It’s Now Mandatory to Microchip Your Dog in the United Kingdom. Are Humans Next?

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By Joe Wright

If it’s such good idea, why must it be mandatory? The government in the United Kingdom has just claimed further ownership of your dog.

In a new law, the Crown has granted her subjects the privilege to own a dog but only if the beast is microchipped. That’s right,  microchipping dogs is now mandatory throughout the United Kingdom.

It began as a voluntary option for monitoring your own pet, but now, dog owners in the U.K. have a just a few weeks to comply; if local authorities catch dogs without a microchip, owners face expensive fines.

BBC reports “Dog owners who have not had their pets microchipped could face a fine of up to £500, as a new law comes into force. All dogs in England, Scotland and Wales are now legally required to have been chipped by the time they are eight weeks old.”

The reason given for the mandate is to “tackle reckless ownership and help save councils vast sums of taxpayers’ cash looking after strays,” according to Simon Blackburn, of the Local Government Association, as quoted by the BBC.

Forcing a mandatory microchip into a sentient being to save money on governing? This is a joke, right? Nope.

“Microchipping our dogs will not only reunite people with their lost or stolen pets, but also help to tackle the growing problem of strays roaming the streets and relieve the burden placed on animal charities and local authorities,” Animal Welfare Minister George Eustice said, hoping to appeal to dog lovers.

Owning a domestic dog starts with buying a license from the authoritarians. Then mandatory vaccines and forced sterilization are required in some areas. Leashes and cages are also compulsory in many places. Now they demand a microchip!

It seems like the same path currently being used to domesticate humans. After they mandate everyone get vaccinated, how long before they force humans to get microchipped to help governments and taxpayers save money on security?

Joe Wright writes for where this article first appeared. You have permission to share or repost in full with attribution.

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12 Comments on "It’s Now Mandatory to Microchip Your Dog in the United Kingdom. Are Humans Next?"

  1. People, you MUST start disobeying these villains. YOUR VERY LIFE AND EXISTENCE DEPENDS ON YOUR NON-COMPLIANCE!

  2. Studies have been done that have shown a rise in canine cancer due to microchips. Often, tumors occur at the site of the chip itself. This is not healthy. It is obvious. Nothing should be made to take a radio beneath its skin just to be considered valid in our society. Remember, if you’re not valid, you’re invalid, to them.

  3. | April 11, 2016 at 11:47 am | Reply

    The details on the chip are, of course, the owner’s details… so by chipping the dog they have YOU chipped without the bother of passing a law to do so! Once they extend this to cats , they will have 80% plus of the humans, effectively, microchipped !

  4. Oops! This means very soon I will have no choice, except to get my head chopped off for refusing to be microchipped! Please don’t get me started on “the rapture”. No such doctrine was preached before 1830.

  5. I am pleased there is chipping for dogs. I know if my dog gets out by mistake he will be brought home or I will be told where to collect him from. I did it voluntarily and it isnt to make it ‘valid’ it is to stop all the thousands of dogs that are lost and being put to sleep because their owners cant be found and no one else wants them. Get real!! As for chips killing dogs, utter and complete rubbish, Where do you learn these things. Nutty news or something.

  6. Star_Spangled_Eyes | April 11, 2016 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    Their MPs and TV celebrities rape children. Nothing happens. Their PM is caught red-handed evading taxes. Nothing happens. But they’re cracking down on those criminal dog owners? Lunacy!

  7. 6% of all animals microchipped develop cancer, typically near the site of the microchip (weapons testing). Soon, they will be easily able to kill any human microchipped remotely, via satellite passing 60 miles overhead, causing cancer.

  8. I read a commentary somewhere that entire herds of cattle have been chipped in Europe. That was the plan with the National Animal Identification System in the US in the 90s which was mostly unsuccessful due to massive united push back despite Gestapo-like tactics. That’s the key, a united front. I bet that’s why the US was the last developed nation to get chipped credit cards, they thought we might resist.

  9. Happened to come across an interesting video clip a few years back. It was a Spanish scientist and a bull . the Bull had been chipped and the scientist pressed a device in his hand .. All of a sudden the bull started beating the ground with it’s hooves and was full of aggression and then it charged right at the man . A few yards from the man and he pressed the device again . The bull stopped at once ,stared at the scientist and shook it’s head from side to side and looked bemused and walked away. This was all done with frequencies, so imagine Patch or Kitty . The satellite beams a frequency down to Earth and Patch or Kitty go rabid . Nice doggy–nice kitty cat
    Pleasant thought ???

  10. berrybestfarm | April 12, 2016 at 10:42 am | Reply

    My dogs are 12 years old. There has not been a single moment in their entire lives when they have been in a collar or on a chain. This is because they are in a well fenced yard. Good fences do indeed make for good neighbors. Why would I ever give the state money to chip my dogs when the “service” is invasive and not helpful.

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