Jim Marrs Explains The Population Control Agenda

depopulation_agendaActivist Post reporter Derrick Broze interviews Jim Marrs at the Free Your Mind Conference on April 16, 2016. Jim Marrs is an American former newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author of books and articles on a wide range of alleged cover ups and conspiracies including, Rule By Secrecy, Rise of The Fourth Reich, The Terror Conspiracy, and his latest, Population Control.


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5 Comments on "Jim Marrs Explains The Population Control Agenda"

  1. Conspiracy or fact….

    We Provide You Decide

  2. “No soul can be overcome, when once awakened.
    And what is it that creates soul?
    Thoughts, desires, will.

    The stored up thoughts and ideas of mind are re- ceived, retained by the soul and the soul is fashioned, formed, moulded, by thoughts or vibrations from the mind.

    When the body dies, the mind dies — only soul is ever awake and ever lives.”

  3. “Selfishness and self-absorption, which is but another form of selfishness, are parallel and are equal. A self-absorbed person oftentimes excuses his selfishness under this title. We may become so engrossed with our own plans, ideas, works or desires as to be utterly selfish. Many selfish persons are pure minded and liberal in many ways, yet they lose sight of the desire and wishes of those about them by becoming too much attached to their own wants and wishes. Self is one of the greatest tempters we have to guard against. It is the most subtle, the most illuring devil of the ages. Our self is not always as we appear nor as we think we are or would like to be.”

  4. “The lustfulness and desires and pleasures of the earth or flesh must be thrust from us. This is the denial of self. Self must be cast cut.”

  5. Jim Marr started my journey down the rabbit hole over 10 years ago, true patriot.

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