did not have a vote but hand written message about what they thought of the government. It was amusing and interesting! As long as you get your name ticked on the register no one knows what you do with the form before you put it in the ballot box. Yeah, it sounds primitive way to vote!

      • I wonder why Australia is being picked on first for these crazy laws. I suppose it’s your relative geographical isolation. I have to admit I know almost nothing about Australia. I think when I was a young kid watching Crocodile Dundee movies I formed an imprinted vision of Aussies as tough, savvy individualists, similar to the cowboy/rancher culture of the US western states – and there’s a bit of that in my state barely hanging on. Everyone is getting so soft and lazy. We’re just too spoiled. Well, keep up the good work Brett with the ballots and next time draw them some pictures! lol 🙂

        • Hey Blue, your assessment of Aus is still pretty true in large part, however, there is a fairly large drinking and party culture in every age group it seems. Work like dogs during the week and party like there is no tomorrow on the weekends! I think this is largely because of our convict heritage lol! Having said that, when asked to stand up and fight, the Aussie is only too happy to rumble. I still believe that there are many who are prepared to do just that when the time comes. If you visit the Outback, as I often do, you will find some extremely tough people!

          • Convicts, huh? lol Very good sense humor. Thanks for the overview of the culture. Sounds like there is potential for some good resistance. I mentioned the Full Circle Project to John Cook, have you looked at it yet? It’s international and might be a way to network with locals and beyond – get together and rattle some cages. I took a quick look just now and see the Australian govt is introducing smart cards and the Myki and Opal cards are already being used in Melbourne and Sydney. It’s all moving fast!

          • Yes Blue, it is moving fast alright. Tell me more about Full Circle Project? Link? Also, have you heard anything from John lately? Thanks, mate…

          • Hey Brett, sorry for the delayed response. I stumbled upon info on the FCP from Zen Gardner who has had some articles on Activist Post. FCP’s mission is to connect people encouraging them to meet up in person to form networks. The founders lean heavy on new age themes, although, they seem to cover all the big issues with an open mind and good intentions.. I joined and haven’t had time to explore it much but didn’t get the vibe the people in my area are interested in activism or outreach. One problem is there seems to be a sense of accepting the end game as inevitable thus hunker down, share, etc. It may be worth your time to register and see how many FCP members in your area. Here’s the link: I haven’t seen a post from John recently. He mentioned starting a blog and could be busy working on that.

          • Thanks so much, Blue. Have a great weekend, friend!

          • My pleasure, and it’s always an honor. You have a great one too!

  21. Sue sue sue.

  22. The event described is one more example of the police lawlessness that occurs too often around the USofA.
    I hope the victim´s friends and relatives come to his support, emotionally and financially. With a skilled lawyer, he has a good case of police brutality that will cost the state a few coins and tend to suppress recurrences of such uncalled-for police brutality. That this occurred in Arizona ? ? ?

  23. Wow.

  24. It would appear that the American democrats are much like the Australian Labor and Green party. All are dysfunctional retards and the followers are the same. All want to offer free everything without any idea how to pay for it. Totally retarded and the followers are also retarded.

  25. Pulling
    the Teeth out of the Mouth of the Legal System

    many people realize that the legal system is a complete scam, and
    even fewer realize that it has teeth which can be easily pulled out,
    quite easily, in fact. The forceps that are used for this task come
    straight out of the legal system itself, believe it or not! These
    forceps come in various sizes, shapes and styles, but they all do the
    exact same job. They expose the contradictions and hypocrisies of
    the legal system, as well as the crimes that the legal system commits
    in order to function. All that one has to do to identify these
    forceps, and then use them, is to thoroughly read and understand a
    few key elements of the legal system, such as its basic premise for
    existence and from where it derives its authority. There are a few
    more which will be touched on as you read further. And as more and
    more of these tools are learned, much confidence in using them will
    be gained.

    legal system from its very beginnings, when the King’s Court was seen
    as becoming too corrupted to function properly as a place where
    people could get their due justice when they had been wronged, has
    been nothing but a huge scam. Not even the men who spoke so
    eloquently on behalf of the plaintiffs and defendants way back then
    ever saw that the legal system would be its own undoing one day! But
    that time has indeed come upon us now, and all that we have to do is
    open our eyes and greet it like a brand new day dawning upon us, with
    a cheery grin and a song in our heart.

    various policing agencies are a rather easy set of teeth to yank
    right out of that meat grinding maw of the extremely ugly beast we
    call the legal system. One way is to get into the record the fact
    that “witnesses” for the State enjoy being able to lie
    while under oath without any fear at all of perjury charges being
    filed against them. This is supposedly allowed under the guise of it
    furthering the interests of justice! Just HOW are the interests of
    justice served by certain people being allowed to lie while under an
    oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
    That’s not justice at all, that’s criminal collusion to say the
    least! It makes a complete mockery of that oath! If this fact seems
    too incredible to believe, all one has to do is make a test by
    firstly reading Terry Reed’s book, Compromised; Bush, Clinton and the
    CIA. And then ask a lieyer (without telling him/her that you are
    onto their scam) if that is true or not. If they say that it’s a
    lie, then bring up the fact that that very thing happened in Reed’s
    case, and ask them how they can reconcile the two things. You see,
    ALL good attorneys always know the answers to their questions BEFORE
    they ask them! Unless it is one that comes out of some testimony,
    the answers of which will be verified later on to make sure that the
    truth was being told.

    pair of pliers that can be used is to show a conflict of interest
    with any of the actors involved. These so-called judges are a good
    place to start, since they are all just Executive Administrators who
    do not even swear a proper oath of office before they begin hearing
    cases. And they never disclose the fact that they are actually
    acting as the lead prosecutor in any case. These EAs take a portion
    of the proceeds of a court case in the form of a payment into their
    retirement account. In “income tax” cases, they can get a
    cash payment of ten thousand dollars upon a conviction!! Isn’t that
    a conflict of interest there? Do the arresting officers get any kind
    of a perk or bonus from their actions? Or does their department?
    Isn’t that biased policing?

    many years of study of the legal system and its machinations,
    something was suddenly realized. It is the incontrovertible fact
    that the entire legal system runs on fraud of one kind or another.
    And since fraud is a crime, exposing it for the whole world to see,
    negates any pretense that it is an honest system and one has to
    endure it. Let us look at the definition of just two words now, and
    see how they fit into this tool box of ways to beat the legal system
    at its own game, shall we? The first one is the word contract. It
    is defined in any law dictionary as having five essential elements to
    it, and the violation of even just one of them to any degree then
    renders the whole thing void. Those five elements are competent
    parties, subject matter, a legal consideration, mutuality of
    agreement and mutuality of obligation. Notice now that these are
    given in terms of absolutes, meaning that there is no lee way at all
    in any of them. They are either there or they are not. For how can
    anyone measure how much deviation from them can occur before the
    alleged contract is finally vacated? That is a very deadly arrow to
    pull from our quiver. Another word is fraud. According to several
    court cases, fraud vitiates all that it comes into contact with.
    Fraud just touching something renders that thing completely
    contaminated and of no further concern to us. How can it be
    otherwise? If it is some other way, once again, what is that
    measuring instrument which we use to mete out the appropriate amount
    of fraud to make sure that we get just the right amount?

    alleged contract can be vacated for fraud, threat, duress, coercion,
    mistake, illegality, immorality, impossibility, insanity or minority
    of age. Another tool in this box is The Seven Elements of
    Jurisdiction. One can easily find them by just the most cursory look
    around a law library or online. The Void for Vagueness Doctrine has
    been used many times to yank whole sets of legal system teeth in one
    fell swoop, as well as proof of a mistaken identity. So you see now,
    the entire legal system is just riddled with holes, some of them big
    enough to sail large ships through three abreast with plenty of room
    left over. Other holes may not look to be so cavernous at first
    glance, but all holes leak something. And once a small leak has
    begun, it can turn into a major spill very quickly. Now some people
    may not like to remove those chains of the legal system from around
    their ankles, because they feel that it is their duty, in some sort
    of a perverted way of thinking, to be ripped off and abused by it and
    its actors. Or maybe it goes against their brainwashing in the
    public fool system or some religious order to seek freedom. And to
    them I say, well, please have a very good time with that then! But
    if others do not want to be made a victim of the legal system, why
    should they be so made? Just to keep the others company in their
    cell next door? We should have better things to do with our precious
    time than that.

    even more tools are The Three Magic Questions. What is the EXACT
    AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has the right to commit? What
    is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual
    obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being
    operated off of, in the instant case? Those three questions right
    there have the lieyers heading for the hills when they are asked.
    They have no real defense against them, so they MUST run away as fast
    as they can and hope that they can outrun them.

    when enough people are educated with this material, the current legal
    system will be starved more and more, eventually becoming so weakened
    it will just die. When enough court cases are dismissed and no
    profits are being created from them, the various policing agencies
    will have to curtail their criminal activities. Like civil asset
    forfeitures. That is the real reason why Prohibition was repealed,
    too many court cases were being lost due to jury nullification and
    the courts were losing money hand over fist. Make no mistake about
    it, courts ARE businesses which must show a profit each fiscal year.
    Every court in America is listed in Dunn & Bradstreet as a
    business!! And, the federal government couldn’t keep shame off its
    face with a law on the books that couldn’t be enforced, so
    Prohibition had to be repealed.

    fine day, we will be able to go back to Common Law courts with real
    juries of our peers; our friends, neighbors and business
    acquaintances, for who else should know us better in order to judge
    us? The judges will be there only to act as referees to keep things
    running smoothly and the jurors will be the ones who judge our guilt
    or innocence based upon the factual evidence presented.

  26. James Michael | April 11, 2016 at 6:35 pm | Reply

    Was not an arrest, because the man committed no act harming another. Was a breach of his peace, aggravated assault and battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and treason, all felonies by a sworn servant, acting unlawfully with NO cause of action…..

  27. What happened to our right of peaceful protest? Oh that’s right! They can infringe on anything in the constitution.

  28. yEshUA ImmAnUEl | April 18, 2016 at 8:39 am | Reply

    “The soul asks, and the mind gives.
    Mind builds and soul receives.”

  29. yEshUA ImmAnUEl | April 18, 2016 at 8:40 am | Reply

    “Every act is a reflection of the mind and thoughts that dwell within.”

  30. Yes! Bernie has spoken up for Palestian rights and said Netanyahu and Zionisists are wrong. He does not support Isreals despicable actions. And he speaks up for Environmental actions to combat climate crises! Vote Bernie for a sane peaceful future❤️♨️

  31. Just the opposite.
    During my 16 years as clinical director and administrator of drug rehab programs, I did not encounter a case of canabis-induced schizophrenia. Mental aberrations induced by methamphetamine use was a consistent occurence, with occasional long-term damage.
    Canabis use slowly clears the “average” case of “schizophrenia,” unless the body is continuously overloaded with toxins due to improper eating, sanitation habits and prescription drugs. The harmful effect of psychotropic drugs is explained by the elderly psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Breggin on his websire. Statin drugs induce a wide variety of mental aberations rather than the effect that is advertised by the pharmacy industry. Details provided by former Physician Astronaut, Dr. Duane Graveline MD, MPH at his websire, .

    • gifteconomy | May 24, 2016 at 2:25 am | Reply

      Are statistics lying? Or, you have never be a clinical director ?
      I have seen many, many people with cannabis induced schizophrenia in psychiatric departments… and numbers on this issue do not lie !

      • Statistics too often reflect the intended goal rather than accuracy. Numbers are generated to reflect the desired propaganda. Such as the ones you mention.
        Diagnoses also vary with the diagnostician, and psychiatrists are among the most innacurate and most deceitful. A look at the most recent DSM reflects the desire of psychiatry to keep itself in well-paying jobs. Similar to Oncology, whose membership delights in murdering patients with the nitrogen extracts used in chemotherapy and also in mustard gas.

        • I use statistics/numbers because of my own personal experience on this issue ! That’s why these statistics are credible to me.
          You are not informed … or you are paid to spread lies here.
          But, it’s true that in Psychiatriy and Oncology criminals make business on poor, uninformed people and it’s true that most scientific data are used for propaganda and profit…

          • drbhelthi | May 24, 2016 at 12:42 pm |

            Your comment contains no statistics.
            Your idea is also credible with me, but not creditable.
            Your comment amounts to propaganda.
            Your last sentence would be accurate, if it stated that psychiatry and oncology conduct business on all patients, not only the poor, uninformed.

  32. – you might try using scientifically accurate information instead of your propaganda that supports the income of the MD pimps of the pharmacy industry, who masquerade as physicians and psychiatrists. It also supports the fraudulent drug war that was amplified by the Reagan-Bush administration via the “Iran-Contra” deceit. Which deceit was developed into US marines guarding the poppy fields and heroin products production in Afghanistan.
    Try teaching yourself the scientific method before strewing your propaganda on professionals who have been using the scientific method of research for over 40 years.

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